15 Family Photos That Make Us Want To *Not* Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane

In the world of social media and selfies, it seems like preteens and teenagers are completely skipping the awkward phase of childhood. When most of us were younger, we had clunky braces, hairspray-slathered bangs and clothes we couldn't bring back in style if we really tried. It's safe to say that when it came to our awkward years of adolescence, we just had to grin and bear it and wish it was over soon.

We may not have had easy access to technology as we do today, but there were other means of getting proof that we were awkward as all get out: cameras and camcorders. Dads everywhere always had one of those strapped to their hand or their shoulder and documented anything and everything. We couldn't wait to see pictures that were taken and developed later and now, we probably wish we weren't so eager.

We're not sure who these people are in these photos, but we can probably bet that they aren't too happy their atrocious family portraits are out in the public for everyone to see.

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15 Always on his mind

A husband and dad probably thinks about his family frequently throughout his day, but this takes things to a different level. There was a wrinkle in time where family portraits consisted of odd placements of a person's head and this is the definition of it. We get it was a different time and different trends were relevant but never understood this one. Maybe it's a low-key ode to the guy being the head of the household or something, but it still gives us the major creeps. It's like the woman and the little girl are super happy about something and the guy is being moody and aloof about something else. Either way, when this family opens up their photo album down the road, we're sure they wondered about the exact same thing as us.

We wonder if this was an option at the photographer's studio and they jumped at the option the first chance they got. We all make mistakes in our lives and regret them later and we'll take a wild guess and assume they looked at these years later and felt exactly that—regret. If this was a trendy picture today, we'd assume it was all done by Photoshop.

14 Clowning around

Let's get straight to the elephant in the room here: clowns are scary and there's nothing anyone can do to change our minds. We can blame the weird people dressed haphazardly as a clown at our younger birthday parties or we can blame Hollywood for giving the clown character a monster effect, it doesn't matter. The matter is, is that no one should be dressed up as a clown when it's time for family portraits and we're not sure why this person ended up looking like this. Based on the two kids' expressions as well as the woman's, they aren't very happy to be there. Maybe the dad got off late and didn't have time to scrub off his creepy-looking makeup and just went with it. We'll never know.

When this family looks back on this photo years down the road, they'll probably scratch their heads and try to remember the relevance of this photo. They might also try to remember why their loved one was dressed as a clown on picture day. Either way, we'll never know why this person had a clown costume on and that's the real let down in this whole story.

13 Brace faces

When it comes to kids getting their braces on, it's safe to say they probably aren't feeling excited. As kids, we only saw the now and not the future, hence the non-excitement. Once a kid or teenager got their braces on and were ready to go, it wasn't their brightest moment to date...especially when it came to taking pictures. No one wanted to have documentation of that part of their life and if they absolutely had to, they'd grin and bear it. Maybe a photo here and there was OK, but taking a family portrait? Please Lord, no. Back in the 1990's, we had ample amounts of awkward moments anyways and in this situation, this was one of them. These poor kids probably had no idea how this picture would come back to haunt them because, well, mouth gear.

Years down the road, their teeth probably looked fabulous, but when they were kids, they probably thought they were anything but that. This photo screams awkward and regretful and we hope they didn't have to dig up this situation frequently. At least these three went through it together and couldn't really make fun of each other for it.

12 All the rage

Seasons change, trends become an afterthought and all we have is a measly picture to remind us of a distant memory. People love taking pictures to document their memories because looking back on them is priceless. People love to reminisce and remember what they did in the past and this family isn't any different. It seems like they all have fairly different personalities and couldn't come up with a theme they could all agree to. Kids, in general, are picky and teenagers are even worse, so what's a father to do in this situation? To go with the flow supposedly. These kids might've thought this picture was a good idea at the time, but down the road, that phone will be old and the Star Wars nod won't be as cool anymore. In fact, who even knows who is under that mask because the kid's head is hidden.

We can picture it now: these kids get a bit older and start having other priorities. They start to think this photo is "totally uncool" and want it shoved in a drawer and forgotten forever. Darth Vader may still be a cool character down the road, but wearing a mask to match him is a little too much.

11 No use in denying it

After a long day of work, all we want to do is sit back, relax and turn on Netflix. Unwinding at the end of the day is good for the soul and everyone should do it; but when a couple has kids, things change. There's no time for "me time" and everything is revolved around the kids now. Some parents make their lives their kids and other people continue on with their routines as if nothing happened...like this woman. She's not admitting she's a couch potato, but something in between. We're not really sure what a "crouch potato" is, but we want to assume there's an inside joke here.

