15 DIY Fairy Tale Crafts That You And Your Little Ones Will Love

15 DIY Fairy Tale Crafts That You And Your Little Ones Will Love

From creating magical fairy dust to growing your own beanstalk, fairy tale-inspired crafts can be endless amounts of fun! Taking on an arts and crafts project together is one of the best ways to spend time with your kids. It can be an extremely rewarding team effort and helps keep those little hands busy. Additionally, arts and crafts can help develop fine motor skills! I’m a firm believer that everything is better with a theme and what better theme is there than bringing your kids’ favourite fairytale stories to life through DIY crafts? It also allows for their imaginations to thrive in a creative environment.

Here is a list of fairy tale-inspired crafts to do with your kids that will have you all entertained.

18. Magical fairy playdough


Via: laughingkidslearn.com

Playdough is a great tool for your kids to express their creativity. It seems as though there is nothing you can’t make with playdough—the possibilities are endless! But, have you ever tried making your own dough? It is possible with this recipe and it only involves three simple ingredients. This recipe also has a fairy tale themed twist, by adding a few drops of pink (or preferred colour) food colouring, glitter, and/or fairy figurines to enhance playtime.

The three ingredients include: hair conditioner (it is recommended to use strawberry scented conditioner), corn starch, and a few drops of the food colouring of your choice. It is an excellent way to teach children how a combination of things can create a new thing altogether! It also helps children develop their fine motor skills through exploring texture to masterminding new creations. If you’d like to make this fairy dough with your kids, click here.

17. Fun frog prince made out of egg carton

Via: craftymorning.com

This craft is inspired by one of the most popular fairy tale stories written by the Brothers Grimm titled, The Frog Prince. Many variations of this fairy tale exist, such as the successful Disney film, The Princess and the Frog. With this fun project, the frog prince is made out of recycled egg carton! You will also need colourful construction paper, black and green paint, scissors, and glue. Once two egg carton cups have been cut out, have your kids paint them in green. After they have dried, cut out the rest of the frog prince details and glue them on the egg carton cups. The cups can be glued together or kept separate for some puppeteering fun. Click here to try this fun craft with your kids.

16. Fairy houses out of toilet roll

Via: redtedart.com

These tiny toilet roll fairy houses are super simple and fun to make! They are also the perfect start to helping your kids create a tiny fairy house village. Begin by painting the recycled toilet rolls or covering them in a wrapping paper of choice. It is also possible to cut paper towel rolls in half or use their full length to create a fairy tower! The rest of the details such as the roof, door, and windows can be made with felt. Cut 1/3 of a circle of felt and glue the ends to create a pointy roof. Glitter glue is a fun way to add more details to these little fairy houses. It is best to have the felt details pre-cut so that the kids can easily glue them on in the desired places. Click here if you would like to try this fairy house craft.

For an added touch, fairies for the tiny village can be easily made out of some pipe cleaners, beads, and wool. More magical details like wings and fairy clothes can be made with cutout felt. If you’d like to make these fairy people, click here.


Via: redtedart.com

15. Fire breathing dragons


Via: onelittleproject.com

Far away fairy tale lands aren’t complete without fire breathing dragons! These dragons made from toilet roll, construction paper, pom poms, and tissue paper are great to play with. The tissue paper flames dance when air is blown through the other side! Check the completed dragons in action on the bottom.

Start off by cutting construction paper to the size of the toilet paper roll and proceed to glue it on. Next is the fun part—detailing! Pom poms and googly eyes do wonders in animating these little dragons. Cut red, orange, and yellow tissue paper to glue onto the end of the paper roll where the dragons fire breathing mouth would be. The kids can also get creative with how they choose to decorate their dragons! Click here to learn how to make this ridiculously fun and simple fire breathing dragon craft.


Via: onelittleproject.com

14. Little enchanted clothespin fairy dolls


Via: toddlerapproved.com

How magical does this clothespin fairy look? And the ways of decorating them are absolutely endless! This particular craft was inspired by the fairy tale Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother.

