15 Easter Eggs Spider-Man Fans Missed In Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home, which boasts an incredible 96% Rotten Tomatoes audience approval rating, is being considered by fans and critics alike to be the beloved wall-crawler's best film ever.

Following the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Peter Parker hoped to take a break from the heroics during his class' field trip to Europe. Unfortunately, his vacation was quickly hijacked by Nick Fury and Spider-Man found himself working alongside newcomer Mysterio to take down various Elemental super-villains. However, as many fans expected, master of illusions Quentin Beck proved to be the film's true antagonist and Peter was yet again forced to reach his potential in order to take down one of his most formidable adversaries.

There is so much to enjoy in Far From Home that not everything can be taken in during a single viewing. In addition to being filled with laughs, action and teenage romance, there are several fun Easter eggs sprinkled in for Spidey lovers which even the most dedicated, eagle-eyed fans failed to notice. Here are 15 Easter Eggs Spider-Man Fans Missed In Far From Home.


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Since audiences already saw the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler's origin story play out in both the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield-led Spider-Man films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn't bother giving us another take on the passing of Peter Parker's Uncle Ben. That doesn't mean the MCU has forgotten about the man who taught Peter that "with great power comes great responsibility," though!

Peter's suitcase for his big Europe class trip had the initials "BFP" on it, indicating its previous order was his uncle, Benjamin Franklin Parker.


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Far From Home is filled with "blink and you'll miss them" references to historic Spider-Man comic book issues.

At the start of the film when Mysterio fights the earth-based Elemental, a nearby license plate reads "ASM 463," alluding to Sandman's first appearance in 1963's The Amazing Spider-Man #4 . A boat seen behind Ned and Betty states "ASM 212," referencing the first appearance of Hydro-Man, the inspiration for the water Elemental that appeared moments later. Another license plate shown right before the magma Elemental's attack on Prague reads "ASM 28965," referencing the 1965 introduction of Molten Man in Amazing Spider-Man #28.


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When Peter boarded Happy's Stark Jet and started to design his new Spider-Man uniform, Tony Stark's former bodyguard and best friend put on a familiar song for the special occasion. Iron Man fans should have recognized AC/DC's "Back In Black," as it was Tony's go-to song while suiting up. Peter, however, failed to recognize who put out the hit and accidentally attributed it to Led Zeppelin.

This song actually serves as a dual-purpose Easter egg, as "Back in Black" is also the name of a major Spider-Man comic storyline in which Spidey dons his black symbiote costume.


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Even though Iron Man was always Spidey's inspiration and mentor, Far From Home is filled with tributes to Captain America. Cap was honored in the In Memoriam video at the start of the film, and Happy tried to imitate the retired Avenger by (unsuccessfully) throwing a shield at one of Mysterio's drones.

The best tribute, however, appeared when Peter ran out of web fluid in his final fight against Mysterio. He used a bridge sign as a shield and swung around a disassembled drone the same way Steve Rogers swung around Mjolnir in Endgame.


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Peter Parker has been known for taking pictures of Spider-Man ever since he took a freelance photographer position at The Daily Bugle, but PS4's 2018 Spider-Man video game made the "Spidey selfie" even more popular by allowing players to take pictures of themselves as the wall-crawler all over New York City.

In the final scene of Far From Home, Spider-Man totally references the video game by taking a quick selfie of himself swinging around Manhattan on his way to meet MJ.


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Carol Danvers has now appeared in two Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and while her debut solo film was titled "Captain Marvel," she's never actually been referred to by her superhero moniker.

That finally changed in Far From Home, when Peter suggested Captain Marvel to Nick Fury as a replacement hero in hopes of being able to return to his vacation. It's definitely odd that she finally earned that title in a different hero's film as a mere throwaway line, but considering Wanda has still yet to be called "Scarlet Witch" after five MCU appearances, it's not out of the ordinary.


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After they survived the water Elemental's attack on Venice, Peter and his classmates watched a news story about the traumatizing experience and Flash mentioned that he saw an article online about a man named Morris Bench, who was gifted with water powers.

