15 Epic Geek Weddings

Weddings are (hopefully) a celebration of all the things a couple loves about each other, like kindness, love, and shared bank accounts. They're also an expression of a couple's personalities – the music they choose, the decor  they select and the vows they write all say something about the type of people they are.

Is it any wonder, then, that geeks do weddings bigger, better, and more epically than anyone else? After all, they're creative, passionate, and imaginative people. There's nothing better than seeing a couple express their love for each other by throwing a wedding that showcases the things they've built their relationship on: Gaming, comics, sci-fi and a love of light sabers.

Here are 15 of the most epic geek weddings we could find:

15 These two Jedi knights

Photo credit: imgur.com

The theme: Star Wars (duh)

If you ask couples what the most stressful part of their wedding was, many of them will tell you that they spent hours worrying about their first dance. Some couples go to extreme lengths to have a perfect first dance – they’ll take lessons, practice for hours and even choreograph the whole thing. Here’s an alternative option for the nerdily-inclined: Skip the dance and have a light saber duel instead. And anyway, pretend sword fights are way more fun than the waltz.

Don’t stop there though: Any real Star Wars fan will ditch the Notting Hill soundtrack (“You say it best when you say nothing at all…”) in favor of the Imperial March as their first dance song. It’s what this couple did, with one caveat: The bride got to choose what color light sabers were to be used. She picked purple. Who said sci-fi wasn’t romantic?

14 This BioShock loving couple

The theme: BioShock

From fantasy fans to coding savants, there are many subclasses of geekery. For those who aren’t gaming nerds, BioShock is a (very) popular first person RPG game where you play your way through a fictional underwater city called Rapture (and the most recent sequel had you up in the sky in Bioshock:Infinite). Nate and Heather’s wedding theme was inspired by this city.

They chose it because, as Heather says on her blog, it is one of their favorite games to play together and was also one of the first things they bonded over when they met. To make sure the guests were in on the idea, they explained what BioShock was on the invitations. Other touches inspired by the game included centerpieces that looked like they came from Rapture (the tables were even named after places in the city), masks inspired by the New Year’s Masquerade in the game.

They’re true gaming nerds – going so far as to include the Silent Hill theme song into the music played at their cocktail party. Hopefully, there were no plasmids running around.

13 The Walking Dead if it were a romantic comedy

The theme: The Walking Dead

In the past, wedding photographs were pretty standard. Most of the time they were cheesy, posed and conservative. But in the last few decades (probably thanks to the quality of DSLR cameras) wedding photography has become more creative, with best photographers using snaps from a couple’s happy day to create canvas-worthy artworks.

Because it’s possible to take thousands of photos without worrying about expensive film and wasted shots, there’s more opportunity to explore unusual environments as backdrops. Geeky brides and grooms have taken advantage of this because it gives them the chance to express the nerdy things they love – without sacrificing the chance to have more conventional photos too. For this bride and groom, this meant that they could have a zombie chase sequence as their preferred wedding photo environment.

(PS. Any good TV nerd should recognize the weapon the groom is holding. Especially if they’re familiar with the Whedonverse. Hint: Vampires shouldn't sparkle)

12 The Khaleesi and her Jon Snow (!)

The theme: Game of Thrones

Consider yourself lucky (or unlucky – depending on your allegiances) if you have yet to meet a baby with the name, ‘Khaleesi.’ No, really. The massive popularity of Game of Thrones means that there will be an entire generation of Danys, Aryas, Sansas, and Tyrions. Since people are happy to name their children based on the show, it shouldn’t be any surprise that fans of the show have been throwing epic Game of Thrones weddings.

It’s become a popular theme with couples incorporating various aspects into their ceremonies and receptions. This bride and groom – huge fans of the show – took it as far as they could; opting to forego the white dress and tuxedo in favor of a blue dress similar to the one worn by Danaerys in Season 3, and a cloak that looks like something worn by Jon Snow at Castle Black. The only things missing from this wedding are direwolves and dragons. Just kidding. Everyone knows wolves don’t dance.

11 This arcade wedding

The theme: All things gaming

If you’re going to have an epic geek wedding, it’s helpful to know people who are good at getting crafty or have a skill that you can use to create the ultimate nerd event. For example: Having a friend that can design and make clothes is great. Being able to do it for yourself is even better, which is the case for this gaming-themed wedding.

As an avid cosplayer, this bride could create the clothes that her wedding party would wear on her special day. To up the nerd factor, they got married in an arcade on Halloween, walked down the aisle to the bridal march from Matrimelee (an arcade fighting game where a king – looking for a husband/wife for his son/daughter – holds a fighting tournament to find a worthy suitor), played Dance Dance Revolution for their first dance, served pizza at the reception and held pinball competitions for wedding guests.