Begin with decorating the clothespins with markers and/or paint. Add in some sequins or glitter glue to the mix to make the fairies sparkly if desired. While the clothespins are drying, help the kids make a cutout for the wings. You can use either colourful card stock or felt to make the wing cutouts. They’re fun to decorate and the kids can make unique patterns that are all together beautiful. When the wings dry, just simply glue them onto the clothespins. The fairy hair can be made with some glued yarn to the top of the clothespin and ta-da! You all have yourselves completed magical fairies that are ready to fly around for hours of fun.


Via: toddlerapproved.com

13. Crowns paper bag crowns fit for a leader

Via: artbarblog.com

These wonderful crowns made out of paper bags are straight out of a magical land. When it comes time to paint and decorate them, each crown becomes special in its own way. There are also many supplies that the kids can use for these decorations such as pom poms, paint, and glitter glue.

Start off by cutting one side and the bottom of a paper bag. Then, cut across the top in a zig-zag motion to create the crown points. Be sure to measure and adjust the size of the crown to fit the child’s head and remember to leave an extra inch of space. Once the fun decorating portion of the craft is done, wait until the crowns are completely dry before gluing the ends together and sending them off with your kids on their magical adventures! Have a go at making these crowns by clicking here.

12. Fun magical wands


Via: sugarspiceandglitter.com

A magical wand is what every fairy tale-loving kid needs! This craft is also inspired by the classic fairy tale of Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother who created a magical evening with the help of her wand.

With this craft, it is suggested to use pre-made star shaped wooden craft sticks, but the wands can also be easily recreated using individual popsicle sticks aligned in the desired shape. Next is the fun part—decorating! Provide a decorating station using glue, beads, glitter, pre-cut ribbon, and markers or paint to allow your kids to express their imaginations through this craft. This is sure to keep the little ones entertained for hours. Click here if you would like to give these magical fairy wands a try!

11. Creative pirate treasure playdough


Via: onetimethrough.com

Aside from entertaining for hours, crafts can also help develop fine motor skills through hand-eye coordination for children. This simple to prepare craft activity involves a pirate’s treasure chest! It’s a great scavenger activity creatively using playdough to resemble sand in order to hide various items, such as pretend coins, beaded jewellery, and coloured gems.

Start off by mixing flour, salt and Cream of Tartar. Once this is mixed, add the oil and water, making sure to stir until smooth. Cook over medium to low heat until the dough looks dry and then proceed to add in yellow food colouring and glitter (optional). As the final step, add the chosen goodies to hide in the pirate’s treasure. This is a great prize at the end of a pirate-themed scavenger hunt or as a simple activity. Click here if you would like to try making this pirate treasure playdough. If you would like to try out creating a preschoolers and up appropriate treasure hunt, click here.

10. Crafty ‘Rapunzel’ bookmarks

Via: domesticgoddesque.com

We are all familiar with the fairy tale Rapunzel and the famous quotation, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” This craft perfectly portrays the princess letting down her hair from her tower window and also function as bookmarks!

Begin with cutting out the desired shape of the tower out of the back of an empty cereal box or piece of card stock to make them sturdy. Then, proceed to cut out felt in the same shape, also cutting a hole for the window (do not cut out the cardboard backing as this will be the base to glue Rapunzel’s head on). The hair can be braided out of yarn and glued onto the window cutout once the kids are done decorating the face and tower. Click here to try making these bookmarks with your little ones.

9. Magical fairy dust sensory tray

Via: theimaginationtree.com

This sensory tray craft using homemade fairy dust for mark making and early writing can help children learn their letters in a creative way! This craft is incredibly simple to create and the fairy dust is made using salt mixed with a few drops of red food colouring to give it that pink hue. Adding glitter to the salt gives it that magical touch. A wooden tray lined with a reflective gold lining can be used as a station to work with the fairy glitter. A large painting or pastry brush should be provided as a tool to write in the fairy dust. Be sure to decorate the fairy station with exciting beaded jewellery and pretend gems!

