15 Dogs That Got Into Some Heavy Mischief

Dogs are truly amazing animals. I happen to love dogs having grown up with them my whole life. I currently have an amazing Bichon Frisé who is truly a great dog in so many ways. Other dog lovers can easily agree with how loyal these creatures can be.

If you are or have ever been a dog owner, you already know that when you have a rough day, your pooch is always there to cheer you up no matter what. They have an uncanny way of knowing things that many other humans would not normally pick up on. If you are mentally distressed or even physically sick, dogs just know it and do what they can to comfort you in their own way.

This is why there are plenty of service dogs that are being trained to help people who have disabilities and chronic illnesses. They know exactly how to take care of these people. Only after after they've been properly trained, of course. I have heard so many stories about how people's lives were saved because their dog took action on doing what needed to be done to make sure their owners in need were to be saved.

However, the fact of the matter is that dogs, especially puppies, require a lot of attention. If they are lacking attention, they can easily get into trouble. Even when they are getting attention, pups can get into trouble if they are overly tempted by something that they find intriguing.

Some dogs that get into trouble can really make a mess, but you can't help but chuckle when you see the situations they get themselves into. Let's check out just 15 different situations where dogs have really gotten into major trouble!

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puppy fighting with pillow
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15 Try to cushion the blow

puppy fighting with pillow
Via: petcha.com

If you've ever had to take care of a puppy, then you've probably realized that leaving them alone with pillows and can be a dangerous mix. It's crazy, right? Before leaving the room, the pillow was fluffy, intact and laying safely on the sofa right there. Your little furry friend was probably was minding its own business and chewing on its chew toy or was actually sleeping. Looks safe.

However, moments later, you return to the living room, and are horrified to see what happened. That fluffy pillow that was once on the sofa is no longer on the sofa. Well, it is, but it seems to have expanded. Its stuffing has been ripped out and thrown around the room. Your living room is now nothing more than a feather-filled mess. at the eye of this downy storm is your puppy who is sitting in that mess with a look of pure guilt on their face. You can almost imagine hearing them say, "But mom, that pillow attack me and I had to fight back. Please don't be mad at me."

The lesson that you can get from looking at this right here is that it is never safe to leave your puppy in the same room as anything that can be easily torn up. Especially when it comes to pillows!

14 An enlightening experience

When you look at this picture here, you can see just how much this pooch loves the holidays. So much that it got so caught up in the festivities—quite literally. Personally, I don't celebrate Christmas, so I'm not all that familiar with how much work that goes into creating a festive home like tree decorating, placing the wreaths, and stringing up the lights. But I can certainly see how it can be a potential hazard if the decorations are left out and not put up. Someone, or something, is bound to get tangled up in a mass of wires.

Just like this pooch right here ended up becoming extremely curious of the lights. Maybe a little too curious. It's easy to imagine what this little pup was doing while exploring these lights. There was most likely plenty of sniffing and there could have been some chewing on the cords which would have been very bad. The more curious the pooch became, the more ensnared in the holiday spirit it got.

The next thing you know, this very festive dog is all lit up with Christmas lights. Now the bigger question is, how was the owner able to remove the lights from the dog? That must have been quite a job for the owner, and because of that—it was a Christmas that this family is not likely to forget.

13 You're all washed up

It is a known fact that the strongest sense in dogs is their ability to smell things that humans are not capable of sniffing out. Additionally, smells that are not all that pleasant to our noses can be quite appealing to the noses of dogs. like their treats might smell stale and strong to us, but could be the most enticing thing for them. Therefore, if there is a smell that they are attracted to, then they will be sniffing away until they can't get enough of it. Therefore, it is common to see dogs sticking their snouts in the trash bins, or licking dirty dishes in a dishwasher that was left open.

This puppy appears to be quite curious about those dishes in that dishwasher.