They exchanged power gloves rather than rings, the bride held a bouquet made of scrapbooking paper and buttons and their cake was decorated to celebrate classic arcade games.

10 This Firefly themed wedding

The theme: Firefly

If you only get married once in your life, you’ll have as many weddings as there are seasons of Firefly. Too soon? JK. It’ll always be too soon. For those who haven’t experienced the joy of this tragically short-lived TV series, Firefly was a space western that was unfairly cancelled. Even though it only had 14 episodes (and a movie) and was broadcast in 2002, it’s still loved by geeks all over the world.

As huge fans of the TV show, this bride and groom’s wedding featured details taken from various aspects of the series. One of the most important (at least according to the bride) was the headgear worn by the groomsmen: A knitted hat identical to the one worn by the character Jayne. It’s one of the most endearing items from the show: Jayne – a hardcore and supposedly heartless mercenary – treasures it above everything else because his mother made it. The bride knitted them herself. Nerd hearts rejoice!

9 The comic book couple

The theme: Comicmania

Some couples bond over nights out dancing. Others connect over a shared religion. Geeks are attracted to people who can nerd out about similar things, like comic books. It doesn’t really matter what the comic books are, when one enthusiast finds another that’s just as passionate about the topic, it’s a match made in Asgard. Who else will understand why that variant edition should NEVER be handled without gloves or why that signed print needs to be kept in a box to avoid sun damage? And who else is going to enjoy an argument over who is worthy enough to carry Cap’s shield?

It’s something that this couple bonded so strongly over that they felt it was important to include it in their wedding and to make sure there were photographs to document it. Is there anything more romantic that seeing two geeks fall in love over a comic book?

8 This Whovian wedding

Photo credit: Christa J Newman[/caption]

The theme: Dr. Who

There is a loose order to the way in which Geekdom is structured. Location doesn’t matter. Social status doesn’t either. It’s all about what fandom a person belongs to. Some fandoms are contentious (read: DC fanboys vs. Marvel fanatics), but others have an understanding. If you’re ever unsure of how to categorize yourself or where to find others obsessed with the same things you are, spend some time on Tumblr and it’ll be obvious. Three of the most vocal fandoms on Tumblr are the ones for Sherlock – the awesome BBC show, not the Lucy Liu one – Supernatural and Dr. Who. (Shout out to equal opportunity SuperWhoLock fans.)

It’s impossible to decide who, of the three, are the most passionate, but Whovians hold a special place in the geek world since Dr. Who has been around since the 1960s. Fellow Whovians will appreciate the epic wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey Dr. Who-themed wedding thrown by these two fans – complete with a life-sized TARDIS.

7 A wedding in a galaxy far, far away

The theme: More Star Wars!

At this point, it’s more unusual to find someone who isn’t a fan of Star Wars than someone who is. Jar Jar Binks may have put millions of potential fans off, but last year’s The Force Awakens created a whole generation of new enthusiasts. Hopefully, Rogue One will do the same. Still, there are levels of geekiness. Some people are content to own a Darth Vader mug. Others own life-size carbonite statues.

But the ultimate expression of love for Star Wars is to incorporate aspects of it into your wedding. It’s probably one of the more popular geek wedding themes – the Internet is populated with receptions where light saber wars are common, tales of Yoda-like marriage vows and various degrees of wedding dress cosplay. But if you really want to show your love for Star Wars, you’ll need to do something similar to what this couple did: Have your groomsmen dress up as Stormtroopers.

HINT: If you’re the bride, it’s probably not a good idea to put your bridesmaids in Princess Leia bikinis. For everyone else, it’s a great idea.

6 Undercover superheroes at the ceremony

The theme: Superheroes, unite!

20 years ago, if you wanted people to wear superhero costumes under their tuxedoes, you’d be asking for something crazy, unpopular and, for them, irritating. Luckily, anything superhero-related is popular now. (Thanks, Marvel. And Sheldon.) This popularity has found its way into wedding parties and prom photos. A quick search on Google will show you hundreds of images where groomsmen are wearing shirts declaring their favorite costumed hero.

This couple were married before this was considered something you could do at a wedding, so – when they decided to renew their vows 10 years later – the groom surprised his wife with the geek wedding of her dreams. Those looks of surprise on the girls’ faces are genuine.

