15 Ed Sheeran Posts So Innocently Hilarious We Want To Live In His Castle On The Hill

So, Ed Sheeran, huh? What can I say about the adorable British balladeer that hasn’t already been said? He’s a fantastic (and very mushy) songwriter, a phenomenal success story, and he’s probably the most prolific writer of wedding songs in the world today. If Eminem is the modern-day Shakespeare, then what does that make Ed?

It’s hard to say, really. Nothing too complimentary, though, because he has zero time for that sort of nonsense. Ed is an everyman --the Edvryman, if I can say—who really doesn’t go in for the usual trappings of celebrity. He’s conquered the world with the likes of Perfect, Thinking Out Loud and Happier (a lot of which have First Dance Material written all over them), but we'd never know it to look at him.

Ed’s one of those rare people whose work we don’t have to like, but we can’t help but admire his outlook. Modesty and celebrity are generally seen as polar opposites, but nobody seems to have sent that memo along to this guy.

Universal popularity is impossible, of course, and there are always haters, but there’s something completely Average Joe about him. Something relatable and just plain likable. On that note, let’s settle in for a collection of some of the most hilariously wholesome Ed Sheeran posts around.

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1- When The Ed Sheeran Generator Is Finally Invented
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15 When The Ed Sheeran Generator Is Finally Invented

1- When The Ed Sheeran Generator Is Finally Invented
Via: 9gag

So, what is the crux of the Sheeran legend? That’s the issue, see. It just can’t be pinpointed. It can’t be defined, shaped, calculated or even Googled. It’s just there, lurking slightly beyond the boundaries of what science can explain. Like the possible existence of the supernatural, or the fact that McDonalds’ ice cream machines are ALWAYS broken.

When we break it all the way down, Ed’s songs aren’t telling us anything particularly spellbinding. They’re not flip-flopping around with inexplicable plot-twists, like a Dan Brown novel. They’re just the normal, everyday stories that a normal, everyday guy would tell, like the adorable story of his grandparents’ romance or the time he spent with a woman from Galway.

In Ed’s hands, though, these tales (Nancy Mulligan and Galway Girl respectively) become beautifully poetic somehow. That’s a sign of a songwriter on a whole new level. Not only does he tend to present his music in such a catchy and endearing way, but there’s just so much heart here. That’s something a lot of people can appreciate, even those who usually don’t have much of a tolerance for sappy love songs.

How does he do it? Does he actually have an Ed Sheeran Generator? Is he an Ed Sheeran generator, a mad scientist’s creation in a fluffy ginger wig, out to take over our hearts and minds? The world may never know, and that’s probably for the best.

14 When That Ed Sheeran Magic Hits You

So, yes. When it comes to making the most everyday of experiences sound truly magical, nobody can really hold a candle to Ed. He’s got a way with words, as the previous poster rightly said. A spiritual way of romanticising absolutely everything. Naturally, this is both a blessing and a curse, but there it is.

This is one of those traits that fans will ujst leap right on board with, of course. It’s a trademark of the Sheeran way, and something that we come to anticipate in advance. We expect it. We demand it.

As we often hear, it’s all about perspective. Do we remember that one Friends episode, featuring Alec Baldwin’s character Parker? He was so relentlessly chipper, so dang enthusiastic about every little thing (including a traffic jam and his break-up with Phoebe), that he was just too nauseatingly happy to take.

Watching this made me wonder, what kind of childhood would we need to have had to become a Parker? The world needs a little more of that sort of thing. A little of it, but not too much of it.

Apparently, the answer to that question is quite simple: he got the subtlest of hints that Ed had started work a new album, and it pushed him over the enthusiastic edge. That’s just the power of Ed.

13 When You Hit Upon The True Meaning Of Life: Dinosaur Nuggets

3- When You Hit Upon The True Meaning Of Life- Dinosaur Nuggets
Via: Twitter

Now, I don’t know if this just a UK thing, but as a true Brit, I can tell you one thing right now: Dinosaur nuggets are a beautiful, beautiful creation. Jamie Oliver may have ruthlessly eradicated Turkey Twizzlers, that nutritionally-questionable yet delicious dinnertime treat, but dinosaur nuggets? Dinosaur nuggets are going nowhere, friends.

I’m not quite sure what it is about this childhood comfort food. It’s probably rooted in nostalgia. That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you watch a movie or play a video game from back in the day. A lot of the time, the nostalgia goggles wear off after a while; you realise that the show you used to love was shockingly bad and you were just too young to understand that.

These sorts of foods, on the other hand, are as great as they ever were.

