15 Embarrassing Parents Who Should Stop Trying So Hard

"I'm a ~kewl~ mom!"

There’s different kinds of parents out there — some are the “cool” parents that are effortlessly in tune with the modern age without being an embarrassment to their children. There's the “helicopter” parents that attempt to smother their children. And then there are the painfully un-hip parents that have NO IDEA they are so uncool.

It is usually the latter parents that attempt to be in tune with things like modern lingo and slang terms used by their children; gadgets such as Smartphones — so that they can use emojis when texting their relatives; and dressing up for Halloween as Eleven from Netflix’s hit television series Stranger Things.

For everyone that grew up with parents that attempted to be cool, this roundup of 15 embarrassing parents that should stop trying so hard is sure to bring back plenty of hilarious memories and garner quite a few belly laughs.

15 This Dad's Socks Are On Fire


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The fact that this father is attempting to be cool by wearing socks that say “Lit” on the soles is absolutely HILARIOUS. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for his child; having your parent proudly show off their new “cool” socks in the middle of a f*****g In and Out can’t be fun. But the fact he attempted to be in tune with the latest lingo and bought SOCKS based on that is a riot. The blasé expression on his face just adds to the humor. I really want to know how he pulled this off with a straight face. I don’t think I could’ve held my expression, I would’ve been laughing too hard and that would’ve ruined the element of surprise.

14 Cackling At The Line Swag Out

Swag out 🤙

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When parents attempt to use “cool” lingo, it can be difficult to tell whether or not they are just using “newfangled slang words” in order to troll their children or if they really want to appear to their children as being hip and in tune with the younger generation. I don’t know how this poor woman didn’t laugh her a** off when she saw the text messages her father sent. My sides would hurt from giggling if my father attempted to make a fool out of himself by trying to use new slang words in a text message. The fact that he referred to the slang terms as “hipster language” is also a hoot, although I don’t think the “hipsters” were the ones who originally came up with those words.

13 And The Most Awkward T-Shirt Award Goes To...

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It’s one thing to be proud that one’s child did really well in a sport competition, but printing a t-shirt with their photo on it—and wearing it to an event where they won a medal for their efforts—is just a wee bit too much. To add insult to injury, he was attempting to be cool in the photo by putting bunny ears over his daughter’s head. I feel so sorry for this poor woman. Now EVERYONE that was at the event witnessed how embarrassing and overly enthusiastic her dad is about her wins. That facepalm says it all, and I don’t know how she didn’t melt from humiliation. If one of MY parents did that, it would take me about a year to recover from the embarrassment.

12 They Look Like They Are About To Keel Over From Mortification

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Oh man, it must have been utterly humiliating for this teenaged girl and her prom date to be forced into taking this idiotic photo. That father was WAY out of line in my opinion. It’s one thing to make jokes about having your buddies make sure that your daughter’s prom date treats her well — or even stage a hilarious photo for a good laugh if everyone (daughter and date included) are on board with it. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, judging by that poor girl’s expression. I’m pretty sure she’s thinking “Oh man, WHY ME? WHY DOES MY DAD HAVE TO BE SO UPTIGHT?" I’m sure it was funny for the father and his friends, but next time they should think twice before humiliating this poor girl and her date.

11 Even SpongeBob Squarepants Is Side-Eying This Father

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On one hand, I have to give this father some props for coming up with some SERIOUSLY amazing costumes. Not so much with the SpongeBob SquarePants one since any person can purchase that one off of Amazon, but the pirate getup is spectacular. Especially since he went the whole hog and got an eye patch. But by the same token, dressing up EVERY single day is just a bit much. I do wonder how the kid feels, especially since it’s an ordinary occurrence. I’m sure the novelty wore off after the first few costumes. After all, there are only so many pop culture characters, funny costumes, and cool getups available in costume stores to choose from. It’s going to get to a point where he’s going to start reusing them.

10 Baby Boomers Are Never Down With Modern Lingo

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I groaned when I saw this text message because this is SUCH a dad joke. I’m starting to think that fathers everywhere have a secret pact to try to make their kids groan with their attempts at humor. If my dad was better at texting and actually cared about newfangled technology such as iPhones and iMessage, I’m pretty sure he would send me stupid jokes like this, too. The pun was SO dumb in this text message that I couldn’t help but cringe from second hand embarrassment. How this father’s son or daughter didn’t facepalm from the corniness is beyond me. I’m actually surprised they didn’t text a sassy reply back, but that wouldn’t have deterred a father dedicated to corny jokes — he just would’ve sent them another terrible pun.

9 The Bank Is Going To Cackle At This Giant Check

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Even though this giant, fake check for “succeeding at something” during his son’s graduation seems to be a) overkill and b) a bit cruel to this poor kid, I can’t help but be a little impressed that he took the time to make a GINORMOUS check for his son. How the heck did he even create it? It seems like an awful lot of time and money when a funny graduation card would have sufficed. By the same token, I also can’t help but feel a bit sorry for this poor kid because it had to have been embarrassing and hurtful to have a parent present you with a fake check for a measly four dollars. It’s one thing to make a joke about it with one of those gag cards, but quite another to pull this kind of stunt AND have your son pose with it.

