15 Embarrassing Snaps That Snapchatters Want You To Forget

Snapchat is definitely everybody’s new social media fave. From your best friend to your favorite celebrity; from your barista at Starbucks to your mom’s sister’s cousin, everybody is on Snapchat.

One of the things that originally made Snapchat so popular, of course, was that one thing that made it unique: snaps are only supposed to be around for a finite amount of time before they disappear. Well...unfortunately, the developers and users of Snapchat kinda forgot about that little thing called the screenshot, which means snaps can now stay around long after they technically “disappear.” This is some seriously bad news for a number of folks who took snaps or had snaps taken during moments they REALLY wish they could forget. This, of course, is why we’ve been super helpful and rounded up a whole bunch of those moments, because the Internet is forever, and nobody should ever forget that.

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15 Definitely Not Fine

Picture this: you've just gotten home from a long day of work, and you’re thinking to yourself that today would be a great day for a thick, hearty stew. You search around in your cupboards for your big ceramic pot, you get all the ingredients out, and start prepping and chopping away. The aromatics of the vegetables is filling the room and your mouth is watering. You’re pretty damn excited to get your soup on. Then, you set the pot on the stove and turn up the heat. You let it sit for awhile, all while dreaming of the soupy goodness in your future. That is until you go to stir the contents of the pot and...BOOM. The bottom falls out. Your dreams of soup are crushed and lie dejected beneath your now totally useless pot. What do you do in this scenario, one might ask?Uhm...why not break out the phone and snap about it, preserving this moment of soup-less sadness for your entire snap feed.

14 Civil Engineer Much?

Folks who pave roads don’t have the easiest of jobs in the world, and I can imagine that it gets a little frustrating. Okay, more than a little frustrating, just laying a road down along the path you’ve been told, when BAM! Here comes a big, old rock just messing up everybody’s plans.

At this juncture, there are obviously two options. You can try and move the rock or build the road around the block. OR You could decide, "screw this, not my job, not my department, not today Satan," and just keep building your road, rock or no rock.

To be entirely honest, that does actually look super cool and would be really fun to ride a bike or a skateboard over, or to liven up a run, but like, in any case, we’re pretty sure this road crew’s bosses were less than thrilled about their road-paving choices.

13 Eyelids = SNACKS

There is a certain school of thought out there (or, there is now, because we’re making it up) which proposes that there are two types of people in this world. One type are people who see a raven and think, "hm, I should leave that alone, that beak looks sharp. Good day, raven friend." The other is the type of person who sees a raven and goes, "you know what I should do? I should take a selfie with that giant, sharp-beaked bird. Come here, raven bro!" Clearly, this is an example of the type of person number two. And all of his wholesome, woolen-hat-wearing intentions to capture this bird on film with him were rewarded by the raven. Even though that raven is starting to snack on his eyelashes. That doesn’t look too comfortable to be honest. Sorry, bro. But at the same time, I'm not sorry, that’s a raven and ravens are not for selfies.

12 There Will Be Bubbles

Picture this: you’re home on your suburban street, minding your own business. Perhaps you’re going out to get the mail, walk your dog, or just to enjoy a little fresh air. You leave your house and what do you see? This universe of bubbles cascading out of your neighbor’s house like they’ve lassoed a cloud, or maybe harnessed an alternate universe where it’s totally normal to have a whole metric butt load of bubbles just casually pouring out of your home.

There are a few things you could do in this scenario: call your neighbors and let them know that their laundry machine has exploded into a million little sudsy pieces, and that their house is now a bubble-tastic fantasy land that will probably destroy all their belongings. Or, you could catch a sweet snap. Obviously, I know what this guy did, and I guess I should be thankful to him for preserving this moment for our awful viewing pleasure.