Were not talking about anything special here, on paper. Just chicken/turkey nuggets in the shapes of dinosaurs, and fries cut into smiley faces. Nevertheless, they’re absolute poetry on a plate, whatever your age. Is it because they remind you of dinners mom would make you? Is it because our old friend Ed Sheeran has voiced his support for these treats? Is it because we want to recapture a little of our fading youths? The answers to these questions are yes, yes and yes.

12 When The True Beauty Of Ed Sinks In

4- When The True Beauty Of Ed Sinks In
Via: Pinterest

Have you ever noticed how certain people can say so much, while actually saying nothing at all? It’s quite a fascinating thing to watch. When somebody high-profile gets themselves embroiled in a little trouble, this is a common sight. They’ll skirt the issue, manoeuvring themselves around the proverbial houses while neither confirming or denying anything.

An hour later, you’ll realise that you haven’t actually learned anything at all, but it was all so impressive-sounding and bamboozling that you just went along with it.

I’d call it winging it, but on a far more advanced and technical level than most of us could ever aspire to. That’s like comparing the dog ate my homework to the long, prattling words of an advanced astrophysics textbook.

In a way, I’d have to say that Ed Sheeran employs a similar technique. I wouldn’t call it fluff, as such, but rather polishing your words to such a beautiful sheen that we forget that they’re actually very simple. It’s hard to define quite what he does, though, because it’s not about jargon or hey, ma, look how many long fancy words I know.

It’s like… emotional jargon, if you understand where I’m coming from. Now, that’s not even a real thing, but that doesn’t even matter when you’re Ed Sheeran.

11 When Even Ed's Socks Can't Bear To Be Apart From Him For Long

5- When Even Ed's Socks Can't Bear To Be Apart From Him For Long
Via: Twitter

What is it that so attracts us to celebrities? Why do we feel compelled to keep up with all of the gossip? The beefs, the break-ups, the scandals? It’s probably something to do with the fact that they’re just so… alien to us somehow. So special, so inspiring, so unique.

Jurassic Park is such a popular franchise because it captures our imaginations. It taps into an inherent fascination with dinosaurs. We see the fossilised remains of these magnificent creatures and we stare in wonder. We see them nab an unfortunate lawyer from off the toilet, and we watch in astonishment.

We see celebrities earning more for simply reaching over and hitting the snooze button than we would in a couple of months’ work, and we’re similarly mystified.

It’s a lifestyle that’s so intriguing because it’s so different, so unattainable.

As I say, Ed doesn’t conduct himself as a celebrity in that sense. Not at all. At the same time, though, he has legions of fans all over the world, and that’s always going to have an impact on your life. How must it feel, we wonder? How must it feel to wield such power that, when you Tweet that you’ve lost your socks, somebody instantly makes a Twitter account for said socks?

I can’t imagine wielding that sort of power, I really can’t.

10 When You Keep It Real And Do Not Vogue For The Camera

6- When You Keep It Real And Do Not Vogue For The Camera
Via: Pinterest

So, yes. Ed emerged from out of the woodwork quite recently, relatively speaking. A struggling musician who once played for food and a place to sleep, he rose to become a phenomenally successful solo artist who packed out Wembley Stadium.

We know all of this, of course. One thing we can’t quite pinpoint is the reason for his success. I mean, sure, his songwriting ability and that distinctive voice were huge boons, but there’s more to the man than just natural talent. Work ethic is a crucial factor too, as is the way that he conducts himself and the way he sees himself.

As I say, it’s well established that Ed is not a self-important celebrity. He did not announce that he was going to start hiking up Mount Ego, and disappear into the mist. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that he’s got, he’s still (he’s still) Ed-y from the block. That’s the message here.

It’s encouraging to see somebody in the public eye ho can still hold up these ideals. Somebody who is not conventionally flawless looking, but is still totally and completely comfortable with who they are. Are all of these goofy shots going to bring him down? You’re dang right they aren’t.

9 When Ed Sheeran Is Just So Excited To Meet Ed Sheeran

7- When Ed Sheeran Is Just So Excited To Meet Ed Sheeran
Via: me.me

Following on from that last entry, a little modesty in the super-glamorous A-list world never goes amiss.

Back in December 2015, Will Smith posted a shot to social media. It was a selfie of himself with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, it’s not surprising to see Smith rubbing these sorts of shoulders, but the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air megastar’s reaction was what made this one notable. “I went Full-Fanboy!!,” read the image’s caption, “I lost all my swag!”

Needless to say, Will Smith is a man with swag to spare.

He’s the sort of celebrity powerhouse who oozes swag from every pore. It’s heartening, then, to see that even somebody of his calibre can still be starstruck on occasion. That the rest of us mere mortal aren’t as far removed from these stars as we feel at times.

When you dig right down to the bedrock of it, we’re all just people. I could never imagine having a lifestyle like these guys, true enough, but they’re human after all. We all have people we idolise, look up to and would invite to our fantasy dinner parties.

