15 Epic Times Deadpool And The Wolverine Couldn't Stop Trolling Each Other

Marvel Comics fans know there are tons of instances in the comics where Deadpool trolls the hell out of Wolverine. He’s always taunting and teasing him, looking to see how far he can push Logan. He’s the Merc with a Mouth, after all. But, in real life, the actors who have played these characters on the big screen have also been trolling each other. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) have used social media as a tool for their friendly rivalry.

When one of them posts something about a film that their character is in, the other can’t help but poke fun at it. As a result, their troll war has become quite famous and fans can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s as if they’ve taken these characters to heart and feel obligated to keep up a rivalry that started in the comics. Whether fans are Team Deadpool or Team Wolverine, everyone will enjoy these 15 times Deadpool and Wolverine couldn’t stop trolling each other.

15 When Ryan called Hugh's Wolverine fans "protestors"

Via: Twitter.com

Burn! Hugh Jackman thought he was just posting a nice photo of himself with his Beijing-based fans, but Ryan Reynolds had to ruin everything. Earlier this month, Hugh posted a photo to his Twitter, thanking the fans for coming out and showing him some love. But, in true Deadpool fashion, Ryan hijacked his post by adding his own commentary about Hugh’s fans. “Pretty sure those are protestors,” he snarked. 

Imagining a bunch of Chinese people protesting the Logan premiere is pretty humorous, especially when Hugh is smiling widely and giving the camera a thumbs up. Hugh, responded in turn, asking “Really...guy...really?” which is almost Wolverine-like, if only he had called Ryan “bub” instead. As much as this poke at Hugh is all in good fun, it almost seems like Hugh can hardly believe the absurdity of Ryan’s comment. We almost can't, either.

14 When Ryan made a Logan mural seem suddenly kinda lame

Via: Twitter.com

What good is being a celebrity if you can’t get excited about seeing murals of yourself? Apparently, a number of Australian artists were doing Logan murals to promote the new Wolverine film. Hugh came across this one in particular and showed it off to his Twitter fans. It’s basically a copy of the teaser poster, featuring Logan in a suit with his claws out, walking away from the sunset and towards the camera. Not particularly exciting, but still recognizable—especially if you’ve seen the poster.

Unable to miss out on an opportunity to take a jab at Wolverine, Ryan replied to Hugh’s tweet just like Deadpool would have. “I have one of these murals on the hood of my car. Best decision ever,” he tweeted. Instantly, those murals became a lot less cooler. Airbrushed car murals usually consist of crudely painted cartoon characters, half-naked women or landscape scenes. That's not exactly the kind of tough guy imagery Logan was going for.

13 When references to Wolverine showed up in the 'Deadpool 2' teaser

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Spoiler alert! OK maybe not really, but if you haven’t see the Deadpool 2 teaser yet, now would be the time for you to open up a new tab and get on that. Finished? OK good. Now, as we were saying, the Deadpool 2 teaser trolls the hell out of Wolverine (as it should). As Wade (then Deadpool), runs around a little corner of the city, there are multiple references to the Wolverine film, Logan.

It’s on the marquee of the crappy movie theater. There are posters pasted on the walls. And Deadpool even mentions that the poor, unfortunate soul who was shot (while Deadpool was getting changed in the phone booth) probably wouldn’t have died if it was Logan doing the rescuing. "What’s he got to change into?" asks Deadpool. "The guy wears a f***ing tank top and a pair of jeans."

Then, he proceeds to mock Hugh Jackman’s Australian accent, while a huge block of text rolls across the screen (which is basically The Old Man and the Sea for dummies). So wacky.

12 When they wore each other's faces as masks

Via: Instagram.com

The best part of the Deadpool movie is how it constantly breaks the fourth wall and throws in a bunch of self-referential humor from the comics, X-Men films and even the careers of both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. In one particular scene near the end of the movie, Wade’s former girlfriend, Vanessa, peels off his Deadpool mask to see his face for the first time since his supposed death. Instead of getting a look at his very badly burned head, she and the audience are treated to a picture of Hugh Jackman’s face (from People Magazinewith the eyes cut out.

Of course, Hugh had to respond to that with his own Ryan Reynolds mask, which he wore in a viral video posted on social media. In the video, he does an impression of Ryan doing an impression of Hugh’s Australian accent. He also points out how Ryan was People Magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2010, a title which Hugh held way before him. The video was a short roast and tribute to Ryan, who was recognized with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hugh closed out the video by encouraging people to urinate on it...harsh.

11 When Ryan crashed Hugh's press junket for Eddie the Eagle

Last year, Hugh Jackman appeared in a British sports comedy called Eddie the Eagle, which was released at the end of February. Since Deadpool was also released in February, albeit around Valentine’s Day, both Ryan and Hugh were doing a lot of press around the same time. Somehow, probably because both films were distributed through 20th Century Fox, Ryan managed to weasel his way into doing a short, mock interview with Hugh.