11 Betrayed By Roomba

This snap has the perfect combination of grossness and hilarity. Like Snapchat, in which technological advancements are sometimes the cause of trouble rather than the antidote to it, this Roomba definitely did not do its job, and it illustrates how even robotic technology from the future can sometimes be so stupid it doesn’t know it’s dragging dog crap along your floor instead of cleaning it.

I’m sure the person taking this was just sitting around, minding their own business, thinking about how great it is that we live in the future with robot butlers, and then, BAM! Dog poop. Dog poop everywhere. For real, this is the most embarrassing for the Roomba. The poor thing just wanted to be the best robot he could be, and now look at him. A whole comet trail of dog doo and a whole lifetime of shame...all recorded for posterity on none other than Snapchat.

10 Laundry Flambe

Okay. There is, like...a whole lot to unpack when it comes to this snap. First of all, how is someone who is old enough to be using Snapchat JUST NOW doing their laundry on their own for the first time? (Kids these days, am I right?) But let’s get to the actual issue at hand: the flaming mess of machine that is the washer and dryer.

Can you even set a washer dryer on fire that way? Assuming you can, why in the world is this kid’s first thought not, “I’d better call the actual fire department before my house burns down,” but rather, “I should Snapchat this!” And assuming the washer and dryer did not actually spontaneously catch flame only to be recorded by a super irresponsible Snapchatter: that is a WHOLE LOT to set up just for a Snapchat. Like, actually setting your washer and dryer on fire for a snap is even crazier than just watching it burn instead of calling the fire department. Either way, wow.

9 I Am The Eggman

I'm kind of tempted to make a joke about how many eggs you need to break to make an omelette, but seriously, what a day for these dudes. Imagine you’re just going about your duties at the egg factory, trying to get eggs to all of the breakfast tables of America like a good patriot, and then this mess just falls into your life and you’ve got to handle it. Eggs everywhere, and the egg foreman certainly isn’t going to be happy about this whole bunch of eggs he can’t sell because they’re all cracked on the floor. But lo and behold, there’s someone there to record probably the worst day these guys have had in awhile, possibly the day that got them fired from the egg factory, for all time, immortalized as a meme to make other people feel better about the crappy days they’ve had. Because hey, it couldn’t be as bad as this! All via Snapchat. Ahh, the future.

8 Big Plate Of Ouch

Some days, you just can’t seem to win. You sleep through your alarm and then through your second alarm and then you realize you’re desperately late for work. The hot water won’t turn on and your shower is cold. You have no time to make breakfast and realize you’re out of KIND bars, so you have to leave the house hungry. You tie your shoes wrong and end up slipping on them. You blow out your tire or can’t get your car started, and THEN you miss the bus. When you finally get to work, you think, "okay, I’ll have a sandwich, that will be good." Then your sandwich gets stuck in the vending machine... But instead of giving up and bemoaning your fate, you try and get creative. "I will engineer my way out of this situation," you think! And you try and buy a juice that will give you the sandwich you so deserve...only to have *this* happen.


If we learn nothing else from this article—and from the collections of Snapchat embarrassments on the Internet at large (of which there are MANY)—one of the main takeaways I think we should register is that birds. Do. Not. Mess. Around….and definitely cannot be even the least bit bothered about your selfie game.

Here was a person doing the thing we apparently all do now, where they see their perfectly delicious looking ice cream and think, "well, if it’s not seen by people on social media, is it REALLY EVEN THERE?" But when they try to actualize their ice cream into delicious reality by snapping a pic, here comes this incredibly rude avian boy, swooping down and claiming what we had apparently not realized was very much his territory. Like, look at how little he cares about social norms and not eating other people’s ice cream. Just RUDE.

6 He's A Blast

There are lots of things about this that we absolutely love. Who are these parents? How absolutely cool are they that they were like, "you know what? We still get to decide what our kid wears for Halloween. Let’s actually do something amazing and make him be a fart." I'm sorry, but that’s just brilliant...especially because that kid is probably still in diapers, technically making this some sort of payback. However, the kid will probably not look back smilingly on this picture in his teenage years, when awesome mom and dad bring it down while he has a date over and are like, “Hey, remember when we dressed you as a fart? Lol.”

