15 Drool Worthy Photos of Jason Mamoa

There are a plethora of good looking celebrities out there, but very rarely does one come around that sparks an obsession within me, making me drool in my daydreams. Well, Jason Momoa is one such celebrity. I first discovered him when he starred as Khal Drago in one of my favorite shows of all time, Game of Thrones. From the first moment that barbarian appeared on my screen, I was smitten. I wanted to know everything about this 6'5 glorious being. Since then, he's gone on to star in a bunch of different television series and films, some of the most well-known being his starring role in the Conan the Barbarian remake, and as Declan Harp in Frontier. Soon we will get to see him as Aquaman, and there is a rumor he will star as Eric Draven in The Crow remake. Keep them coming! In the meantime, here are 15 photos of Jason Mamoa for us all to drool over.

15 Early Days

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This baby-faced image of Mr. Mamoa is pretty different from the Jason we have come to love. While I personally prefer him older with long hair and a beard, there's no denying he's still gorgeous as a youngin'. Not to mention, totally ripped. I would pretend to drown just for him to come save me.

Jason was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, with his father being of native Hawaiin decent and his mother is Irish German and Native American. He moved with his mother to Iowa when he was really young, but eventually ended up back in Hawaii after high school. In 1998 he was discovered by an international clothing designer, who encouraged him to get into modeling (good call). He even won Hawaii's model of the year in 1999. He then got a gig on Baywatch Hawaii, which is where this photo is taken from. He apparently was a real surfer as well (extra drool points)  and was working part-time in a surf shop while starring on the show.

14 Cultured and Talented

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Ah, here we go! This pic perfectly depicts the Jason I am utterly obsessed with. I mean, c'mon; that hair, that sly smile, that jaw line, those broad shoulders, those sculpted arms. Seriously, it's just perfection.

Aside from being ridiculously gorgeous and a super talented actor, Jason has some other unique hobbies in his repertoire. He has traveled all around the world, even prior to acting, and has learned a great many things along the way. He is passionate about learning various cultures' indigenous dances (more on that later). His quest for spirituality led him to Buddhism, so he began to study Buddhist teachings, and has even traveled to Tibet, home of the Dalai Lama, in order to further his knowledge. While in Paris he learned how to paint with pastels (I'd totally buy one of his paintings). So that means he's spiritual, artistic and knows how to dance. Just when you thought he couldn't get any better.

13 Scar

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I am one of those people who find certain facial scars to be very sexy. I don't know, it adds character. Not to mention it gives them a sort of  "dangerous" vibe. (Oh c'mon, don't judge, so what if I find bad boys hot.) Jason has such a scar on his eyebrow, as you can see clearly in this pic. He has stated that he got that scar from a bar fight. A guy apparently smashed a pint glass in his face, resulting in 140 stitches. Who would be so bold as to attack this mammoth of a man is beyond me. Jason seems to think the guy was taking part in a gang initiation, so I guess he went for the biggest, most jacked guy in the room. Now hair doesn't grow in that particular spot anymore. But I think it adds to his overall sex appeal, and without a doubt helped him with getting some of his tough guy roles.

12 The Kahl

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For many of us, this is how we were first introduced to Jason, in the role of the vicious warrior Khal Drago on the HBO series, Game of Thrones. I was a fan of the books years prior to the show being released, and was really curious as to whom they would get to play Khal's role. Well, they definitely nailed it. I mean, just look at him. Jason's portrayal of Khal was intense and fearsome, definitely not a man you want to mess with. Yet at the same time he managed to have many us wishing we were Daenerys, despite his gruesome ways and the fact she was basically just sold off to him. Now that's a feat.

Fun fact: remember that indigenous dancing I told you he studied? During Jason's audition tape for Game of Thrones, he broke out in a Haka, which is an ancestral chant and dance of the Māori people of New Zealand that was usually performed before battle. I am pretty positive it helped him land that role. You can check that out here.

