15 Family Vacation Fails Guaranteed To Give You A Full Body Cringe

Family vacations can be with friends, a couple of family members, or the entire annoying clan, where everyone is headed out for some relaxation, drinks, great food, and… great company. Regardless of who is on your vacation with you, there are sure to be some fails in photos. So, sit back and enjoy these hilarious family vacation fails, brought to you by the cruel, cruel underbelly of the internet.

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15 You get drunker quick this way, Emily!

Via: buzzfeed.com

Shots are always the best option when you’re on vacation and trying to get drunk. You don’t want to be taking in more calories than needed when a bikini becomes your outfit of choice, and sometimes your evening wear of choice (with a sarong, of course), too. Taking a shot, or twelve, through the eye, although effective in getting yourself drunk much quicker, is never a fun choice. Unless, of course, you’re wishing to go blind; then, by all means, it sounds like the right idea.

Whoever is pouring this adult beverage into the friend, sister, or cousin’s eye really needs to brush up on their bartending skills and try to aim for the wide-open mouth. What is definitely a fail in pouring a friend a drink, is a fail in a vacation photo, but a definite win in entertainment.

14 You’re a temptress, Grandma

Via: blogspot.com

Nothing says family vacation like Grandma doing something embarrassing. Why wouldn’t you want to take a family photo whilst holding Grandma in your arms like the true Sex Goddess that she is? Hey, grandkids, Grandma’s feeling proud of her boss body and wants to show it off with the younglings! Come on over here and hold Grandma up and paint me like I’m one of your French girls. It’s a beautiful photo; just look at the happy smiles on everyone’s faces, except for the granddaughter who has a pained expression on hers.

But, that may just be because she has Grandma’s full… um… middle in her hands and can really feel the family bonding begin to start. Families can be weird, and this one definitely proves it.

13 Sneak a peek

Via: buzzfeed.com

Sometimes, you have to wonder if the designers of hotel rooms get together to plan out new ways to freak out guests and have them question their sanity. Maybe it’s just a fun game that they play to see who can come up with the most outrageous designs that will be sure to confuse patrons and make them wince.

No one wants to be running in from dire need to go to the bathroom, only to realize (once it’s too late, of course) that your roommate can see every little gritty detail that’s going on in there. If you’re sharing the room with a friend, you two could probably laugh it off and have a great story to tell friends back when you’re at home. If you’re sharing with a significant other, good luck getting the mojo back into your relationship after that unfortunate moment. If you’re sharing the room with your family, good luck ever looking your dad in the face again. Not to mention the ridicule that you’ll face at every single family function from here on in.

12 Terrified and sunburnt

Via: fairfaxunderground.com

Terrified and sunburnt; isn’t that what makes up 90% of your family vacation? Who knows what your insane family is going to do, and no one uses enough sunscreen while lying on a beach relaxing. You’re just way too comfortable, and let’s face it, drunk, to roll over and apply more SPF60 to your entire body. It’ll fade into a tan, eventually, right?

This is a classic park ride photo that basically brings the internet together in happiness; Dad’s looking right bored on this seemingly chill ride, until you look on over to the daughter who is looking so terrified that she resembles a demon monster of sorts. The sunburn is probably adding to the demon-look of her with her eyes wider than her entire face. Dad’s still thinking ‘whelp, guess I just spent $20 I’ll never get back,’ completely oblivious to his daughter’s impending rise from the gates of hell.

11 I’m number one!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="552"] Via: dailymail.co.uk[/caption]

Kids can make or break a good photo. They can be incredibly cute, bringing up the photo’s street cred and making everyone ooh and aah over the complete adorableness of your family, or… they can be like this seemingly adorable child and ruin a pretty run-of-the-mill family photo. Someone didn’t give her the memo of the hand gestures that she should have been using and just decided to go with what felt right to her at the time. Maybe it was the 400th take of numerous photo poses and she was just sick and ready to end the photoshoot and just start partying already.

10 Just… why?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="791"] Via: www.thetalkoimages.com[/caption]

Of all the awesome places and backdrops to take a family photo, why would you choose this fence? Besides the fact that sitting on a pole could not be comfortable for every single person in this family, the sheer ridiculous questions that pop up should be giving this family nightmares for years.

The death glare on the little girl’s face says it all, though: she knows exactly how stupid they look, the questions that will come up, and the laughter that will surface as soon as anyone lays eyes on this photograph. With everyone smiling so happily, perhaps she’s the only sane one in this family.

9 Wait for me!

Via: thesouthernladymama.wordpress.com

Ah, nothing’s better than a timed picture gone completely wrong. This family vacation photo fail is like a treasure trove in a Where’s Waldo kind of way. First, there’s the one who got stuck with lining up the camera and hitting the timer (which was clearly much too short of a timeframe). Next, we have the one girl trying to do something silly or to fix her hair before the camera goes off. Then, there’s the kid who’s about to fall over, saved by grandma’s arms, but if he falls, he’s bringing down his brother/cousin/friend with him by the chokehold that he’s started on his brother/cousin/friend’s neck. The one husband (so we can assume) is reaching for the camera-person, trying so desperately to get her back into the photo in time, while the other younger husband just stands there with his finger to his eye. Why? It’s anyone’s guess, really; maybe he thinks he’s being funny, maybe he just knows what a sh*t show this photo is turning out to be. At least they all look like they’re having the time of their lives.