You want further evidence? Just look at Ed in this adorable shot. It’s like he’s tentatively going to ask for a signed photo of… himself.

8 When Ed Sheeran Actually Does Meet Ed Sheeran

8- When Ed Sheeran Actually Does Meet Ed Sheeran
Via: Twitter

There we go, then. I’ve been a fan of Will Smith since his rapping days, and was thrilled to watch him blossom into the accomplished actor he is today. My particular favourite performance of his was as Dr. Robert Neville in 2007’s I Am Legend, a super difficult, heart-wrenching and lonely performance that I feel he completely nailed.

As we’ve seen, one of my favourite actors also has favourite actors of his own, and is a huge fan of action movie legend Arnold Schwarzenegger in turn. This is great to see.

But there’s the rub. We all have our favourite movies, TV shows, books, video games and all kinds of other media. That just kind of happens naturally, rather than being the result of any particular conscious decision that we make. How do we feel about our own work, that’s the kicker.

As we all know, our jobs rabidly consume much of our lives, and so career decisions and the like are super important. If you can leave at the end of the day and feel that you’ve doe a good job, and that you truly enjoy your work, then you’ve got those decisions right.

It’s one thing to say that, but it’s completely another to act on it. A lot of us know the feeling of being our own worst critics, after all.

That doesn’t seem to be an issue for Ed Sheeran, though. He’s such a fan of himself that he’s had a picture taken with… himself.

7 When Ed Is Super Serious About Ketchup

9- When Ed Is Super Serious About Ketchup
Via: Twitter

Here’s a curious thing: I know a man who has a strong aversion to tomato ketchup. Super, super strong. He can’t even tolerate having the stuff on the table, and it’ll have to be moved away to a separate table before he’ll sit down.

As with any phobia, this won’t necessarily make sense to those who aren’t afflicted with it themselves. It doesn’t have to be rational, but it does have to be respected.

As for me, I’m super glad I don’t feel the same way. I just love ketchup. The more the better, in my book. Where would burgers, fries and such be without it? I’ll tell you where: not on my dang plate, that’s where.

Heck, though, I’m exaggerating. The truth is, I enjoy the condiment, but I’m not a devoted ketchup fanatic. I like barbecue and hot sauce, too, and will sometimes leave the ketchup right there in the cupboard in favour of them. It depends what kind of mood I’m in, condiment-wise.

I certainly couldn’t show the devotion that our friend Ed Sheeran is showing right here. That’s ketchup appreciation on a whole new level.

At the same time, though, it’s also another beautiful affirmation of his everyman way of life. Snobby? Not an ounce of it.

6 When Ed Transcends Celebrity's Obsession With Appearance And Is Just Fine With His Hilarious Hair

10- When Ed Transcends Celebrity's Obsession With Appearance And Is Just Fine With His Hilarious Hair
Via: me. me

As we’ve already established, Ed is not a man to get consumed by the trappings of fame. He hasn’t just dropped a few hit albums and then disappeared up his own you-know-where. I’d make the Jenny from the block joke again, but I’ve already been there. Let’s not milk it.

His humble beginnings, as I say, surely played a part in this. When you remember exactly what it was like to struggle, to toil away to no avail, you don’t forget that in a hurry. Money and power can corrupt, but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, people’s humble ways don’t just disappear as their bank balance becomes inflated with zeroes.

Ed did not dash off for a fake tan, a fleet of cars and a solid-gold helicopter or two. He just doesn’t look like a celebrity as we know them. He didn’t then, and he still doesn’t. I don’t think he ever will. It’s just not in his DNA.

Being overly concerned with your appearance? That’s most definitely not Ed’s style. Take this famous shot with a fan, which was made infinitely more hilarious by a poorly-timed gust of wind. Is theat the face of a man who cares that his hair’s done… that? Nope.

5 When Your Text Message Conversations With Taylor Swift Are Just Too Perfect

11- When Your Text Message Conversatons With Taylor Swift Are Just Too Perfect
Via: popsugar

Let’s be real for a moment here, though. As admirable as it is that Ed has remained grounded, approachable and personable, he is A Famous Person™. You can’t just switch that on and off like a faucet.

He looks like a completely unassuming, unnoticed slightly geeky man, but the fact is he’s going to be recognised just about anywhere he goes.

Whether you like it or not, whether you fight it or not, that’s going to mark quite a paradigm shift in your life. There’ll be paparazzi, enthusiastic fans and the occasional snarky article about you (both in newspapers and online).

As another natural consequence, you’re going to be metting other famous people. As joint guests on shows, at awards, for collaboration work, all of these sorts of things. Your social circle is going to get a lot more Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, and a lot less Those Two Guys You Went To High School With.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, she’s a particular close friend of Ed’s. the two have been seen together many times, and have developed a close friendship. Far from any intrigue or scandals developing, though, they’re friends in the most wholesome sense. Taylor Swift herself shared this text message conversation.

