15 Dogs That Are Just Too Much For The Internet

Imagine a world without dogs. Imagine the lack of barking, the lack of cuddling, the lack of following around your team of teenage sleuths to investigate mysteries before ultimately unmasking the culprit. Okay, that last one is Scooby-Doo, but the idea still stands — the world would be a sad place without dogs. Thankfully, this isn't a fear we have to worry about, no matter how infested YouTube may be with cat videos. Dogs will always have a place.

So, what makes these canine companions so irresistible? Good question. Could it be their adorable doofiness or their stupidly rub-friendly bellies? Maybe it's their wet noses or sense of obvious guilt whenever they do something wrong? No matter what your personal preference may be when it comes to pups, it's safe to say that, no matter how damaged the world may seem at times, the world is united in their love of dogs. Even (or especially) when they're being ridiculous. Keep reading to get your necessary fix of 15 dogs that are just too much.

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15 "It's Like I'm Not Even Here"

Via: Vietbao

After a long freaking day, there's something about taking a bath that makes the world seem a little less stressful. The warm water, the bubbles, the glass of wine that may as well be an automatic accessory to bath time by default... Here's the thing, though, you selfish human, dogs have stressful days too! So, yeah, is it going to be difficult fitting that lug of a pet in a basin that's really only meant to fit a single human body? Without question. But is he trying to hurt anyone? Is he really ruining your night? Is he undeserving of some quality bath time with his best friend? No, no, and no. In fact, what is this person doing just laying there? Get up and sud that puppy up! He (probably) had a long day too!

14 My Dog, The Briefcase

Via: Pinterest

Dogs get this reputation that they're just fuzzy playthings who want nothing more than to eat and get that spot just behind their ears scratched. But that's a stereotype if there ever was one. Just look at this dog. Still a puppy, she's not content with letting society assume that she just wants to lay around all day. She's off to work. In fact, she is so adamant that people stop judging her before they even get to know her that she's gone so far as to pack herself in her own damn briefcase. So, I hope the world is happy with themselves, forcing this motivated puppy to prove herself, when all she ever wanted was to build her career from the ground up like anybody else.

13 Sit, Lay, Be A Carpet

There was a time when dogs were considered to be Gods. They were revered for their power, and folks genuinely worshipped them. In fact, one of the most powerful dog Gods in Ancient Egypt was Anubis, who reigned supreme over the underworld. So, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise, with all of that being said, that this dog would have some magical abilities. Whether he's blending into the carpet, becoming the carpet, or simply is the carpet, it's safe to say that his abilities far surpass those of any humans. It's about time humans understand this fact once and for all: we don't own dogs, the dogs own us. That may not be the truth most people want to hear, but it's the truth all the same. #SorryNotSorry

12 "No, I Stay"

Trying to butter someone up isn't easy. Try though you may, some people are brick walls when it comes to being a pushover. With dogs, however, that's a different story. Just look at this guy over here. He's been waiting a whole year for the first day of some fresh, powdery snow, and now that he has it, he's not about to just let it go and walk away. Oh no. He's going to enjoy the chilly hell out of it. What's interesting, however, is that, even though he's making the same sort of "Just one minute longer, please" face that humans do their best to perfect, his is a slam dunk without even trying. This dog knows how to charm the socks off someone — even when that someone is standing in the snow and very much in need of socks.

11 Aw Shucks

Via: Pinterest

Have you told your dog you loved him today? Have you called him or her a good boy or girl? Every day, opportunities are missed and moments are passed. People come in and out of our lives, but do we always act on our feelings, no matter how strong they might be? No. They tend to drift away, cementing the fact that life is but a series of fleeting moments. However, had you warmed that cold and bitter heart of yours, then you might have been able to experience a moment similar to this one, where a dog's reaction is more wholesome and important than probably any other thing on this damn planet. Does a "good boy" pay the bills? No. It doesn't. But HolyMotherOfGoodness, look at that face!

10 WTF, Mom

Via: Imgur

Good lord, there is nothing more awkward than being the odd man out. There's nothing worse than trying to fit in, but ultimately sticking out like the sorest sore thumb that ever existed in the history of soreness and thumbs. Take Dogcula, for example. This pup just wanted to be part of the team. He just wanted to show that, even though he can be temperamental at times, and even though his "toilet" isn't always where it's meant to be, he's willing to put his serious side on hold in favor of nothing more than a good time. Did that pay off in the way that he hoped it would, though? No, mom. No, mom, it didn't. It didn't at all. "Now, everyone is staring at me and I look ridiculous. My collar is bigger than my head and I'm wearing a medallion. Who the hell wears medallions anymore, mom? Honestly!"

9 "Not Cool, Bill. Not Cool."

Sometimes, dogs will throw shade. It seems like an action reserved solely for the humans on this planet, but oh no, dogs know what's up. You mess with them, and they will dish that same amount of BS that you dished them — only, this time, it'll be colder, more brutal, and completely unforgiving. That is, until you bring out the treats. However, treats aside, let this photo be a lesson to all of you "clever" dog owners out there. Just because your pup may be a bit slow on trick throws, doesn't mean they're not going to figure it out eventually. Your behavior is cruel and your actions are unnecessary. Way to bring so much negativity in this world, you irritating human. No sit in a corner and think about what you've done.

