15 Embarrassing Wrong Number Texts Exchanged Between Parents And Their Kids

We always hate it when a slip of a finger causes us to send a personal text to the wrong number in our contact list or to a complete stranger, but nothing compares to the humiliation that comes when we accidentally send our parents a text meant for our BF or BFF! Actually, that's not entirely true—the only thing worse than our parents finding out intimate details about our social and sex life is when they send us wrong number texts meant for each other and we learn about what sort of kinky stuff they get into in our homes when we aren't around. These wrong number texts had to be super traumatizing for everyone involved, and make us seriously consider blocking all family members from our cell phones.

15 Strawberries & cream

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Teenagers love to gossip about anything and everything, even stuff as personal and slightly disgusting as the taste of their boyfriend's sperm. This girl thought she was having a conversation with her best friend about the salty blowjob she gave her new BF the previous night, but she was actually talking to her mom. To make things worse, she added that if her man's semen tasted like strawberries and cream, she'd "be on his d**k all the time." The daughter unsurprisingly freaked out when she discovered who she was actually gossiping with, and begged her mom to delete the text from her phone and the conversation from her memory, but some things you simply can't ever forget. They'll never be living this exchange down, no matter how hard they both try.

14 The classic pet replacement trick

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We've all seen this classic trick attempted on a variety of sitcoms, but here's a hilarious example of a real-life father trying it and totally getting caught red-handed. His daughter Jenny's pet rabbit died, and he went to a pet store to buy an identical rabbit in hopes that she wouldn't notice. He probably would have gotten away with it—and he even had a $250 bet with his wife that Jenny wouldn't be observant enough to catch on to his deception—if he didn't send Jenny this text instead of the intended recipient, her uncle Mark. She was completely mortified that her parents would do something so shady, and now she's going to be justifiably distrustful of her family for the rest of her life.

13 "Those a**holes"

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All kids make fun of their parents to their friends, regardless of whether they love their folks or can't stand them. Little did we know that parents make fun of their kids just as often! This dad meant to text his wife to ask her if she'd picked up their "a**hole" children, but sent the message to one of their kids instead. At first, his daughter was a bit confused about which "a**holes" he wanted her to pick up, but once she figured out the shocking truth that he was referring to her and her sister, she told him that he's a terrible person. She's not wrong; it is messed up to say something like that about your kids... but we low-key appreciate that parents apparently have the same sense of humor we do.

12 Rack city

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We all hate it when parents try to be "hip" and act like our friends instead of adults. It's just... embarrassing. We cringe every time they use slang or emojis or popular abbreviation, but those examples are tame when compared to seeing your mom text the next line of Tyga's "Rack City" back to you. This kid was trying to seem cool and text one of his bros some inappropriate lyrics, but his mom got the text instead. She accepted his apology for the mistake, but instead of just dropping it and moving on, she kept going with the song to make sure he knew that she knew it was a bit raunchy. No boy wants to see his mom type the word "titties." Ever.

11 What do you mean by "beads"?!

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We know that our parents have sex. They couldn't have ever made us if they didn't. But we all choose to believe that our parents only mess around when they're trying to have a baby, because the thought of them bumping uglies in the room next to ours is just too mortifying to comprehend. That's why we are so thankful we've never been the recipient of a wrong number text from our parents like this one. This poor teen was forced to visualize her mom and dad using "beads" on each other. You can really feel her desperation when she asked her mother for an explanation (other than the obvious one she clearly figured out on her own), but her mom simply couldn't give her one.

10 Um, yes, that's exactly what I meant...

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This wannabe drug dealer has to thank his lucky stars that his mom is one of the most oblivious adults on the planet. He meant to tell someone else in his contact book that he's selling two grams for $40, but sent the text to his mother instead. He asked her to ignore it, but her curiosity got the better of her and she kept asking what he meant. He couldn't think of an explanation (how can you make "2 grams for $40" sound innocent?!), but she somehow came up with one of her own—he was surely saying that he had 40 bucks to give to his grandma! Um, sure, lady... that's totally what he meant. He should definitely pay better attention to who he's trying to deal to, because there're only so many times he can claim he's giving his grandmother cash.

9 Wear the maid outfit

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This dad took a horrible mistake and found a way to make in infinitely worse. When you accidentally send your daughter a text telling her to come to your house in a maid's outfit and heels, and to expect you naked and waiting for her at 10 a.m., you have to pretend it was all a joke and that you meant to send that text. It's the only way to slightly decrease suspicion and simply seem like a weirdo with a twisted sense of humor instead of a disgusting cheat. This dad tried claiming he was just kidding, but when he added that he didn't mean to send her the text and asked her to ignore it, it became super obvious that it wasn't a joke. He really meant to send that to someone... just obviously not her. Gross.