Dad is in on it too and it's a good thing they managed to agree on the theme of the family photo.

We're sure photographers have seen some weird stuff in their day, but this one might be in the top 10. The parents are dressed in these odd baggy costumes, while their poor kids are dressed up as tater tots. Well, the little girl on the left isn't and that could mean she's the black sheep. Years down the road these kids will remember this and wish it never happened.

10 Veggies 'r' us

We probably know a picky eater or two and try to understand why they're so selective. Some people have transitioned out of that stage and other people haven't. We think back to the days where we only liked chicken strips and corn dogs and regret the things we could've eaten with a fast metabolism. Vegetables were our enemy back then, especially mushrooms. We can't name a kid we know that likes or liked mushrooms and the three boys above are likely the same. We're not sure why there are gigantic mushrooms in this photo, but there had to be a reason.

Also, each of the boys has a different expression on their face that could be a telling sign of what they are thinking. 

The first boy is super excited and probably cried until he got a solid promise from his parents there'd be ice cream after this excursion. The second boy looks totally lost and is probably wondering why there are giant mushrooms right in front of him. The third boy looks like he's hiding something and it's probably the fact that he dislikes this situation. Either way, this photo is going to cause a lot of confusion years down the road and these boys just went with the flow because they were bribed.

9 Big sister duties

Around the holidays, kids are restless with glee, excited about what's to come and can hardly compose themselves. In normal situations, it's hard to imagine two siblings calmly sharing toys that they both want to play with. This photo might be funny to us because we have nothing to do with it, but we can't even imagine the horror that ensued after this photo was taken. Some siblings get along great and we're thinking that these two might not be one of them. The older girl probably had experience with being an only child and is now taking advantage of the fact that she's the older sibling in this situation.

We can't even imagine what the poor little kid that's getting the wrath of her big sister is going through and we wouldn't want to be around when that little hand comes off her face. We feel bad for their parents and, later down the road, we're sure there's still tension between the two siblings about this photo. At the same time, there might be a completely different situation going on and everything turned out for the best. We're going to go with that and continue to laugh at the photo above.

8 Runaway groom

When two people decide to get married, it should be a day of pure bliss, excitement and with family and friends doting on the newlyweds. Usually, when two people get married on their special day, they are together, relishing the moment. Maybe we're not seeing the situation above clearly, but either way, this is a new one to us. Here you have the bride all dressed up in white, smiling for the camera like it's the best day ever. Then, you have her supposed groom smiling as well in his black tuxedo...on a television. We're not sure if this is a joke or what, but we're thinking if the groom isn't there, something is wrong.

We might just be making a situation out of nothing, but in our book, a groom should be present.

Hopefully, the groom is in the other room and this whole thing is just a joke the family pulled on them. Years down the road when the happy couple looks back at their wedding photos, hopefully, this represents a type of joke and not a runaway groom type of situation. Also, we hope if the groom isn't there for some reason, he made it up to his bride.

7 The rebels

Teenagers are all about their sense of expression. Heck, all of us are about a sense of expression and that can mean many things. We can express ourselves through art, through writing and even what we look like. We've all been teenagers and can look back and remember how hard some of those years were, trying to figure out ourselves. We might've not gone rogue and totally crossed our parents, but we did do things to make them upset. Back in the day, we assumed our parents knew nothing about what we were going through because, you know, they weren't in our spots at one time or another. So instead of constant battles and door slams, this mother seemed to just embrace her kids' sense of style.

At the time this photo was taken, the two teenagers probably thought they were the coolest people in the world, but growing up and maturing could've made them think differently. Mom looks sweet as can be and just happy to have a photo and the teenagers...let's just say they showed up. We're all for individuality, but we're thinking this is a phase that these teens will regret later on.

6 Bad dog

When all of the family gets together, it's a miracle. People have different lives, different expectations and obligations they need to keep. By looking up at the photo above, we can see that this family managed to get together for a photo op. This would've turned out amazing if the family dog didn't ruin everything. Maybe it was provoked or maybe, the photo was taking too long and it felt like it needed to take its frustration out on a human. It seems like the rest of the family isn't moving too fast to help this poor kid out. They just seem to be laughing at what's going on.

Of course, like we said before, this kid might've had karma coming for him. 

