15 Eerie Ghost Sightings That Will Give You The Chills

What happens to a person when they die? Do they slip into a perpetual slumber? Do the dead truly "rest in peace?" Or do some of them spend eternity wandering aimlessly, their souls stuck in the space between this realm and the next?

We don't have the answer to any of those questions because, fortunately for us, we aren't dead. But we can tell you this: there's a lot of paranormal evidence out there that keeps these questions alive. Ghost stories, recordings of voices from the great beyond, and photos of apparitions are forever harnessing our interest in the unknown. They capture our fascination and make us wonder just what exactly comes after this life.

Maybe you're a skeptic. That's cool. It's reasonable to be suspicious of things that you've never seen or heard. But no matter where you stand on the whole "do ghosts exist or don't they?" issue, these 15 eerie ghost sightings will give you the chills!

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15 Fatal motorcycle crash ghost pic

Via: elitedaily.com

July 12, 2016—Saul Vasquez snapped this photo of a motorcycle crash in Kentucky. At first glance, the picture shows a pair of ambulances and a crowd of people surrounding the injured motorcyclist. But when you give this photo a closer look, you'll see that all is not as it seems. Hovering above the throng of people is a white, semi-transparent figure.

Skeptics will be tempted to dismiss this picture, claiming that the ghost is nothing more than a glitch. But, if you're questioning the authenticity of this eerie ghost sighting, there's another detail that you'll want to factor into the equation. After this photo was taken, the injured motorcyclist was transferred to an area hospital, and there, he was pronounced dead.

Maybe it's just a fluke, or maybe it's just some strange trick of the light. But the faint silhouette of what could be the soul of the victim of this fatal crash is enough to send chills up your spine.

14 Mary Lee of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Via: paranormal-association.com

In the early 1900s, Jefferson County, Kentucky saw an outbreak of "the white plague"—tuberculosis. To contain the disease, and to treat infected individuals, the Waverly Sanatorium was constructed. The hospital opened in 1910, and could accommodate forty to fifty patients. But the way the sick were treated will make your skin crawl.

Overcrowding was more than the understaffed facility could handle, and thousands of patients died from neglect. The bone-chilling moans and pained screams of the dying echoed through the halls. Still-warm bodies were forced down a chute that lead to an underground tunnel, a practice which concealed the true death rate.

Mary Lee was a nurse at Waverly who contracted tuberculosis after treating her patients. To make matters worse, she discovered that she was pregnant by one of the doctors. The stigma of being an unwed mother in the early 1900s was too much for the young nurse to bear. She hanged herself in room 502. Does this picture capture the woeful image of that young woman? You decide.

13 The Amityville ghost boy

Via: newsfromthespiritworld.com

It was in the fall of 1974 that Robert DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed his parents and four siblings. At first, DeFeo claimed that the murders were the work of a hit man. But he soon confessed to detectives that he had committed the murders himself. DeFeo was arrested, his family members buried, and the family home sat empty.

Thirteen months later, the Dutch Colonial-style house was purchased by the Lutz family. George and Kathy Lutz, along with Kathy's three children, moved into the home knowing full-well that it had been the scene of a heinous crime. But they had no clue what sort of nightmarish paranormal events would occur while they lived there.

During their twenty-nine days in the home, the family dealt with nightmares, cold spots, and swarms of flies, among other frightening experiences. They soon moved out and, with the help of expert demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, captured this harrowing photo. The Amityville ghost boy is believed to be John Matthew, the youngest member of the DeFeo family.

12 Ghost lady in Alcatraz

Via: mirror.co.uk

Rising from the rocky surface of a twenty-two acre island in San Francisco Bay, the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary has been closed since 1963. But during its twenty-nine year run as the most infamous prison in America, the (nearly) inescapable prison housed some of the most fearsome gangsters the world has ever seen.

Al Capone, Whitey Bulger, and Machine Gun Kelly all called the jailhouse home at one time of another. While Alcatraz never administered Capital Punishment, twenty-eight men died before they could finish their time. Their deaths, combined with the eerie feeling of the island itself, have established Alcatraz as one of the most haunted places in America.

So it's no surprise that vacationer Sheila Sillery-Walsh snapped this picture on a tour of the prison. Using her iPhone 5c, Sheila took this photo of what appeared to be the empty inmates' visitation waiting room. When she looked at the image she had captured, she was shocked to see the image of a woman, dressed in thirties or forties garb, staring back at her.

11 Campfire ghost

Via: complex.com

Nothing sets a creepy mood like a campfire on a cool night. The brisk evening air whipping your hair, and chilling your skin to the verge of goosebumps. The light of the warm fire illuminating the faces of your friends and family with a spooky glow. The circumstances are perfect for exchanging scary stories of monsters, ghouls, and ghosts. What better place to snap a picture of an apparition than around a campfire?

