15 Eye-Opening Mail Order Bride Confessions

“Just get yourself a mail-order bride.” This is a common joke people tell their friends who can’t seem to get a girlfriend. It may be harmless banter, but the lives of mail-order brides are definitely no laughing matter. People usually accuse these girls of seeking greener pastures through foreign husbands, but behind all this are sad stories of how they got into the business. But of course, not all tales of mail-order brides, as well as those of their husbands, are sad. Some are amusing and others are just strange, all of which are worth reading as they add a human element to what a lot consider as a cold, controversial and shady industry. Check out their stories and see them in a new light.

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15 The runaway bride

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Despite advances in women’s rights, there are still women who get abused. That population, of course, includes mail-order brides. Perhaps they are even among those that are more vulnerable to it, as there are lots of men who get mail-order brides and then feel like they can abuse them because the women don't have family nearby to protect them. There are mail-order brides, however, who thankfully have decided that enough is enough, just like this girl.

At the young age of 16, she was already a mail-order bride. Unfortunately, the relationship she was brought to was an abusive one, so she has finally decided to run away. This woman’s life could’ve ended when she became a mail-order bride, literally and figuratively. But rather than letting that happen, she decided to start anew.

14 Poor little thief

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Stealing is a crime. It always is and always will be. There are, however, times when it’s somewhat justified. A good example would be this mail-order bride who is stealing from her “husband” so that she can save up money and go home. It’s understandable why she chose to do something a lot of people would consider as wrong. She’s trapped in a less-than-ideal life that is probably isn’t even of her choosing, and if she sees stealing from the man who has kept her for himself as the way out, then so be it. Desperate times call for desperate measures; that’s just how things are. Some have even done much worse. But can you blame them after all the horrible things they’ve been through?

13 All for the wrong reasons

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Women become mail-order brides for all sorts of reasons. There are those that choose to be one in order to find greener pastures. Then there are those that are kidnapped, or worse, sold into the business. Lastly, there are those that were forced by their families to be one because of financial reasons. It is the reason why a lot, if not all of mail-order brides are from impoverished countries. Some parents, however, sell their daughters off not because of the lack of opportunities, but to fund their drug addiction. That is the story of this mail-order bride, who was sold for that very reason. This goes to show that drug addiction not only destroys the lives of addicts, but also of those around them.

12 It’s not so bad

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While the first three entries were complete downer stories of mail-order brides who are in forced and unhappy marriages, this one’s a little bit more, for a lack of a better term, neutral. This Whisper confessor doesn’t regret becoming a mail-order bride, as it’s what helped her learn English, and enabled her to help her family by sending money to them. Without her financial support, her family would be homeless—something this kind-hearted mail-order bride would be unable to bear, to the point that she’s become content with what she is now. Nevertheless, it’s still sad, as she knows she won’t ever fall in love with the man she married. Well, if only life were fair, she wouldn’t have to be in a loveless marriage for money.

11 Could’ve been her sister

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There’s the term “marrying into the family,” which means that while marriages are for two people, it can’t be denied that both of their families will be affected and involved to a certain degree. After all, they’re the most important people in one’s lives. It goes without saying that people will always have an opinion on the marriage of their family members, especially unconventional marriages. These, of course, include mail-order bride marriages. And one Whisper girl just had to confess to anonymous people online that her father’s mail-order bride is the same age as her. It must’ve been weird for her to see a girl that could be her friend and sister as her father’s partner. The rest of the world, however, probably doesn’t share her sentiments.

10 Mail-order girlfriend?

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Regardless of what you feel about mail-order brides and cheating, this mail-order bride’s Whisper confession is a rather controversial one. See, this mail-order bride has found love, but it's not with her husband. Rather, she’s got a boyfriend. And obviously, the husband doesn’t know about her boyfriend on the side, and vice versa. It definitely sounds like something out of a raunchy romance pocketbook, but it does make you think: should mail-order brides find love outside of their marriages? After all, to say that it’s a shame if they were kept like a prisoner in a loveless cell of a union would be an understatement. At the same time, should mail-order brides that aren’t held against their will give up financial security for love?

9 The only escape

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Like what has been said before, a lot of mail-order brides were forced into the business. It’s mostly by their families, and also because of poverty. There was even one entry here wherein a girl became a mail-order bride because of her father’s drug addiction. They all want to escape. But then there is this Whisper user who escaped her emotionally abusive family by becoming a mail-order bride—a complete opposite of how other mail-order brides’ lives began. Other mail-order brides wanted to get out of their unconventional marriages eventually, while she wanted to become one to get away from a life with her family. That’s just life; what may be true for one may be exactly different for another. Hopefully she finds a good husband.

