15 Employees With Far Too Much Free Time At Work

Everyone messes around at work from time to time, admit it. But having a few minutes to send a personal email or text or check up on social media and spending hours on various creations are two different things. If the boss sees any of these pictures, it will quickly become evident that the employees at each establishment clearly do not have enough practical projects! They may find their workload increased and their overtime cut back in a drastic way. We get that businesses have ebbs and flows. Every hour of every day is not always going to be crazy busy. And because of the brilliant things these workers did in their downtime, we’re kind of glad they were bored and attempting to fill the hours!

15 The sign with family issues

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It takes an employee with an interesting background to come up with a sign of this nature. Obviously, this employee is dealing with some family issues, right? Whether there is a step-mother, step-father, step-sibling or one of each, the idea of a step-relative is on their mind. Instead of talking it over with a close friend or family member, they’ve decided to take it out on the signs at work. It took some time and thought to come up with this idea! The question is, will it sell more ladders? Or cause other kids with issues to scream at their actual step-parents? Either way, perhaps this person should be relegated to stocking, not sign marking from now on. Just until they get past their issues.

14 Label makers with opinions

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Label makers can be a lot of fun! Once you figure out how to use them, watch out! Everything in the store gets labeled and some things even get two labels. What happens when you assign a bored, opinionated employee with label-making duties? Signs go up that perhaps shouldn’t. This store is supposed to sell music. If an employee is asked, sure, they can give their opinion. But we’re pretty sure they’re not supposed to label music as bad, or worse yet, the worst ever. You’d think if it’s that bad they’d want to get it out of the store and away from their ears as soon as possible! Maybe this person has a band of their own and they’re pushing people toward their own music…

13 Practical, brilliant product placement

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We have to admit that this product placement was beyond brilliant. Women who have to go to the store for this type of item are going to want chocolate as well. It’s a fact of life. Placing the chocolate and the sanitary supplies together is downright convenient! But the employee who did so was likely not instructed to do so. They thought long and hard about this and made the switch on the sly. Maybe it was a practical joke or maybe they just had too much time on their hands that day. Either way, the switch may stick around. There are likely enough women who appreciated it. Maybe they even got awarded employee of the month for their joke. Of course, there might be others who were a bit offended. Can't please everybody.

12 Employees begging for assignments

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You can tell when an employee is bored by how they shuffle their feet around and stare off into the distance on a slow day. And then there are employees who make the most of their free time and simply start using the store products for entertainment. This employee wasn't going to let the slow store keep him down. Instead, he took advantage of the opportunity to make himself famous…at least among customers. He can then brag that he knows how to use the camera feature on the devices and every device shows proof of that! The store manager will likely have a lot of cleaning duties for this employee when his next shift comes around. Anyone this bored will be kept very busy from now on!

11 Precise sticker placement

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Pricing products can be a bore. Maybe you even get a hand cramp after stamping the price sticker on item after item. But when you come across something like butter, surely there’s something you can do with it to spice the day up a bit. So you put the sticker over the ‘er’ in butter to force it to spell a different word. The fact that the product has “tastes like” in the name is an added bonus. You get a giggle out of it and proceed to stamp stickers on the rest of the items from that case in the same manner. You hope that customers will notice it and get some giggles, too. In fact, you might even have time to stick around and watch since you obviously have too much time on your hands as it is!

10 Time to create the whole world

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We can only hope that this employee created this masterpiece in the break room while on break. Even if that is the case, the breaks are too long. Creating the whole world out of chips takes time! And this employee obviously had way too much of it on his hands! Our only compliant here is that this was a big waste of chips. Hopefully they were stale or something. Otherwise, this is quite a masterpiece that should be preserved. We’re willing to bet the employee had to take on the task of cleaning it up after he was discovered. But at least he wasn’t bored for a few minutes. Or a few hours, if that’s how long it took to create. Maybe he’ll get a job in the design department next time around.

9 Video games come to life

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When employees are asked to stock the pop aisle, managers probably expect the soda to be stacked in a fast, efficient manner. The employee, on the other hand, might take a different approach. In order to avoid finishing with too much time leftover to tackle another laborious chore, the employee then takes his time with the stacking job. That means creating something unique from the colors in the pop. Why not Mario from the video games? This employee is probably missing serious game time by putting hours in at work. So he brings the game to work with him by creating the fellow he wishes he were spending time with right then! Will anyone be able to get to the top of this stack or will customers just take pop from his belly?

