15 Dumbest Things Tony Stark Has Ever Done

The man with the plan, the dude with the ‘tude, Iron Man has a variety of opinions floating around out there about him. Whether we love him or hate him, it’s undeniable that he’s been an integral part of the Marvel universe for ages now. Tony Stark, as his regular old human persona is known as, is hugely rich and ready to rock and roll whenever a bad guy rolls into town. He’s very good at his job of keeping the world safe. Unfortunately he knows that as well, and tends to let it exaggerate his self esteem. Okay, okay, we’ll just say it: he has an ego problem. Anyone who’s seen an MCU movie in the last few years knows that.

Oftentimes with great ego comes great dumbness, and Stark certainly has both in spades. What’s some of the most dumb things he’s ever done? We wondered that too, and decided to find the dumbest.

15 He’s Tried To Kill, Like, Half Of His Team


Okay, this is an obvious one. Anyone who’s watched Iron Man, Captain America, or any number of other Marvel movies over the years will have witnessed this happening. Tony Stark is a bit of an angry guy, which means he sometimes ends up almost killing some of his teammates (either through frustration or impulsive battling).

14 And How Many Times Has Pepper Almost Died Because Of Him?


Poor Pepper Potts! She’s such a beautiful woman and a sweet soul. We’ll get into more specifics about dumb things he’s done in their relationship, but we’ve got to get the obvious one out of the way. Pepper’s been put in so much danger because of Tony Stark. Not to mention all the hesitation on his part of committing to her!

13 He Partied IN His Super Suit


To be fair, we’d probably try to do this too if we owned an Iron Man suit. The fandom page for Iron Man 2 discusses this moment, which we’re pretty confident in calling a poor coping mechanism decision. Tony Stark made some bad choices that night, including puking in the suit and wielding his blasters (no, it’s not a euphemism).

12 Stark Built A Questionable Feature Into Spidey’s Suit


Tony Stark is a mentor for young Spider-Man, but that doesn’t mean he’s magically turned into a good guy. In the movie where he finally gets his Tony Stark made spidey suit we learn that Stark worked a kill mode into the Spider-Man suit. Sorry, but WHAT was he THINKING? This is a teenager with no formal superhero training! It was just asking for trouble.

11 That Engagement? Sure, It Was Real, But It Was Only For Publicity


Okay, this is one that we want to clarify a little. Initially the publicity was meant for the Spider-Man announcement. Unfortunately, Parker turned it down. Now, Stark isn’t one to waste a press conference. What other announcement was there to give? Obviously marrying Pepper was the only other huge announcement to give. Sigh! So much for love.

10 He Teased Everyone’s Favourite Jolly Green Giant


Here’s one that really gets us going. We love the Hulk, especially in the most recent movies. Banner is a super smart guy, but his anger/control issues are a running theme in many of the movies. Stark dumbly decided poking and teasing him in order to get him to “go green” was a smart choice, when everyone was confined in a lab, in the middle of nowhere. Genius.

9 Need We Remind Everyone About That Open Invitation?


At the end of Iron Man 3 Tony Stark does yet another dumb thing. Any MCU fan will have an inkling of what we’re talking about. Basically, Stark decided to show off how prepared he was to take on bad guys by giving them his address. Guess what: he was fully unprepared when the bad guys showed up.

8 He Straight Up Stops Making Weapons


Now, we don’t want to call this dumb right away. We personally don’t condone weapon usage, and in theory it’s awesome that he’s decided to stop perpetuating the cycles of destruction and pain. However, CBR points out that he did it in the worst way. All of a sudden announcing it and laying a bunch of people off definitely didn’t do wonders for his business reputation.

7 He Called Captain America A Lab Rat


Even friends have some tension between them, but name calling is never okay. Captain America’s backstory is one that’s full of a lot of heartbreak, and we’re sure he’s sensitive about bringing it up. Bustle reminds us that Tony Stark called him a full on lab rat, though, which really hurt the Captain.

6 Pepper Put Up With His One Night Fling


CBR brought up this cringey moment which we’d totally forgotten about. Before Stark and Potts were a couple she worked as his assistant. Oftentimes this assistant work included getting rid of Stark’s various one night stands the morning after. We can only imagine how painful that would be to watch. Again: poor Pepper Potts!

5 He Belittled War Machine, Who Eventually Helped Saved The Day


Teasing the Hulk, using rude insults with Captain America, and now belittling War Machine. Honestly, we were always shocked that War Machine didn’t turn into another villain due to Stark’s mean words. Sure enough, War Machine decided to stick by him and ended up saving the day. Now that’s a true friend.

4 And He Drove A Grand Prix In A Company Car


Another glowing moment from Iron Man 2, this decision was one that only really impacted Stark (and the race track he left in a mess). CBR reminds us about his decision to drive the company car in a Grand Prix, and when we first think about it, it’s not actually a bad idea. But when we get down to the destruction of the car, it’s probably not the smartest choice.

3 He Basically Destroyed Sokovia


When it comes to destroying the world or destroying just one power we totally see why he made the choice that he did. And, to be clear, it wasn’t just him that was working on this one. CBR reminds us that destroying Sokovia also gave him a bunch of guilt. And we all know how poorly Tony Stark deals with negative emotions like guilt!

2 Mandarin Was Created Thanks To Stark’s Glowing Personality


Another bad argument, another bad guy; that seems to be the pattern with Tony Stark. Honestly, we’re surprised more people haven’t been turned to the dark side due to Stark’s teasing and sarcasm, as well as his outright meanness. Mandarin was definitely one of the more notable super people to turn, but let’s not forget some of the other ones.

1 And He Invented Ultron- Like, C’mon, Dude


Ultron and Vision are two sides of the same coin, but really, Ultron shouldn’t have kept existing after Tony Stark cast aside the project. It’s caused so many problems for Stark and the rest of his superhero friends, and was totally avoidable. Unfortunately now Ultron is just another piece of proof in the argument for Stark’s ego-driven dumbness.

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