Viewers learned by the end of the film that the monster was just one of Mysterio's illusions, but this Morris Bench shout-out was a great Easter egg for diehard Spidey fans because that's the alter-ego of the wall-crawler's iconic water-based rogue Hydro-Man.


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The MCU tries their hardest to stay comic book-accurate as often as possible, but every now and then, they have to stray away from the source material. That's definitely been the case with Peter's best friend Ned Leeds, who is virtually nothing like the comic character of the same name.

Spidey fans typically know Ned as the alter-ego of the super-villain Hobgoblin, and there's no way Peter's bestie is going to go down that dark route in the films. However, Marvel gave us a bit of reader fan service by linking Ned up with Betty Brant in Far From Home, as that couple dated in the comics.


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In 2005, Marvel Comics released a five-issue Marvel Zombies limited series written by The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman. While it was very popular with readers, fans never expected to see zombie-fied versions of their favorite heroes on the big screen. That's why it was so cool to see an undead Iron Man in Far From Home.

To traumatize Spider-Man, Mysterio presented the web-slinger with an illusion of a zombie Tony Stark, crawling out of the grave in his Iron Man outfit to attack Peter for not doing enough to save him.


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When initial trailers for Far From Home showed Nick Fury telling Peter about Quentin Beck's origin on another Earth, fans rejoiced about this apparent reveal of an MCU Multiverse. Sadly, this all proved to be a lie Mysterio told to trick everyone into believing he was an inter-dimensional hero, but his phony story did include a fun Marvel Easter egg.

Mysterio referred to the MCU's Earth as Earth-616, which is the main Earth of the Marvel comics. He claimed to be from Earth-833, which Marvel's Spider-Verse comic event revealed to be the home of Spider-Man UK.


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As soon as actor Numan Acar was cast as a mysterious character named Dimitri for Far From Home, comic lovers suspected that he'd be portraying Dmitri Smerdyakov, the alter-ego of villainous shape-shifting super spy Chameleon.

The Dimitri of the film turned out to be an associate of Nick Fury and Maria Hill, but it's definitely possible that he's going to become a double agent who is using his spy skills to keep close tabs on S.H.I.E.L.D. and Spidey.


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During his long flight to Europe, Peter browsed through his plane's in-flight entertainment options in hopes of finding something to watch to pass the time. It turns out, the MCU's Earth is as obsessed with superheroes as ours is. His options included The Snap, Finding Wakanda, Hunting Hydra and Heart of Iron: The Tony Stark Story. 

As if these Easter eggs weren't fun enough, there was also another interesting title—Nova, possibly referencing the impending arrival of a fan-favorite cosmic hero from the comics.


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Here's an Easter egg we probably never would have found if not for Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige's help. In an interview with Nerdist, Feige revealed, "if you look at some of the street signs in Venice, they’re inspired by some of the more recent Spider-Man comic writers and artists."

A rewatch of Far From Home will indeed reveal signs such as "Slotto," "Michelinio," and "Bendisio," referencing The Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, Venom co-creator David Michelinie and Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis.


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In his first epic fight scene against Spider-Man, Mysterio barraged the web-slinger with countless different illusions. At one point during the battle, Spidey was knocked over by a massive Mysterio fist which made the hero look like he was the size of an actual spider. Later he was trapped in a snow globe of NYC, again making him appear to be microscopic.

These were references to a popular initial fight from the comics between the two characters, in which Mysterio tried to convince the wall-crawler that he was only six inches tall and drive him insane.


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The first post-credits scene in Far From Home featured a webcast from DailyBugle.net, in which J. Jonah Jameson showed the world Mysterio's final moments and supposedly proved once and for all that Spider-Man wasn't the hero he claimed to be.

Jameson's inclusion in the MCU is absolutely fantastic as he's a major character in the comics, but what made this moment especially exciting was the fact that he was portrayed by JK Simmons. True fans should recognize Simmons for playing the same role in Sony's original Spider-Man trilogy.

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