15 Epic Teachers You Wish You'd Had In School

School is tough, especially middle school and high school. That's when kids are at their meanest and the hormones are at their highest. Seriously, sticking a bunch of angry, hormonal teenagers in the same room together? You just can't expect them to get along, or to behave or to make the entire schooling process enjoyable.

As it is, school is pretty bad. But the ones who make or break it are the teachers. If you've got rude, hateful or apathetic teachers, school will suck six ways to Sunday. But if you're lucky enough to get teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach and who want to help their students learn no matter what it takes? Well, that makes school a lot better. That's why we want to give major props to these 15 awesome teachers you wish you'd had in school.

15 This teacher's never gonna let you down

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Son of a buck. A teacher that rickrolls their students. It's like seeing a leprechaun riding a unicorn over a rainbow. This is magical! Oh! How we would have loved to take classes from this blessed troll! Heck, we don't even know what he/she teaches. They might teach calculus, a subject we totally hate, and yet, we would gladly sit through hours of that nonsense just to get the benefit of these priceless pranks. We think we're in true teacher love! *Swoons*

Hey, what gives? How come our teachers never did anything fun like this? We sat through all of that algebra crap and that Periodic Table of the Elements bull, and we didn't get anything fun like this. We want a teacher refund, and a coupon for a free rickroll.

14 Frustrated cartoonist

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Awwww. This is so sweet! Our teachers never wrote anything nice on our papers. In fact, we never got any sort of praise or encouragement whatsoever during our time in hell... we mean, school. The nicest thing we got was when our science teacher said we weren't as dumb as the others, and we would probably be able to land a job at Texas Roadhouse instead of McDonald's.

This teacher proves that it's the thought that counts. Sure, they can't draw for beans, and, yes, that prevented him/her from making a cool "Nailed it!" doodle. But that didn't stop them from telling the student their true intentions. Such a nice teacher. If we were grading their paper, we would tell them that we would've drawn a hammer if we were capable of drawing a hammer, too.


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He did it. He finally did it. This teacher did what we all want to do anytime we see a wasp. He KILLED IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!! And, what's more, that makeshift flame thrower could catch on something and burn the building to the ground, meaning the students wouldn't have to go to school anymore! Uh, no. What? That would be wrong and bad and lots of other negative adjectives. Stay in school, kids. And study hard for your fire drills.

This is the stuff of legend. Setting a wasp on fire right in the middle of a chemistry class is exactly the sort of stunt that you need to pull to cement yourself as the coolest teacher in school. Plus, if he ever finds himself out of a job, he can find work as an exterminator.

12 Making them sing

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Yiiiiisssssss. We've been waiting our whole lives for this extra credit (which is worth ten points, by the way). All of those years of singing at the top of our lungs when no one else was home. All of those years of shower karaoke. All of those years of—what do you mean we can't actually get this awesome extra credit because, not only are we no longer students, but it's also just a screenshot? Get outta here with your anti a cappella propaganda.

Oh, who are we kidding? You're right. And now, we'll never get to sing the chorus of "Mr. Brightside" to bring our grade up. Life is so unfair. At least we can rest easy knowing that this awesome teacher is out there somewhere, getting kids to sing for points.

11 Best. Teacher. Ever.

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Guess we have to eat our words, now. See, ever since we graduated, we've been saying, "Man, we sure are glad we don't have to go to school anymore! Not going to school is the best thing ever!" Turns out, we were wrong.

Not going to school is not the best thing ever. The real best thing ever is being in this music theory teacher's class. Just look at all of the cool stuff he lets his students do! They get to take naps when they're tired, they get to order pizza and, as if it could possibly get any better, he hands out chocolates to everyone before each class. If high school is hell—just kidding, high school is hell; there's no "if" about it—then this teacher's class is heaven.

10 You shall pass—Gandalf the White

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For those of you dying to know what happened to Gandalf the White after the Lord of the Rings movies, you'll be happy to know that he was able to swing a teaching gig at the Northside Independent School District. He's had to drop some of his old habits, though. Remember how he loved telling people, "You shall not pass"? Well, ironically, now he's telling people that they shall pass, and he writes hall passes all day.

Gandalf also had to give up smoking his pipe. The principal found out that he was blowing smoke rings while teaching a class, and he almost got fired. He's wearing those Nicoderm patches, though, so he'll be fine. But, he's still allowed to wear his fancy robes, and they even gave him a personalized parking spot to keep Shadowfax.

9 The aquatic threesome

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There are teachers, and then there are these teachers. Whereas most teachers are quiet and reserved when it comes to their hobby (and that's assuming that they actually have a hobby), these teachers are open and enthusiastic about what they do in their free time. Hence, the elaborate scuba diving themed yearbook photo set.

This is one of the best yearbook pictures we have ever seen, and that's saying something because our hobby is looking at old yearbooks from schools that we never even went to. Yes, we know how strange that is, but we're not talking about us. We're talking about the teachers. These guys are a real inspiration. We bet they encourage all of their students to participate in entertaining photo sets, too. Their classes must be amazing.

