15 Dumbest Things Professor X Has Ever Done

First introduced all the way back in the year 1963, Professor X has to be considered one of the building blocks of the Marvel universe. After all, not only does he have a long history as a character, but he spent much of that time founding the X-Men and then teaching them on top of occasionally leading them into battle himself.

As any comic book fan will be able to tell you, when a character has been around as long as Charles Xavier has, many writers end up getting their hands on them. For that reason, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that at various times the character Professor X has done some pretty dumb things. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of dumbest things that Professor X has ever done.

15 Cheating in School

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Considering that throughout his adult life Professor X ran a school and taught students, you’d think that he was a great student at some point in his life. Well, that is half true as his teachers must have thought he was brilliant. However, what they never realized is that he used his telepathic powers to read their minds in order to cheat. Ultimately, it was stupid of him to do so as he only cheated himself out of the knowledge he would later need as a teacher.

14 Breaking Magneto out of Prison

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Quite possibly the best X-Men movie ever made, Days of Future Past was thought-provoking while also blowing away audiences with its action sequences. Unfortunately for Charles Xavier, however, it revealed how dumb he can be since he was the one who decided to break Magneto out of jail knowing full well he couldn’t be trusted. While we understand Magneto’s powers were helpful, surely they could have come up with a plan that didn’t involve him and lead to a mutant almost taking the life of President Nixon.

13 Erasing Moira MacTaggert’s Memories

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First off, doesn’t Xavier erasing Moira MacTaggert’s memories of him and the X-Men fly in the face of his morals since he does so against her will? On top of that, given that he can read her mind and knows that she is trustworthy, why do it? Surely the position she had in the government as revealed in Days of Future Past could have been useful to the cause.

12 Continuing to Enslave a Sentient Being

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When it comes to the X-Men’s Danger Room that was based on alien technology, before too long Xavier came to know that a sentient being was at its core since it asked to be released. Deciding against doing the right thing, Xavier continued to force Danger to do his bidding against its will for decades. That is amazingly dumb as it always was possible that Danger could break free somehow and take the lives of Xavier and his X-Men while they trained.

11 Trusting Too Quickly

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Throughout the history of the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, members of the X-Men have been employed as teachers. While it makes sense for Xavier to take advantage of his closest allies' talents, he also is reckless far too often.

For example, Xavier was short-sighted enough to allow an X-Men member named Xorn to be a teacher despite knowing virtually nothing about him. Ultimately, Xorn turned out to be Magneto in disguise which allowed him to attack the X-Men from inside the mansion.

10 Showing The Way

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When Charles Xavier created the X-Men, he put the vision he has for the world in their hands. Of course, given the fact that his followers are so powerful, it makes sense that he came up with ways to lethally defeat them in battle should he be forced to. On the other hand, instead of just keeping these plans in mind, he captured them in so-called protocols. As a result, if those protocols fell into the wrong hands they could lead to the destruction of everything Xavier built.

9 Abandoning His Only Son

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As a father, Charles Xavier is the worst since he abandoned his only son, David Haller. Aside from being a terrible thing to do, it also proves how short-sighted Xavier could be. After all, his son became even more powerful than his dad and Xavier should have known that was a possibility so sharing a bond with him could help keep everyone safe.

8 All But Confessing His Love For Jean Grey When She Was a Child

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In the comic X-Men #4, Professor X who obviously was an adult at that time was revealed to be thinking about the fact that he was in love with Jean Grey despite her being a teen. Even though we are mainly grossed out by Xavier’s thoughts we also are amazed by how dumb they were as Jean is a telepath who easily could have been reading his mind at that time.

7 Erasing a Team of X-Men From History

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During a landmark X-Men storyline, the original five members of the group were captured and Xavier had to bring together a new team to save his original students. Many years later, it came out that a group of mutants Xavier recruited to save them seemingly lost their lives so he erased memories of them from everyone’s minds. Of course, Xavier’s act was dumb as one of the mutants he erased was the brother of Cyclops and Havok, who he should have known would feel betrayed by him if the truth came out.

6 Leaving Quicksilver Behind

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Clearly, one of the most powerful X-Men in the movies, Quicksilver’s mutant ability to move at incredible speeds has allowed him to save the day more than once. Despite that, when Xavier and his cohorts take off for Paris in X-Men: Days of Future Past, they leave Quicksilver behind.

Worse yet, when things hit the fan in Washington, Xavier also doesn’t send word for Quicksilver to help.

5 Betraying His Students

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All the way back in 1963’s Uncanny X-Men #42, Professor X seemed to lose his life in front of his young students. Clearly, it would’ve been incredibly traumatic for the X-Men to seemingly see the man they’d put all of their trust into pass away. Stupidly enough, however, it turned out that Xavier had faked his own death, evidently not realizing that could have led to his students leaving his side after losing faith in him.

4 Manipulating Jean Grey’s Mind

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As the first student that Charles Xavier ever recruited, at one point he was able to concentrate on Jean Grey’s needs alone. During that time, he made the outright dumb decision to go into her mind and manipulate things. After all, he did so knowing full well how powerful she could become so betraying her trust from the start like that was setting himself up to be destroyed.

3 Turning Kids into Soldiers

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For many comics readers, it often has been really cool to read the stories of the X-Men in part because of the young mutants that have always been associated with this team. However, when you really think about it, what the hell is Professor X doing thrusting kids into battle? Sure, it mostly has worked out but that isn’t always the case and it is outrageously irresponsible and dumb of Xavier to often put the world’s future in the hands of kids.

2 Reprogramming Wolverine

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Throughout much of the X-Men’s history, there was no member of the team that was more dangerous than Wolverine. With that in mind, it is mind-boggling that back when Wolvie first joined the X-Men, Xavier reprogrammed his mind to make the crazed Canuck loyal to him. Xavier really was betting his continued living on the hopes that Wolverine would never discover what he did.

1 Creating a Massive Target

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At the heart of things, the reason why Professor X has spent his adult life leading the X-Men, is his belief in a future in which mutants and human beings live in harmony. Of course, given how hard he has fought for that goal, he knows all too well that many don’t share his vision. Despite that, he still took the unbelievable risk of going public even though loads of youngsters live there since that made the school a target.

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