8 Just take the picture, anyway, Darla!

Via: famfrenzy.com

The perfectly timed photo is like an art-form made from screw-ups. What was about to be a beautiful family photo on what looks to be a very gorgeous beach, turned out to be nearly the end of not one, but two, of their sons' lives. At least they realized what was happening with the poor ginger and they didn’t try and still smile happily for the camera. The little blonde boy, stuck in the middle, is going for the ride of his life as Dad tries to rush in to help the mom who is pulling their son in the middle with her in order to save that ginger. Gingers just seem to have the worst of luck, don’t they? The boy in the middle and the dad are kind of keeping their game faces on with giant smiles and laughter bubbling through, most likely due to nerves in Dad’s case.

7 When your family's hardcore

Via: coresites.factorymedia.com

"No, Gladys, this is a perfect place to stop for a photo. What’s the matter?"

Who showed up first to this eclectic party; the shirtless biker guys or the three tourists? They all look pretty calm and happy to be mingling with each other, and who knows, they may have even swapped numbers and a recipe or two. It looks like Big-Bellied Bob on the right would know of a good casserole recipe and just might be willing to share. It’s great that everyone seems to be getting along fine and no one is weirded out that either of them are stopped next to each other. Except, if you were to take a lovely photo of the three oldies, why wouldn’t you crop it so you wouldn’t see the big bad biker gang? Unless, of course, that’s the whole reason they’re taking the photo in the first place. Then, well-played, Gladys, well-played.

6 What’s in here?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="992"] Via: allnight.com[/caption]

Ah, apes. Who doesn’t love these creatures? They’re always out for a good time and to wreak havoc on the world. This ape seems to be looking for a good time right by this woman’s bikini top, just reaching in to get his own handful. Either she’s aware, or she just doesn’t care that an ape is feeling her up, but she looks pretty happy to be meeting such a fine gentleman.

It’s a fine line between adorable and molestation. The line is anyone over the age of four, and anyone who isn’t an adorable animal. And, of course, the dirty old men that somehow turn out to be hilarious and charming instead of sketchy and creepy. The reaction wouldn’t be the same if the photo was of some 42-year-old man feeling this woman up. And again, if it was an 82-year-old man eyeing the goods, we’d all be laughing and not feeling a bit creeped out. But I guess that's what *consent* is all about. And a lot of social bias. Amirite, ladies?

5 Nudist colony, anyone?

Via: tumblr.com

Are they wearing clothes? Surely, there must be a bikini or board short in there, somewhere! Whether or not they’re actually nude, this photo is a definite fail. If you were visiting a nudist colony, this is about the only photo that you should be taking (ahem, from the waist up men and from the neck up, ladies), if you’re to be taking any photos at all. No one wants to see unpleasant photos such as those where the junk is older than your house.

Let’s pretend that they are wearing their bathing suits in this photo and it’s just an awkward angle with unfortunate results. Why would you post this to the internet, where everyone knows the whole world will end up seeing it and for it to be ridiculed by all, if you could see the pure awkwardness in the first place? Just check out your angles and make sure there’s nothing weird going on in the background, guys!

4 It’s just nature

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="464"] Via: www.explanationnow.com[/caption]

Humans, it seems, are obsessed with seeing other animals doing it in the wild; it’s like a special treat for all of us to witness dogs humping in the park, giraffes going at it in the zoo, and of course, two tortoises getting randy in the middle of the forest. Why wouldn’t you stop and take a family photo with you and your children? It’s only logical. Why humans are so obsessed and delighted with other animals doing the deed is yet to be truly answered. Maybe it’s just nice to know that other organisms out there like to get it on as much as we do. Or, maybe it’s because we’re sick perverted bastards, bestiality is illegal, and Pornhub gets a little boring at times. Which is totally understandable; there is also most likely no wifi available in that forest and you got to take what you get, right?

3 Beware of the sea

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="625"] www.buzzfeed.com[/caption]

Welcome to the photobomb of the century! No one but that manta ray looks happy in this photo. Well, besides that grandma in the background just laughing her ass off at the whole situation, thinking back to worse things she’s encountered in life than an overly friendly manta ray.

This candid photo begs the question: did sneaky manta come up and pop his head to photobomb these three girls, or were they trying to get a picture of him before this diva decided he needed to be front and center?

2 Maybe sunscreen next time?

Via: pinterest.com

Nothing beats being on vacation and getting one of the worst sunburns of your entire life. Maybe you re-applied and re-applied, but that tropical sun exposure was just a bit too much for your fair-skinned body to handle. Maybe you fell asleep for longer than expected and woke up to a family of lobsters instead of beautifully tanned people. Maybe you’re just as stupid as you look with that burn and you ignored the sunscreen and, instead, opted for the 10th glass of rum. Either way, you’re not getting out of that sunburn or the ridicule that will follow you until the day you die. Because, no one forgets that one person (or whole family clan) who got so sunburnt on their trip that they couldn’t sleep, move, or go back outside for the remainder of it, especially when there’s photographic evidence to refresh the memory. Well, done, you lot, well done.

1 Hey, it's Yogi Bear!

Via: insiderviral.com

You can just hear the wife now, muttering so as not to spook her sons. "Hurry up and take the photo, Gord, our children are about to be eaten! My bitch of a sister, Shelley, will never believe this!" It’s both heart-stopping terrifying and hilarious that parents will always try and get that photo of their children doing something incredibly dangerous before disciplining them or saving them. Why would these kids need saving? There’s just a giant bear heading their way, trying to figure out if they’re food, friend, or foe. Might as well bust out the camcorder, God, as everyone will want to hear the exact sound of your child’s bones being crunched on by this majestic creature. Don’t forget to pin it on nature and the crazy things that always happen in it, as it’s never your fault. You just have to wonder about some people’s parenting skills. *sigh*

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