16 Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies That Will Make You Laugh

Sometimes we tend to forget that celebrities are real people. They always look like they have just had their hair and makeup done. Their clothes cost more than what most of us make in any given year. They always look their best, even when they are casually out walking their dog and a photographer just happens to come by and snap their photo. But sometimes, celebrities are more like us than they care to admit.

They often make mistakes (although if made in public, it will haunt them for a lifetime) and they often take selfies that are less than flattering. In fact, some of their selfies are just as embarrassing as some of ours. So we looked for some of the funniest celebrity selfies that we could find.

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16 Miley Cyrus licking her VMA

Via: thefashionspot.com

When it comes to wacky behavior, ordinary people can count on Miley Cyrus to offer up the entertaining goods. Ever since she stopped being Disney's Hannah Montana, Miley has gone above and beyond to prove to the world that she is not just some Disney teen pop princess. That means that she's doing everything she can to break that "good girl" mold, and it's pretty obvious that she broke it some years ago. But that doesn't make her behavior any less embarrassing. Here's a photo of Miley after she won an MTV Video Music Award. Of course, Miley has a tongue fixation because she's always posing with her tongue hanging out. So here, she's licking her VMA and posting a photo of it, because why not?

15 Katy Perry likes baths and pizza

Via: pinterest.com

Katy Perry started out pretty cool and fairly innocuous, with her infectious pop songs about living life to the fullest and enjoying being a young woman with the world in the palm of her hands. But she has her strange moments, too. She seems to be cranking it up recently and maybe it all has something to do with the strange feud she has going on with Taylor Swift. Katy took a strange turn, which included posting things to her Instagram that left fans scratching their heads. This is one such photo: it seems that Katy likes long, hot baths. We can appreciate that. But it also seems that she also likes dinner delivered to her while she's bathing. So here's a photo of her in a hot bath, with a food tray above her with a whole pizza sitting on it.

14 Tyra Banks, phone home

Via: suggest.com

It's no secret that Tyra Banks is one of the most beautiful women in the world. The super model is often seen looking like perfection on the cover of many magazines or staring back at us from our television sets. When it comes to beauty, Tyra sets the standard, right?

She's the angel come down from heaven to bless us with her beauty.

But this strange selfie that she took makes her seem otherworldly in an entirely different way. In fact, she looks like she just arrived from Mars, ready to say nothing more than "ack, ack, ack" and ask us to take her to our leader. We don't know if it's the weird angle or what, but whatever is going on here is definitely not flattering.

13 Justin Bieber's nose hairs

Via: viralflood.com

Justin Bieber is no stranger to controversy. As a young musician, he's already been around the block several times and has a long line of scandals following behind him. He makes questionable decisions, which is obvious by this selfie that he took. Maybe he thought he was being artistic. Maybe he thought it was funny. Maybe he thought that fans would really just love to see his nose hairs (and there are probably Bieber fans that do). Whatever the case, though, the result was an embarrassing selfie that we can laugh at, but also pity. We kind of feel sorry for the rough road that his path to celebrity has taken him. Still, he does sing some pretty catchy tunes, right? It's not too late to say sorry, Justin.

12 Madonna's grill

Via: viraltime777.com

Let's face it: Madonna looks better at her age than most young people. That's probably due to a crazy lifestyle of dieting, exercise and maybe a little something else surgical, but whatever she's doing, it's working. Madonna is still as hot today (if not more) than she was back in her heyday in the 1980s.

She's also always experimenting: her musical style always revolves, as does her fashion sense.

Madonna was Lady Gaga before there was a Lady Gaga, after all. But she did go through a weird phase where she thought she needed a grill. And she thought it was really cool because she took a super close photo of her grill and shared it on Instagram. We're only glad that this particular phase is over.

11 Jessica Simpson's horror movie

Via: suggest.com

There is this weird skincare mask that a lot of celebrities have posted selfies in. It's sort of like a paper thing you put on your face or something. We're not really sure what it is, but those who use it do end up having super beautiful and glowing skin, so maybe we should try it out. But the thing is, the paper mask thing is not attractive at all. Jessica Simpson, though, didn't get that memo, because she decided to post a photo of her trying the mask out on her Instagram. And she looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Like if you went to sleep at night and then woke up with Jessica standing over you looking like this, you would scream.

10 Too much of Geraldo Rivera

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Yes, old people are people, too. And they're just as proud of their bodies, most worn with age, as anyone else. We sort of get that. But when Geraldo Rivera posted a selfie of himself that showed way too much of his body, most people just sort of cringed and tried to look away (good luck with that).

It's not that he has a particularly bad body, but it's that we almost see parts that we really never want to see, not even on young men.

What was he thinking? This image is almost pornographic and we feel embarrassed for him. He, obviously, was not embarrassed or he wouldn't have posted it on a public social media site. Wow, Geraldo, wow. And we don't mean that in a good way.

