15 Epic Ideas For Kids' Birthday Parties

Giving their child an unforgettable birthday is one of the things parents wish for the most. You don't need to spend a lot of money on a super expensive party to make it absolutely perfect. Check out these incredible ideas that your kids will surely love!

15 Signature Cake

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Make their birthday more special by requesting a white fondant cake. Purchase a few edible markers and let everyone write adorable messages for the birthday girl or guy. It will be an unforgettable memory!

14 Hello, Kitty!

A Hello Kitty themed party is the perfect way to celebrate your little one in their own unique and special way. You can have everything from balloon decorations to a Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes. Adorable!

13 DIY Star Wars Cupcakes

For the little Star Wars fanatic, these super easy Stormtrooper cupcakes will be the talk of the party! You an make them yourself just by adding a decorated marshmallow on top of some white frosting. Yum!

12 Goody Bags

Make your own goody bags for the kids to take home by folding old newspapers, adding a doily and a tiny ribbon. Fill the goodby bags with delicious candy. Everyone will love them!

11 Color Scheme

If your child doesn't have a particular theme in mind, you can always use color! Pick your kid's favorite color and do everything in it, from the cake to the decorations.

10 Candyland

Who doesn't love candy? A candy-themed party (with oversized lollypops and cupcakes) will be the perfect theme for any kid.

9 Welcome, Spring!

Go with a flower theme if your party is during the spring. You can have them on everything from little flower sandwiches to flower decorations. Super cute and sweet!

8 Cupcake Tower

Instead of getting a giant cake for everyone invited, get a small one and some additional cupcakes to share with all your guests! Cupcakes are perfectly sized for kids!

7 The Unicorn


Nothing is more magical than a mythical creature like a unicorn! Let all your little guests be unicorns for the day with these adorable headbands.

6 Hot Air Balloons


Everything about this party is so sweet! From the tiny table with the elegant Tiffany chairs to the make-believe hot air balloons decorating the ceiling, and even the centerpieces! Perfect for any adventurous princess.

5 Happy Monsters


Kids are usually afraid of the monsters under their bed, but these cuties are nothing to be afraid of! Creating a few happy monsters from balloons will be a great idea that your child will surely love.

4 Dinosaurs


For kids, it's the little details that matter. When your kid and their guests! see these edible prehistoric dirt cups (made out of pudding) they will go crazy!

3 Camping


Take everyone on a camping adventure without leaving your home! Use an old bed sheet to create a make-believe tent. Bring in some pine cones for decor and have some camping treats like s'mores and hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy!

2 The Avengers


Make it a truly unforgettable day for your little one by having an Avengers-themed party! You can probably get most of the decorations from a party store. To go the extra mile, get some cupcakes, cake pops and a cake that are decorated Avengers-style. They will love it!

1 Fun At The Barnyard


Farm animals are one of the first things kids learn about when they are little. They know all about the cows going "moo" and the pigs going "oink, oink", so having a birthday party with such familiar faces surrounding them will help them have a blast!

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