15 Epic Times That Dads Won The Parenting Game (Photos)

Dads are generally one of the most influential figures in everyone’s life. Whether in absence (sorry) or in presence, they shape who we grow up to be, our values, our humor, and our general personality. Usually, they work together with mom to form the parental unit, and usually there is one parent who is much more easy going, and usually it’s dad (although there are sometimes two dads in the family unit). From letting you stay up late to helping you crawl through the kitchen window because he locked everyone out of the house (true story), one thing is for sure, sometimes dads are reckless but it is almost always with good intention. And what does it lead to? Hilarious pictures like the next 15 that show the glorious times that Dads WON parenting. Love you, Dad.

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15 Playing Dress Up

via WittyFeed

Just try not to laugh! This cracks me up every time I see it because it’s so accurate - many dads are just so lost with fashion! Especially fashion for girls. For men, fashion consists of shirts, pants, and the occasional jacket. Girl’s fashion has shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, overalls, and the list goes on! It’s understandable that a first-time dad wouldn’t know the proper use for each article of clothing (I guess).

To be fair to this Dad, overalls have been out of fashion for probably his whole upbringing (judging by the age of his daughter). In recent years there has been a resurgence, but for all of the 2000s and most of the 90s, overalls were lame AF. So let’s give this dad a break and a B+ for effort.

14 Leading by Example

via Pinterest

Kudos to this dad, because walking around like this was probably hella embarrassing and probably resulted in many bizarre looks from strangers. But this is the proper way to teach your kids lessons! You cannot simply say things without showing action or else your words will never have any power. Leading by example is how you win at parenting.

Sometimes as a young teenager you become blinded by the media and advertisements, and lately, very short shorts have been the style. It’s actually kind of hard to find shorts that are longer than your butt cheeks! That’s what parents are for - bringing you back down to reality and showing you things for what they really are. If his girls really want short shorts, they can buy them when they’re 18 as ADULTS ;)

13 Being Creative

via BlazePress

A+ for creativity. This Dad deserves an award for perfectly harnessing the best of both worlds. The problem with pushing a swing is that you can’t sit down or hold a beer, and the problem with having a beer is that you can’t push a swing. Cue creativity, something Dads have a lot of! Imagine, the only thing you need to get this to work is a rope!

They say that if you give a lazy person a job that they will find the most efficient way of doing it - and this Dad has! There is no shame in being a lazy person if you get your sh*t done. After all, the weekend is only two days long. Multitasking is the answer to it all!

12 Tweeting Their Feelings

via Imgur

Dads will be Dads, and this has Dad joke written all over it. It is such a Dad thing to take something their kids are into and spin it in a mocking way. And you know, to be honest… are they even wrong? While not everything on Twitter is ridiculous, a large portion of tweets are mundane and pointless, like “Just had Starbucks!!” or “Going to the mall!” What is the appeal in putting that on the internet? When you grow up with social media it seems normal, but to a Dad who grew up with a rotary phone and a pager, it seems frivolous.

Leaving a tweet on a piece of paper perfectly exposes the banality of social media, and surely his kids will think twice before posting their next tweet. Bravo, Dad. You win!

11 Cracking Jokes

via BlazePress

LOL! For some reason, kids tend to think of their parents only as people who exist in the bubble that is raising a family, which we all know is not true! As much as we like to think we’re smarter or funnier than our parents, they were not born yesterday. And while we know facts about our parents, we will never know the personalities they had during the early years of their lives, pre-kids. It’s easy to forget that our parents were kids once, too.

Cue these parents, who clearly have not lost their hilarious sense of humor. I hope their kids can appreciate the fact that their parents are comfortable enough to make butt jokes in front of them, because not all will. A+ for parenting.

10 Making Compromises

via Pinterest

Ah, to be a man in a house full of women. There is (probably) a lot of nail polish and dolls. You will (probably) never win an argument, ever. And you (probably) have to pretend like you didn’t wish one of your daughters was a son. Okay, that last one was a joke.

That being said, it is likely hard to get time to yourself to kick back and play some XBox. Your kids are for some reason obsessed with you and you can’t get a minute alone. This dad made the best compromise ever and let his little princess paint his toes while he played. Everyone wins! Except for the table that’s plastered with stickers, that is an unfortunate loss.

9 Getting Over Issues

via Tumblr

So sweet and epic! Dads are notoriously bad with anything that has to do with periods. They get uncomfortable and often don’t know exactly what to say in the way that a Mom knows. They avert gaze, mumble, and might ask you if you need a lift to the drugstore. But that’s okay because actions always speak louder than words (or lack of words).

This Dad was amazing enough to get over his period problems and just do something nice for his daughter, while also including a short but simple note. Plus, who can resist Reese’s? Nobody I know. Surely this will be something she remembers for the rest of her life! Great job, Dad. You're thebomb.com. All other Dads need to take notes from you.

