15 Epic Photos That Are Next-Level Savage

It’s hard to argue with people these days. One can try to get their point across by explaining a situation the best way they know how

It’s hard to argue with people these days. One can try to get their point across by explaining a situation the best way they know how—only to be retaliated with “savagery” (people who fight back with words that take sarcasm to greater heights). Savage people are those who are quick with wit in downplaying another's point (and in the funniest of ways, at that!). They are brutally honest (i.e. honest enough to express what they mean without sugarcoating it, much less caring about how you feel!).

But, the world—in all its pretenses and deceptions—can use some sarcasm. Let’s get real, for once! Savage of epic proportions? These 15 photos show how it’s done.

15 Your girlfriend’s nudes

When you’re in the mood for a naughty time, but it seems your plan has gone a little bit wrong, would you go on being the savage beast that you are? These days, “asking for nudes” seems to be fairly common. Mischievous guys simply get a kick out of doing this—perhaps in the hope of actually laying eyes on those pictures! But, what if, in the middle of this act, you get caught doing the deed—by the woman of your dream’s boyfriend, no less! That may just be the most awkward sticky situation you can ever be in! But, if you’re like this guy, you’ll get yourself together, get your savage game on—and act like you mean it! Incredibly funny, but downright savage, indeed!

14 Irking the ex

Did your ex-girlfriend make your life a living hell? Was she the single person in the world whom you regret having trusted or loved? Was she that girl for whom you gave everything up, but she had no second thoughts about leaving you for someone else? Was she that woman whom you thought was willing to even consider sharing a future with you—but betrayed you in the end? Was this lady completely uncaring and unappreciative of all your efforts to get her back, despite it all being her fault? For a boyfriend who has been hurt bad, it is only natural to feel like revenge is a must—and vengeance that does no harm at that! For next-level, harmless savagery in vengeance against your ex, learn from this guy!

13 “Whatever” pizza gift from boyfriend

They say women are like codes; they’re hard to decipher. Girlfriends, in particular, can be a headache (most boyfriends will attest to that). They surprise you with their clingy ways, but turn completely uninterested all of a sudden. A girlfriend can be likened to a ticking bomb waiting for a trigger—such as a botched plan, a bad day or something completely random. One minute, they act like they rule the world and the next minute, they feel as if they’re being hated by it. When things don’t go her way, she is quick to dismiss the situation with words like “do what you want” or “whatever”—to the frustration of a boyfriend who only wants to make things a little easy for her. So, when this boyfriend had enough of a girlfriend who couldn’t decide what she wanted, he had no qualms going savage all the way.

12 The most beautiful girl

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In this day and age, looks seem to matter more than you think it does. Those lovely eyes, beautiful locks, great legs and pretty nails turn heads! Not surprisingly, girls love it when people tell them they’re beautiful. Their eyes light up, their smile widens and their whole world suddenly brightens whenever someone appreciates the effort they exert, all in the name of beauty. They buy the latest brands and risk putting on the most effective products on their faces just so they look good and become self-confident. You may see your lady shying away from your compliment, but really, who doesn’t want to be called pretty? So girls, when someone gives you the slightest insinuation that you are beautiful, you better believe it...or not.

11 Username: Fingerme

When it comes to our name, we tend to become overly protective. We can never be too careful—it’s precious to us, after all! We want our name to be spelled perfectly and pronounced impeccably. Every single time that it is written—whether on a gift tag or a Starbucks cup—we can’t help but check whether or not it is of the right spelling. This is something that is completely expected of us; our name is the only one we’ve got. It signifies the unique person that we are! We feel the same about profiles that speak of who we are, just like our e-mail address that point to our very virtual identity. So yes, this woman has every reason to be unhappy about the savagery that was brought to her world—a username that makes everyone cringe!

10 Wendy’s fires back

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Don’t you just love getting the best deals? Whenever notices of clothing bargains hit our inbox, we rush to the shops and make reservations! We check in advance for information pertaining to a sale at our favorite stores, because we want to be prepared for it. Whether it’s a woman’s dress or a man’s toolbox, bargains may be the next best things to actually owning something we’ve always wanted to have. Ultimately, it is all about getting big savings! The same rings true for food; we all want to save on our food expenses, which is why we keep our eyes peeled and ears open for food bargains offered by our favorite food chains and restaurants. So, is one food shop’s money-saving food deal another’s loss? Wendy’s says it isn’t—for the funniest reason that the competitor will definitely call “savage!”

9 Tony the big nerd

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It’s true what they say (and what the famous show said): kids say the darndest things! Ask them what you think of your new haircut and be prepared for an unexpected judgment that beats the experts' opinions. Seek their authoritative opinion on the dish you’ve been bragging about and do not expect to be praised at all! Whenever you want to get the most honest—albeit, the most brutal—opinion or review of something or just a random thought to help you make a good decision, why not get a kid to do that for you? You might be surprised by how adults have been trying to hide from you the truth to please you. See how this harmless question intended for kids is unable to escape the savagery in the little one’s response—all in the guise of childlike innocence!

