15 Fandoms That Take Things Way Too Far

Being part of a fandom is amazing for a number of levels. The ability to gush about your favorite characters in a series, the camaraderie of meetups involving that fandom, and the wicked inside joke-like memes you get to enjoy as a fangirl or fanboy just make it a rewarding experience for many of us.

But, if you’ve ever gone to an anime convention or any similar major meetup, you probably already know that there’s a downside to fandoms. That downside, of course, comes in the form of people who take fandoms way, way too far. Sometimes the results are scary, other times, it’s just plain hilarious. Check out some outcomes of fandoms that might have just been a bit too dedicated to keeping it fan-friendly.

15 The Twilight Franchise

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Oh, Twilight. We just can’t go into psychotic fandoms without involving the hit series of books by supernatural romance novelist Stephanie Meyer. Twihards, as they became known, were infamous for being diehard fans of Edward Cullen or Jacob Black – but never both. Most Twihards can tell you that there’s a Forks, Washington annual festival celebrating the movie series that’s still going strong. And, it doesn’t really take too long for evidence of 40-year-old women who had basically decked out their entire bedrooms in Twilight merch, either. But the craziness of this fandom doesn’t end in bedroom decorations, you know.

What most people don’t realize is that the often-erotic romance novels also had sparked a major fandom fire in the bedroom, as well. Multiple adult toy companies had made sparkly Edward-style implements for the ladies to enjoy...as well as things with fangs that we’re kind of terrified of. And there are creepy body pillows out there too. Need we say anymore?

14 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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Bronies ended up being one of the most unexpected fandoms to ever take form, and for good reason. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic was supposed to be a simple children’s TV show marketed towards girls under 5. However, it’s pretty clear from the demographics of bronies that grown men and boys actually preferred it more. The fandom, for the most part, is surprisingly pro-feminism, accepting, and lighthearted compared to most other male-dominated fandoms.

One trend that has become somewhat popular among bronies is to pose with their girlfriends. By girlfriends, though, we don’t mean actual girlfriends with human bodyparts who just so happen to also dig MLP. No, among quite a few fans, they’ve taken to Photoshopping ponies from the TV series into their social media pictures, talk about how they’d date the ponies, or announce “weddings” to them. As you can see from the picture, the photos are just as cringeworthy as you’d expect them to be.

13 Star Wars

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Arguable the most lucrative sci-fi movie series to ever be created, Star Wars has become totally entrenched in mainstream pop culture. At one point, though, being part of the Star Wars fandom was seen as a very geeky way to enjoy oneself. However, as years progressed, it became a staple of American entertainment, with many subgenres of fanboys and fangirls out there. And, it’s easy to see why Star Wars is such a popular franchise. The storylines have all sorts of intricate details, characters are human, and the special effects have always been amazing.

Much like with many other fandoms, some folks who are bigtime fans of Star Wars really got inspired...and that’s partly how the Jedi religion came to be. No, this isn’t a hoax or a Jedi mind trick! People in the UK actually started a church based on the Star Wars religion and it ended up getting legal recognition.

12 Harry Potter

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If there’s any book series that has earned its title for having extremely devoted fans without involving too much adult content or romance plotlines, it’s Harry Potter. The book series spawned an equally successful movie series, which spawned almost every single kind of fandom goodie you could imagine – including a couple of amusement parks. It’s a childhood reading staple, and it’s launched some of the biggest names in filmmaking in recent years.

But, there’s one point where the fandom might have gone overboard with their zealotry. I am, of course talking about Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jellybeans. These beans are made to taste just like the “every flavor” magical jellybeans in the book. Normally, fandoms will avoid eating horrible things as part of reveling in the fantasy of being in their favorite stories. But, no, not with these candies. With Bertie Bott's, they'll pay good money for the privilege of eating vomit-flavored candy. With flavors like earwax and vomit, it’s safe to say the fact that these still sell is clear proof that fans might be a bit too crazy over Harry Potter.

Oh, and university fans also developed their own Quidditch teams, so there’s that, too.

