15 Family Photos That Are Better Left Gathering Dust

We don't know what it is about family photos that can sometimes bring out the worst in people, but it seems that there is no escaping it. Like when a family is taking a studio photo and decide to get creative, which leads to one too many compromising positions. Or when a family is on vacation and trying to get everyone organized, but can't pull it together in time for the flash. It appears that trying to take a family photo always proves to be more of a challenge than anticipated.

So naturally, this leads to a goldmine of horrendous photos floating around the internet. From pictures of couples, which capture them mid-fight and show the reality of trying to take the "perfect" photo. To photos of kids refusing to cooperate and bursting into tears or pulling a face in an attempt to sabotage the shot. There is always someone just waiting to ruin a photo.

15 The ultimate photoshop fail

Via: mashable.com

When this family decided to get their family photos taken in a park they didn't realize that there's a reason that you don't just hire anyone as a photographer. While this photographer claimed to be a professional, it is quite clear that her Photoshop skills are a touch too extreme. Actually, very extreme. Surely, this family did not need this much work done? The family posted these photos on their Facebook explaining that they had hired this professional photographer for $250. When they got the shots back, they were in for a massive surprise. Their faces were so Photoshopped that they started to resemble some creepy cartoon family. When they asked the photographer about the shots, she said that the shadows were really bad and that she was never taught her how to retouch photos.

14 Not an ideal kind of stack

Via: pinterest.com

Don't get us wrong, we love stacks of things like cash or pancakes, but definitely not a stack of a family. Of course, the positioning of their bodies is only the first issue we have with this photo. Our second issue is the matching thing that they've got going on.

While the denim on denim, AKA the Canadian Tuxedo, has made a comeback, we still think there's such a thing as too much denim.

Like when the entire family decides to wear it. We hate to break it to you fam, but this is no Calvin Klein advertisement. We also have to point out the braided belt that man number three from the bottom is wearing. Surely, someone could have pointed it out to him that this is a big no-no? Some things are best left in the nineties, buddy—like that belt and this photo.

13 Monkey business

Via: pinterest.com

Okay, we don't even know where to start with this photo. We guess let's point out the obvious thing in the room first—that woman's hair. What is that bouffant? How does she achieve such volume in her locks? Is it a perm? Perhaps we are just jealous of the amount of height she's managed to get with her hair. Tresses aside, there's the tiny detail of all of the monkeys in this photo. Where did they get them from? Why do they have so many? Why is that one in the pink dress creeping us out so much? It's almost like a Children of the Corn monkey edition. Also does that naked monkey on the man's shoulder go to the same hairdresser as the woman? Because it sure seems like it. Lastly, we are really digging this monkey in overalls look. Fierce.

12  When true feelings show

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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it's worth all the feels too. Sometimes when you are in a photoshoot session, it can be challenging to have your camera face on the entire time. So what does that result in? Well, a lot of telling faces revealing exactly how they feel about their other family members.

Clearly, in this case, the mom is not a fan favorite.

In particular, the mom doesn't appear to be a favorite of the daughter. What is that look of disdain, girl? Save it for when you are behind closed doors. While the son is jokingly trying to choke the mom based on all of these grim faces, this family may not get along as well as they would like us all to believe. And the look on dads face is just screaming "Is this shoot over yet?"

11 Hold on tight

Via: pinterest.com

Apparently, this father did not get the memo to hold onto his girls hand tightly when attempting a jumping shot. We understand that the family was trying to get creative with this beach group shot, but how could you forget about a key member of your family? Like your daughter, who is now probably having the worst day ever. It's bad enough that they are making her take all of these cheesy photos, but now she's going to have a head full of sand too. The worst part is that it's wet sand, which is arguably even harder to get out of your hair. But despite this little girl falling, this family still looks pretty jolly in this photo. Their failings are parents aside, we must say the older daughter on the right looks a little too happy about it. Sisterly love.

10 A killer vibe

Via: pinterest.com

Now when we say that this photo has a killer vibe, we totally mean it. And not in the sense that it is a killer vibe as in it's really cool. But instead that this man has got a bit of a gas station serial killer vibe going on. Whether it's the glasses or the mustache or that dead look in his eyes, there is just something eerie about this photo.

To make matters worse, it also doesn't help the way that his head is blown up in this photo.

Like why do you have to be so extra George? Why couldn't you just be in the picture alongside your family instead? But alas no, you needed to be the star of this show. Too bad it didn't quite work out in your favor. While we're at it, are you also responsible for your daughter's haircut? It seems like it would be your taste. And the most extra award goes to....

9 An eerie face swap

Via: pinterest.com

While we have looked at this photo for entirely too long, we just can't seem to look away. It's like we almost wish we didn't see it in the first place because there is something so spooky about it. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it seems like a perfectly executed face swap. Why does everyone's face fit so perfectly onto the other persons face? Like the little daughters head is fully turned sideways and yet the mothers real head is facing straight. Also, while the son just looks like a baby head on a man's body, the little girl kind of looks like an adult now. We don't know if it's the bangs or what but she's got us convinced. With images like these, we are seriously starting to reconsider our love for face swap.

