15 Dogs Who Are So Over Exercising

Exercise is exhausting, especially when all you want to do is lay around like a dog. The sweating, the aggressive movements, the getting off the couch. Just getting off the couch, period. If you think it's hard for you to get motivated to exercise, try being a dog. They were born to cuddle up, snooze, and only get their five minutes of tail chasing in per day. Here are 15 dogs who are so over exercising.

15 You go ahead and do yoga. I'll be laying right here.

Via: mnn.com

14 I never said I wanted to hike. You did. So carry me now!

Via: instagram.com/tyleradams90

13 Oh no, don't get it twisted. I picked up this weight simply to hand to you. I'm done.

Via: instagram.com/tellytherapydog

12 Look, you can show off and stretch all you want. I'm not moving from this position.

Via: instagram.com/rufflovedogs

11 Ugh, who signed me up for this?

Via: instagram.com/Via: instagram.com/meu_lindo_pet

10 I'm just getting a quick nap in between reps. Go on without me.

Via: instagram.com/jonwaters15

9 I am going at my own pace. I don't tell you how to run.

Via: instagram.com/hitmanfaz

8 This is how Pilates works, right?

Via: instagram.com/fitreddevil

7 I'm never running with you again! Too much. Way too much.

Via: instagram.com/copabear10

6 15... 16... 17... 18... how many more push-ups until nap time?

Via: instagram.com/chispa_the_chiuahua

5 Am I doing this right? Just lay like this? Great, I got this down.

Via: instagram.com/charliebear_thepug

4 You want me to what!?

Via: instagram.com/champ_the_bully

3 What? I'm warming up... to get off this treadmill and go back to bed, of course.

Via: instagram.com/barkhappy

2 I love being your cuddle... I mean, workout buddy.

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1 Zzzzzzzzzz. Snort...snore...zzzzzzz.

Via: 3milliondogs.com

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