11 That Body Though

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It's not a shock that Jason has a pretty vigorous workout routine. I mean, look at those abs, arms, chest... well, every single part of his body is pretty damn chiseled. And for the roles he plays, he really needs to maintain that shape. While he prefers to get his exercise through doing sports, like boxing, surfing and climbing, he has to train intensively at the gym to get his body ready for a performing role. According to Muscle & Strength, Jason works out 5 days a week, using a workout routine called the Accelarated Results 7 (AR-7) Program, created by celebrity trainer Eric Laciste. It consists of low weight and high reps, which if you are a gym rat, isn't what you'd be expecting to create that magnificent body. (Side note, if I saw someone like him at the gym, I'd have a pretty hard time concentrating on getting anything done.) He also wakes up at 5am and runs uphill. Whatever he is doing, it is clearly working for him; the dude is built like Adonis.

10 Style

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No, the clothes do not make the man, but they for sure can make the man more sexy. And Jason's unique sense of style definitely adds to his sex appeal. Taking a cue from Johnny Depp, Jason has created his own look that has also become part of his trademark. I don't know what to call it: it's part biker, part surfer, part cowboy, part gypsy. You very rarely see him in a suit. He tends to wear lots of necklaces, like the ones here, that appear to be made of such material as bones and leather, as well as skull shaped rings. I am also really digging his leather gauntlet-like arm wraps in this pic. (I don't know what the heck is all over his shirt in this photo, but he somehow manages to make a stained white shirt look hot.) You can  even catch him sometimes wearing black makeup around his eyes.

9 Conan

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This photo is a still shot from the remake of Conan the Barbarian, which came out in 2011. I know many others may think that he looks scary here, but I just love it. The facial expression, the body posture (well, just the body in general), it is all so brutally awesome. He had pretty hefty shoes to fill in this film, as Arnold Schwarzenegger's version is a cult classic. Arnold was a beast in his portrayal, and the character probably is considered the most legendary barbarian in film. And I personally think that Jason did right by the original. (Though while researching this article, I saw some pictures of Arnold, and had forgotten just how huge and ripped he was. I though Jason was big...wow, Arnold looked almost inhuman.)

Jason said he had to diet pretty strictly in preparation for this film, and generally avoided carbs, except for Guinness. Ah, a man after my own heart.

8 Hair Toss

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I seriously can just watch this GIF on repeat (luckily for me, that's exactly what GIFs do). That hair toss is such a simple action yet so sexy. I have read that people tend to play with their hair when they are flirting, so maybe by watching this I am subconsciously envisioning that he's flirting with me. I don't know, just pulling at straws here. Whatever the case may be, I can watch this man play with his hair all day.

Another fun fact about Jason is that tattoo on his arm is not just a cool design, but has a very specific meaning. The triangles are meant to look like shark teeth. Jason is a surfer, so his hopes is that if a shark sees the tattoo in the water, it will recognize him as one of their own. Seems like a long shot, but hey, it looks great.

7 Surfer

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Speaking of surfing, here is a shot of Jason getting out of the water with his board. Living a chunk of his life in Hawaii, he was bound to become a surfer. He even worked at a surf shop during the start of his modeling career. His uncles are Brian and Rusty Keaulana, both of whom are world famous surfers. Rusty won 3 ASP World Longboard Tours in a row. Brian became a water stunt coordinator for some pretty major films (he also starred on Baywatch Hawaii, playing himself). Jason's great uncle (Rusty and Brian's father) was 'Buffalo' Keaulana, who is known in the surfing community as a legend, and considered one of the most naturally gifted surfers ever.

Jason even studied marine biology in college in Colorado, but then switched to wildlife biology. He never actually got his degree though. In the middle of his studies, he decided to return to Hawaii and get to know his estranged father. He then got discovered by that designer, and the rest is history.