And now its sporting a guilty look on its face like how a kid looks when you've caught them with their hand in the cookie jar. To make matters worse for this little guy, its picture is being taken from someone behind it. That someone is most probably its owner just based on how the puppy is looking back with an ultimately sheepish but extremely adorable look. If dogs could talk you can only imagine what they'd say. With this dog, we don't need to imagine. we can practically hear it saying "I could not help myself because these smells were driving me insane and I just had to check it out!"

12 Leaf me alone, I'm bushed

The one thing that many homeowners look forward to in the spring when the weather starts warming up is getting back into gardening. And those lucky folks who live in warmer climates can keep up with their gardening all year round. But whenever it comes to taking care of your plants and vegetables if you are growing them, you want to make sure that they will be protected and not accessible to animals who are likely to go nibbling in there.

My father has a vegetable garden in his backyard and it is fenced off for that exact purpose. However, not every homeowner that is into gardening has their garden protected which means that animals can easily get into it at any moment. But the last thing you would expect to get into the garden would be your own pooch. You would think that there is nothing there that would attract them since they are naturally meat eaters. Not the case, unfortunately.

When it comes to this particular pooch, it obviously became very curious about these plants and is having a great time enjoying those leaves. The only regret that this doggie seems to have based on the picture that you see here is being caught red-pawed enjoying those greens. So it is possible that this pooch is interested in becoming a vegetarian after trying out this plant, who knows! But, come on, that isn't even a vegetable! It's decorative!

11 Got one head out the door

This puppy is a Boxer, and these dogs are known for their love of the outdoors according to Dogster. This breed requires a lot of outside time and exercise. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting a Boxer, that is something you should certainly keep in mind; if you are too busy to walk your dog regularly on a daily basis, then the Boxer may not be the ideal breed of dog for you. Because of the fact that they love the outdoors so much and need to be constantly active, they are likely to roam and possibly even run away.

And as you can see from this Boxer puppy, the urge to leave home was certainly strong here.

The funny thing is, this little pup thought that it could escape the house by going through a cat-flap. But the problem, as you can surely see, is that Boxers can grow to be relatively large dogs, and even the puppies are too big to get through cat-flaps. That is why this little-big puppy was caught in the middle of its jailbreak. Or maybe just a quarter of the way. It simply wasn't possible and the pup was probably quite disappointed by that. The pup will have to just find another way to go out and explore! This is a clear message to the owner that another walk will be desperately needed!

10 This little one is on a roll!

Here is another Boxer puppy getting who's gotten itself into some mischief. Puppies, like babies and little children, are curious beings. They will get into areas that can be quite hazardous to them and this is why it is always important to puppy-proof and child-proof the home.

Many parents of young kids are well aware of the dangers that are hidden in the bathroom as little kids could become curious about toilets, and if they were to start exploring too much—the end result could end up quite bad! That is why bathrooms have to be blocked off whenever there are small kids around, and parents to make sure that bathrooms are not accessible to their kids for this reason.

However, many owners of puppies may not think that it is necessary to block off the bathroom because the dog cannot exactly jump into the toilet too easily. You would be surprised at how high puppies can jump, though. The one thing that puppy owners may do instead is put the bathroom wastebasket on the counter to make sure that the pup cannot get into that.

But who would have thought that a puppy could really make a mess of toilet paper like this sweet little and innocent looking Boxer did! Well, from what you can see in this picture—it happened. This is a lesson to puppy owners to make sure that your toilet paper is inaccessible as well, or else you will end up with a mess like what you see here! and quite the waste of some perfectly good toilet paper.

9 Looking a little flushed

Via: reddit.com

Remember that statement about how I said you'd be surprised at where puppies can jump to? Well here is picture proof! This dog was somehow able to jump into this toilet, and it looks like it is having the most relaxing time that you can imagine! This Husky pup looks like it was chilling the same way you would unwind in a jacuzzi! It was probably sitting in that toilet bowl thinking about all of the amazing things in life and became lost in a fantasy like how it could be munching on some of the best quality gourmet dog food in the world.

