15 Dumb Criminals Who Got Caught On Social Media

When we use social media as a tool to express ourselves, we usually do so in an acceptable and legal matter. Social media is also great for getting a snapshot of what our loved ones are up to. People usually use social media for a justifiable reason and no one really thinks twice about it. Nearly everyone with the access to a phone or computer has a social media account, including criminals. They probably never thought they would end up as a criminal, but there they are, doing criminal things. While they are out and about, going against the law, some criminals continue to use their social media—not entirely thinking through their actions on their social media page. We'd really like to say that they should know better, but it makes our law enforcement's job easier when all they have to do is hop on Facebook to find the culprit.

15 Posing with all the money

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Usually, a criminal banks (pun intended) on their skills to get their unlawful business done. Apart from being sneaky and untrustworthy, they also like to stay on the down-low when they commit crimes, so they don't get caught. Nope, not this guy. This London drug dealer, Junior Francis, decided that it would be a grand idea to boast his goods on Instagram, for literally everyone and their cop friends to see. Once Francis was caught, police were able to find more incriminating evidence on his phone to give them even more of a reason to arrest him. This goes to show that even criminals can't refrain from snapping selfies. To top it off, it's also pretty ironic that he has a shirt on that says, "Just Do It." Nike probably wants to stay away from this type of negative advertising.

14 It's like taking gas from a cop car

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Really though, how stupid can a person be? This guy ended up in jail after posting a picture of himself on his Facebook account siphoning gas from...a cop car. First off, who has the guts to actually take a gas can and take gas from a cop car? We suspect not very many people because that is just asking for a stint in jail. Second, if this guy needed gas that badly, why would he take the time to snap a picture of it in the process? Once this guy was caught, he went on to throw his girlfriend under the bus and say that she was the one who took the picture. Yikes. Their excuse as to why they did this? They thought it would be funny to take gas from the literal law and take a picture for proof.

13 Identities for sale on Facebook

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We assume that people think social media sites, such as Facebook, is an acceptable place to sell stolen passports now. We aren't sure what is more incredible: that this person doesn't understand that all of their friends and family can see this status or that they actually think selling someone's identity is OK. We are glad to see that the people commenting on the status aren't all for it and are trying to tell this person that this is completely illegal, but it's too little too late now. Aside from that, isn't it just an unspoken rule that if we find someone's lost identification, we should maybe try to get it back to them instead of try to profit from it? Guess not. This goes to show that while we would like to see the good in everyone, sometimes, they just don't deserve it.

12 Growing plants: the illegal kind

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Everyone wants to be their own boss nowadays and apparently, some people will do anything for some extra money. This criminal looks young and probably isn't allowed to have these types of plants in his possession. If his parents didn't know he grows his own "garden," they do now. Along with his parents, everyone else that can access this dude's account knows that he has marijuana plants for sale. Aside from that, he is pretty much handing himself over to the police (who probably got a tip about this shortly after the right person saw this picture). Again, unless we are missing something, people are now absolutely comfortable to sell illegal items on their Facebook profile. And what's the cost? Their freedom.

11 This isn't a private message

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OK then...this girl obviously doesn't beat around the bush and gets right to the point: she has pills and she wants to know what kind people need. We don't know about this type of "business," but we are pretty sure that this isn't how someone doing something illegal should operate. Perhaps, this girl isn't using her brain or she thinks she's untouchable and would never get caught. At this point, we aren't quite sure what it going on. We will never know if this girl got caught trying to push pills, but we kind of hope she did and learned her lesson not to use social media for things like this. Get a clue and listen to the people that commented on your dumb status, girl.

10 Don't drink, just drive

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We aren't sure how anyone in their right mind would think this is a good idea, but apparently, there are people out there who think this is OK. Drinking and driving is a lethal combination and too many people die each year from people thinking they are capable of handling themselves under the influence. We are glad this guy took a picture because we want people like this off the streets, literally. Today, there are so many other means of transportation and we cannot believe people aren't more aware of this. Although they could be well-aware, they might not want to go through the extra trouble of having a safe ride and that is lame on their end. Wouldn't it be great if this guy got caught mid-picture (and mid-drink) by a cop passing by?

9 Bait and sink

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If someone doesn't want to be caught for something, they usually don't put themselves out there, taunting people to gain a reaction. Andrew Dale Marcum did just this and thankfully, got busted for several crimes he committed. He was wanted for multiple warrants for abduction, safe-cracking and more. While he had warrants out for him, he continued to commit crimes in various Ohio counties around his hometown. But, that all ended when he decided to use social media for a means of communication between himself and the police. The Ohio cops decided to use social media to draw other fellow Facebookers to potentially reach out to them and let them know if they've seen Marcum. What does he do? Walks right into the trap and responds to the status. Smart.

