15 Dogs Who Are Rocking The Adulting Game Better Than You

Humans. We're supposed to be the top of the food chain. The responsible ones. The animal who has it all together. We're the masters, getting up each day and doing masterful things. We pay our bills, keep our houses clean, have healthy relationships, wisely use our time and try to make our dogs proud by successfully adulting.

Some dogs, though, aren't proud of us. They don’t need to be, because they're doing way better than we are. We might be dragging ourselves to work every day, but these dogs? They're busting their tails and rocking this whole adulting thing. We should be proud of them for having their lives together. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from them while we’re at it. Check out these 15 dogs who are way better at adulting than we are.

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15 This dog who cleaned the kitchen like a boss

Via: cuteness.com

The kitchen is the worst/best room in the house. It's the best because, well, food, and the worst because making said food just messes everything up. No one likes a mess. It's just so much easier to leave that mess, lock the door, run away and just get takeout forever. Delicious, glorious takeout. All the pizza, please. Sounds kind of like heaven to us, but this dog isn’t going banish the kitchen for a life of takeout. Oh no, this guy has his life far more together than a bag of Mickey D's on a Friday night with some wine. He's got a tidying up strategy that works in a hurry so that kitchen is all ready to go. His mom's super proud of him. Ours is, too.

14 This golden gourmet

Via: dogsome.net

If you thought that dog with the clean kitchen was showing off his adulting skills, then get a load of this guy. He took adulting to the next level. Clean kitchen? He’s got that part under control. Ready to whip up a gourmet meal, maybe a nice roast chicken and vegetables paired with a lovely wine? Check. In fact, this golden gourmet looks like he might already have the cooking and the cleaning done and is just waiting for that delicious meal to come out of the oven. The table is probably already set. This dog looks like he’s the organized type. He's prepared with a real potholder and not a random dish towel, after all. Who has a real potholder anyway? This dog, that’s who.

13 These financial pros

Via: ibtimes.co.uk

We're working, we're making some money, but going to the bank? That requires more effort than we want to put out. We'd rather just hit up that ATM by the grocery store with the service charge than make our way to the local bank branch. Going into the bank requires talking to people. Sometimes before coffee. The world isn't ready. We're not ready.

These guys, though? They got up early and went to the bank before their shift at the dog park. That little guy sitting on the red couch? Yeah, he just deposited that check Aunt Edna sent him so now it's collecting interest in his account. Maybe we should send our money with him. He's clearly adulting more responsibly and effectively than we are.

12 This guy paying his bills

Via: pinterest.com

Most of us haven't seen our actual checkbooks in years. Some of us have no idea where we put the bills that came in the mail last week, let alone actually bothered to open them yet. This good dog? He's sitting at his desk organized AF, getting ready to write some checks and pay those bills. And make no mistake, that's his desk alright. We might be the master of the house but this guy's running the show. Someone has to, because we just aren’t that adult. He probably even has stamps for the envelope he’ll drop in the mail on his morning walk tomorrow. His tongue is ready to lick and stick. We should all be so adult. It would probably help our credit score.

11 This actual boss

Via: youtube.com

It’s sort of the professional dream—the big, spacious corner office and the big paycheque that goes with it. Most of us are sitting in our cubicles waiting for the day when we might actually have a window to look out of instead of a view of Gary in accounting's "hang in there, baby" postcard or the gray felt wall of cubicle doom. Not this dog. Oh no. This professional pooch is living the dream. He worked hard and got that promotion, complete with a reserved parking space and sunny, windowed office. No more Gary's postcard. No more felt wall of doom. Worse yet, this guy’s going to need us to come in on Saturday now that he's been promoted. He's the boss after all.

10 This yoga guru

Via: dogsome.net

Somewhere in a drawer or box is a long-abandoned yoga DVD we bought with good intentions. It's probably hanging out with the card for that gym we joined as part of our New Year's resolution to get fit. But that resolution has come and gone and the only thing that's ripped this year is our pants (probably because of the wine and Mickey D's Fridays). This dog, though, not only uses her gym card but has a whole collection of yoga DVDs she works through every day. Forget downward facing dog, she can probably do a headstand and look super Zen doing it. It may have felt super adult to get a gym membership, but this pooch is rocking it by actually getting her fitness on.

9 These organized puppers

Via: theodysseyonline.com

Life's busy. There always seem to be a ton of things going on and by the time we get home from work, there's not a lot of energy left to do it all. Especially not for laundry, so when we finally do break down and wash a load or 20, it's because we can no longer tell which pile on the floor is clean and which one's not. Not this pair of perfectly tidy puppers. These two do their laundry before it outsizes a small nation and they even fold the clean wash. No floordrobe for them! They adult so hard that they probably even have their socks neatly together when they do their laundry, while the rest of us just hope we have socks somewhere in the pile.