Maybe even with some delicious human food mixed in there, too!

This pooch was probably imagining endless walks and the most amazing belly rubs. For those few blissful moments in that toilet bowl, it was living in dog paradise. That is until their owner caught it sitting in a toilet bowl which is when all of this pooch's fun had come to an end. Look at the shocked expression on its face! This dog was probably feeling very disappointed that the fun was ending right at that moment of being caught somewhere that the owner probably was not expecting to find them! This Husky probably had to endure one of those horrible baths for this stunt!

8 Would you mind writing it in prints, please?

calligraphy dog
Via: imgur.com

Imagine going to the movies and coming home to this! Yikes! According to Kare 11 News in Minneapolis, a family reported having found their Siberian Husky like this after they had returned three hours later from going to the movies. Their curious, active, and most likely very bored pooch could not resist getting into the calligraphy ink and ended up marking up their entire home with paw prints.

You can see here that the dog covered the hallway with the ink, but what the photo does not reveal is how the entire home was literally covered—the sofas, the kitchen, the beds, literally everything was covered. Fortunately, calligraphy ink is non-toxic to pets but I can't even imagine what it took for this family to clean up not only their mischievous pet but their entire home. I would imagine that ink stains.

More to the point, I cannot imagine the look on the family's face when they came back home after enjoying a night out to the movies. This is probably the last thing they expected. I have personally heard owners of Siberian Huskies say that they have had to keep their dogs away in a room while they are out of the house because they will easily pull stunts like what you are seeing right here. Unfortunately, these owners had to learn this lesson in one the hardest ways possible.

7 Just chillin'

hiding place
Via: reddit.com

Many dog owners can agree on one thing, and that is that a lot of dogs can be incredibly fearful and skittish. When you take a look at this picture, you may think that this dog was really hungry and found a way to get into the fridge. However, according to a user on Reddit who posted this picture, he said that there was brickwork being done on the exterior of his apartment at the time. The work was noisy as you can expect. The noise from the work frightened his dog, and as a result, she became so scared that she found her perfect hideout spot.

That place turned out to be the fridge.

Before he found her in that fridge, he was probably terrified of the fact that she was missing which is every pet owner's nightmare until he found her in a strange place! And another user responded to him by saying "Better be careful. If she sneaks in there while you're gone an extended period of time she could be in serious trouble." Hopefully, this pup's owner was able to put a lock on the fridge and find ways to keep her calm while that noisy work was happening.

6 That must've wiped you out

paper towel dog
Via: imgur.com

When I was a kid, I had a Miniature Schnauzer named Teddy that always found ways to tear up the garbage. My mother stopped keeping the garbage in the kitchen where he had easy access to it, and ended up putting it in the laundry room with the door closed. However, Teddy knew that the garbage was in the laundry room, and since it is a known fact that dogs have an incredible sense of smell, that is likely how he found it.

That said, you have to wonder why this pooch ended up getting a hold of those paper towels. Was it that he had an accident somewhere and ended up desperately finding a way to clean it up? Because dogs are a lot smarter than we may think and they really can outsmart us. That could have happened and that would explain why he got into the paper towels—you just never know. Or maybe, the dog was just overly curious about those paper towels and got into them due to that.

Either way, you can see how embarrassed he was when he got caught red-pawed! He's looking at those torn up paper towel rolls with such guilt. if dogs could blush, this Bulldog would be red.

5 He must be feeling really wired

dog chewed cord
Via: imgur.com

Imagine finding that the extension cord that you were planning to use for plugging in your laptop, as well as your smartphone charger, had been used as your dog's favorite chew toy. You now have to go to the electronics store to find a brand new one. However, after finding such a mess and that your extension cord that you needed is no longer usable due to the fact that your dog was having a great time with chomping on it—you probably would not be in a very good mood. You would then understandably scold the pooch that did the deed.