This craft also helps develop fine motor skills by incorporating hand-eye coordination through writing in the fairy dust. This is a creative and playful way in which children can learn. Click here if you would like to try making this magical fairy tray!

8. Recreate ‘The Princess and the Pea’ fairy tale with your kids

Via: aplacecalledkindergarten.com

The story of The Princess and the Pea has an important underlying moral, teaching children that people should not be judged by their appearances. This simple craft helps kids visualize the fairy tale through a creative and fun process!

Start off by cutting rectangular pieces of colourful patterned scrapbook paper. The scraps can be cut out into thinner or thicker rectangular pieces, depending on the length of the white paper. Provide markers for the kids to draw the bed frame and the pea. Once that is done, they can start gluing the colourful pieces of scrapbook to replicate the many mattresses that the princess was given to sleep on. The final step is drawing the princess on top! There you have it—a fun fairy tale-inspired craft to keep the kids entertained. If you would like to try this craft out, click here.

7. ‘Little Mermaid’ “under the sea”-themed craft

Via: blitsy.com

Growing up, Disney’s The Little Mermaid was one of my favourite stories. It involved all the elements of an exciting story, an “under the sea” theme, mermaids and mermen, a prince, and two funny sidekicks. I always wished Flounder was a sidekick of mine, so I would have loved this craft as a kid!

All you need is colourful scrapbook paper, rhinestones, and popsicle sticks. The kids can start off by tracing their hands on the scrapbook paper and cutting the outline out with scissors. A heart-shaped cutout of a bright-coloured card stock creates the perfect fishy lips that are then glued onto the base of the hand outline. Markers and rhinestones, as well as tissue paper, can be used to get imaginative with these fish puppets and allow the creative juices to flow. Make sure the kids make a fish outline with each hand so that later on the two can be glued together onto the popsicle stick handles. Give these fish puppets a try by clicking here.

6. Adorable popsicle stick princess castle craft

Via: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

This craft allows your little ones to create their very own enchanted fairy tale castles. It can be used as room décor or as a fun playtime accessory.

Begin by gluing popsicle sticks together in the shape of a castle. The popsicle sticks can be painted or coloured in using markers and/or crayons. Colourful scrapbook paper can be cut out for the windows, door, and roof of the castle. There are many ways to make this princess castle a magical creation. Your kids can keep building up the popsicle sticks to extend the size of the enchanted castle or add rhinestones and glitter glue to make it sparkle in the sunshine—the decoration possibilities seem endless! If you would like to give this popsicle princess/prince castle craft a try, click here.

5. ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’-inspired spiral paper plate craft!

Via: fromabcstoacts.com

This Jack and the Beanstalk-inspired paper plate craft is incredibly simple to make and is fun to bring out during storytime to help visualize Jack’s tall magical beanstalk. All the supplies that are needed are, a paper plate, green acrylic paint, green felt, scissors, and glue.

Start off by having your kids paint the paper plate in a green colour. While the plate is drying, trace a leaf outline on the green felt and cut out a few leaves in order to glue them onto the beanstalk. Construction paper can also be used instead of felt to create the leaves. Then, proceed to cut the paper plate into a spiral and pull a thread through the top to hang the beanstalk up. Take a look at step by step instructions for this craft here.

4. This is another Jack and the Beanstalk inspired craft that includes a real beanstalk!

Via: lessonsfromateacher.com

This craft is a fun combination of a fairy tale and science experiment! It’s a great opportunity to teach children about what plants need in order to grow.

Start off by creating outlines of the castles and clouds. Have the kids decorate these as they wish—they can use glitter glue or rhinestones to decorate the castle walls and cotton to create fluffy clouds. Securely tape the skewers to each cutout and stick them in clear cups filled halfway with soil. It is best to soak the beans in water a day before placing them in the soil, as this will allow them to swell and increase the chances of shooting out quicker. Place the cups in a sunlit area and make sure they are watered frequently while the bean buds are forming. After a week or so, the sprout should have already emerged from the soil and be well on its way to reaching the castle in the clouds! If you would like to try out this project, click here.

Via: lessonsfromateacher.com

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