8 Lying bride

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In this day and age when almost everyone has a smartphone, it’s still a mystery how people still manage to fool strangers they’re flirting with online when it comes to their appearance. Heck, there are even those that get mail-order brides and still get bamboozled. Yeah, being lied to must suck for the husband, but it’s a dirty business, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to him if who he gets isn’t what he thought she should be. As for our mail-order bride confessor, it seems like she did it just for kicks. Well, that’s going to be the most fun thing she could do for now, as she’s off to a different life that, despite the conveniences, won’t be easy. Hopefully, this husband just laughs it off.

7 Mail-order maid

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It is usually men who get mail-order brides. After all, the business mostly caters to rich and lonely men who want a beautiful wife for themselves. But in every business, there are always customers that are not part of the usual target demographic, and the mail-order bride industry isn’t an exception. A good example of that would be this female Whisper user. She’s getting a mail-order bride not because she wants a female lover but because she’s a single mother who wants help with household chores. Thousands of dollars for a girl who will just clean and cook is extreme. Then again, since that’s all the mail-order bride would do for this confessor, she’d make a better wife than a lot of husbands out there.

6 Sheep bride

Via: whisper.sh

The mail-order bride industry is a sketchy one, and so anyone who is considering engaging in this business should be really careful about it. It pays to do a lot of research and ask around before deciding to either become a mail-order bride or buy one. It’s important to note that what you see isn’t necessarily what you’ll get, and there are times when what you’ll get is entirely different from what you actually ordered. Case in point: this poor Whisper confessor who admitted to ordering a mail-order bride from Afghanistan. Instead of receiving a young, lovely bride to spend the rest of his life with, he got a sheep. Well, at least now he has a pet to care for and therefore won’t be as lonely.

5 A quasi-marital adventure

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A lot of millennials and digital natives are all about adventure. Because of the ubiquity, reliability and affordability of the Internet and air travel, young people now venture and see the world, travel, work, live in and even call home other countries. Wanderlust culture has never been this alive. And because traveling has become a defining lifestyle, a lot of young people would do anything just to get on a plane and be somewhere else. Case and point is this Whisper user who chose to become a mail-order bride not because she wanted a green card and the financially secure life that comes along with it but for the adventure. Hopefully her would-be husband is a fun-loving adventurer that would take her to all sorts of places.

4 What about the ladies?

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Innovation plays a big role in the free market. And it is thanks to this virtue that creative businesses manage to thrive. It is also because of this virtue that entrepreneurial ventures that serve as an answer to businesses that mostly or even exclusively cater to a specific gender become available. Going by the article’s topic, a good example of that would be mail-order husbands. Yes, there is now a business that lets women—and other men—get a mail-order man of their choosing. This Whisper user, who wants to follow in her Russian mail-order bride-dating friend’s footsteps, probably didn’t get the memo that mail-order husbands are already a thing. So girl, get yourself a handsome Russian man; it is a free market after all.

3 Mail-order scam

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A lot of mail-order brides are tricked into thinking that the life they’re getting themselves into would be a comfortable one. Sometimes, they end up being mistreated or marrying men who aren’t as rich as claimed. At the same time, there are also husbands, including prospective ones, who don’t get what they were promised, just like this Whisper user. Apparently, he paid $6,000 to get himself a mail-order bride, only to find out that it was actually a scam site, which means he spent all that money for literally nothing. Then again, this sort of thing happening is hardly a surprise given the fact that the mail-order bride business has yet to be considered as reputable, if it will ever be considered as such in the first place.

2 No illusions

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Most of the girls becoming mail-order brides and the men ordering them have no illusions of what they’re getting into. For the former, it’s the chance to have a life of wealth and convenience, and for the latter it’s the love and companionship of a young and beautiful girl. This Whisper dude knows what’s up, and yet he still sometimes thinks of getting a mail-order bride even though he knows they’re just after a green card. Although what he said can be misinterpreted as a bad false assumption regarding mail-order bride’s motives, he probably didn’t mean it that way. Rather, he’s probably just a sad guy who just wants a girlfriend. Well, hopefully he finds love, regardless of whether he gets a mail-order bride or not.

1 Young “bride” now grown up

Via: whisper.sh

An ethical mail-order bride business would never get girls that are below the universally accepted legal age of 18. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing; and if there were, it’d be a paradox given the nature of the industry. And it’s because of how it works that there are lots of girls that are below 18 that are already mail-order brides, just like our last Whisper confessor, who’s only 21 but has been a mail-order bride for six years. Girls like her lose their innocence at a young age, and they also lose the time that should’ve been spent having a normal adolescence. Because even if she’s with a good husband, it’s undeniable that she missed out on a lot of what would’ve been wonderful experiences.

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