In the interview, Ryan ask Hugh ridiculous questions like, “Do you do all your own acting?” He even references Deadpool’s original appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. “Did you guys get any notes from the studio to sew Eddie’s mouth shut? Make lasers shoot from his eyes?” he inquires. Fans might remember that awful adaptation of Deadpool, where he was shown with his mouth sewn shutan appearance that most do not consider canon anymore. He then went on to mention both of their People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive recognitions, in addition to making Hugh do a scene with him from Crocodile Dundee. Best interview ever.

10 When Hugh called out Ryan for trying to bribe him

Via: Instagram.com

It’s quite obvious that there’s a bit of a bromance going on between the two actors, despite their characters not getting along most of the time. It was never more obvious than when Hugh re-grammed a post from Ryan’s Instagram, making note of Deadpool’s nominations for The People’s Choice Awards. While he was actually showing support for his friend and colleague, he couldn’t help but add a bit of a nip.

“If I say yes, I’ll vote for you—you have to stop with the begging, the flowers, the cupcakes and the poetry!” Hugh remarked. “It’s embarrassing, even by your lowly standards.” Ouch! Talk about a burn. He completely called Ryan out for kissing up to him in order to win a People’s Choice Award—an award which, ironically, nobody cares about. Some of that a** kissing seemed to have paid off, though, since Deadpool ended up taking away the award for Favorite Action Movie.

9 When Hugh was mad Ryan cheated on him with Conan

Via: Instagram.com

You haven’t really seen The Notebook until you’ve seen it reenacted with Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien. Last year, when Ryan was a guest star during Conan’s stint at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, he played a little game with Conan and the audience. He presented a series of possible things he was there to promote and the audience had to guess whether they were real or not. Hilarity ensued and the world was presented with The Notebook 2, which was basically just the iconic make-out scene from the original film.

Having created comedy gold, Ryan posted a promo image from their spoof film on his Instagram, which Hugh caught wind of. Playing along as the jealous boyfriend, Hugh expressed his disappointment at the video’s contents. “Stepping out on me, are you mate?” he asked Ryan. “Where has the bromance gone?” Luckily for the fans, their bromance is very much alive and kicking, despite Conan having tasted the contents of Ryan’s stomach.

8 When Ryan posted this random pic of "Hugh" as Wolverine

Via: Instagram.com

Ryan wished Hugh a happy birthday on Instagram, while also poking fun at the fact that the man is practically ageless (he honestly gets more and more attractive as he gets older). Ryan undoubtedly found these photos amusing because the guy was cosplaying Hugh’s portrayal of Wolverine from the films, not in his yellow suit from the comics. Judging from the Deadpool 2 teaser, Wade/Deadpool doesn’t think very highly of Logan’s supposed superhero look.

No, that isn’t really Hugh Jackman in his younger days, which is exactly why Ryan Reynolds used the photos. However, since Hugh looks so good now, he may as well be this 20-something guy cosplaying as Wolverine. This was, in fact, Jonathan Elwell, an IT professional from Pennsylvania who entered his version of Wolverine’s claws in a Halloween prop contest on Instructables. Although he didn’t walk away with the top prize, Jonathan did win third place, which hopefully made both Ryan and Hugh proud that he could look this bad*ss without the Weapon X program.

7 When Hugh got Ryan a Wolverine ice sculpture for his birthday

Via: Twitter.com

Since Ryan’s birthday is only two weeks after Hugh’s, Hugh couldn’t pass up an opportunity to send Ryan a special birthday greeting, as well. On Twitter, he posted a photo of an ice sculpture carved into his likeness as Logan, claws and all, with “Wolverine: Old Man Logan” at the bottom. “Hey @vancityreynolds - got you something for your birthday I know you’re really going to like. Cue the music! #iceicebaby,” he teased. The sculpture was likely for a party to promote Logan, since the name of the film and first trailer were released around that time.

It’s amazing how Hugh’s troll against Ryan sometimes seems like it should be coming from Ryan, instead. Doesn’t this sound like something Deadpool would say? He’d totally be the one putting on “Ice Ice Baby” and trying to do the The Sprinkler dance, while dry humping the ice sculpture. Too bad Deadpool didn’t have the budget for a giant chimichanga (or something equally ridiculous) to promote his film.

6 When Deadpool defaced a bathroom sign with Wolverine

Via: Instagram.com

OK, so this isn’t an official teaser poster for Deadpool 2, but it should be! In it, Deadpool is defacing a bathroom sign and turning the two figures into Wolverine and Professor X. It’s actually a genius design when you really think about it. They’re the two X-Men who star in Logan and the Deadpool 2 teaser appears before the film in theaters. Plus, this is totally something that Deadpool would do just to be a D-bag.

