15 Epic People Who Turned Their Awful Fails Into Total Wins

We all know the adage "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," but what do you do when tricky situations occur and things don't work out in your favour? Let's face it--you can still make lemonade (it just might taste a bit different).

Whether you've just been rear-ended in traffic, your girlfriend broke up with you over text message, or you fall on your face tripping on the sidewalk, the real test of your character is determined by how you react. Sure, you might be tempted to throw your phone out of the window or key your boss’ car, but that won’t impress anyone and will just cost you time, grief and legal fees (and probably your job too). Instead, borrow from the following clever people who decided to take the high road and epically made the most out of their seemingly unfortunate situations.

14 Whoever turned this cracked screen into a Miley masterpiece

We've all been there. Dropping your phone and cracking the screen can happen as swiftly as heartbreak. So we don't blame you for wanting to throw on some Miley Cyrus and jamming out to "Wrecking Ball" while you mourn your cell phone. Better yet, why not take a note from whoever uploaded this Miley screen saver to mask their shame and disguise the state of their screen in the most ironic of ways? An alternative to setting your wallpaper to a superhero, embrace the cracks and chips of your screen, pray it still works, and skip the repair bill with this lighthearted hack that's sure to start a conversation.

13 This ex who decided to celebrate her divorce

Kudos to this tough divorcee who decided to make light of an unfortunate marriage demise. Although it may not have worked out with her significant other, at least she could celebrate the end of a long legal battle by closing that chapter of her life with--what else--cake. We can only image she assembled her loved ones and fellow scorned spouses to indulge in the sweet release of a bad union after a long haul. Of course, while divorce is definitely no laughing matter, it seems like this woman was able to come to terms with her relationship and move on with her life in a healthy--and humorous--way. We only wonder... where did she find that cake topper?

12 This girl who embraced her webbed toes

Though often tattoos get a bad rep, for many they can be nostalgic, inspiring, and healing. You may have come across photographs of people who lost their arm during a shark attack and had their attacker's image tattooed in the same spot, but what about people tattooing pre-existing conditions? If you've ever been on the receiving end of bullying for parts of your body you were born with, than you can definitely appreciate the strength it takes to overcome the stigma. In this case, this epic girl decided to embrace her webbed toes with these adorable (and sassy) tattoos.

11 This dad's photo session with his ninja daughter

Yikes--we hope that whatever (or whoever) smashed the windshield of that car has insurance. In typical dad fashion, however, the owner of this car decided to let his daughter have the spotlight during this sticky vehicular accident (and probably to distract him from figuring out the cost of repairs). There's no denying this kid has all the makings of the next ninja superstar, and it takes a good sense of humour for her dad to realize it. If this girl isn't already a karate kid or jedi-in-training, we'd be surprised. A lot can be said for a parent who encourages their children to be anything they want.

10 Whoever jumped at this perfect opportunity

Dinosaur lovers everywhere could perhaps believe this fix-up was intentional, and who can blame them? Perfectly placed, and making so much sense to anyone who's ever seen the Steven Spielberg classic Jurassic Park, this stencil was clearly the brainchild of one dedicated fan. How did they even do it? Ripped right down the middle in a perfect replica of a raptor tear, it's a good thing this car is a two-door. In fact, if the damage doesn't affect how the car operates, we can totally see how the Jurassic Park logo would only add to its value.

9 This guy who definitely won 'Best Costume'

Sometimes making fun of yourself can inspire confidence, and this man proves it. We're unsure how he lost his leg, but one thing is certain--he owns it. Struggling to find the perfect costume for a party or Halloween can be a hassle for anyone with two legs, but this guy is one step ahead of us (forgive the pun). Dressed as the Leg Lamp that became iconic and wildly recognizable as a prop from the movie A Christmas Story, this guy even thought through attaching a working light to his stomach to really heighten the effect. He truly took the lampshade costume to another level, and we couldn't be more impressed.