8 This shopping Shiba Inu

Via: honolulumagazine.com

Ever put off grocery shopping until the last things in the fridge are a jar of past-its-prime mayo and a half-eaten slice of pizza? That sad and empty lack of groceries has led as many of us to takeout for dinner as a dirty kitchen has. It’s a culinary walk of shame that we’ve been on but this dog definitely hasn’t! There will be no questionable food items in his fridge since he’s made his regular trip to the grocery store. With his fridge and pantry all stocked, this disciplined doggo probably even has a meal plan ready to prep for the week. All that's left now is to go home and put all this bounty away in a nice clean kitchen. Much adulting. Such planning. Wow.

7 This bookish bow wow

Via: pinterest.com

Ah, downtime. That sweet spot of laziness on Sunday funday where we have time to do whatever we want, without feeling bad about the fact that what we want to do involved trashy TV and too many calories. It's a great and glorious opportunity to mess around on social media or sleep our faces off. But being lazy and unproductive isn’t for this pooch. This intellectually-minded husky knows that the most adult way to enjoy some downtime is to treat the mind to a good book. He's probably even in a book club that actually reads the books they say they will, and actually discuss them rather than gossiping over wine. He  could recommend a good book for us, too, if we ever decided to get on his library level.

6 This cultured corgi

Via: twitter.com

What's a good way to spend a birthday? Going out to a restaurant for nachos and drinks? Dancing at the club? Maybe, if adulting isn’t your strong suit. This doggy is clearly so good at adulting, though, that he wants to spend his day doing something more mature and cultured than that. This adorable service corgi spent his birthday taking in some fabulous art and beauty at the Museum of Modern Art. And while this was a special trip for his birthday, we're still pretty sure he's into doing cerebral culture things just for fun. Look how he's imitating the painting with his gaze, the reverence and contemplation in his eyes. This pup knows fine art on a far deeper level than the rest of us.

5 This guy with the cleanest car in town

Via: twitter.com

How often are people supposed to wash their cars? They get dirty so easily. We're not sure why people even go to car washes anyway when you can always just wait for it to rain. Then again, that's why we're failing at adulting while this dog right here? This dog is crushing it by keeping his ride sweet and clean. He's even got little microfiber mitts to polish the paint up to a brilliant shine. This pupper isn't cool with riding to doggie daycare in a dirty minivan, nope. He's classing things up with a dose of clean and making his human look better (and feel super lame) in the process. And don't even question whether or not he vacuumed the seats. You know he did. He's a good dog.

4 This pooch rolling and mowing

Via: youtube.com

No one likes to mow the lawn. It’s seriously the worst of the tasks that comes with adulthood and taking care of your own space all by yourself. It's hot under the sun, and pushing around a heavy mower and breathing in grass dust? No thanks. That’s why we usually just let the grass get really tall before trying to tackle it or paying someone to handle things for us. But this responsible rover isn’t quite as lazy as we are. He’s taking care of that yard work before it’s a jungle out there, and he's even doing the work himself to save some money. The yard’s never looked so great! That dog must feel awfully accomplished for having the best lawn on the block and for being way more adult than his neighbors to boot.

3 This adorable clean freak

Via: goldenboysandme.com

Okay, so as it turns out, there's a bunch of dogs who like to clean. We’re starting to feel a little bit like we might be slobs over here, but the reality is that keeping personal spaces clean is a big deal when you're adulting properly, and no one's doing it better and cuter than this adorable ball of fluff. We’re pretty sure this sweet little guy has never made a mess in his whole puppy life considering how organized he is. Look at that little tub of cleaning supplies he has at the ready! He's just too gosh darn cute. This tiny pup pup has already mastered the art of adulting and he’s just a puppy. It’s time to up our game. And clean our house.

2 This happily ever after pupper pair

Via: buzzfeed.com

Dating is hard. Commitment is harder and some of us, we're just not ready to settle down. Settling down means having to share with someone and deal with another person on a daily basis, so even though mom wants to know when we plan on getting married, we're just not ready to say goodbye to our single days. These dogs, however, are super adult and have decided to take the plunge into the pool of married bliss. They committed, they planned a fancy wedding and now they're woofing “I do.” Look at that dress, that little suit. They even got a real officiant instead of just going to the doggy justice of the peace. These happily ever after pups are true love adulting goals for us all.

1 This selfless shepherd

Via: cincinnatizoo.org

It takes a lot of patience and maturity to put someone else first. It’s even harder to do when the someone else being put first isn’t someone usually top of the list or even someone we usually like. Blakely, an Australian shepherd is winning the patience and maturity game. This nurturing pooch is putting some adorable little Malayan tiger cubs rejected by their mother at the Cincinnati Zoo first by stepping up as surrogate dad for them. This isn’t even the first time Blakely has done this. Blakely has been super dad to many other animals in need. Volunteering to help others in need takes a lot of work and a lot of devotion. Blakely’s a real hero. These little motherless tigers totally agree. We're not crying, you’re crying.

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