8 Fake employees that fool no one

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If you have a job that is boring on occasion, you might wish that you could create a figure that looks just like you so you could sneak away from your job and no one would ever know the difference. Perhaps that is what this employee thought and they decided to give it a shot. But the only materials they found were clear plastic cups and tape. It didn’t work! But it sure did take up a lot of time! And at least they decorated the fellow with glasses and a goatee so he would be extra authentic. This person needs a vacation and fast. They obviously aren’t working anyway, they may as well stay home for a bit! With this character in place, no one would even miss them!

7 The reason road work takes so long

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We’ve all experienced traffic jams due to road work. You’ll see signs that certain roads are closed for months on end and you’ll wonder why it takes so long. And now you know exactly why! The road workers are having a good time with the streets instead of simply tearing them up and fixing them. If they tic tac toe as they go all the way down the street, it could take even longer than the predicted few months! Hopefully one of them will win fast so they can move on to the real work and the traffic can flow freely again. Will they have to pour new cement in the same manner? Surely there are more roads waiting for them to get to work on them too!

6 Stacking creations beyond belief

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When workers have enough time to chat with co-workers for a few minutes extra each day, they might need another project. When they are able to carve out enough time in their day to stack every pencil in the office in this manner, it’s time to find them a new profession completely. This pencil tower is impressive, we have to admit. But when done on company time, it’s just the type of thing that managers don’t want. And it doesn’t seem like this guy is alone in his boredom. He has spectators that are cheering his efforts on. This office needs an infusion of projects and fast. Otherwise the whole budget will go to buying more pencils to see how far he can go with this stack!

5 The longest cat in aisle five

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Some bored employee had to stock the pet aisle and they quickly realized they could get creative and make things more interesting. You’ve seen long dogs in the form of wiener dogs; why not create a long cat as well? The brilliant stocking job took time and effort to line up. That’s the first sign that this employee has too much time on her hands. The fact that she probably brought all of her co-workers over to see it was another sure sign. But it probably drew customer attention from cat lovers as they walked by! Though no one wanted to buy one of the boxes because that would mess up the long cat. So in the end, it probably brought business down a bit!

4 Creative stuck in a dead-end job

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You do what you have to do in order to get by. Sometimes that means taking jobs that are beneath you or not in your area of expertise just to pay the bills. This creative person obviously wanted to be somewhere else. Either he is a creative writer looking for a job in the writing world or someone who aims to be the next Chuck Norris of TV and film acting. At least he was able to use his ambitions in creating unique signs for the firewood at his place of business. Instead of just writing "kindling" or something of the sort, he labeled it in a much more telling manner. And what does it tell? That he has too much time on his hands!

3 Tuna fish from tuna fish

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When asked to stack the tuna fish, it only makes sense to create the cans into something that looks like an actual tuna fish. Because who wouldn’t want to buy a can that was illustrating what the fish actually looked like before it met its demise and was stuffed into a can? This stacking took hours upon hours to create and it’s likely that a small child went by and grabbed a low can later, only to have it all come tumbling down. The employee was probably trying to avoid bathroom clean up or another unsavory position that was likely to come at him after this project was complete. Luckily, this will come tumbling down and will have to be completed again and again until quitting time!

2 Employees issue a coded message

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Sometimes, the only thing to have employees do is wander the store, offer to help customers and straighten the merchandise. When this employee was particularly bored one day and had way too much time, they issued a cry for help using strategically placed lettered mugs. Their only hope is that someone will find the message, decode it and call them with an emergency so they can leave work early. They probably should have at least left their name as well so we would know who needed help. But we understand this was probably the best they could do under the watchful eye of their manager. Hopefully help arrived and they won’t have so much time on their hands during their next shift or more mugs will be needed.

1 When castles go up, productivity goes down

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When an employee turns his cubicle into a working castle, it’s a pretty good sign that he has too much time on his hands. In fact, it can pretty much show that nothing else is getting done. This isn’t a simple castle that included tying a few pieces of cardboard together, either. This has detail! A draw string bridge, windows, individual bricks, the works! There’s even a princess cutout peaking over the top, waiting for someone to come save her. It’s safe to say that even after the castle was built, nothing got done. Because who has a full castle in their cubicle and doesn’t want to play with it! There is far too much else going on other than plain ole work here, that’s for sure!

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