We hope this kid didn't get seriously hurt and if he did, he probably wouldn't want to relive this moment years down the road. In fact, if he didn't get physically hurt, he was probably emotionally hurt because his family just sat there and laughed. Either way, this doesn't look like a good situation and we hope the kid forgave his family when he felt better. Hopefully, they got a few good shots before this all went down.

5 Confusion central

Around the holidays, certain families favor certain traditions. These traditions might be new or they may be derived from several generations years ago. Among those traditions is finding the time to take holiday family portraits. We've all gotten a card or two from family or friends showing off their own family with festive backdrops or decorations around them. This family seems to be doing the same thing, but their approach is a bit different from the average family. Maybe they celebrate their holidays differently and that's OK, but we've never seen anyone celebrate Easter and winter holidays at the same time.

Maybe we're not as creative as some people, but we've never had the idea to strap on dollar store rabbit ears for professional photos. Maybe there's a backstory to the ears, but beyond that, we can't figure out why this family would want to include them. To top it off, Mom is holding a reindeer and usually, a reindeer plush toy means a winter holiday. Either way, this is confusing and the whole family will probably wish they were more straight-forward

4 Partying in the wrong generation

We're not really sure what's going on here. We'd like to think this was just a picture taken for a themed party, but there's a small child involved and that makes us think otherwise. We're also not sure if this small family is throwing it back to a time when these outfits were more acceptable, but they certainly haven't aged well. The parents probably are fine with looking back and remembering this tubular day, but the kid might not be so happy to see this. At least right now fanny packs are making a comeback, but when this kid gets older to realize this situation, that might not be the case. We get this man and woman are trying to be fun with this photo, but the tackiness of it all is just hard to ignore.

It's also pretty hard not to zero in on that shark head that's about to mow that guy's leg.

Lastly, the photographer managed to get the photo where the little kid was picking his nose and that is kind of priceless. It just goes to show that some people have different views on what's appropriate for a family photo and this one is pushing it.

3 Alter ego

When we were young, we all had a favorite superhero or character we would obsess over. We started liking these characters because they were on our television on Saturday mornings or a toy we once got as a present. As kids, there were a few universal heroes in our book that every kid seemed to like: Barbie, Superman, Spider-Man and even Batman. The kid up above clearly had a favorite and got to dress up as him on a particular day. We'd figure his parents would let him dress up as his favorite superhero on Halloween, but for professional pictures? Wow, they must have been desperate. We'll continue to wonder how this boy got his parents to let him be Batman, but now we know why his smile is so big on the bottom left.

This is another great example of a time when two heads were better than one in a photo. Nowadays, we'd never see this combo other than in an old dusty photo album; but at that time, this was all the rage. We hope this kid's parents used this as ammo when he got older because this was quite the accomplishment back in the day.

2 Mullets for the win

Here's another example that some trends don't work out in the long run. We thought that when we were younger, how we acted, how we dressed and how we wore our hair was spectacular. We'd never think that once we got older, we'd look back and wonder what the heck was wrong with us. It's a good thing this family got the chance to document their impeccable hairdos because this is pure gold. We all know that the mullet was in style for quite some time and even folks now are sporting the look. They might be stuck in that era and, hey, to each their own; let them rock it. We keep looking at this photo over and over and are wondering why this ever was a thing. Cauliflower bangs with long straight hair in the back was a thing, people.

This is taking the business up front and party in the back to a whole other level.

We can't really blame the kids for looking this way because we basically had to listen to our parents and abide by their rules. We're thinking the girls took their mother's advice and went to her hairstylist and completely mimicked the look. Now, the girls turned into women are probably asking their mother why she ever let them out of the house.

1 Daddy long legs

When it's picture day, most people try to coordinate with each other. Heck, at least they try to dress up and look nice because pictures are worth a thousand words. This specific family decided to go get their picture taken at a professional stupid by a professional photographer. We understand that this unsuspecting bunch probably didn't know what was going on, but the photographer did. Unless the photographer couldn't see very well, they had to of known that this guy and girl shouldn't be sitting next to each other.

While the picture is kind of funny, the total bill probably wasn't after these pictures were taken.

A professional should know the lighting tricks, the angles and what doesn't look good next to each other. The black and white color assemble works well, but not right next to each other. It's a good thing we live in a generation where Photoshop and other photo-enhancing programs flourish because, without that, we don't know if this family would even care to hang this on their wall. In fact, we hope they tried out different positions entirely because the only thing that seems to be happening here is the little girl and guy are one entity.

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