8 Letting the neighbors get robbed

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Have you had neighbors you wished you could get rid of? Practically all of us have! You may be familiar with that housewife who screams so early in the morning trying to squeeze the truth out of her philandering husband. You might be annoyed by the neighbors’ kids who subtly bully yours with their loud Xbox sessions every single night. You might have encountered neighbors who purposely place their garbage bins in front of your home! These are extremely annoying, thoughtless people you wish you never had the unfortunate chance of living next to. So, when these neighbors that get on your nerves get entangled in a sticky situation—such as a robbery—will you offer your help? This guy thinks they do not deserve any—for the most savage of reasons!

7 Finding Jesus

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While the spiritual faith of an individual is a personal matter that should be respected, some people are able to spot the perfect timing for anything associated with a belief, in order to make it become the subject of irony. For example, a lot of questions surround the life of Jesus, the ultimate symbol of salvation for Christians all over the world. Jesus’ life has been depicted in a myriad of stories. His life is featured in various media—from the oldest literature to the most modern Hollywood movies. Jesus' resurrection symbolizes hope for Christians, as emphasized in one movie. But, in this most awkward photo, such a movie is being placed side by side one that features him being killed. Literally, seeing both makes finding Jesus a real challenge!

6 The savage prize

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Anybody up for a prize? Every single one of us dreams of winning something. Whenever there are games, we try our best to be number one! We aim for that coveted prize, no matter how petty or small it all seems. Sometimes, it’s more than just about conquering that coveted spot; it’s in knowing you pushed yourself to the limit enough to deserve what most people don’t. But, do all such prizes and rewards go to those who should have them? What do you think about getting a massive motorbike when an accident involving one had traumatized you? Will you accept a year’s worth of free top-selling meat restaurant when you’re a vegan? And if you’ve won a treadmill, while you’re on a wheelchair, wouldn’t that be awkward? For some, it’s beyond savage!

5 Fingers crossed

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When it comes to your personal preferences, should others’ opinions matter? This is a question that has been hounding our society for years. As a society filled with prejudice and discrimination, people’s choices are being challenged and questioned in the most disrespectful of ways. Women who prefer the same gender, as well as men who prefer men, are being judged by a lot of people. They always have to answer for their actions and are treated as if they are criminals or even worse—to the dismay, frustration and anger of many who believe in equality. This is why witty responses to people’s mindless mockery of gender preferences is applauded by many—just as this one, which certainly is as savage as can be.

4 Savage Siri schools you!

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Siri is one revolutionary modern milestone. Who would have thought that, just a few years after the world was introduced to virtual experience, people would be able to find the answers they seek with the assistance of a virtual helper of sorts? Siri, the smart assistant for Apple users, can do a lot of things for you! She can get you your messages, make those calls, check your schedules and set or remind you of your alarms. It’s intelligent enough to even give you answers to practically all questions that the internet has answers for. Truly, Siri makes owning an Apple device very fun and convenient! But be warned: when you ask what Siri thinks is a question that makes no sense, prepare to be schooled—and in a savage way!

3 Changes

Only a few things last a lifetime in this world—and one of them is friendship. When you have friends whom you can count on, you know you’ve got friends for life. These people may have been with you for just months or for days, but your instinct will tell you just how reliable they can be. When they’ve got your back and will always be there for you, they are worth keeping! Time may pass and everything else may change—your address, your surname, your job, your life—but these people will remain as your trusted confidante. But, when you start being a different person, who acts as if their memories with you don’t matter, be ready to be schooled. Frustrated, unhappy or betrayed friends can be the most savage—without actually being cruel to you!

2 No sympathy from me

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A lot of teachers are looked up to by their students, simply because they provide the right guidance. When teachers value and practice fairness in the way they treat every single person in the classroom, they earn the admiration of everyone. These instructors are well-loved and highly respected in the same way that they love and respect their students and value their profession. In fact, there are movies that accurately depict this healthy relationship between instructors and students in academic institutions. Ideally, students should believe in their teachers; likewise, professors should believe they can learn from their students. If only this is true to all, there won’t be any reason for a student to be savagely apathetic towards a teacher’s personal ordeal—exactly like this one!

1 Too young?

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Just how innocent are little children? Try speaking the most inappropriate words when they are around and you’ll get no less than a clueless face. Try making the most awkward gestures and they give you no less than a confused look. Little as they are, however, they tend to mimic you! For this reason, it is highly important to stay conscious of your actions in their presence. They may follow what you do, but they actually are unaware of what it means. They are too young to process the underlying meaning of what could be an uncomfortable situation. Embarrassing as their actions may seem, children are innocent. But, this photo makes you wonder—is this kid right here the next big thing in internet savagery?

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