11 Naruto

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Ah, yes, Naruto. This is the story of a foxy ninja boy who gets into all sorts of crazy adventures while he trains under one of the greatest ninjas of all time. If you have been in high school in the last ten years, then there’s a very good chance that you may have had that one kid who did the “Naruto run” that involves charging ahead while extending your arms backwards. And, you know what? That’s okay because that’s what high school is for – being as cringey as you want to be, because when you hit adulthood it’s not going to be as okay anymore.

The Naruto run itself is not really taking things too far. After all, fandoms are gonna fandom. What went too far was that time when the University of Michigan had decided to study the “Naruto run” to see if it’s actually faster. (Surprisingly, it was.)

10 Justin Bieber

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I don’t know anyone who hasn’t wanted to look like at least one celebrity in passing. Even I have wanted to look like Bill Kaulitz at one point. To a point, most of the times that you’ll see this phenomenon, it’s because someone’s a huge fan of them and wishes to be like them. Well, with Justin Bieber, one male Belieber got a little bit too carried away...

Tobias Strebel, who may just take the cake as one of the most obsessive Beliebers out there, spent a grand total of $100,000 to look like the pop singing, male modeling icon. The series of plastic surgery operations took a grand total of 5 years, and landed that 35-year-old superfan spots on major TV shows like Botched.

Bieber himself has also often complained about his insane fandom, including the fandom’s backlash when he stopped dating Selena Gomez. He has often refused to do meetups and take selfies with fans because of how aggressive fans have been towards him, and has even been quoted as saying that his fandom makes him feel “like a zoo animal.”

9 One Direction

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If there’s any music fandom more insane than One Direction’s, we’d have to see it to believe it. Though most One Directioners can profess their love of the band, there are some extreme examples out there...and not all of them are from the demographics you’d believe them to be from.

One of the best examples of this would have to be the slice of toast that singer Niall Horan spat out when he was told to try out Vegemite on Aussie TV. The actual television show decided to put the piece of spat out toast on eBay for bids...and it fetched a grand total of $100,000.

Another super fandom moment from these guys would have to be the 50-year-old mum who got a total of 20 tattoos dedicated to the British boy band. She also had all their birthdays and autographs tattooed on her forearm, because there’s totally nothing strange about being obsessed with kids half your age.

Directioners have also been known to go after people who get too close to the band. Rebel Wilson, for example, had to deal with fans’ ire after she jumped on Harry Styles.

8 Insane Clown Posse

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Actually, wait, scratch that thing we said about Directioners being the nuttiest. We forgot that Juggalos are a thing – and they are a thing in crazy ways. As the only fandom to also be labeled a gang by the FBI, Juggalos are equal parts crazy and hilarious in the ways they show the ways they’re “down with the clown.”

If you don’t understand the power of ICP, then you need to think about it this way. The band has amassed $30 million in profits from their tours, movies, merchandise and their Annual Gathering of the Juggalo festival. Violent J alone is worth $15 million. To put that in perspective, Betty White is worth $18 million.

To a point, the loyalty fans show is rabid enough without having to say much more – but they managed to take it even a step further. Much like with the way that Jediism became a legitimate religion, there are a lot of people out there who approach Juggaloism as a religion, too. (We imagine it's like Christianity but with Juggalos turning water into Faygo.) But, as the band explained and many other fans explained, it’s more or less a philosophy to live by than anything else.

7 Supernatural

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This fandom has managed to do something nigh-impossible in today’s world: they’ve managed to stand out in Tumblr as being too emotional about their fandom. How? Well, it may have something to do with the fact that they have a reaction GIF for almost every single moment – and that Supernaturalists will always find a way to use them. Oh, and if you really want to see how crazy they can get, listen to internet arguments these fans have over which character is the hottest.

Lastly, they’re known for doing whatever it takes to keep the show on the air. Despite being infamous for being hyper-devoted online, Supernatural fans do have one thing that is really unusual about their fandom: they are generally known for being supportive of both the show and fellow fans. So, we really can’t hate. They took things too far, but in a very reasonable, good way.

6 Doctor Who

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Everyone and their grandma knew that Whovians would end up on this list, right? Well, of course, it’s Doctor Who. Out of all of the fandoms on this list, this one might be one of the most gear-obsessed out there. Merchandise sales of Doctor Who are massive, as is the amount of people who do DIY projects based on the cool things they see in the movies.