The girl who took this one thought that she was snapping a nice photo of her mother. Imagine her surprise when she saw the blurry apparition there, too. A young girl, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, appears to be sitting casually right beside the photographer's mother. The source doesn't give much information about this picture. There are no clues as to the identity of the girl. But rest assured, campfire ghost stories will take on a new meaning for the mother and daughter behind this eerie ghost photo.

10 The baby on the grave

Via: ghostsnghouls.com

Mrs. Andrews of Queensland, Australia, took this picture of her daughter's grave back in the 1940s. Mrs. Andrews' daughter, Joyce, had died a year earlier, at the age of seventeen, and the mother wanted to take a commemorative picture of her grave site.

This image clearly shows an infant sitting on the grave of Mrs. Andrews' daughter. Interestingly, the deceased's mother had no clue as to the baby's identity. Mrs. Andrews claimed that there were no children in the graveyard when she took the picture, nor did she believe that the ghostly infant resembled her dead daughter when she was a baby.

Tony Healy, a paranormal expert, decided to do some investigating into this picture. After visiting the cemetery in the '90s, Healy discovered that the graves of two infant girls sat nearby Joyce's grave. Could this apparition be the ghost of one of those poor babies? We don't know for sure. But there's one thing we do know—we've got goosebumps.

9 Ghost of a drowned girl

Via: redbookmag.com

Wow, another ghost picture from Queensland? Australia must be a hot spot for restless spirits! This image was supposed to be a fun picture of Kim Davison, her friend Jesse, and three kids having a great time at Murphy's Hole in Queensland, Australia. But when you do a quick head count of the people in this photo, the numbers don't add up.

Splashing among the five people in the photo there appears to be a ghastly white head. Ghost chasers believe that this is the apparition of a local girl who drowned in the same swimming hole back in 1915. Thirteen-year-old Doreen O'Sullivan had been bathing in Murphy's Hole when she accidentally drowned.

According to Kim Davison, this picture wasn't the only paranormal thing the group experienced on their outing. Kim's daughter was grabbed twice by something under the water, and Kim, herself, recalls feeling like she was being followed when she got out of the water.

8 The boy in bed clothes

Via: theparanormalguide.com

Photographer Neil Sandbach snapped this picture of a farm in Hertfordshire with the intention of using it to create wedding invitations for a soon-to-be wed couple. But when he uploaded the image to his computer, he was alarmed to see the image of a child near an old barn.

The young boy, dressed in white bed clothes, can be seen peering out from behind two buildings, and appears to be staring straight at the camera lens. According to Sandbach, there were no children on the farm on the day that he took this picture. But a few weeks later, when the couple asked the employees of the farm if they had ever witnessed anything paranormal, several of them mentioned seeing a boy dressed in night clothes near the main entrance to the barn.

There are no clues as to who this boy could be. But his pale ghoulish image is enough to make the hair on the back of our necks stand up on end!

7 The little girl in the background

Via: redbookmag.com

She didn't notice until years later, but when Anastassia Perets was browsing the pages of an old family photo album, she stumbled upon this photo. Anastassia was four-years-old when the picture was taken. It shows her sporting some of the cutest pigtails ever recorded and admiring a pair of birds. But when you give this picture a closer look, you'll probably wish you hadn't.

Lurking in the background is a little girl with blonde hair dressed in a nightgown. At first, Anastassia thought the image was a reflection from a mirror. After some careful inspection, she determined that the little girl in the background was no trick of the light. She was a real apparition.

Anastassia showed the photo to her parents. Neither of them recognized the child in the background, and they, too, concluded that she must be a ghost. As if that isn't freaky enough, a psychic later told Anastassia that she was being followed by the spirit of a little girl. Jeepers!

6 The ghost of Freddy Jackson

Via: thoughtcatalog.com

A mechanic in the Royal Air Force during World War I, and a member of the squadron that served on the HMS Daedalus, Freddy Jackson died in 1919 after being struck by an airplane propeller. Two days later, on the day of Freddy's funeral, the remaining members of his squadron assembled for this photo. And it's a nice photo, capturing honorable, dignified men. But who is that peering from behind the fourth guy from the left in the back row?

A close up of the image above reveals the face of a man floating above the shoulder of one of the airmen. All of the men in the squadron agreed—that is the face of Freddy Jackson.

Like we said, this picture was taken in 1919. But it wasn't brought to light until 1975, when Sir Victor Goddard made it public. Some people believe that Sir Victor, who was obsessed with all things paranormal, tampered with the photo to lend credibility to his beliefs. But, personally? We think this eerie ghost picture looks legit.