6 Close Up

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Sometimes people that we think are attractive just don't look quite as good when you take a close up photo all in their face, as all of their facial flaws that may go unnoticed from afar are totally magnified. That is definitely not the case with Jason in this photo. Yes, I am completely aware that photoshop is a thing, and I am sure this photo is touched up. But still... aren't those hazel eyes so hypnotizing? Picture looking deep into those suckers... talk about intense. What is also interesting about his face is that aside from the scar, both of his eyebrows seem to be shaped into points, giving him a sort of devilish appearance. Given that he is a celebrity, manscaping is part of his job requirements, so I wonder if that is their natural shape or if he makes them look that way to enhance to his look.

5 Tempting

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Another shot of a young Jason, though at least he has his long locks and facial hair here. The photo is a still shot from a 2003 made for TV movie movie called Tempted. The film is about a married woman who falls for a younger guy (Jason) while bringing her deceased nanny's ashes to Hawaii. I wouldn't blame her, one look at that smile and most women would have a hard time controlling themselves. He was only 25 when they filmed this, and in the movie he has a 15-year-old son. Not so smart of a decision for the casting department. I guess they took one look at him during his audition and were too enthralled to care about minor facts like that. The movie wasn't anything to write home about, but it's worth watching just to gaze at him.

4 Dreads

Via Hawaiian Jesus

Once upon a time Jason had dreadlocks, and rocked the hell out of him. This photo was taken after several years of growing them, but they got much longer. In fact, they eventually grew so long that they weighed a whopping five pounds. The dreads, which he had for seven years, became his signature look for the character Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis. When the weight of the hair started to cause a lot of pain in his neck,  Jason knew it was time to say goodbye to them. So  during the break between seasons four and five of the series, the producers granted Jason permission to cut them off, as long as he saved the dreads so that they could be sewn back on when the new season began to film. The process of sewing them on took a whopping nine hours and resulted in sores on Jason's head, so eventually he cut them off and started wearing a $10,000 custom wig.

3 Aquaman

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I know, Jason is much too far away from the camera in this shot to see all of his perfect details, but something about this shot is just so damn appealing and mysterious. It is a behind the scenes shot from the movie Aquaman, which I personally am SO excited about. I am a huge Justice League fan, but the character of Aquaman was never on my top fav lists. That was, until I found out Jason would be playing him. It's a pretty different twist on the character, who is usually considered weak and useless when he is not in the ocean. But there's no doubt that Jason's portrayal will be far from that description.

Side not: This image was entangled in an absolutey beautiful short film Jason made about his family. It will seriously make you fall in love with this dude. It may even make you cry.

2 Loving Father

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Here is a four for one (you're welcome). Maybe it is because I am a mother myself, but I find nothing sexier than a man who is super loving and hands on with his children. Jason has two children with his wife Lisa Bonet: his daughter Lola Iolani,9, who, he has nicknamed Lola Bear, and his son Nakfa-Wolf, 8, whom he call The Wolf. He also has a step child, Zoe Kravitz, from Bonet's previous marriage to Lenny Kravitz.

Another bonus point in the hotness factor: he totally gushes over his wife in interviews, referring to her as his muse, his angel. Sure, it makes us all jealous, but at the same time, the fact that he puts his lady love on a pedestal makes him even more amazing. He's even referred to being with her as "an honor." Who wouldn't want the man in their life to say that about them?

1 The Final Tribute

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Here is another shot showcasing that sexy style I mentioned. I absolutely love everything about this photo; a perfect way for me to end my tribute to Mister Momoa.

So, while I was researching this piece, I learned a new fact about Jason that I did not know prior. He apparently is very anti-technology, at least on a personal level. He has claimed to not own a mobile phone or have an email account. Despite starring in numerous television series, he has stated that he doesn't even own a TV. He believes that all of these things interfere with how he prefers to live his life with his family. Though, it makes me wonder, how does he hear about casting calls? Or if he is wanted for a part, how does someone reach out to him? I guess they call Lisa? Instead of spending his time on technological devices, he prefers to be outdoors, or to read, and is particularly fond of Japanese haiku poetry and the French poet Charles Baudelaire (swoon).

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