That could possibly explain why the dog has such a sheepish look while hiding under the bed.

But since I like to believe in the concept of the blessing in disguise in some situations—do you think it was a possibility that the dog chewed this extension cord up because it was getting old and was probably beginning to malfunction, and this pooch had a sixth sense and knew that, and possibly saved a potential disaster from happening? Nah, that's just wishful thinking. This was likely a result of a pooch becoming too curious to the point of getting into trouble!

4 A real slice of life situation

Yes, most of us can pretty much agree that pizza smells really good! Though I did know someone who did not like pizza, and that is why I said most of us instead of saying all of us! So if the smell of pizza causes the majority of us to have such a craving for it, even after we had already eaten a filling meal—imagine how your pooch would handle that amazing pizza smell! The dog would go crazy and want to eat every piece of it!

That is probably what happened right here. There is no known story to this picture, but from the way, it looks this dog's owner probably had a pizza party. Therefore, after the party was over and the empty boxes were thrown away.

But there was a certain someone who could not get enough of the smell and ended up tearing up the boxes. Presumably in the hopes that there was going to be some leftover pizza in there, but probably not. The only thing that resulted here was that the dog probably got into trouble for making such a mess without having any enjoyment of eating pizza! Talk about getting the short end of the stick!

3 Getting your paws dirty

What you see right here is a dirty pooch that looked like it had a lot of fun outside and ended up wanting to get as comfortable as possible right after coming back home by placing itself right onto the clean bed. The owner of this pooch was probably not too happy to see such a mess that the dog brought into the house, and chances are the rest of the house was all muddy as well because of it being tracked in by the dog!

But why was this pooch in such a hurry to get comfortable in bed?

Perhaps after the owner saw what kind of muddy mess that the dog got into, they told the dog that it was time for a bath, and most dogs really hate bath time! Probably after hearing the words "bath time," the dog made a run for it to avoid it like the plague. Therefore, the pooch found a great avoidance tactic—which was going right to bed. Now there is no way of knowing if that really did happen, this is just my best guess. I could easily see any of my dogs pull something like this! It's too bad that they don't understand the concept of facing the music.

2 Hole-y wow!

mud on dog
Via: imgur.com

Based on the entry above, you already know how much dogs really love playing in the mud to the point that they can easily get themselves into big trouble by making huge messes. You can see from this picture right here that this puppy was really having a great time exploring the muddy area of the yard.

I'm assuming the mud probably had plenty of interesting smells, since the face of the little dog is all muddied up. The paws are quite dirty, too. This picture reminds me of the time when my parents were taking care of three dogs at the same time and all of them got into the dirt in the backyard. They all ended up looking exactly like this pooch; covered in mud and proud of it.

I do remember how interesting it must have been when my parents had to wash those three dogs and all of them couldn't stand it with a passion. They didn't fight it, though, but they played the guilt card by sporting droopy tail and ears and just appearing very sad. I can easily see that happening to this dog, too, since that is probably what happened right after this picture was taken. Inevitable bath time.

1 Just brush it off

bad breath dog
Via: imgur.com

The one common problem that every dog has is that they have bad breath, no matter how well the owner takes care of their pooch's oral hygiene. And another thing that I have heard in the past is that dogs really don't like the smell of mint, and this is likely why toothpaste for dogs usually has a chicken or beef flavour. You have to wonder how that could possibly help freshen a dog's breath since those aren't exactly nice smelling unless it's being cooked on a the barbecue. But maybe this dog was one of the rare types that liked the smell of mint.

At least that would explain the reason that the dog got a hold of its owner's toothbrush.

The other possibility is that this toothbrush was brand new and still in the packaging. Dogs have an amazing way of getting items that they want out of their packaging material. Or maybe there was a chance that this dog was told it had bad breath by the owner and took the toothbrush to do something about it? Either way, this pooch was caught quite plainly with it and the owner was probably not at all happy since they had to find a new toothbrush for themselves to use.

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