15 Failed Fast Food Items You'll Never See In Your Lifetime Again

McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, Starbucks, Bojangles — fast food chains are everywhere. Essentially, these chains were put in place so that busy people could quickly grab a hot meal without doing any of the dirty work. And it's been helping all of us stay full (and fat) for decades now. But considering how many different kinds of fast food chains there are, and the array of different things they offer to hungry folk, there's an obvious competition amongst the pack.

Each chain wants the best and most unique menu options. And while we praise these chains for trying new dishes and shaking up the status quo — not all ideas are an instant hit. In fact, there are some menu items that are actually downright confusing. From Wendy's having a breakfast menu to McDonald's selling onion nuggets (I'm serious), here are 15 fast food menu items that totally missed the mark and are no longer sold.

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15 Wendy's Used To Have Breakfast!

Wendy's is known for their "never frozen" burgers and their precious little mascot: Wendy. The girl with the red pig-tails could do no wrong. There was something about those freckles that just made you want to order a Frosty and dip those french fries into them. Ah, good times. However, Wendy's didn't always sell menu hits. Not too long ago, Wendy's also served breakfast for all those early risers out there who just NEED their fried food before work. Unfortunately for Wendy's, CEO Emil Brolick told Business Insider that the breakfast market was simply too vast to dive into head on. And when they did dip their toes in the breakfast market in 2012, the menu items only lasted a year before being taken off the menu completely in 2013.

So if you never tried their steel-cut oats or chicken biscuit sandwiches — you're probably never going to.

14 Taco Bell's Seafood Salad

When we think of Taco Bell, we think of Mexican food. The word taco is in the damn name, and they are labeled as Mexican inspired fare. Most people order Taco Bell's large array of tacos, nachos, and other spicy little numbers, however, in the 1980s, Taco Bell decided to try something new... Something that is not found in many Mexican inspired restaurants in America. They came out with a Seafood Salad. The ocean-inspired salad hit the market in 1986 and consisted of shrimp, whitefish, and crab, resting on a bed of veggies in a taco shell. 

Who doesn't crave Mexican seafood, right? WRONG. This "healthy" alternative on their menu did not last long and was later removed completely. And if anyone was brave enough to try this salad, PLEASE say so in the comment section.

BRB gagging.

13 Sonic's Pickle-O's

Sonic is pretty much trying to bring back that old-timey drive-in feel. Visitors pull up in their cars, order through a screen or a runner, and can eat in their car or drive off into the sunset. It seems weird, but when you actually go here, it's not that bad. And while Sonic is known to have a HUGE menu filled with milkshakes, burgers, and some other American favorites, they also used to have *drum roll please* PICKLE-O's.

Now, I love a good pickle. And do you know what I love more than pickles? Deep fried pickles — and that's exactly what Pickle-O's were. These fried pickles looked a lot like chicken nuggets and were released in 2004, and although people feel for their charm — they didn't work out the way Sonic had hoped, which is why they were later discontinued. #Devastating

12 McSpaghetti

This is not a drill: McDonald's USED to sell effing spaghetti. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it; this American drive-thru thought selling spaghetti and calling it McSpaghetti was a good idea. And guess what? It wasn't.

When we roll up to a McDonald's, do you know what most of us want? We want beef, we want chicken, we want fried goods, and we want salt. If we wanted spaghetti, we'd go to an actual Italian restaurant or freaking make it ourselves. We don't roll up to a McDonald's craving noodles. The Italian dish took off in 2016 and completely flopped. They even tried adding lasagna and fettuccine alfredo to the list, but guess what? Those babies flopped, too. You're better than this McDonalds. DO BETTER.

11 Burger King's Omelet Sandwich

I'm gagging. You're gagging. We're all gagging. Like I mentioned in the Wendy's blurb, breakfast on-the-go is a popular thing. We all wake up early and are in a rush against time to make it to work. The last thing we're going to do is wake up and hour earlier to make a hearty breakfast — it's just not gonna happen. So Burger King decided to step up to the plate and help those with breakfast, by creating the 'Enormous Omelet Sandwich.' This bad boy was long—instead of wide—in size, and featured an egg omelet, sausage, cheese, all chilling on a sesame seed bun.

After its release in 2005, customers did in fact order the hefty sandwich, but was later discontinued because it was "considered too big for customers" to eat... Gee, no kidding?

10 Taco Bell's Bell Beefer

Okay, considering this is a Mexican-inspired restaurant, Taco Bell's Bell Beefer sandwich is 10x better than their Seafood Salad. (We don't go to Taco Bell for fish, you guys!)

The Bell Beefer sandwich was an interesting menu option that took on the battle of the burger. It's essentially a taco sans the shell and replaced with buns. It was made with their ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese; so essentially, it was close to a Sloppy Joe. However, this beefy burger didn't last long, because it seemed customers went to Taco Bell for tacos, not burgers. While the burger was discontinued, there are a few groups out there who are trying to convince the taco chain to bring it back.

Keep on dreamin' folks, this beefy burger ain't coming back.

9 Burger King's Shake 'Em Up Fries

Wait a second... these were actually a thing!? BURGER KING, PLEASE BRING THESE BACK!