5 A union by way of Bat-priest


Finding someone who loves the same geeky things as you do is number one. But if you can’t, finding someone who allows you to geek out (without making you feel ridiculous for doing so) is prize number two. It’s a tall order, but if you can find someone who will also let you express your favorite nerd obsession in public, you’ve done well.

There’s only one reason why a bride would let herself be talked into replacing the rabbi/priest/reverend with Batman: Unconditional love. In the old days, Batpriest would have had to travel to Nanda Parbat to get ordained. But these days the League of Assassins must have an online certification process. (Or they’ve mastered teleportation. How else do Oliver Queen and his band of misfits get there in a single episode?!)

P.S. Your vows don’t count if your Batpriest doesn’t do the Batvoice. Or if they wear that ridiculous Batfleck armor from Batman vs. Superman.

4 This cosplay wedding

Photo credit: Curt Chauncey[/caption]

The theme: ALL of the nerd things!

Why pick one fandom when you can have them all? Because if you do, you’ll have a wedding as epic as this one where every geek can express their first love – from hobbits to fairies!

The bride and groom are both artists so they did most of the work themselves - with each one making their own outfits as well as those for the entire wedding party. As part of their epic geek wedding, the bridesmaids entered the ceremony to a track called ‘Concerning Hobbits’ from The Fellowship of the Ring movie and the bride switched out the wedding march for the Star Wars ‘Throne Room’ theme. Their ceremony ended with the music from the end credit music from Stargate SG-1.

Each table held centerpieces related to their favorite geek interests including Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, The Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast and The Last Airbender. Instead of the traditional cake topping of a miniature version of the bride and groom, their cake was topped with Eowyn and Captain Kirk figurines.

Even their vows were written in full nerd. Here’s a sample:

"In all my years and in all the lands, never has a fairer maiden crossed my path. I would not have this world end now, or lose so soon what I have found. The things love can drive a man to - the ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures and the glorious victories. Marriage is the greatest adventure of them all."

3 A medieval celebration

The theme: Knights and ladies

Whenever a TV show or movie wants to let the audience know that the cast is geeky, they feature a scene where the characters visit a Renaissance fair. (Or they’re fluent in Klingon.) With good reason too: It’s the original cosplay event where people can dress as anything from Friar Tuck to Aragorn and get away with it. Luckily there isn’t (normally) any real jousting because death is not fun.

If you forget that slavery existed, most people were peasants, the streets were toilets, the Black Plague was a disease not a heavy metal band, and that women were property, then the Middle Ages is quite romantic. Apparently, this couple thought so too because they asked all their guests to dress as if they were a part of this period in history. Men wore suits of armor and women wore corsets.

TIP: Take dance offs to a whole new level: Carry swords and restrict oxygen to the brain.

2 This fairy tale wedding

Photo credit: Courtney of Simple Beauty Photography[/caption]

The theme: Whatever the imagination could dream up. (And still be on budget.)

This wedding couple, Damien and Rebecca, met the old fashioned way: Playing a multiplayer first person shooter. Because weddings aren’t already stressful, they chose to make everything themselves. This included gathering, painting and constructing the beautiful tree décor, which was designed to create a fairy tale-like setting. Damien made his jacket himself as well as a long fur cape worn by the bride after the ceremony. They even cut the cake to the soundtrack from Portal.

Knowing that they were fans of The Lord of the Rings, their officiant incorporate the following quote into the ceremony:

"Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,One for the Dark Lord upon his throneIn the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.One Ring to rule them allOne Ring to find them,Two Rings to bring them allInto everlasting love and bind them."

For a last bit of geekery, they closed their ceremony with words from Dr. Who, “There’s a lot of things you need to get across the universe. Warp drive…wormhole refractors…You know the thing you need most of all? A hand to hold.”Awww.

1 These Harry Potter newlyweds

Source: BuzzFeed[/caption]

Theme: Pottermania

A list of epic geek weddings would be incomplete without a Harry Potter theme. As far as fandoms go, it’s one of the biggest and most popular. (If someone doesn’t like Harry Potter, they can’t be trusted.) Who would’ve thought Snape would be a romantic hero?

The groom wore a suit that wouldn’t be out of place as part of the Hogwarts school uniform and guests were asked to wear their wizard robes. Rather than the usual ceremony exit – where guests hold up their arms to form an arch that the couple walks through – or a less usual one – where guests hold up swords, this wedding featured an arch made of wands.

We can only hope that the ceremony was officiated over by Dumbledore and that the bride arrived by broomstick. But if they couldn’t make any of that work, serving Butterbeer in place of wine is an acceptable compromise.

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