8 This genius chef who worked with what he had

Whether you view this as a cooking fail or win, we can't deny this guys' ingenuity. Coined as a "grilldo"--hamburger meat shaped into a hot dog--this doting and creative husband didn't let a lack of hamburger buns deter him from his barbecue vision. Though his wife may not have appreciated the sarcasm, we can't help but approve of this innovative cooking hack. The next time you're running low in buns, don't hesitate to shape up a grilldo and prank your hot dog-loving friends. After all, people make patties out of sausages, so who's to judge?

7 Whoever realized the real benefit of crutches

Via Adme

A hands-free hack for all beer lovers, whoever came up with this invention should win an award. It's hard enough to have to deal with a broken leg or badly sprained ankle--just walking to the fridge or getting up from the couch is a chore and can be a nightmare. And what about the times you want to stand up or get some fresh air? Having to leave behind your drink just isn't an option. This genius decided to engineer the perfect solution: a cup holder for his crutches--and boy are we jealous. Handy in more ways than one, these updated crutches could easily be trademarked and sold en masse to those in need.

6 This snowboarder who commuted to work in style

For some, a heavy snowfall means calling in sick at work and holing up at home until the snow melts. For others with a penchant for adventure and a knack at shredding the powder, they refuse to let a little snow get in the way of their day. Commuting to work, picking up groceries or making it to class on time even when the bus is delayed--this guy has it figured out. Cutting through the fresh snow down his residential street, this snowboarder shows us that all it takes is some gear and imagination to avoid traffic in the snow.

5 These friends who didn't let a flood ruin their plans

When you really have a hankering for some fast food, it can feel like nothing will stop you. For these guys it certainly didn't. Not necessarily something we'd recommend during a natural disaster such as a flood (who knows what's in those waters), but refreshing to say the least, these three friends decided to embrace the terrible weather conditions and make the trek out for some nutrition. Lounging comfortably in river tubes and pool floats, in some way or another they made it to the closest fried chicken joint. We only hope that after such a laborious and risky trip, the drive-in window was still functioning...

4 The kids who made a skate park out of an earthquake

Again, not something we would recommend in the after-effects of a crisis, but nonetheless a nice attempt at making light of a grim situation. Although the first thing that comes to mind after an earthquake is probably not to grab a skateboard and jump the cracks and craters in the street, these boys are proving it is a possibility. Perhaps if other forms of entertainment weren't available due to power outages that can be inevitable after an earthquake, the only thing to do is find a source of distraction outside. These nature-made skate parks are an alternative for any skater with a bold streak.

3 This athlete who turned a loss into a win

Although unfortunate for his track numbers, this guy definitely came back from an embarrassing fall with a hilarious recovery. Not something you'd ever wish on an aspiring athlete, unintentionally tripping and falling right at the finishing line like this guy is not only humiliating--but could have been painful. Thankfully, he had a great sense of humour and decided to show everyone at the track meet that a little thing like losing a race doesn't make him a loser. In fact, anyone can agree that his skillful breakdancing moves probably earned him more attention than if he had won.

2 The third wheel who sneakily got his revenge

One of the most awkward situations you can find yourself in is when you're the third wheel to a couple. Even worse is when you're the third wheel to a couple on a night out--especially if it was supposed to be a no-couples outing. Next time you're stuck being the third wheel, however, try this trick that this poor guy owned. Whenever your friends are too busy engaging in PDA or dancing together, unassumingly sneak whatever they're drinking or eating when they're not looking. This will save you money and grief, and will lessen your resentment and boredom. Don't feel too bad--after all, your friends willingly did this to you.

1 The genius pet owner who reinvented the 'Cone of Shame'

Coined by Dug the dog from Disney Pixar's 'Up,' the Cone of Shame has become a popular term for the plastic cone pets have to wear after surgery or to prevent certain behaviour. It's hard to take a dog wearing a cone seriously, but after they start knocking all of your belongings off low surfaces (like your laptop off the coffee table or your carefully-planted herb garden), what started out as funny can often end up disastrous. To make you--and your dog-- feel better about the whole situation, do what this owner did. The Death Star may be destructive, but there's no chance you could ever get mad at that face.

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