8 Weeding 'em out, one tweet at a time

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The act of thinking before tweeting doesn't come to mind for this guy, who is trying to score some weed. We wonder how anyone could think this is OK and would go unnoticed. It's a little alarming to think of all the people our internet activity reaches, but in this case, it's a good thing that the police managed to notice this guy, even if it was on the internet. This isn't one of the most heinous criminals on this list, but what this person is trying to receive is probably illegal where they reside. If they are willing to put it all out there on their Twitter, they might as well be ready to be questioned by the local police when they are tipped off. Just saying.

7 Venting at the after-party

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We are guessing the situation went down like this: underage teenagers decided it was a great idea to throw a party while their parents weren't at home, complete with loud music and crappy alcohol. They thought they were on top of the world and living life the way it should be lived, but they were knocked down back to reality. They heard the knock and probably knew they had been busted.

We've probably all heard of a situation like this when we were younger or were actually at one of these parties and are now shaking our heads at our younger selves. Of course, the teenagers are going to turn to the one place they think they can securely vent about the people that have wronged them and expect a re-tweet or two out of it. They probably got excited when they saw a notification on their phone, but then were shocked when they saw who noticed their tweet.

6 Taunting on social media at its best...or worst?

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When people are behind a computer in the confines of their own home, they think they are invincible. Just because others can't see their actual face, they think they can do or say anything, with no consequences. Is this actually true? Not really. Nowadays, just about every technological device we use has some sort of GPS tracking system on it, giving law enforcement some sort of upper-hand when it comes to situations like this. When criminals, like the one above, are in the moment, they apparently don't think those things through and continue to taunt and tease on their social media accounts. We doubt this person voluntarily came forward, but we are sure he wasn't using social media much longer after this.

5 Family isn't first

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This is just plain sad and proof that not everyone is cut out to be a parent. This is a classic case of a crappy mother choosing her slimy boyfriend over her own flesh and blood. She is in need of money and what does she think is a grand idea? Selling her kids for a substantial amount of money. On the other hand, if anyone was a decent parent, there would be no amount of money in the world that they would take in exchange to just pay their boyfriend's bail. Let's all take a second to say a small prayer for the kids involved in this and hope they ended up in a place where they're loved and appreciated. Luckily, this woman was stupid enough to advertise this on Facebook and in the process, got a large dose of karma.

4 Drinking and not driving would be smart

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What is it with people bragging about stuff like this online and expecting praise for it? Sadly, stupid revelations like this get posted everyday on social media and instead of someone doing something about it, they just comment or 'like' the status and move on. The people that were friends with this guy probably didn't even think he was telling the truth and thus, ignored it completely and kept scrolling. But, not everyone. This guy got caught by posting a status, was reported and ultimately sent himself to jail. We don't care who outed who, as long as people like this aren't able to drive for a long time. Again, drinking and driving is not something that anyone should do, let alone brag about doing on social media.

3 Heisting no more

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And we thought robbing banks was a thing of the past. Criminals are still trying to pull this off and thinking they can get away with it. Nowadays, there are so many security precautions when it comes to financial institutions, we would like to think that it would be entirely impossible for anyone to physically rob a bank. We obviously are wrong. While this criminal decided to run under an alias while he robbed banks, he was still able to be identified on social media. How so? Well, for one, he still has a profile picture up. Then, he changes his name on his profile and expects that he is totally unidentifiable from then on. That's not how it works, buddy. We are glad he had the audacity to log onto his account and ask if anyone wants to join him.

2 Recorded criminal

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Come on, lady, leave the animals alone! Harming anything that can't defend itself is intolerable; but, filming it too? That's just disgusting and immoral. Although every criminal lacks morals, this one strikes a nerve. We aren't quite sure how anyone could be let out of jail for hurting an animal, but it happens and it sucks. We get it—it was just a rodent, but that could only be the starting point of a downward spiral for this woman, who could possibly hurt more animals or humans, in the future. We don't understand what thrill a person gets out of filming things such as this on camera, but apparently, there are a handful of criminals (hopefully, locked behind bars) that get some sort of happiness out of this and that isn't OK.

1 Don't forget to log out

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This is just ironic in so many ways and we almost want to laugh at the sheer stupidity this guy possesses. Just like the article says, we would think that criminals would learn from other criminals' mistakes and at least put some effort into committing a crime. Luckily for all of us, they don't. Just like anything else, social media can be addicting and sometimes people can't help themselves from checking it. But, doing so at a place you're trying to rob? Yeah, not so smart. Then again, his timing was nearly perfect because he ended up getting caught by just logging on, leading the police right to him.

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