The artist, Mutant 101, has also written "Deadpool Number Two" at the top, referencing the second film, while also making a bathroom joke. It’s like he’s referencing the fact that Deadpool thinks that both Wolverine and Professor X are pretty much s***. How clever. So clever, in fact, that Ryan posted it on his Instagram, although he seemed to be worried that defacing private property is a felony—a very un-Deadpool like concern.

5 When Wolverine stole some of  Deadpool's thunder

Via: Twitter.com

At the end of 2015, in anticipation of a new Deadpool trailer, Ryan unveiled another clever viral marketing strategy—12 Days of Deadpool. Leading up to Christmas Day, a new “treat” was unveiled for fans, in anticipation of both the holiday and the trailer. Posters, GIFs, pages of the script and even Deadpool emojis were released to eager fans. It was all going perfectly, until Hugh Jackman hijacked the 12 Days of Deadpool with one little tweet.

“The 11th day is Wolverine’s,” he tweeted at Ryan, along with a photo of himself as Wolverine with only one claw retracted—the middle one—and Deadpool seductively standing against it. Hugh offered up no explanation of why exactly Christmas Eve in particular was his, but in typical fashion Hugh Jackman fashion, immediately stole some of Ryan and Deadpool’s thunder. In turn, Ryan responded with his own thoughts on the matter, “Well, that’s just rude.” While it could have just been another publicity stunt, it definitely had people talking about the possibility of having the two face off together onscreen again.

4 When Deadpool hung Hugh a stocking at Christmas

Via: Facebook.com

Ryan and the Deadpool movie did a lot of marketing during Christmastime, both before the film came out and then again, prior to the DVD/Blu-Ray release. They intelligently capitalized on the amount of free time enjoyed by fans, along with the holiday hype. Utilizing every bit of social media they could, the Deadpool team got people excited about the film and its star, the Merc with a Mouth. While the majority of material was posted on Twitter, Facebook still got some exclusive material, as well.

An animated GIF of Deadpool, laying down in front of a fireplace and Christmas tree, showed up before a special Blu-Ray was released in holiday packaging. While it was a cute nod to the previous year’s 12 Days of Deadpool, there was more to this GIF than met the eye. Behind him, the stockings are all hung with care, but none of them are for him. Instead, he has one for Vanessa (his girlfriend), one for Francis (AKA Ajax) and one for Hugh (Wolverine, of course!). It’s a sneaky nod to their continued rivalry, which only true fans picked up on.

3 When Deadpool made fun of Wolverine for Australia Day

Apparently, the Australians have a holiday known as Australia Day, which is like America’s Independence Day. There’s no reason why you should have known that (unless you’re Australian, of course) or if you happened to see Deadpool’s Australia Day message. Unveiled on Australia Day in 2016, two weeks before Deadpool was released, the video features Ryan—as Deadpool—talking about their great country and why he would fit in there.

He then goes on to mention there’s only one small problem: Australia gave the world Wolverine. Funny enough, the actual comic book Wolverine is Canadian, just like Ryan. It seems the two actors have become so interchangeable with their characters that their real and fictional names don’t even matter anymore because fans know exactly who they’re talking about. As Deadpool explains, he has no beef with Hugh, but he does have a problem with his character’s portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Thankfully, all the events of that film can be wiped from our collective memories since Deadpool essentially set things right.

2 When Hugh made Ryan seem like a stalker

Via: Instagram.com

It’s pretty much impossible to get tired of Ryan and Hugh’s bromance. Their respective characters are some of the most popular in recent comic history, at least from Marvel. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re both really attractive guys, who also seem super down to earth and relatable.

It warms our hearts to see them hanging out together, like in this Instagram photo posted by Hugh. Both men are smiling widely, clearly happy to be hanging out with each other. However, even when things are friendly between Deadpool and Wolverine, their feud can’t be completely ignored. Hugh’s caption for this photo reads, “Seriously mate. You’ve got to stop following me. SECURITY!” Now, instead of bros having a great time together, Ryan looks like a stalker, who Hugh is only tolerating because he’s a nice guy. It’s a hilarious continuation of Deadpool’s obsession with Wolverine that, let’s be honest, sometimes borders on homosexual.

1 When Ryan posted this hilarious fan art on his Instagram

Via: Instagram.com

Ryan and Hugh’s fans eat up their Deadpool/Wolverine shenanigans. Some even go so far as to create some incredibly weird fan art that just makes you go, “Wow.” In this piece, Deadpool is an angel floating in the clouds, while making a heart with his hands. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds is hugging a photo of Hugh Jackman as if it’s his prized possession. He’ll never let go, Hugh. He’ll never let go.

Despite how awkward it must have been to come across something like this, Ryan’s a trooper and posted it to his Instagram. He appreciates humor when he sees it, even if it’s at his own expense. Not surprisingly, so do his fans (who pretty much went ape s*** when he posted this). “I'm gonna print this out and put it on my wall,” exclaimed user @nora.is.an.assassin. We wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan has this picture hanging on his wall, too. Wolverpool forever!

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