15 Embarrassing Instances Of Twinning

Remember how fun it was when you wore the same shirt to school as your best friend? How about matching a sibling? Kids love being able to match each other, but for some reason, becoming an adult ruins that. It’s no longer acceptable to show up in the same skirt as a coworker or the same blazer as a teacher. In fact, people who are caught twinning each other are often teased and made fun of. Twinning something other than a person is even worse. Wondering if that is even possible? Oh it is! The best thing about it is, that most people don’t mean to do it. They are often as shocked to see that they match a random object as much as everyone else. Luckily, there is often someone nearby with a camera to catch these twinning incidents and share them with the world. Check out these 15 embarrassing times people twinned random things. Better check yourself before you venture out next time. Nobody wants to be caught twinning something weird!

15 Is This Guy For Real?

Via UberHumor

I think it’s pretty clear what this guy was looking at when he was fixing his hair; his mom’s makeup brush. At what point did he see it and think about doing his hair like that? Does he think his looks good? Does anyone think this looks good? Was he doing it as a joke? Maybe he didn’t realize how much he looks like a makeup brush. I just really hope he didn’t go out in public looking like this. Then again, he took a picture and probably posted it on a social network. Whether he went out looking like this or not, I guess the world has already seen it. One day, he will look back on this hairstyle and laugh. I hope he has kids to show it to some day. If only he realized how silly he really looks.

14 In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

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This guy either has perfect timing or the worst timing ever. I wonder if he even looked around and realized he blended into his environment seamlessly? Where do you even get an outfit like this? I almost feel like he planned to match these cones. Maybe he is the guy that puts the cones out and he really wanted to look dedicated. Even better, maybe these are the required uniforms for the cone workers to wear. I think that seems just as likely as the possibility that this guy picked out this outfit because he thought it was stylish and just randomly ended up surrounded by cones that match him. It's a strange world we live in where things like this happen.

13 What Are The Chances?

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What are the chances of a person walking up behind another person who just happens to be wearing an outfit that matches their phone case? Can you imagine this girl’s surprise? Do you think she told the woman in the matching outfit? Can you imagine how awkward that would have been for that lady? She turns around to see what everyone is laughing about behind her, and it turns out it's her. Did the same person who designed this phone case also curate her outfit? I guess it’s safe to say that’s a popular color and pattern combination. The only thing that could make this better is if the outfit and the phone case belonged to the same person. Is it trendy to match your phone?

12 Don't Wear That Shopping

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It sure would be embarrassing to go through the checkout line and get handed a bag that matches the shirt you are wearing. Then again, he must have known that there are shopping bags with the same print when he bought the shirt. Sometimes being funny and ironic can bite you in the butt. Instead of being cool, you just end up embarrassing yourself. I guess as along as he doesn’t wear it grocery shopping he should be okay. Sometimes you just end up twinning with a plastic bag. It’s a harsh world we live in. Even worse when someone shares your photo on Tumblr. Maybe he would be better off to just donate this shirt to someone else. He could always repurpose it into a shopping bag.

11 Anyone Seen Dad?

Oh, dad! Really? What are the chances of a dad finding a couch that matches his shirt perfectly? If this guy is like most other dads in the world, he took the couch home. He probably saw their twinning as a sign that he was meant to own that couch; even if it isn’t the one his wife sent him to pick up. I hope she doesn’t already have the room painted or a color scheme in mind because she may have to change it to match these lovely stripes. He’s so excited about it though it would be hard to tell him he can’t have it. Maybe he could put it in his man cave. He could always use that shirt to make some matching pillows for it. I wonder if he bought it?

10 She Dressed For Dinner

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Everyone loves McDonald's, but is it possible to love it too much? Probably. Is it possible to love it so much that you accidentally dress up to match the booths when you are going to get a burger? Apparently, yes. Where does this lady shop that she can find shirts that are the same print as a restaurant booth? Is there a designer out there who is designing fabric that can be used for both? Do you think she even realized that she matched? At least someone was paying attention and not only did get to enjoy this twinning accident themselves, they were nice enough to take a photo to share with the rest of the world. I wonder if this lady has ever seen this photo? I hope not!

9 Well, That's Weird

Most people don’t pay attention to the wallpaper in their hotel hallways, but it’s hard to ignore it when it happens to match your outfit. I guess this lady has good taste in clothing and decor. Would you find this funny or a little creepy? I wonder if she noticed it or her friends did first? How many other people walking through that hallway noticed it too? I bet she was getting a lot of strange looks and couldn’t figure out why until she looked over at the walls. Might as well make the best of it and snap a photo. I bet she ran right in her room and changed as fast as she could. Nobody wants to look like they are wearing wallpaper. Who wore it better?