4 When You Drop The Smoothest Ed Sheeran Line Of 2018

12- When You Drop The Smoothest Ed Sheeran Line Of 2018
Via: Tumblr

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Ed Sheeran would probably be the smoothest person in the history of smoothness. That there wouldn’t be a single trace of pulp in his orange juice. That you wouldn’t find the faintest trace of stubble anywhere on his face after shaving (even on his neck, and man is that an awkward area).

This is Ed Sheeran we’re talking about, after all. He’s written some of the most beautiful lyrics in living memory (depending on who you ask). This unassuming, shy ginger gent is probably the last person you’d expect to be a silver-tongued charmer, but man oh man is it true. Nobody can Ed like Ed can Ed. Period.

The romantics among us can probably testify to that. There’s more to his songs than simply the words and the music. That’s true of any artist, of course, and the same holds true here. Any music lover will tell you that you can’t just define how a song will or should make you feel, you just have to experience it for yourself. For Ed’s legions of fans, his songs have a great general yet personal appeal, which is part of what makes him so relatable. They’re familiar themes, but told in such a unique way.

3 When You Totally Know Your A B Cs

13- When You Totally Know Your A B Cs
Via: Twitter

For a whole generation, now, I guess Ed Sheeran will be the songwriter. The poet. The guy who just does not leave the radio, ever. A few years ago, it was the likes of Razorlight’s America and the Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah that seemingly played on repeat all dang day, but now the torch has been passed. Along with Ed’s meteoric rise to success came an utter Sheeran-athon across the radio waves.

As I’ve already mentioned, artists like Eminem really are the poets of today. We can’t just cruise on over to the theater and watch Hamlet, Othello or whatever else is new (well, we can, but they’re hardly new at this stage), so this is what really constitutes wordsmithery these days.

The great thing about Ed Sheeran songs, as we’ve also covered, is that they’re deep and meaningful without trying to force anything.

They seem to flow naturally, without the sense that he’s trying too hard to sound cutesy or anything.

With all of that natural ability, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in music have collaborated with Ed and performed songs he’s written. Did you also know that he wrote the alphabet song? Well, that’s because he didn’t, but he still seems to have a natural affinity for it.

2 When You're A 24/7 Ed Sheeran Fan

14- When You're A 24 7 Ed Sheeran Fan
Via: Daily Edge

So, there it is. We’re winding up our little tour of adorable Ed Sheeran posts, and we’ve definitely learned a thing or two about the songsmith along the way. Like so many success stories, he’s made it so far by having a strong gimmick, a USP.

Whether he’s performing his own songs or writing them for somebody else, there’s something instantly recognisable about his work. There aren’t too many in the business today who can play so simply yet elegantly with words, or phrase things in such a perfectly natural yet totally romantic way.

The key to all of this, as is the case in most businesses, is to be memorable. To establish yourself in someone’s mind and then to live right in there forever. Some companies spend a lot of time and money crafting the perfect jingle, which remain firmly lodged in our brains years later. How many of these cheesy old tunes can you still recite word for word, years after they came off the air? Exactly.

This is what Ed’s lyrics achieve. Whether it’s because they’re so finely crafted or because they play on the radio umpteen times a day, it’s all just far too catchy for us to resist.

1 When Ed Gets Too Real And You Have To Lay Down For A Moment

15- When Ed Gets Too Real And You Have To Lay Down For A Moment
Via: Twitter

Oh, Ed. Your brilliant way of just cutting straight through the crapola is so important these days.

Maybe I’m just a snarky old cynic, but I can’t help but feel that this is an undervalued ability.

Far too often these days, we’ve got big business and other higher-ups being sneaky and deceptive. We’ve got all kinds of shenanigans being pulled, in the name of getting at more of our cash. We’ve got friends with relationship problems complaining about such-and-such.

It’s a tough old world, and trustworthiness is a valuable commodity. Can’t we just have somebody who understands us, the plight of the mere mortals, and tells it like it really is? Well, yes. Apparently we can. We’ve got Ed.

You’ll often here that celebrities just can’t empathise with us. They’re in a whole different world, one that’s far more glamourous than our dreary old 9-to-5 existence. Not all of them, though. Not all of them.

Ed Sheeran, at least, knows what’s up. He knows everything that’s up, and he’s watching from beneath that magnificent ginger mop of his. He sees the haters. He sees them, friends, and he is not impressed. Despite that, though, he’s not going to get too angry. He’s not going to raise his voice, because he’s Ed Sheeran. Fickle. Even when he’s angry, he’s cute.

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