8 A nice safe, scenic background

Via: pinterest.com

We have to start off by saying that this photo looks like it was taken in the '80s. Why is this relevant? Because there were no smartphones around back then. Why is that relevant? Well, because people were not as inclined to make bad decisions all in the name of a photo.

One of the most dangerous things you can do on a highway is to pull over on the shoulder and get out.

In particular, when you have no reason to be doing that other than to take a photo. However, Gregory and Margaret like to live on the edge, so they decided to hop out of their car for a photo opportunity. While we have to say they are brave for doing that, this really isn't even a backdrop that's worth it. Surely, you could have found a better Chicago sign in the actual city?

7 Creativity at its finest

Via: pinterest.com

We must say that this kid is super creative when it comes to spicing up a family photo. Seriously, he has pulled out all of the stops so that all eyes are on him. And believe us, kid, it has worked. We barely even noticed the awkward stances of the two people on the outskirts there. Now we are just wondering how this kid managed to stick all of the cutlery to his body like this? We bet the grandma is really happy that she's got to wash all those utensils again, thanks to her grandson. We get the kid just wants to look cool, but it's at the expense of his grandma's cutlery, which is just savage. You can tell the mother's seen this party trick once or twice before. Probably at home with her cutlery. Look how displeased she looks back there with the baby.

6 Forty years of marriage will have that effect

Via: pinterest.com

When you have been married as long as these two, you don't feel inclined to fake your emotions anymore, even for the camera. Well, actually he still looks into it, but she looks mighty annoyed.

We're not sure what she's more bothered about—the fact that she has to pose for a cheesy photo or the fact that she is donning this hat?

And it's quite clear that the husband is getting a kick out of all of it, which, in hindsight, is probably bothering her even more. We are pretty sure this woman would rather be anywhere else on this photo than on that Norwegian cruise. To be honest, we don't blame her. We are not particularly fond of cruises either. Also, the last thing you would want after being married for so many years is to be confined on a boat together.

5 Take a hint, Jim

Via: pinterest.com

Someone in this photo is enjoying themselves and someone is questioning why this atrocity happening. Based on the faces that this man and his best friend are making, we would say it is a pretty easy guess. Clearly, Fido is not feeling this photoshoot. And why would he? Would you enjoy being forced into a photo and lifted by your stomach when you are feeling a little bloated? No, you probably would not. So we can't blame Fido for looking like he is starting to reconsider his friendship with his owner. In fact, we are pretty sure he's looking at someone on set and saying "help me" with his eyes. It also does not help that Jim over here looks a little too happy in this photo. Chances are, with this much enthusiasm he's probably squeezing the dog a little beyond its liking. Just put the dog down and stick to a selfie, Jim.

4 Good timing

Via: pinterest.com

We are pretty sure that this kid on the left would not want this moment to be immortalized. But alas, that's what family photos are good at. Capturing those moments you would really rather forget. Like when you had braces and a mullet and were posing for your 8th grade dance with your parents.

Or when your parents forced you into a photo right after you had just finished crying about something silly.

Or when everyone else is posing nicely in the group photo, but the dog suddenly charges at you and tries to take a chunk of your shoulder. The worst part of it all is that the family seems well aware of what's happening but are proceeding with the photo. Perhaps this kid will think twice before showing up to Thanksgiving next year.

3 Someone needs to change

Via: pinterest.com

Guys, believe us there is such a thing as overkill and this image is the epitome of that. Generally speaking, everyone's worst nightmare is showing up at an event where someone else is dressed like you, and this is that same nightmare on steroids. What makes it even worse is that it is not a small family of four, but there are like sixteen people here, all willfully participating in this atrocity. We can barely get a good count of them, though. It's hard to count correctly between all of these jammies with prints on them. It also seems to us that only two people here are realizing that there is something wrong with this photo. The baby in the front and the baby above him. The baby in the front looks confused and upset, and the one on top is in utter shock by it all. So are we, kid.

2 Someone's always trying to steal the thunder

Via: pinterest.com

At every wedding, there is always someone that wishes it was their big day. While generally, these people manage to hide their true feelings until the reception, this lady didn't wait that long to let everyone know who should really be the center of attention. As it goes, people can only really hide their feelings until the first sip and then it all comes out.

So it's likely this woman was already getting into the wine before this picture opportunity.

Otherwise, what else would motivate her to sprawl out in front of the bride and groom like this? Unless she's just fed up with being a guest always and never the bride. So she decided to play by her own rules at this wedding. After all, weddings can be so stuffy, maybe it's not such a bad thing she spruced up this photo shoot.

1 It runs in the family

Via: pinterest.com

Our eyes are pulled in so many directions when we look at this image. Between the shirts and the big hair, our attention is all over the place. Also, can we talk about that sloth for a second? How is he such a natural in front of the camera? Look at him trying to do a peace sign for this photoshoot. Also, why is this sloth in front of a camera at all? And why does this couple even own a sloth? And where can we get one? Seriously this sloth looks way too cool. We need him in our lives. After taking in the sloth, we would also like to discuss this families hair. How is it possible that everyone is having a bad hair day in this image, sloth included? It is quite peculiar that every single one of them has such volume. How about you all take it down a notch?

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