8 Making Waves

via Pinterest

This picture impresses me for several reasons. Firstly, how did this Dad manage to swim out, pick himself AND his daughter up, and ride this wave? It seems pretty much impossible for 95% of the world. Secondly, who took this picture? How are they both standing? Clearly, this is an impressive feat.

Since this kind of Daddy-daughter activity is exclusive to about 1% of the world population, this dad is a winner in my books. Not only is he showing his daughter a good time, but he’s teaching her not to be afraid, which is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn as a child. I have a feeling she'll grow up to become a pro surfer. Another epic moment for the books!

7 Being a Genius

via Youtube

THIS IS GENIUS! Seriously. Tying hair is not every Dad’s strong suit, and understandably so since they’re usually bald by the time their girls have hair long enough to tie. But sometimes when Mom is not around, they are still required to tie hair. Usually, it’s far from perfect. Your two ponytails won’t be in the same place or the hair won’t be pulled back evenly or (the worst) a strand of hair from the side of your head will randomly be left out of the elastic.

This smarty pants has found the ultimate solution to every Dad’s hair tying problems! Just wrap the elastic around the nozzle two or three times, suck in the hair, and roll the elastic around the hair! Easy as that!

6 Taking Advantage of Father’s Day

via Imgur

We can make all the jokes we want about our Dads, but the reality is that they do a lot for us from birth until they ask us to move out. Almost every day of their adult lives is spent as ‘Dad’ and not as ‘Mark.’ Father’s Day is the one day a year besides their birthday that is completely devoted to them!

This Dad obviously did not hold back on what he wanted most. He works hard all year, so he didn’t take this decision lightly. For him, that means video games and three servants tending to his every need. Need a beer? Got it. Need a towel to dry off after that intense game? Here you go. Maybe some people think this is slavery, but I think he’s just making the most of his special day.

5 Being A Copycat

via DailyMail

OMG LOLLLL. This is internet gold. Another example of Dads mocking their kids for humor while also revealing the banality of social media. In the past, people usually just smiled in pictures or maybe did some sort of group pose. With the rise of social media, people needed to start getting more interesting with their poses, which is how duckface, fish gape and the Bambi pose started. It’s pretty comical, actually. To see a Dad try to recreate it really shows how stupid it all is.

This Dad must love his daughter very much if he went through all the trouble of copying her tattoos just to get a reaction out of her! Good on you Dad, humor and love are the perfect combination! You're epic!

4 Teaching Money Skills

via Imgur

The fact that a Dad took the time to create a logo and write a letter to his child explaining why he couldn’t lend them $20 is absolutely hilarious. Imagine receiving this as a child or teenager!

In all seriousness though, this is actually an amazing idea. There is a notorious lack of financial education in our school systems and most teenagers graduate high school with no knowledge of debt management, saving money or doing taxes. Receiving a letter gives the child a sense of independence and gives them a glimpse into how the real world works. Plus, the child now knows exactly why he can’t be lent money and what he can do to fix it. They might be mad now, but they’ll be thankful in about ten years.

3 Being A Makeup Artist

via Pinterest

Ha ha ha ha, hopefully he didn’t use a permanent marker! It’s always the little things in life that bring us joy, like getting the last ice cream in the box or drawing eyebrows on your baby. Some people might think this is stupid or inappropriate, but it’s just harmless fun. Not to mention, it’s probably quite hilarious to watch your baby make different faces with adult-like eyebrows. It’s crazy how much eyebrows can change a face! It almost makes him seem as if he has real opinions other than eating, sleeping and pooping. I’m sure this baby will look back on this picture one day and think “Man, my Dad is hilarious and epic,” which is what we all want in the end anyways!

2 Slaying Unicorns

via Blogspot

Not all Dads are perfect, but what matters is trying your best! There is no manual that comes with babies to teach parents the proper way of caring for them or troubleshooting them. Sometimes, you just have to wing it. Clearly, this Dad has been trying to get his child to eat their sandwich for some time and it hasn’t been working. He had to take it a step further by incorporating everyone’s favorite mythical creature, the unicorn.

Unfortunately, seeing as the child is old enough to read, they're probably also old enough to know that unicorns don't exist. It was a nice attempt, but probably not successful. In my opinion, he still wins for taking the time to try to fix the problem and including a handwritten note!

1 Getting Revenge

via MillionPictures

LMAO, imagine this was your room?! “Welcome home! How was your trip? By the way, have you seen the new paint job?” Dads are real jokers sometimes, clearly. They go out of their way to make us laugh. Not to mention that they might be getting a few strange looks from neighbors - but it’s worth it.

Having it be painted onto the house adds a permanent sense to Dad’s action. Calling someone a dork in person is one thing, but having it painted on the house is a whole other ballpark. Granted, it was likely covered up not long after it was put there, but still. You can’t deny that this Dad went out of his way to show his kid how much he cared to call him a dork!

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