In 2002, Burger King reached deep into their thought catalogue and gave us Shake 'Em Up fries. You would essentially dump all your fries into the bag (bagged fries are so much yummier anyways), pour this strange powdered cheese mix into the bag, and shake the bag up, mixing all those fries and cheese together. And while cheese fries are the friggin' best — this bagged idea didn't last long and was later removed from their menu.  Honestly, as disturbing as that powdered cheese stuff is, I'm shocked these fries didn't last longer. We all love cheese. We all love fries. And we all love mixing the two — so why didn't it work? Who knows, maybe we're really just that lazy.

8 Pizza Hut's Priazzo

The '80s was a big time for fast food restaurants. It seems like they were all playing around with menu items and different ingredients, trying to outdo one another. And while Pizza Hut ran the show for the quickest pizza, that doesn't mean they didn't try to spice up their menu.

Pizza Hut decided to have their go at the whole Chicago deep-dish style pizza thing. They called it The Priazzo and was one deep AF pizza. It pretty much looked like chicken pot-pie but with sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, and cheese. It was massive. And its massive size is what eventually led to its demise. The chain could no longer deal with how long it took to make and prepare this big a** pizza pie.

7 McDonald's Onion Nuggets

You know how onion rings are a big deal? Okay well, before onion rings officially became "rings" and were devoured by everyone, they were called Onion Nuggets by the folks over at McDonald's. In short, the 1970s creation was pretty much just fried onion pieces; kind of like the ones you see at county fairs.

I mean, to be real, these actually sound good. Fried onions are the bomb.com. Unfortunately, they didn't last long, though. Oh, and these bad boys were apparently on McDonald's dollar menu — so you didn't have to break the bank to have a taste of a fried onion. (Not like McDonald's is widely expensive, by any means.) Knowing McDonald's, there was probably some fancy schmancy dipping sauce to accompany these bad boys, too.

6 KFC Cheese Top Burger

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is known for just that: their fried chicken. Their chicken dishes are crispy, they're crunchy, and they're juicy. Their chicken is so friggin' good, I don't even want to know if it's actually chicken or not.

Nevertheless, KFC wanted to spice up their menu I guess, so they came out with the Cheese Top Burger. Now, when I read this menu option, I thought it would be a burger with some kind of cheese-infused bun. But no...it's literally a piece of cheese on top of the bun, rather than on the inside.

I know people love cheese and all, but how does one grab this burger without getting all cheesy? Plus, wouldn't the processed cheese come off on the roof of your mouth? Regardless, the blew up in the States but is no longer on the menu.

5 The McPizza

Like I mentioned, the '80s seemed to be an intriguing time for fast food restaurants. And like every other chain, McDonald's was trying to separate themselves from the pack. They were trying to be an individual and create menu items that people couldn't get anywhere else. So they came up with the McPizza. I know what you're thinking: what an original name for the chain, right? Regardless of how tempting their pizza might have been, people don't go to McDonald's to eat Italian food. No one goes to McDonald's for a damn Italian pie. They go there for burgers and fries. It was because of this that the fast food chain got rid of the McPizza all together and went back to the drawing board. (Plus, it took 11 minutes just to make the pizza, and we all know how that's 10 minutes too long in the world of fast food.)

4 KFC's Double Down Sandwich

This double meaty sandwich never did as well as KFC had hoped (mainly because of the amount of sodium and probably of how out-of-the-box it was) and is no longer on the menu. However, there are plenty of pictures on the Internet for us to stare at while scratching our heads...

3 Taco Bell's Mountain Dew A.M.

What in the actual **** is this? Instead of changing their food menu, Taco Bell decided to have a change of pace. Why not play around with the beverages on our menu as opposed to all the spicy meals? While Screwdrivers (morning beverages consisting of orange juice and vodka) are popular on weekends with the older adult crowd, Taco Bell decided to make a PG version for their menu in 2012 called Mountain Dew A.M. They pretty much kicked vodka to the curb and replaced it with Mountain Dew instead... And unfortunately for them, there weren't many people who wanted to chug Mountain Dew first thing in the morning, so the idea tanked.

I’m pretty sure a majority of the people who are ordering tacos don’t want to wash their meal down with orange juice. Sorry, guys.

2 Burger King's Cupcake Milkshake

Most of us love cupcakes. And most of us love milkshakes. So morphing the two together seems to be a pretty beautiful match made in heaven. The only problem is, this little idea was sold at Burger King. And as far as I know, not many people go to Burger King for cupcake-flavored things. The milkshake was introduced to diners in 2009. It was topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. As pretty as this little number might have been, it's no longer sold at Burger King chains.

While many fast food chains do sell their version of mini desserts and treats (depending on the location), I'm assuming this little sundae just didn't bring the draw that the chain desired. Maybe they should just stick to their flame-broiled burgers.

1 McDonald's Hula Burger

Aloha! McDonald's introduced their Hula burger in the '60s, and it was unlike anything we've ever seen before. The Hula Burger didn't have a slice of pineapple atop a piece of beef, like many other Hawaiian inspired burgers. This was a meatless burger. Meaning it consisted of two buns, grilled pineapple slices, and cheese. Yes — pineapples AND cheese. It was first created for those who couldn't eat meat on Fridays due to the Catholic faith. However, I don't think the need for grilled pineapple and cheese really took off like they had hoped... so you're never going to see this insulting, fruity burger again. (And thank God for that.) Not only does pineapple and cheese sound revolting, but it’s insulting to meatless burgers everywhere!

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