Maybe such cool parents will actually raise a son with a sense of humor, enough so that he actually does think it’s funny even — as a surly teen trying to impress a similarly surly teen.

5 HOW?!

Okay, so this is truly some next level embarrassing moment material...and from the looks of it, captured by a stranger who just happened to notice this epic fail and got it on Snapchat pronto.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one asks a thousand questions, the most important being: how in the actual world did you manage to crash when there are literally no other cars around? Was there a magnet attached to her car that just pulled her into it, or what? There are no real other explanations, TBH. This is like that scene in Bob’s Burgers where Tina low-speed crashes into the only other car in the lot despite having all the time in the world to go in literally any other direction...only this isn’t even a car, it’s a pole. What is going ON here, lady?

4 Barney The Nightmare-saur

This Snapchat looks like the stuff of nightmares. Like, legit, absolutely scary to the point where you want to nervously laugh because it's that uncomfortable. But there’s a whole backstory as to how this horrible snap came into existence.

Darby Risner, a 15-year-old girl from Alabama, was apparently “joking around with a group of her friends” (we don’t know what type of stuff that group of friends gets into, but okay), and decided that she’d try to scare her friends by putting on the disembodied Barney head that was apparently just hanging around and surprising them. But once she’d pulled her prank, she couldn’t get the Barney head off. In fact, it had slipped down over her shoulders and arms. That’s right, the Barney head was straight up consuming this girl. And what did her friends think to do? Snapchat the moment, of course! In the end, they ended up getting the head off of her by actually calling the fire department and having them help. Perfect end to a perfect day.

3 Hacking Level: Expert

Hackers can be pretty scary, right? Pretty much everything in our lives are online these days, including all of our personal information, our money, our identities — the whole kit and caboodle. This is not to mention how pretty much everything from electrical grids to national security apparatuses are also totally online and, frighteningly, accessible as long as a hacker is skilled enough. There’s a reason they’re scary and there’s a reason we’re scared of them. HOWEVER, it seems like a good deal of folks like to, shall we say, overestimate their skills as hackers, and get a little fast and loose with their not-so-sly attempted slyness.

Take, for example, one mister Yung_King_223, whose methods are a little lacking in terms of finesse, and therefore are being put on blast on Snapchat for all the world to see. Better luck next time, “mate” (but not really, because identity theft sucks).

2 Whoops...

Okay, so I'm not an auto mechanic, not by a long shot, but this picture is...a whole lot to take in. Like, how does that even happen? Did this person's car just totally reject their existence so much that it spit out its own key parts? The best part is that it’s a BMW. The homeboy making this snap probably saved up for ages to buy his very own beamer, only to have it reject him like so many potential prom dates. How do you even fix something like this? Not just automotively, but emotionally? Like, I’m sure his feelings are pretty hurt. It’d be a pretty harsh burn to be rejected by something you own. Specifically something that doesn’t even have a brain. Somebody call the fire department, break out the aloe, and get some ice packs, because the burn unit has a new star resident right here. Tough break, bro. (Get it?)

1 Santa's Nastiest Elf

When getting dirty and/or nasty on Snapchat ( with the disappear function, is presumably one of the reasons for Snapchat’s existence), there is always the fear that one is sending one’s dirty Snaps to someone other than the person you intended. This is a running fear in common social media usage, and we all get it. However. This guy. This guy is all around just...next level. First of all, let’s talk about what’s going on with this elf situation over here.

We’ve heard of the phrase “holiday cheer,” but, uh, we’re pretty sure that’s not what it means. Secondly, let’s realize that this absolutely ridiculous snap got sent to his own father. His actual father, who we presume is scarred and disappointed forever. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that this year, there will be one holiday dinner that is going to get straight up awkward...

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