8 Worst Christmas Present Ever

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This poor, poor woman. A gross “virginity protection blanket” with her father's face emblazoned on it has to be the worst f*****g Christmas present EVER. Prank gifts can be hilarious if done right, but this is just SO so wrong. The woman in the picture looks like she’s in her early 20's, so she’s clearly a grownup and what she does with her body is none of her father’s business. Instead of wasting money with such a stupid blanket, perhaps her parents would’ve been better served by helping her find a doctor so she can get on some birth control (if she isn’t already). Maybe have a discussion on methods for safe sex. Slut shaming one’s daughter with a “virginity protection blanket” is definitely not the way to handle this topic AT ALL.

7 Nicholas Sparks Wants His Cheesy Photoshoots Back

This photoshoot couldn’t fit any more angsty teen tropes into the photos if it tried. Did this poor kid’s parents binge watch Nicholas Sparks movies after a few drinks and drunkenly decided that this would be a hilarious birthday gift? No, just no. I don’t know how this poor dude reacted to the idea — he seemed to have been getting REALLY into it with the one shot with the guitar. I predict that after a few years he’s going to either hide these pictures in a dark corner of the basement OR burn them to smithereens. I get the sneaking suspicion this poor dude’s parents would bust these pictures out and show them off proudly the minute he got a significant other, just to embarrass him. And heck, I'd probably do the same thing.

6 This Is Just So Wrong

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Depending on what the original poster’s sister did, I can kind of see taking away phone privileges for an entire week in order to teach her that actions have consequences. But attempting to take ridiculous selfies as a way to look “cool” and uploading them to their daughter’s Facebook account makes me want to bash my head against the wall. This is just adding salt to the wound. I’m sure they thought it was hilarious, but it’s just flat-out embarrassing. I wouldn’t be shocked if the poor daughter’s friends never let her live all this down. It must have been bad enough to have your Smartphone taken away, but to know that your parents were also taking cringeworthy selfies and posting them to YOUR personal Facebook account is on a whole other level of terrible.

5 Cousin Itt Would Like His Extensions Back

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Is this supposed to be an attempt at a hilarious photo or a terrible Cousin Itt (from The Addams Family) cosplay? The fact that he’s clearly proud of his glamour shot with the hair extensions just adds to the WTF-ness of it all. I don’t know how the entire family didn’t just fall over laughing from the epic fail. In order to get back at him for trying to troll the cousin, it would’ve been a nice twist if the entire family had this photo printed and framed just in time for the winter holidays. He would NOT expect that as a gift and it would be hilarious to see what his reaction would be to that present. That might very well teach him to leave someone else’s hair extensions alone so he won’t get trolled. And besides, didn't anyone ever teach him to never touch women's hair?

4  They Have A Graduate Degree In Being Embarrassing AF

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This picture is so cheesy and ridiculous that I couldn’t help but laugh. Judging by the caption, it sounds as if 41 years of marriage hasn’t dulled their attempts to embarrass the living daylights out of their kids. I will give them some credit, though. As silly as this photo is, it is a damn good pun. These parents CLEARLY graduated with a master’s degree in funny puns. If the kids are sick of their parents’ embarrassing antics, they should try to one-up them by posting this photo on the museum’s Facebook page or tagging them either on Instagram or Twitter. I have a feeling the museum staff would laugh and then repost it if they saw this photo. Probably because they too have parents that loved to embarrass them growing up.

3 Funniest Costume Fail Ever

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This has to be one of the funniest costumes on the Internet and I desperately hope that the cast of Stranger Things saw this photo because it’s too hilarious not to share. I’m cackling at the fact that the dad went the whole nine yards as Eleven and actually recreated her pink dress from the show. His poor son looks like he is thinking something along the lines of “Out of ALL the characters he could have been from the show, he just HAD to pick the little girl with the pink dress and the psychic powers.” Unfortunately for this kid, this picture went viral and now everyone has seen his shame of having a father that picked the most embarrassing costume ever.

2 So Much For Giving Her Confidence

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Oh man, this picture is just wrong. I get that this father is trying to be funny and wants to joke about his daughter’s driving skills, but taking a photo like that and uploading it to Facebook is NOT the way to go. First of all, it’s embarrassing to his daughter. Every family member is probably going to see this and make comments about it. Second of all, making mean-spirited jokes on social media about her driving skills is a great way to shove her confidence with driving right into the toilet. Wouldn’t he rather boost her confidence (and her driving skills) so she will be cautious while out on the road? There is a time and a place to make jokes at your kid's expense and this is NOT it.

1 That Awkward Moment When One's Parents Invent Their Own Slang

I don’t know what is worse: when parents attempt to be “hip” and use the same slang terms as their children or when they ATTEMPT to be clever by creating their OWN slang terms, such as “LMOL.” AKA: “laughing madly out loud.” Why this father couldn’t just use the standard “LOL” response or use the laughing emoji in the text message to his daughter is beyond me. It probably would’ve been easier to just put an emoji in a text than it would to spend time on creating one’s own abbreviation for laughing. But NOOOO, he just HAD to attempt to look cool and make up his own slang word. Ah, Baby Boomer parents; they never fail to embarrass their children and make the rest of us laugh when their silliness goes viral on the Internet.

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