15 Dogs That Hilariously Resemble Famous Celebrities

Who would have thought that over a dozen of celebrities share shocking resemblances with dogs? It's pretty strange, but when you think about it, there are famous faces who resemble other animals. And since we're all kind of obsessed with dogs, we've gathered together 15 celebrities who share a striking resemblance with the likes of puppies, bulldogs, and more. Don't believe it? See for yourself below!

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15 Mike Tyson

via yespets.com

It's kinda hard not to see the resemblance Mike Tyson shares with this dog. From the facial features to the rather large tooth gap. One has got to wonder that, with such a striking resemblance the dog shares with the boxing legend, can we assume that the animal fights just as well as Tyson? He's probably one of those dogs that scares everyone away—that kind you don't want to annoy, or else.

14 Lady Gaga

via ultimatetop10s.com

Lady Gaga resembles a Chinese crested dog so much in this picture, it's quite scary. It could be that the photo of Gaga was taken at bad angle, but still, the resemblance is eerie. If you were to be compared to a dog, we hate to admit it, but this is probably one of the last type of dogs you'd want to bear a resemblance to.

13 Harrison Ford

via moviepilot.com

The looks Harrison Ford shares with this adorable dog is unbelievable. Had Harrison's face not been on the other side of the picture, it's fair to say that one could still see the similarities between the dog and the actor. That tilted smile gets the ladies for Ford and we can only imagine that it makes this dog the ultimate chick magnet at the dog park.

12 Uma Thurman

via huffpost.com

Again, Uma Thurman shares quite the similarities with this dog, and it's mostly to do with the fact that both of them have the same hair colour. Aside from that, there is some resemblance in the face—all this dog needs to do now is learn how to act like Uma and it can pass off as her twin.

11 Bill Gates

via collegehumor.com

It's unclear whether the photo above was edited to look like Bill Gates with the use of an editing software or whether the pic was actually snapped in real life. Either way, it's not hard to see that this dog looks very much like Mr. Gates, although, that's probably because he's dressed up to look just as smart as the billionaire.

10 Anderson Cooper

via smosh.com

Am I the only one who has always thought that news correspondent Anderson Cooper looks like a white husky? Or better yet, someone that belongs to a wolf pack? His greyish hair, his clear blue eyes, and those facial features have constantly been linking Cooper back to a husky. Surely, I'm not the only one to think this.

9 Gordon Ramsay

via housemydog.com

Can this be any more accurate? The cute wrinkles on this dog play quite the resemblance when comparing the face with Ramsay's. All we need now is to find out that this dog is chaotic, doesn't listen, and never tends to be happy—just like Gordon's long-lost twin.

8 David Cameron

via dailymail.co.uk

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has it spot on with this dog, with the frown, the eye colour, and the unsatisfied, saddened look. Both of their facial expressions are hilarious—it's almost as if their face is melting off.

7 Jack Black

via officialhuskylovers.com

Another twin? I think so! Jack Black and this cute pup share quite the similarities in the face, don't you think? And judging by the odd smile that this cute dog is making, you can already tell that this is an animal that likes to have fun. He enjoys being outside, playing with others, and being very energetic.

6 Samuel L. Jackson

via thepoke.co.uk

Grumpy and looking less-than-amused would be the perfect way to summarize this scary dog right here. Its resemblance to Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson is quite astonishing, pulling the exact same face as the multi-millionaire from his role in Django Unchained.

5 John Travolta

via thepoke.co.uk

Probably the best resemblance to an actor ever, this dog is the spitting image of John Travolta. I don't know about you, but this dog is giving me John Travolta vibes from his role as Woody Stevens in Wild Hogs.

4 Whoopi Goldberg

via housemydog.com

Need I say more? You can't really see the dog's face, but considering the fact that they have the exact same hair, I think this makes a pretty perfect fit when comparing Whoopi's defined dreadlocks. They could easily be mistaken for twins.

3 Cher

via ak0.pinimg.com

This is so adorable. Remember when Cher used to rock her blonde hair in the early 2000s? Well, it had her resembling all kind of dogs, and that's meant in a positive way, because who wouldn't want to share similarities with a dog, right? Then again, it depends on the kind, but I'd say that Cher and this adorable dog make a fantastic pair.

2 Snoop Dogg

via thepoke.co.uk

How ironic that the self-proclaimed DO double G of Hip Hop managed to make this list. Is it fair to assume that Snoop Dogg got his name from constantly being told he looked like a dog? A good-looking one for that matter.

1 Steve Buscemi

via ymaservices.com

Those eyes!! Don't they just scream Steve Buscemi to you? You could also say that the dog shares similar facial features, including the mouth, which sort of moves to the left as they try and pull off a fake smile. Could this be a long-lost relative of Steve Buscemi?

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