15 Dog Park Horror Stories, As Told By Fellow Dog Owners

Dog parks can be fun way to burn off some of your pooch's energy and make new friends. However, like anything else in life, sometimes we have bad experiences. Whether it is because there's a handful of people that like to start drama in order to stroke their own egos and ruin what should be a peaceful experience, or whether our pooches decide to embarrass us when they're playing with their friends, almost every dog owner has a dog park horror story.

If you've ever been embarrassed by your furry pal at the park, or have a headache from a childish clique starting drama while you were trying to spend quality time with your pet, then you'll definitely get a good laugh at our list of 15 dog park horror stories.

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15 In Which Owners Really Need Glasses


Yes, we're starting out strong! I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for: the poor dog owner who mistakenly thought that their dog's nipple was a tick (no one likes those disgusting blood-sucking critters!), or the poor pup who had to undergo being poked, prodded, and scratched. I think maybe I do feel worse for the pup... because... well, according to this user, the owner RIPPED OFF THE POOR DOG'S NIPPLE. WTF. I guess this lady had the nicest dog in the world, because I'm pretty sure if I tried to rip out my dog's nipple, he would have bitten my hand off. Also.... how exactly do you mistake a nipple for a tick?! They are two entirely different things, and one gentle prod would have been enough to show the owner that there was absolutely nothing to worry about...

14 Hounds Really Will Eat Everything

Via: Reddit

Many hound owners will gladly admit to anyone who asks that their dogs will eat anything and everything. And that includes poop. Yup, some doggies have black holes for stomachs, and sometimes that means it drives them to eat some of the most disgusting things you can think of. In this poor owner's case, his dog decided the feces of another dog was a really really tasty tootsie roll. Imagine your dog comin' up to you after a treat like that, breathing hot poopy air out of their mouth, into your face... *shudder* Maybe, they might even try to give you a kiss! Yup, definitely will need tons of toothpaste for the dog, and anti-bacterial soap for you. Even then, I think I would probably end up bathing my dog multiple times after this. This story makes my inner germaphobe weep. Ugh.

13 The Family With No Common Sense

Via: Reddit

OK, I can't even begin to imagine what was going through the minds of the above mentioned family... like, who would think it's OK to have a picnic in a dog park?! To add insult to injury, these parents thought that squirt bottles would be the perfect tool to keep the hungry dogs away... If anyone tried to discipline my dogs without my consent, I would rip them a new one! I'm absolutely dumbfounded by their sheer stupidity. For one thing, some dogs wouldn't even be deterred by a squirt of water – so what would they do to keep those dogs from stealing their food? I seriously feel bad for all the dogs that got chased off by the squirt bottle... seriously, some people have absolutely no common sense! Good job, OP, for sticking to the trails! No one in their right mind would want to deal with that burgeoning hot mess.

12 Pond = Toilet Bowl

Via: Reddit

I completely understand the downsides of having a small bladder, but I would be absolutely mortified if my dog followed the example of the dog in the post. You just don't pee in the pond! Not only is that absolutely disgusting, but that has to be unhygienic. Like, imagine all those unsuspecting owners who are letting their dogs splash around the pond... Now, why would a dog do this? Well, given the the fact that the poster’s dog pranced around and acted extremely proud of herself, perhaps that was her way of getting all of the other dogs out of the pond so she could have it all to herself. I have to admit, it’s not a bad plan — after all, there’s no way any responsible owner would let their dog take a swim in there after another pup decided to use the pond as their own personal toilet bowl.

11 Because Unattended Kids Is Always A Good Idea

Via: Reddit

Being a parent and being a responsible dog owner are both really tough jobs, so anyone who can juggle both deserves seriously props and respect. But then there are those parents and dog owners who lack any kind of common sense and don’t seem to realize the danger they are putting their children and dogs in. I'm totally baffled as to why the mother decided to let her little girl run around the dog park with a purse. A tiny kid's purse can look very much like a fun tug toy for dogs, especially when it's being swung around like that! Don't even get me started on the fact that she was all the way on the other side of the dog park, with a fence between her and her child. Like, why, oh, WHY, would you think this would be a good idea?! I shudder thinking about the outcome of this type of situation, should the worst happen.

