15 Employees Confess What It's Really Like To Work At A Nightclub

From an outsider’s point of view, working at a nightclub sounds like a lot of fun. The music, the people, the fun, the exhilarating atmosphere...what’s not to like? It’s like getting paid to party. Nightclub employees, on the other hand, couldn’t agree less. Speak to people who actually work at a club and anyone can see that the job’s not all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it can be pretty dire at times from what we’ve been hearing.

We know all jobs have their pros and cons, but we didn’t know the latter could rack up for nightclub employment. Job satisfaction isn’t in the job description for some of these nightclub employees. Here, 15 real life nightclub employees are about to enlighten us.

15 Where are all the happy people?

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Not at nightclubs, according to this employee. As far as this nightclub worker is concerned, nobody who comes to nightclubs is happy—they just try to act happy to convince other people that they are. Now that sounds like a lot of work to us! Maybe they should focus more on having a good time than on trying to look like they’re having a good time, purely for the sake of others. You would think most of the people who go to clubs are happy, fun-loving people. This nightclub employee couldn’t disagree more. They are around nightclub customers all the time and they can see for themselves that they are not happy people. That’s probably why they spend their wages on booze and partying the night away from reality.

14 Give her a break

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Working at a nightclub is no picnic for this girl. She tries to be sweet and helpful to her clients, but they end up getting the wrong impression, which is why she gets swamped with mobile number requests. Of course, she doesn’t give her number away to clients. She has a boyfriend. But it’s still frustrating for the girl, who just wants to do her job to the best of her ability. And what does she get out of it? Well, she gets tips, but not for what she wants to be tipped for. She wants to be tipped for doing a good job, not just so she’ll give away her cell phone number. We wouldn’t want to trade places with her, that’s for sure.

13 Sounds scary

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Nightclubs should be fun places, full of happy people. But from where this nightclub employee is standing, they are anything but. This employee even gets scared working at a nightclub and wants to quit as a result because they get tired of seeing all the violence. It’s not the kind of job you’d look forward to every day, is it? While nightclubs are fun and most of the people are happy, they can also be a home for angry drunks. The mixture of people and alcohol in abundance can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. This employee knows that otherwise they would not be considering quitting their job. Nobody wants to feel afraid at work. But that’s not the worst of it. There’s more to come...A LOT more.

12 He feels so used

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Some people can be really devious. These girls are obviously those kinds of people but at least this employee knows it. They know girls only talk to him so they don’t have to pay the cover charge. Of course, not all girls are going to do that, but at least he’s wise enough to see for himself that some girls use him. So if you’re a guy thinking that working at a nightclub makes you a magnet to girls, you might be right. But you are right in all the wrong ways. Some girls may show you attention. But some girls might be doing it purely to avoid the fees. When you think about it, working at a nightclub really isn’t as fun as it sounds.

11 Bouncers have a background

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And it’s not what you would expect. It sounds like a bizarre statement to make, but according to this nightclub employee it’s the truth. All of the bouncers they have met have faced some kind of abuse in their life. So you see, while you may think they look all mean and tough at the door, bouncers have a background. Just like you and me, they have a past and it’s probably not always a nice one. Maybe it’s their past that influences their career. They say everything happens for a reason. Maybe the reason bouncers choose to become bouncers is because they want to express their internal pain. Maybe they have a lot of anger inside of them that they want to let out and being a bouncer helps them do that.

10 Hello, racoon eyes!

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Working at a nightclub means making an effort with your eye makeup, according to this nightclub employee. But even the best makeup doesn’t look good the following day. Sure, it’s a pretty smart idea as far as time management is concerned. She doesn’t have to waste time the next day re-applying makeup, but we just can’t stop thinking about those inevitable racoon eyes. There is no escaping them. If she is going to sleep in her eye makeup, there is no doubt about it: her eyes are going to look messy tomorrow. When you think about it, it’s not really such a smart idea. Who wants to go on a date with someone rocking racoon eyes? Not a good look! It’s better just to get the wet wipes out.

9 The struggle of staying faithful

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Some of these nightclubs employees, we struggle to have patience for. This person is one of those people. Sure, they may be around attractive, fun-loving people in their work, but that doesn’t mean they have to be unfaithful. They should learn how to control themselves better. They do have a partner, after all. It would be a different story if they were single, but the fact that they’re in a relationship tells us that this person really needs to assess either their relationship or their career. If their faith to their partner is tempted at every shift, something isn’t right. And just a word of advice for potential nightclub employees: maybe this isn’t the career you want to be in if you’re in a relationship.