8 Famous Marnie

Via: NY Post

Every dog deserves unconditional love — even (or especially) the dogs who aren't "traditionally" adorable. Take Marnie, for example. This dog entered the world with some peculiarities; the main one being the fact that her tongue hangs out and droops to the side. She's goofy, but in the most adorable way possible. So, if you ever happen to upon a pup who doesn't seem like he or she is getting the kind of love that every dog deserves, then how about overindulging them? Show them that, even though the world can be a little dark at times, that they are the most beautiful creatures on this lovely dog park of a planet. And remember, every time you stick your tongue out, you're saluting this wonderful canine, so... don't hold back.

7 Oh, The Horror

Joking about dogs and taxidermy in the same sentence is not okay. In fact, it's borderline reprehensible. That said, this photo is still pretty funny. Without context, it'd make perfect sense if you were to assume that this dog was just a stuffed head mounted on a wall, because look at it! The angle, the posture, the blank stare... However, we can all breathe a sigh of relief over the fact that (thankfully!) this dog is simply chillin' like a villain, probably waiting for some treats. Also, it's worth mentioning that it takes a lot of emotional strength for a dog owner to even joke about their dog being stuffed. That's some heavy business if there ever was any, and hear this from me, that sort of talk would never fly from yours truly, no matter how funny it might seem. #TooReal

6 It's Okay, Just Smile

Dogs have one true purpose on this planet: to make people happy. Case in point, this doggy right here. Having a bad day? Here's a gift. Not feeling like your usual self? Here's a gift. Need a pick-me-up? How about another gift. Some people go their whole lives without ever finding someone who they can consider to be their true best friend. But that's no excuse for not having one. These people clearly have never considered just getting a dog. Will a human friend go out and get you a pine cone when you're feeling down in the dumps? It's possible, but unlikely. Will a dog do this? Well, you tell me. This picture ought to give you all the proof you could ever need. Dogs are literally just "fluffy happy beasts," and god bless 'em for that.

5 "Pretend I'm Not Even Here"

Via: Imgur

Pooping and privacy ought to go hand-in-hand. However, according to this dog, at least, pooping, privacy, and dogs is really where it's at. On one hand, you might think that this dog is being rude, but let's dig deeper, shall we? This dog, intrusive though she might seem, could very well believe that she is simply being a good friend. She sees you enter this tiny room alone, so she tags along to keep you company. She sees that you'll eventually need some toilet paper, so she makes sure to be there in case you need her to unspool it for you. So, go ahead and call this hero a "rat" if it makes you feel good about yourself, but just you remember that some heroes wear capes, while others wear their hearts on their sleeve, you soulless pooper.

4 "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes"

Nobody wants to be upstaged. Not even dogs. In this particular scenario, we have two dogs—one pup and one seasoned veteran of the home—who are simply following the natural process of growing up. Unfortunately for the seasoned veteran, some unexpected turn of event have transpired. Did he ever imagine that his young counterpart would ever blow up to such ridiculous proportions by comparison? "N" to the effing "O." All that this dog is thinking right now is, "Well, this is some damn bullsh*t." And we feel for you, sir. A dog well into their golden years (I'm guessing six or seven) deserves to feel strong and in control. Next to this giant, however, that's not likely going to be the case. Sorry, dude.

3 "Ruff! Ruff! I Mean..." *Potato Noises*

You'd be right in thinking that dogs are dogs. Of all the obvious conclusions that someone can come to, that's got to be at the top of the list. A dog, is a dog, is a dog. That said, it turns out that that's not entirely the case; not for all dogs, at least. That's because, unusual though it may seem, some dogs are, if you can believe it, potatoes. Just look at this one right here. There is evident dog hair, as well as what appear to be paws, but there's really no getting past the fact that this "thing" is unquestionably part of the starch family. Even its friends are looking away, incapable of passing it even the slightest glance of recognition, as though to say, "You've made your choice, Wilson. You're no longer one of us."

2 "Just You Wait, Greg"

Via: The Chive

Goofy though the majority of dogs may be, there are some outliers within the canine family, and this dog is one of them. While others are chasing their tails or digging up bones, this guy is chasing perps and digging up cold cases. He doesn't want your belly rubs or your treats, and he sure as hell doesn't want a cute nickname. This is Sergeant Max Cooper, and if you so much as lay a finger on his belly, you're looking at 10-15 in a maximum security slammer. So, the choice is yours. This dog is more than capable of making your life a living hell if you so much as look at him wrong, so watch yourself. Don't throw your life away just because you can't handle the cuteness.

1 Patient Pup

Via: Bark Post

Is it possible for dogs to be extra cute? It doesn't seem possible, but once you've taken a look at this particular pup, you'll see that, yes, it's absolutely possible. This dog—bless his heart—is as eager as any other dog would be to get their paws on a treat, but his self-control is through the roof. And not only is he patient, he's considerate. He sees this giant line of fellow animals (as well as that token dinosaur) waiting patiently for their treats, and he's making zero fuss. He knows he'll get there soon enough, and even though his instincts tell him to throw caution to the wind and just show this line who's boss, his heart says otherwise. "I'm such a good boy," he tells himself. "Just look at me being patient AF. My dude's so impressed he's taking my picture."

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