9 Lebron James heading to Crystal Lake

Via: ebaumsworld.com

When Lebron James isn't kicking butt and taking names on the basketball court, he's just a regular guy. But it's no secret that he loves what he does. His Instagram account is full of photos of him playing basketball or doing activities associated with his career as a basketball player. Sure, there's an occasional motivational post or a thoughtful selfie, but mostly, we get to see a guy who really loves what he does. But then this selfie appeared on his Instagram. We're not sure, but maybe it was Halloween? Lebron is sporting a hockey mask just like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies here. But why? Inquiring minds want to know! What's most disturbing, though, is that it seems that he is driving with that mask on. That's probably not safe.

8 Snoop Dogg pancake face

Via: smosh.com

You want to follow a really weird and wacky Instagram account? Follow Snoop Dogg because he will always post something that makes you think that he's tripping (maybe he is). From weird photos of bananas (yes, that really happened) to memes to images from his favorite movies, Snoop is an entertainment icon in and of himself on Instagram. So maybe we can forgive anything embarrassing that he posts because he's just that awesomely kooky. In this case, Snoop decided to show his love for pancakes, by wearing one on his face. And he did us the favor of taking a photo of it, because that might make us laugh. Or maybe he does this often. We don't know: this is Snoop Dogg we're talking about.

7 Nikki Minaj's fingers

Via: instagram.com

Nothing Nikki Minaj does is ordinary, so we shouldn't expect anything she posts on social media to fall into the normal category. But that doesn't mean that we don't question her choices for some of her selfies. We think she's going for hot sexy mama here, but it's kind of weird how she just shoved her fingers in her mouth and snapped away.

We would like to think that maybe there was chocolate or pudding or something tasty on there and she's just licking that goodness off.

But with Nikki, that's probably not the case. This is just a selfie that she felt an artistic urge to take. And when Nikki feels something, she's going to do it, whether we approve or not. And isn't that why we love her anyway?

6 Keri Hilson goes to the dentist

Via: instagram.com

Who would go to the dentist and snap a selfie while the dentist is actually working on cleaning your teeth? We have one answer for that: Keri Hilson would do that. In fact, Keri did do just that recently. And she posted the resulting photo you see above on her Instagram. We get it, singers need to have their teeth cleaned every six months, too, but we don't really want to see them doing something so mundane. But maybe this will make going to the dentist easier for the rest of it. If Keri can do it with a smile and proudly post a photo of it on social media, maybe we can, too. We predict a slew of dentist selfies in the near future.

5 Demi Lovato's crazy eyes

Via: instagram.com

Demi Lovato is an adorable and beautiful girl that we don't deserve to have in our world. We love everything about her: from her being so outspoken about her struggles with depressing, an eating disorder, being bullied and drug addiction.

We love her style and her music, which makes us want to get out of our chairs and dance the night away.

It always felt like she was one of us and we always pull for her to get through her battles with the amazing strength and dignity that only she possesses. We also love that she's sometimes silly, which resulted in her posting this photo on Instagram. Here she is doing her best "Crazy Eyes" impression, perhaps inspired by Orange is the New Black.

4 Cara Delevingne kissing a rat

Via: instagram.com

Before Cara Delevingne was an actress, she was a super model. That means that she's one of those gorgeous women that we really want to hate, but also who we really want to become. But then she took up acting and ended up portraying Enchantress in the Suicide Squad movie. That movie was infamous for revealing the disturbing tale of how Jared Leto became the Joker. During that time, Jared supposedly sent rats to all his co-stars. So we're wondering if this isn't the rat that Cara received from him. But why is she kissing it? Doesn't she know that rats are the cause of the plague? And yet, not only did she kiss the rat, but she posted a photo of her doing so on Instagram.

3 Chris Brown

Via: instagram.com

Chris Brown is a controversial figure and someone that many women don't have a very high opinion of. Reports of his constant physical and mental abuse against Rihanna, who is a delicate angel that we should all want to protect, have us not wanting to even listen to his music, even if it's kind of rhythmic and catchy.

This Instagram photo is so much embarrassing as it is potentially truthful.

But it's embarrassing for Chris. He decided that standing in front of a sign that said "Morons" was a good idea. Maybe he thought that would send a message to his haters. Instead, though, it makes most of us think that he's being all too appropriate without even really knowing it. That makes it funny.

2 Lucy Hale missing a hand

Via: instagram.com

We absolutely loved Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars. We're also in complete denial that the show is over. In our minds, "A" is still out there and Aria, Hanna and Emily are still getting those weird and threatening text messages from their tormentor. But the truth is, it's over, but that doesn't mean that we can't stalk Lucy's Instagram account. But it seems that Lucy has fallen victim to the dreaded Instagram Photoshop scandal. Because she posted a photo of herself in an awesome blue coat, but something is amiss: do you see it? Yes, this photo got so 'shopped that Lucy ended up missing a hand in the final product. And she posted the picture before she ever even realized her mistake. Oops.

1 Britney Spears' Photoshop fail

Via: instagram.com

Britney Spears is that celebrity that we all love, hate and then love again. Because Britney has seem some things and she has come back from the dark side of her shaved head and rehab. And Britney is back now and better than ever.

But Britney also falls victim to the need for Photoshop, even on her Instagram photos. Why do celebrities do this?

You can even tell that it's something they have tried to do themselves, because professionals would never make those sort of mistakes. So here, Britney is missing part of her back, and you can tell that this is 'shopped because the edge of the pool behind her is missing in that one little part of her back that has gone missing.

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