8 A #win of Titanic proportions

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Labeling the skeletal system is approximately 98% more enjoyable when the skeleton is pretending to be Kate Winslet from Titanic. That's an astonishing statistic, considering labeling a skeleton that is not pretending to be Kate Winslet from Titanic has a 0% enjoyability rating. Don't believe us? Well, we've got the science to back that up. We're looking at a paper published in a medical journal last year talking about how much better Kate Winslet skeletons are than regular skeletons. We would show you, but we're not going to.

Anyway, we're going to print out a few of these puppies real quick. We need to brush up on our anatomy. We always forget, is the humerus in the arm or the leg? Hm. Guess we should go study by watching Titanic.

7 Thanks, Tinder!

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Tinder. A simple dating app used to bring like-minded individuals together. Isn't it funny to think that something as serious and intense as true love could originate from one silly app? And isn't is super creepy and discomforting to think that Tinder could accidentally match you with your professor? Wow, Tinder. You can go from being a matchmaker to a creepy pervert in .2 seconds. You're so versatile!

Thankfully, this teacher was totally cool about the whole thing. He played it off like the boss he is. Instead of hooking up with his student (which some more despicable teachers totally would have done), he used the opportunity to reveal his student's final grade. Way to diffuse the tension in such an awkward situation, Professor! We're totally signing up for his class next semester.

6 Teacher of Crush the Patriarchy 101

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Extra credit is no laughing matter. You should not take it lightly. Even if you've got an A+ average, you should never pass up an opportunity to harvest some bonus points. After all, you can never have too many 100% test scores. There's always room to improve your average, so leaving a bonus question blank is practically grade point suicide. Even if you don't have a good answer to those questions, you have to put something down.

This answer was a real risk. You could argue that this answer is actually worse than if the student had left the space blank. But they didn't. They took their chance, and it paid off big time! The student did good, here. And the teacher did good, too. Not every teach' would be so passionate about crushing the patriarchy.

5 Chalk us up as amazed

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Holy sh*t. The most impressive thing that we ever drew on the blackboard was a cartoon of our eighth grade teacher mooning the class. It wasn't very good and we got detention for two weeks because of it. And we wouldn't even try to compare the many many games of hangman we played to this moose-terpiece. This is... wow. We're blown away by the beauty of this chalkboard picture. Who knew you could make such a breathtaking work of art with chalk?

If you're going to take an art class for your extracurricular activity, you had better hope that you get this person as your teacher. Obviously, they know what they're doing. With their expert art skills and our zero talent, we'll be making gorgeous sketches like this one in no time.

4 The new Texas History teacher is killing it

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Everyone from the staff to the students at Fredericksburg High was sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Whitehall. She had been the Texas History teacher for the past forty years, ever since the school first opened its doors. But she wasn't getting any younger, and as you know, once you reach seventy, you have to take a mandatory trip to Branson. So she and her husband retired and embarked on the trip of a lifetime.

The staff and students were all concerned that the new Texas History teacher might not be able to measure up to the high standard his predecessor had left for him. But the minute his first class filed into the classroom and saw this sign on the bulletin board, they knew he was going to be okay.

3 This is the life

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Okay, okay. The pizza, naps and chocolate candies music theory teacher had it going on. We're not trying to diss him in any way, nor are we attempting to revoke his title of Best Teacher Ever. However, we think that this Nutella and tortilla chip serving teacher should also receive such a title. Yeah, that's right. There are two Best Teachers Ever. We make our own rules on this site. If you don't like it, GTFO of our post.

Words simply cannot express show appreciative we are of these teachers. Being a student is hard. All of that studying and rushing around to get to classes and carrying heavy backpacks and trying to cope with mockery imposed on you by other students. It's just hard. So little things like warm Nutella and tortilla chips make a big difference.

2 Oh, Cal

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Every student has that one teacher who's funny. They make jokes, they play pranks on their students, they basically do whatever it takes to get a laugh. The funny teacher is the one whose class you can't wait to get to. These are quite possibly the best teachers ever, because underneath that comedic exterior is a heart of gold. These funny teachers genuinely care about their kids. They want to see them succeed, not just make a passing grade.

Cal Telfer is clearly the funny teacher. This little autobiographical Q and A is proof of that. He's come a long way, too. He escaped from his cage in that laboratory. He taught bun seed distribution at McDonald's Hamburger University. He's been there, done that, and he couldn't be more qualified to teach... whatever it is he teaches.

1 The memespert

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Just as every school has a funny teacher, every class has a smart ass student. With their snide remarks and their "too cool for school" attitude, these kids are a hero to their classmates but the bane of their teachers' existence.

The picture you see above is evidence of a modern phenomenon known as the memespert. A combination of the words "meme" and "expert," teachers who are memesperts have been clinically proven to have awesome classes and to nip all smart ass behaviors in the bud through the use of memes. Can this teacher tell you all about the properties of cement? Yes, yes they can. Can they also troll you with their expert knowledge of Pepe, Dat Boi, sarcastic Nicolas Cage and Bad Luck Brian? Hell yeah. Bring on the memes, you internet trolling teacher!

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