8 Undercover Mom

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When the average parent accidentally discovers via a wrong number text that their daughter snuck out the previous night to go to a rager, they simply freak out and ground her. Not this clever mom! She pretended to be the intended recipient of the text for a few seconds, to find out exactly how her daughter managed to escape their home without triggering the alarm. The second she learned her daughter's secret, she revealed her true identity and let her daughter know that she'll be drilling her bedroom screen to her window frame so late-night escapes would no longer be possible. Busted! We'd feel bad for this girl if we weren't so busy applauding her mom for setting such a brilliant trap.

7 A mother's worst nightmare

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Sometimes when you're in the middle of a super hot sexting session with your lover, one of your parents sends you a text and totally ruins the mood. Most people just give up at that point, but some get right back into it... only to discover that they forgot to click out of their conversation with their mom! This tragic girl tried keeping the convo with her boyfriend hot and heavy and told him about how she planned on riding him after his strip tease, but the message went to her mother. She calmly asked her mom to disregard the previous text, but let's be real... no one can simply ignore a text that raunchy! That's one way to remind your folks that you're not their little girl anymore.

6 Just laugh it off

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Here's another example of why you should never try to juggle conversations with your parents and your significant other at the same time. This daughter was having a sexy texting session with her boyfriend while also talking to her mom, which led to her accidentally inviting her mom over for some chicken fettuccine and telling her to come horny and hungry (in that order). Luckily the daughter was old enough that this slip-up seemed funny for both of them instead of horrifying, and they were seemingly able to simply laugh (and laugh... and laugh...) it off. We're pretty sure their laughter wasn't quite as real as their mutual discomfort here, though. They can try to delete this conversation from their brains, but that likely won't be possible.

5 Definitely Thinking Food

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Not all parents these days are able to keep up with modern text lingo. They've figured out basic terms like "LOL" and "OMG," but phrases like "DTF" thankfully still elude some of them. This teen meant to tell her boyfriend Matt about how she was excited to see him and down to f*ck, but the text went to her Mom instead (never date someone who's name starts with a M or D unless you want it to accidentally go to your Mom or Dad at some point!). She lucked out that her mom didn't know what DTF stands for, so she got away with saying it meant "definitely thinking food." Things only got worse, however, when she texted one of her friends about the humiliating mistake and that text went to her mom too! "OH GOD" is right.

4 The dreaded "same name" wrong number text

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It's way too easy to accidentally send a wrong number text as it is, but if you have two people in your contacts with the same name... mistakes are essentially inevitable. This dad made the unforgivable error of dating a woman with the same name as his daughter, so of course this disgusting conversation happened. He meant to text his boo about how much fun he had with her, and to ask why she wouldn't let him finish inside of her... but his texts went to his little girl. He apologized, but then sent his daughter a request to "try doing it raw" mere seconds later. Dude, you either need to find a girlfriend with a different name, or ask your daughter if she'd be down to legally change her name to something else.

3 Father of the year

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Parents are supposed to basically worship us and constantly want to spend time with us, so we're super shocked to see this awkward text exchange and we're sure his daughter was just as surprised. The dad meant to ask his secretary to cancel his dinner plans with his daughter so he could go out for drinks with his girlfriend Chloe instead, and gave his secretary permission to make up any excuse she could think of for his need to postpone. "Just tell her I'm sick, I don't care." Father of the year material right there! His daughter was absolutely right—if he wants to avoid embarrassing mistakes like this in the future, he should probably hire a secretary that doesn't share the same name as her.

2 No good deed goes unpunished

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This poor son was simply trying to do his dad a solid and offer to pick him up some McDonald's, but as they say... no good deed goes unpunished. He clearly texted his father while Dad was in the middle of a kinky conversation with his mom, which led to one of his dad's text accidentally coming his way. No kid should ever have to see his father offer to "slip something" inside of him! His reply of "Um. What?" implies that he was initially too confused by the message to be appropriately traumatized, but we're sure that kicked in a few minutes later and that he'll never be able to look at his parents the same way again. Can't parents do us a favor and just never sext each other ever, to ensure this never happens again?!

1 That's one way to come out...

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Coming out of the closet to your parents can be extremely tense and awkward, so it's possible that this teen got off easy thanks to this embarrassing wrong number text. He meant to tell his undercover boyfriend to pretend to be his roommate so he wouldn't have to tell his parents they were dating, but the text went to his mom instead. She handled it very well, and let him know that she's known about his sexuality since he was 5 years old. He was super humiliated at first, but we're sure her hugs and kisses. clear indication of acceptance and excitement over getting to meet his "roommate" made him feel loved in the long run. It's good to know some good can come out of wrong number texts!

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