15 Dream Castings For Marvel Characters (Who Haven’t Hit The Big Screen Yet)

It may be hard to remember it now, but when the Marvel Cinematic Universe started out with the release of Iron Man it was considered to be a very risky move for the comics company. Since then, not only has the franchise become a powerhouse at the box office but several non-MCU movies have also become a huge deal in their own right.

Since Disney and Marvel clearly want to continue making a fortune, they need to remember that with great success comes great responsibility. For that reason, it is of the utmost importance that each new Marvel movie casts the right actors in the pivotal roles. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 dream castings for Marvel characters who haven’t hit the big screen yet.

15 Mole Man – Danny DeVito

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Even though Danny DeVito currently is best known for his over the top character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it should never be forgotten that he has been spectacular in lots of roles. When you keep that in mind, remember how amazing he was in Batman Returns, and consider his physical resemblance to Marvel’s Villain the Mole Man. Him portraying that character seems perfect.

14 The Hood - Jeremy Bobb

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Far from a household name at this point, actor Jeremy Bobb’s recent performances as dastardly human beings in Russian Doll and the third season of Jessica Jones has still turned a lot of heads. Now that it seems like the Netflix Marvel shows are no longer canon in the MCU, we’d love to see Bobb play The Hood, a cunning villain who controls the criminal underworld, on the big screen.

13 Forge - Zahn McClarnon

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First introduced all the way back in 1984, the X-Men member known as Forge has the ability to create mechanical devices to fit almost any problem that comes up. While that may not seem like the most cinematic power, Zahn McClarnon’s performance in the TV show Fargo proved how compelling his presence alone is, never mind if he was wielding incredible machines.

12 Beta Ray Bill – Andy Serkis

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Right off the hop, we realize that Andy Serkis already played a notable MCU character but if you ask us, that shouldn’t preclude him from bringing a character like Beta Ray Bill to life through motion capture. That issue aside, Serkis has been so incredible at playing creatures of every sort in the past that he is uniquely qualified to make fans believe in the nobility of Beta Ray Bill.

11 Moon Knight - Armie Hammer

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Often described as Marvel’s Batman, the thing that makes Moon Knight stand out from his DC counterpart is the fact that his mind has shattered into more than one personality. As such, any actor who plays the character must be able to pull off his unique physicality and believably portray the different facets of his mind. Given the complicated people Armie Hammer has played in the past, he seems to have been born to be Moon Knight.

10 Kang the Conqueror – Jon Hamm

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Definitely, one of the most brilliant minds to ever exist in the Marvel Universe, Kang the Conquerer is so smart that he has time-traveled, inspired others to follow him, and bested many heroes. Clearly, a character that needs to be portrayed by a charismatic actor who can still play beings viewers root against, that sounds like Jon Hamm’s forte to a T.

9 Puppet Master – Steve Buscemi

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Always one of the Fantastic Four’s creepiest foes, the Puppet Master was a weakling who had the ability to craft special marionettes that allowed him to take control of his enemy’s bodies. Also far from intimidating from a visual perspective, we could easily imagine Steve Buscemi cackling with delight as his character’s puppets allow him to take control of whomever he chooses.

8 Captain Britain - Christian Bale

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When most people first find out about the superhero Captain Britain, they may assume that he is just a knockoff of Captain America, but that is far from the case. After all, Captain Britain is far more powerful physically and he is much less of a boy scout than his peer. Definitely one of the best actors of his generation, we would love to see Christian Bale portray a complicated superhero once again.

7 Squirrel Girl –Anna Kendrick

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We know, we know, the idea of a squirrel related superhero on the big screen may seem ridiculous but to that, we say this, Ant-Man has starred in several hit films at this point. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to similarly cast a likable actor as Squirrel Girl, both because that would attract viewers and the character is lovable. If anyone fits that bill better than Anna Kendrick, we can’t think of them.

6 She-Hulk - Katee Sackhoff

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Best known for starring in the TV show Battlestar Galactica, due to that role alone Katee Sackhoff already is beloved by many of the people that frequent comic book movies. On top of that, in the past Sackhoff has done a great job playing fiercely intelligent badasses just like the type of person She-Hulk is in the comics.

5 Kraven the Hunter - Javier Bardem

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Considering that whenever writers have taken Kraven the Hunter seriously he has been an awesome character, it is astounding he hasn’t appeared on the big screen yet. Capable of hunting down almost any prey that catches his fancy, if Javier Bardem could make Kraven as intimidating as his No Country for Old Men character, he easily could become Spidey’s best movie villain ever.

4 Black Cat – Keke Palmer

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One of only a select few characters that have been able to rock Spider-Man’s moral compass over the years, Black Cat is a world-class cat burglar that the wall-crawler can’t help but be enthralled by. Similar in a lot of ways, Keke Palmer is an actor who could expertly play a character who is formidable in every way while delighting in her own beauty since she seems to be like that in real-life.

3 Mephisto - Ralph Fiennes

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Even though in the comics Mephisto isn’t Satan, he might as well be as he acts almost exactly like the dark lord and has even masqueraded as him in the past. As such, it would take an actor who is amazing at playing dastardly characters to play him. Fortunately, in movies like the Harry Potter series and Schindler’s List, Ralph Fiennes has proven that he is the man for the job.

2 Namor – Keanu Reeves

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First rumored to be set to make his big screen debut several years ago, in some ways it makes sense that we haven’t seen Namor yet as he would be a hard character to pull off. Often described as a jerk, at best Namor is an egotistical guy. For that reason, it makes sense to cast Keanu Reeves in the role considering he has made John Wick a beloved character despite the violent things he does.

1 Galactus – James Earl Jones

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Right off the hop, we realize that Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer featured a version of Galactus but we’re not counting a cloud of debris as one of our favorite Marvel villains. Instead, if James Earl Jones used his incredible voice to make the planet consumer come across the storyline shattering force of nature he is, we would consider it the character’s true movie debut.

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