10 This High School Is Definitely Going To Win A Darwin Award

Via: Reddit

OK, who in their right mind thinks it is okay to have a track meet run through a dog park? That’s like a Darwin Award waiting to happen. Sure, it might be picturesque to imagine the track team running gracefully with a pack of loyal hounds by their side, but in reality, the dogs are either going to get scared or start chasing them. And, if there are herding breeds such as Border Collies or Australian Shepherds in the mix, then you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to start herding the poor track team around. There is definitely a much better way to motivate the track team to run faster that doesn’t involve riling dogs up and ticking off their owners.

9 The Lab That Was Too Friendly With Kids

Via: Reddit

One of the downsides to going to a dog park is that you can’t control what type of dog owner walks through the gates. For the most part, (from my experience, at least) many owners are kind, courteous, and look after their dogs. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be a few bad apples that probably shouldn’t even have gotten a dog in the first place. I'm totally dumbfounded that the Labrador Retriever’s owner stood by and did nothing while her unruly pooch humped a poor six-year-old boy. Even if she was talking to someone, surely, they would have understood if she cut the conversation short and ran over to redirect her mischievous pup so the little kid wouldn’t get scared or hurt? I mean, kids probably shouldn't be at a dog park to begin with, but if they are, then dog owners should make the effort to keep their dogs under control. I mean... I guess this Lab was friendly... perhaps, a little too friendly, though...

8 Don't Bring Bugs Bunny To The Dog Park

Via: Reddit

Dear dog owners who also have non-canine pets, please do everyone a favor and don’t bring them along, even if your local off-leash park is empty. I can’t imagine why the Chihuahua owner thought it would be a good idea to bring Bugs Bunny along to the park. Even if their pup is good with the rabbit, there is always the chance that someone else would come into the park and have a dog with high prey drive. Dogs are predators. Bunny are prey. See the problem there? To add, some small breeds are notorious for having extremely high prey drive – think Dachshunds or Jack Russell Terriers – I mean, they were bred to catch and kill prey. I'm pretty sure if one of those got their mouths around the poor thing, there would be a little bunny funeral.

7 Yuppies And Dog Parks Don’t Mix

Via: Reddit

If you’re going to go to a dog park, it is an unwritten rule that you have to wear old clothes or an outfit that can be easily washed. There’s a 99.9 percent chance that you’ll be jumped on, drooled on, and in some unfortunate cases, even peed on (you don't have to admit it, but we've all been there). While most of us accept that and wear old clothes, some dog owners have to learn the hard way. Now this Pomeranian owner, I can’t help but think she was making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s not like the Great Dane slobbered all over her – it was just a speck of drool that could easily be wiped off! It isn’t something that is going to leave a lasting stain. I mean, Lululemon is sportswear, so it's not even like it's supposed to stay pristine... maybe just wash your damn clothes after you go to the dog park.

6 The Epic Fail Is Strong With This Young Couple

Via: Reddit

A picnic on top of some pee and poop covered grass, surrounded by hairy, slobbery, dogs... yup, sounds super romantic to me! Not only would it be a major pain in the butt to have to keep all the dogs away from the food, but I honestly wouldn’t ever want to sit in grass that has been used as a toilet by packs of dogs. Talk about unhygienic! Apparently, the thought of sitting in a doggy toilet/playground didn't seem to deter this young couple. Thankfully, the dogs at the park kept bugging them and they eventually got the hint and packed up their stuff. Perhaps, the next time they want to have a romantic picnic, they’ll avoid the dog park (like they should), and go find another green space... you know, like any sensible person would. Dog parks are for dogs, people!