5 The ghost of the Grey Lady of Dudley Castle

Via: smosh.com

Dorothy Beaumont, the wife of Dudley Castle Royalist's second-in-command during the English Civil War, gave birth to a daughter. Sadly, the baby died shortly after she was born. It's said that the heartbreak Dorothy endured slowly drove her mad, and she died soon afterwards when the castle was taken by the Roundheads. Dorothy's dying wish had been to be buried next to her daughter. But because that wish was denied, she now roams the grounds of Dudley Castle, searching for her lost child.

The Grey Lady, as Dorothy has come to be known, has been sighted frequently by visitors of Dudley Castle. Dean and Amy Harper were visiting the haunted destination with their three children when Mrs. Harper snapped this photo. Standing in an archway is a woman with long black hair dressed in grey. After sharing the image on social media, lots of people tried to debunk it. But, according to Barry Ghai, the lead investigator for Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, the ghost in this image is too grainy to be a hoax.

4 Grandpa's ghost

Via: newsfromthespiritworld.com

The woman featured in this picture is the photographer's ninety-four-year-old grandmother. The picture was taken a week after her granny had moved into an assisted living facility. The move had been hard for her, but during the resident/family picnic when this picture was taken, the photographer's sister noted that her grandmother, "surprisingly had a very good day." This was one of two pictures taken during the picnic, and the family didn't notice anything strange until years later.

A few months after their grandmother passed away, the photographer and her sister noticed the man standing behind their grandmother in this picture. They believe the man is their grandfather, who died thirteen years before the photo was taken.

Several weeks after the realization, a cousin pointed out that there also appears to be a face hidden in the bushes above the red van in the background. Two ghosts for the price of one? We don't know about you, but we've certainly got goosebumps!

3 Chloe of Myrtles Plantation

Via: roadtrippers.com

Nestled among sprawling oak trees draped with Spanish Moss, and boasting a one-hundred and twenty-five-foot veranda, Myrtles Plantation is the embodiment of wealth and grandeur in the old south. The beautiful mansion is nothing short of lavish, from its hand-painted stained glass to its ornamental ironwork. But behind its exquisite exterior lies a dark and tragic history.

In 1817, Clark and Sara Woodruff purchased the home. Clark had an affair with a slave girl named Chloe. To avoid being sent to work in the fields, Chloe gave into Woodruff's advances willingly. When she sensed she was losing favor with him, she began eavesdropping on the family's private conversations. Eventually, she was caught, and Mr. Woodruff cut off both of her ears as punishment.

In an effort to regain favor with the family, Chloe poisoned Mrs. Woodruff and her daughter by tainting a cake with oleander leaves, with the intention of nursing them back to health. Sadly, the two died before Chloe could save them.

Fearing that they would be blamed for the deaths, the other slaves dragged Chloe to the lawn and hanged her from an oak tree. Is that Chloe lurking in the corner over there?

2 The White Lady of Worstead Church

Via: complex.com

In 1975, Diane and Peter Berthelot visited the Worstead Church in Norfolk, U.K. While his wife was praying in a pew, Peter Berthelot snapped this photo of her. When they had the picture developed, he asked his wife who was sitting behind her, but she had no idea. The next summer, when they visited the church again, the couple got a chance to ask the vicar if he knew who the white hooded figure could be.

The Reverend recounted the legend of the White Lady, who was said to appear to anyone who needed healing. At the time that this photo was taken, Diane Berthelot had been on antibiotics due to ill health. Sightings of the White Lady date back decades. Another tale, from the 1830s, says that one man told the White Lady that he would kiss her if she appeared to him when he climbed the belfry. When his friends found him, the man said, "I've seen her," before dying. It doesn't get any creepier than that.

1 The ghost on the Tulip Staircase

Via: paranormal360.co.uk

Resting in Greenwich, and built for Henrietta Maria, the Queen's House had an integral role in British architectural history, and is considered the first classical building ever created in the country, thanks to features like the Tulip Spiral Staircase.

The picture above was taken in 1966 by Reverend Hardy and his wife, who were vacationing from Canada. The Reverend took the photo during his stay at the Queen's House, then developed the picture once he and his wife had returned home. But what he had hoped would be a nice picture of a beautiful staircase turned into something much different.

At the foot of the staircase, plain as day, is a dark figure. The apparition appears to be leaning over the intricate iron railing, though some claim that this photo features two or three ghosts total. By far one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken, the ghost of the Tulip Spiral Staircase is enough to send a chill up anyone's spine.

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