8 He Is Not Amused

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Have you ever gotten a call from a friend wanting to meet up for lunch, only you don’t want to go because you don’t have anything to wear? Imagine if you were this guy and decided to just grab the only clean shirt in your closet to head out the door and meet your friend. Then, you get there and take a seat, only to realize your shirt matches the tablecloth exactly! How embarrassing would that be? You know the reason this guy is making such a face is because his friend is teasing him about his twin tablecloth while also snapping a photo so they can show it to the world. He should have just stayed home and done laundry.

7 So Happy To Have A Twin

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There’s not a thing wrong with this guy’s shirt. In almost any other situation, it would be a perfectly fine shirt to wear on a hot summer day. When he left the house he probably just thought about putting on something comfortable that would allow him to move around and play some serious volleyball. He probably didn’t have any idea that he would end up matching the ball itself. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Maybe it was a good way to distract the other team. They couldn’t keep track of the ball when one of their opponents was wearing a shirt that looked just like it. Nice one! He sure does have a big smile on his face. Maybe that means they won.

6 I Wonder If She Likes Tea?

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Have you ever had a drink that comes in such a pretty bottle that it makes you wish you could wear it? This woman managed to make that happen. Whether she did it on purpose or just so happened to find a shirt that has the exact same print as a tea bottle unknowingly, she nailed it. I would have walked up to her and showed her how well she matches my drink. I wonder if someone would take that as a compliment. It sure is a pretty bottle and shirt. I know I wouldn’t mind wearing something with that print. I’m not a huge fan of tea but I am a huge fan of this random matchup. Some may say twinning, I say winning!

5 Does She Know?

It’s a sad world we live in where a girl can’t even take a ride on a bus without accidentally matching the seats. This shirt is seriously the exact same print as the seat. It’s like they were made from the same bolt of fabric. What are the chances? Does she ride this bus a lot and just happens to always notice the seats? Did she finally decide that she wanted to have a shirt that brought her the same joy as the bus seats? Maybe it’s just her first time on the bus and she isn’t even aware that she matches. I bet when she does realize it she is going to be really weirded out and embarrassed. She will probably think about her day a little more before putting this shirt on the next time.

4 The Resemblance Is Uncanny

It’s not everyday that you catch a twinning moment like this. This woman and this highlighter are twinning from top to bottom. Even her haircut matches the lid on the highlighter. It just doesn’t get any better than this. I almost feel like she planned it. Like she woke up this morning and really wanted to be edgy and just wasn’t sure what to wear until she looked in her desk. She saw this same highlighter and was instantly inspired. She sure did pull it off. I bet the class got a pretty good laugh out of it too. It really makes me wonder what she looks like when she turns around. How many times has she worn this same outfit and nobody has thought anything of it?

3 Did Someone Report A Stolen Credit Card?

It’s one thing to steal someone’s credit card, but it’s another to steal its looks. What are the chances that this guy noticed the woman in front of him walking down the street matches his credit card. Did he already have his hard out and just happen to notice the resemblance? Did he notice her outfit and then quickly realize that his credit card is wearing the same exact thing? If only her pants said "Oyster" on them somewhere, she would be the spitting image of this card. At least it’s a good idea for a Halloween costume next year. Can you imagine if she turned around and not only saw some guy taking a photo of her, but also realized she was twinning with a credit card? Awkward!

2 You Know She Planned This

Via Reddit

Moms like to dress nice to go out to dinner. This mom gave a whole new meaning to dressing for dinner. She somehow managed to match her plate. Now maybe the kitchen staff was just trying to be funny and the waitress told them to serve her meal on this place, or maybe its just a coincidence. At least it’s a pretty print for both plates and tops. Mom doesn’t even seem to be phased by it. She cleared her plate and still looks great in her top. I wonder how often this happen? Maybe this lady just has a knack for dressing to match the plates she eats from. Somehow she managed to get through dinner without getting her top or her plate messy. How is that possible?

1 Who Bought This Coat?

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This poor little boy thought he might have found a friend who shares his love for yellow coats. Too bad it’s just a bright yellow fire hydrant. When this kid stands next to it, it’s kind of hard to tell them apart. What were his parents thinking buying a coat like this? If they were worried about losing him in a crowd, they don’t have to worry about that. If they were worried about losing him on a busy street, they better be careful they don’t walk past him and think he is a fire hydrant himself. At least this family has a sense of humor. When you realize you dressed your kid like a fire hydrant you can either take him home and change him or take a photo and laugh about it. I think they made the right choice.

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