8 But it’s not a struggle for everyone

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Staying faithful may be a struggle for the former person but for this nightclub employee, it’s anything but a struggle. This person would much rather have a lady to go home to than a stack of one-night stands. It’s pretty sad that this person doesn’t have anybody in their life and yet, if they did, they sound like the kind of person who would have no struggle staying faithful to their partner. You see, it doesn’t just have to be a job for a single person. This individual doesn’t like working at a nightclub very much by the sounds of it. They definitely do not do it to get girls. They’d take having a serious partner any day over getting lots of random girls. Sweet!

7 Insider advice

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Want to hear some solid insider advice from a nightclub employee? Never put your drink down when you’re in a club. You may already know that. You may have already heard of it, but maybe you never knew exactly why. Well, according to this employee, you should keep your drink on you at all times. It’s the safest way. When an insider gives you this kind of advice, you listen. Clearly, they know something we don’t. When you work in a nightclub, you are bound to see a lot of things you don’t want to see or hear a lot of things you don’t want to hear. This employee wants us to know what it’s really like and they’ve kindly given us some useful advice.

6 Unlucky

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If you thought working at a nightclub was the key to pulling women, you were wrong. This person works at a nightclub and isn’t afraid to confess that working at a place full of single ladies still doesn’t help them pull women. At the end of the day, you’re either good at pulling women or you’re not. Working at a nightclub isn’t going to change that. Just because you work at a nightclub doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to start being a woman magnet. Working at a nightclub sounds like it could be a lot of fun and maybe it might enable you to meet more women. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re going to instantly become a babe magnet the moment you start your job at a nightclub.

5 No free weekends

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Everyone gets excited when the weekend approaches. Everybody but nightclub employees, that is. For this nightclub employee, the weekend is just another weekend. There’s nothing special about it. In fact, this employee misses having free weekends because they’re always stuck working at a nightclub. This sounds unbelievable...who wouldn’t want to spend every weekend at a club, right? But we guess if you’re spending every weekend there and you have no free time off, it could get boring after a while. Maybe it’s fun at first but like with everything, the novelty wears off in the end. This employee probably just wants a relaxing weekend with no loud music, no drunk people and lots of sleep! That doesn’t sound too bad in our opinion. A quiet night in with a book and a glass of wine.

4 Some people are disgusting

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Maybe they’re too drunk to realize it, but when these customers pee or poop outside the club, there’s a camera watching their every movement. Even if they are too drunk to care, they’ll definitely be caring the next day when their disgusting actions are caught on film. Some people really need to start behaving better. We can totally understand why this nightclub employee doesn’t get much job satisfaction. If you have to deal with this kind of stuff every week it can’t be the best job in the world. And it’s not just one time a week. It’s three times a week. Now that is a lot to handle. You’ve got to admire this employee for their patience. We’re not sure we could do it.

3 Some of the employees are plain weird

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Nightclubs are a pick-up place for a lot of people so it’s actually a pretty smart idea that this club gives away free condoms. At least they’re promoting safe sex. It’s just a shame they hired a total creep of an employee. They need to be informed of this lunatic’s behavior ASAP. Seriously, what are they even thinking pricking holes into the condoms? They really need to find something more interesting to do with their time. This ''hobby'' sounds completely pointless to us. We should be supporting safe sex. This employee obviously needs to get their kicks from bizarre habits like this. Still, it’s hard to get your head around the fact that this person does it just for fun. How is it even fun?

2 Freaky indeed

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Nightclub work can also be risky work at times. Customers (especially drunk customers) have a tendency to get a little touchy-feely at times with the employees and this is not right. Nobody should get harassed at work or at any time for that matter. This nightclub employee was almost assaulted at work so you can see why they don’t seem too keen on their work. No doubt, if they have the choice, and other options, they’d choose something else over working in a nightclub. When you’re actually in danger at work and you feel totally uncomfortable, is the time when you should start looking for something else. Nobody deserves to be treated this way, in work or outside of work. This person deserves more respect.

1 Everybody has to earn a living

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Believe it or not, many nightclub employees are actually parents. That’s right, most of the people who serve you at clubs have kids sleeping at home. Well, everybody has to earn a living, right? Not everybody working at a nightclub is free and single. Maybe the clients, but definitely not the employees. This employee obviously has kids and they’re not ashamed to admit it. There is no shame in it anyway. Everybody has to earn money to survive...so what if a parent makes their living working in a nightclub. You have to find work where you can. At least they are working—it’s better than not working at all. As long as they don’t take their kids to work with them, there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

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