15 Dumb Places People Have Taken Their Last Selfies

Some people might think that getting the right selfie for social media is everything. But they are wrong. There are some times when an epic post would only be worth it if the person lives to see the likes.

Some daredevils have gone for bigger and better photos, from scaling buildings and mountains to coming face-to-face with wild animals. Selfies have been blamed for car crashes, train wrecks and plane crashes, and the trend needs to stop. According to a study released in 2018, 259 tragedies were related to selfies between 2011 and November 2017.

Warnings have been issues by the National Park Service and more — people need to be careful when capturing the perfect post.

Here are 15 famous selfies that will never be worth the risk.

15 Daredevil Stunts Turn Tragic


Gigi Wu became famous for her daredevil stunts and gorgeous Instagram photos. She first started to trend because she lost a bet and wore a bikini while posing atop a snow-capped mountain. But her stunts weren't always safe, and in 2018 she fell off a ravine in Taiwan. She was able to alert friends, who called authorities, but they didn't make it in time.

14 She Started The Wrong Kind Of Trend


This spot in Australia is famous on the 'Gram. Diamond Head Bay is beautiful, as this influencer captured in her selfie. But pretty soon, this became a popular spot for photos despite the possibility of falling. At least one woman fell, yet according to MSN, tourists continued to take selfies despite warnings from officials.

13 The Higher They Go, The Harder They Fall


Some of the most beautiful spots in nature have become must-see tourist locations because of how they will look on the 'Gram. But some are too dangerous for selfies. This spot in Yosemite National Park is where more than one tourist has taken a fall, and the Grand Canyon has also been a problem spot. People need to watch where they step when they take a selfie.

12 Zoos Have Cages For A Reason


Cat selfies are super cute, but one Arizona woman went a step too far when she decided to take a picture with a jaguar. She reportedly jumped over a barrier at the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park to get closer to the wild animal, and she ended up getting mauled. There are barriers at a zoo for a reason, and this selfie queen learned that the hard way.

11 Stunts Can Go Wrong


Wu Yongning became a huge Chinese influencer because of the stunts he did. No building was too high for him to dangle off of, and many times people worried that he would go too far. It finally happened in 2017, when he slipped off a 62-story building. Footage caught him trying to hang on, but unfortunately that was the end of his selfie adventures.

10 Teen In Trouble While Friends Pose


Having a fun day at the pond with the fellas sounds like the perfect thing to document on social media. But as this set of Indian teens learned, a selfie might not be appropriate when someone can't swim. Their post captured more than they bargained for, and one part of group didn't end up having such a good day at the beach.

9 The Iceberg That Broke Off


Posing with an iceberg is definitely the type of selfie that can get noticed — but one grandma went viral in a way she never imagined when she took a pic earlier this year during a trip to Iceland. The ice actually broke off, and she started to drift out to sea. Of course, you can't exactly jump into the water when the temperatures are that low, so the experience was terrifying, but she ended up OK.

8 When The Waterfall Isn't So Pretty


Splashing around in a waterfall in Australia is as picturesque as it sounds, so we don't blame this woman for documenting her experience for the Gram. But what she didn't know at the time is that her selfie actually captured something that showed someone else wasn't haven't as good a day. Behind her, a man fell off a ledge and his plummet ruined her selfie.

7 Keep the Safety On


This is Deleon Smith. The Houston teenager loved to post selfies, but one day things got too dangerous. He posed with a weapon and ended up accidentally shooting himself in the neck. The entire community mourned for the teen, and it taught a lesson to all about the dangers of putting too much stake into taking the coolest selfie.

6 Plane Crash Blamed on Selfie


Pilots need to pay attention when they are thousands of feet in the air. Unfortunately, the friendly skies can be tempting for a scenic selfie. According to ABC News, the pilot's selfie was the likely cause of a 2014 crash outside Denver that killed the pilot and his passenger. Officials found GoPro footage at the scene that showed that the man was likely distracted when the crash occurred.

5 Animal Selfies Are Super Dangerous


One of the biggest dangers of taking a selfie with a wild animal is that you have to turn your back on them. One man got attacked by three dingoes in the wilds of Australia, according to the Daily Mail, all in the pursuit of a selfie. Unfortunately, it became a trend, and officials had to warn people about taking selfies with dingoes because the number of attacks rose dramatically.

4 Neither Of Them Made It


"Is our life just worth one photo?" Meenakshi Moorthy posted those words in a social media post about setting limits for her travel posts with her partner Vishnu Viswanath. But just seven months later, both of them were dead. They apparently fell off of Taft Point at Yosemite National Park. No one knows exactly what happened, but there was a camera and tripod at the spot where they fell.

3 Selfie While Driving Isn't A Good Idea


Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving, so many states are banning the use of phones while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, those laws didn't come in time to save Collette Moreno and Ashley Theobald. Ashley was driving her BFF to Collette's bachelorette party, according to the Irish Times, when they took this selfie. Just moments later, the car crossed the center lane and into oncoming traffic.

2 Bear Selfies Are A Thing


Sloth selfies can be pretty cute, but we have no idea why the trend eventually evolved into bear selfies. The National Park Service had to issue a warning when people put themselves in danger a few years ago, and one man in India learned the hard way that taking a selfie with a bear isn't a good idea.

1 Runaway Train Gets The Best Of Him


Trains are cool, but taking a selfie with a moving one can be pretty dangerous. This guy was sent to the hospital after standing too close for a video while the train passed, according to the BBC, and others have been even less fortunate. In one case, a person taking a selfie on a train got electrocuted because of his selfie stick. It's just not worth the risk.

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