5 The Klee Kai That Needed Pepto

Via: Reddit

It’s always embarrassing when your pup has an upset stomach and you can’t clean it up as much as you normally would. It's every dog owner's nightmare to have someone step into a puddle of their dog's feces – seriously, there's major guilt when we think about how those people will have to clean their shoes when they get home. Now, sometimes this happens on a patch of grass in the city, or on the sidewalk... but it's the worst when it happens at the dog park. Not only is diarrhea even more difficult to clean up on grass or gravel, but it is guaranteed that there will be an audience watching you. I seriously feel embarrassed for the Klee Kai owner who had to watch that young boy slip, fall, and land face-first into a puddle of doggy diarrhea. I cringed just thinking about it! Someone really needs to invent canine Pepto-Bismol; if there was a medicine like that for dogs, perhaps the whole embarrassing situation could’ve been avoided.

4 Never, Ever Take Children To The Dog Park

Via: Reddit

No matter how you slice it, taking children to the dog park is just a bad idea all around, especially if they are very young. Not only is there no way of knowing if the dogs in the park are good with children, but it is far too stressful to try to look after both a kid and a dog at the same time. Add to that a reactive dog. Apparently, common sense is not all that common, as witnessed by all the stories featured on this list... and this couple is not an exception. There’s always going to be that one dog owner who also happens to be an irresponsible parent, ruining the park for the rest of us. In this case, the parents not only brought a tiny baby into the park, but they also decided it was a good idea to bring their reactive pooch too. We love dogs, but dogs that are reactive to other dogs, or aggressive towards other dogs, have no business being there! Add to that an infant... a recipe for disaster... seriously.

3 The Rabid Dog Owner

Via: BringFido

Honestly, we don’t blame this woman for leaving after dealing with such a nasty dog owner. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad apples who frequent dog parks. They think they are the next Don Corleone and they will harass, bully, and shame other dog owners into leaving so they can have free reign of the park. Sadly, many of these types of owners also have dogs with behavioral issues. But then again, we can’t blame the dogs — we’d probably act the same way if we were stuck living with people like that. When confronted with drama queens at dog parks, it is best to find out from the regulars at what time these people show up and either go before they arrive or long after they leave. Yuck. And what's this about a person who is already there having to leave?! It's like an unspoken rule that if you do have an aggressive dog that needs to use the park alone, then you wait until the place is empty and wait your turn. Ruuuude.

2 Dog Park ≠ Doggy Daycare

Via: Reddit

I'm shocked that someone decided that it was a good idea to drop his dog off at the dog park and then just leave. It’s not doggie daycare or free babysitting, people! There are so many things that could go wrong with an unsupervised dog at the off-leash park. What if the poor thing got into a fight and was badly wounded? What if the dog got sick? What if the dog escapes? What if the dog gets stolen? There is really no way to monitor who comes into the dog park (unless it is a private area that offers a paid membership). That’s why all owners need to watch their dogs like a hawk. You never know when an irresponsible owner is going to waltz in and ruin everyone’s experience. Even with responsible owners, things can turn ugly. This. is. why. you. watch. your. dog.

In the wise words of Mad-Eye Moody from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series: constant vigilance!

1 The Weiner Dogs With The Napoleon Complex

Via: BringFido

One of the biggest pet peeves for owners of medium and larger dogs is when small dog owners insist on taking their dogs into the run designated for bigger breeds. It's one thing to ask first, then to enter – with a well socialized dog that enjoys the company of larger dogs – it's another to bring a terrified pup into the larger dog area without asking. There's such a thing is predatory drift, and if you're not careful, your small dog can end up dead. Especially, if either of the dogs are not comfortable around the smaller/larger counterparts.

It’s also astounding that the dog walker fled without asking the Beagle mix’s owner if the dog was okay. The walker had to have known that their wards don’t play well with dog that are bigger than they are, so I'm shocked that they thought it was a good idea to bring the tiny Napoleon wannabes into the large dog run.

If you have a small dog and you’re not sure if they’ll mix well with the larger dogs, it is better to take them into the small dog run. That way, you can observe how the other dogs play and see if it is something your little one would be afraid of or not. Also, just ask. It's not that hard! Most people will have a good idea of how their dogs react to others, large or small.

Sources: AskRedditBring Fido and R/Dogs.

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