Even though it’s totally awesome, Doctor Who fans might make some people think they went too far with the cool projectry they’ve done in recent years. Between seeing the amazing cosplays, the Dalek Christmas trees, the amazing tardis gear, and just about everything possibly ever made as a sonic screwdriver, it’s safe to say Whovians know how to fandom hard.

(Seriously though, could someone buy me a tardis cabinet?)

5 PewDiePie

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PewDiePie is the geek gamer who managed to make himself into the highest earning YouTuber in history. His net worth is in the millions, and he is one of the very few YouTubers to have gotten into talks with Disney after the major corporation saw his wild success. His fans are so crazy, that when they find out his address, a bunch of them decided to show up to his house.

He’s had to move half a dozen times in order to avoid fans just randomly popping up at his house. Parent with kids, and even school classes have shown up unannounced at his house. As a result of the constant drop-bys, he ended up having to make a video begging his fans to stop the visits.

4 Five Nights At Freddy’s

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This is one of those fandoms that is creepy, if only because the concept behind their fandom is creepy as sin. The fandom, which was sparked by a point-and-click survival adventure featuring murderous animatronic animals in a pizzeria, was bound to have some pretty spooky fanart. After all, when you have robots possessed by dead children as the monsters you’re running away from, it’s bound to be scary.

With this fandom, even other fandom members have said that the way the fandom behaves is just creepy at times. The biggest offense they’ve had is having very bizarre works of fanart that show the robots, which are animatronic animals that are possessed by the souls of dead children, in bizarre relationships with one another. And, the worst part of it is, is that most people who are in the fandom are significantly younger than they should be.

Cringe, much?

3 Sonic The Hedgehog

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For over 20 years, Sonic the Hedgehog was considered to be Sega’s biggest cash cow. The furry blue runner and his foxy best friend Tails were featured in almost every single smash hit game released by the company. Unlike other fandoms on this list, Sonic’s actual material is 100% G-rated. In fact, his games are generally considered to be okay for kids as young as four, and the TV show Sonic Boom is geared towards kids of a way, way young demographic.

The problem that most people can tell you about Sonic is that the fandom is one that’s almost become inextricably linked with cringey, socially awkward adults...many of whom have had a “thing” for at least one of the characters. Even though this isn’t a large portion of the fandom, it was still enough to cause serious problems for Sega.

As a result, there have been quite a few articles and dialogues out there debating whether Sega will actually keep Sonic as their mascot. But, there is some good news you can raise a chili dog to, folks! Sega has promised that Sonic will be back with a vengeance in recent years. And, Sonic Boom hasn't been that bad a show.

2 Sherlock

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Sherlock fans are just known for being insanely devoted to two things: the television show, and British hottie, Benedict Cumberbatch. Much like many other show fans, the Sherlockian fandom is actually one of the biggest reasons why Benedict Cumberbatch has earned a spot as one of the biggest names in modern TV.

Most Sherlockians and Cumberbatch fiends are just a wee bit obsessive over the actor’s good looks, accent, and overall talent. And, their online memes definitely prove that point – especially when Buzzfeed went so far as to write up an article on the most insane Cumberbatch fans out there. Between the ample erotic fanfic they have circulating the net, the fact that they even had a friggin’ COLORING BOOK with his face in it, or the insane celebrity followers, it’s safe to say that this is one fandom that definitely takes things too far on a regular basis.

1 Disneyland

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Most of us know at least one person who can rattle off the Disney Princesses in the blink of an eye, or a girl who literally would pee her pants with joy if she found out that she’s gotten a ticket to Disneyland. We all love a little bit o’ Disney in our lives. After all, it’s the happiest place on Earth and has been a longtime pop culture landmark that’s basically become dedicated to having everyone’s dreams come true.

With Disneyland, sometimes that fandom turns into a lifestyle. In fact, one fandom went so far as to have biker “gangs” that hang out at Disney on a regular basis. Like any normal “gang,” Disney gangs have requirements for initiation, leather jackets, and are known for having missions – mostly to bring joy to kids’ faces and keep things safe. But no, they don’t break any laws. They’re just real, true, diehard Disney fans who love that amusement park to the point of making it a lifestyle.


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