15 Fans That Are So Dead Wrong, They're Right

Look, I get it, there’s a lot of people in the world and we can’t always tell them apart. Not just the guy we introduced ourselves to at a party and received a cold fishy stare from (meaning we've most definitely met before), but also celebrities. There’s so many of them these days. Some might even say too many. Some celebs are no longer with us, some are up and coming, and some are both of those.

What’s the difference between Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon? Or what about Josh Brolin, Josh Groban, and Josh Gad? They're similar yet different

While some fans get all of Hollywood's celebrities mixed up with one another, some go so far as to post about it on social media. And since they're dead wrong, their mistakes just make it that much better.

15 When You're Mistaken For Your Co-Worker

I’m going to commit to calling Kevin Hart and Chris Rock co-workers. They don’t share an office and hangout by the water cooler, but they’re definitely colleagues. They do their jobs at different times because two stand up comedians in a club/stadium is one too many, but they’ve probably performed simultaneously at separate parts of the world.

Time zone differences aside, I’m sure it’s happened on a given night. Anyway, they’re also part of a rarified caliber of comedians that are each other’s equals while in staying in power and notoriety. Well, notoriety to everyone but her...and probably some other overly excited, regrettably dorky fan. Kevin Hart and Chris Rock might both be funny black comedians, but they're entirely different people, sweet cakes.

14 The Drive By

Oy, nothing like the reminder of your doe-eyed doppelgänger to sour some froyo, am I right? There are certain times a person just doesn’t want to be bothered; and one of those times is when you’re about to engage in some heavy spoons of frozen yogurt. Let a girl eat!

If anything should signal how old this tweet is (besides the time stamp) it’s that this was written during Pinkberry’s heyday. Oh, those weird, little neon disposable spoons! You’re really not even that healthy, but you are delicious.

Nowadays, Katy Perry looks more like Eminem and absolutely nothing like Zooey Deschanel, but there was a moment in time (more like years) when the two were dead brunette ringers for one another. Well, they were if you caught a glimpse of one of them while you're buzzing by in a car. I guess that's the LA experience.

13 The Most Sincere Of Birthday Wishes

Well, Brett Michaels, good try! However, no bandana or dye job can hide your age. Especially when it comes to far sightedness and not getting your assistant’s approval before tweeting these kinds of mix ups. Gosh, this picture is a real throw back. Sure, it's when Kim wasn’t styled by her fashion omniscient husband, but also to when Bret Michaels had any kind of platform. Then again, based on those measly three retweets, his Rock Of Love fans are nowhere to be seen. Oh, gosh, all those MTV celebrity dating shows were held in the raunchiest of mansions. That really takes me back to my parent’s spare TV when they thought I was doing homework and would have not appreciated the level of casual misogyny their young daughter was being exposed to.

12 The Weirdly Entitled Fan

What really boggles the mind about these interactions, is the level of certainty and assumed intimacy these “fans” have, while also being dead wrong.

I understand flubbing a name or mixing up two famous people you’ve never met before, but for the gall to demand a favor from a stranger is what sends these celebs the edge. Even if that was Selena Gomez, why would she hand over her phone? And even if she wasn’t Selena Gomez, why would a girl be okay with a stranger coming up to her, trying to take her phone, to call her ex-boyfriend (or should I say boyfriend, these days). No one would agree to that because it’s so personal. Also, duh, Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez look nothing alike. They’re not even ethnically ambiguous in the same way.

11 Just A Good Sport

Maybe there was a difference back when they were young and hot, and Good Will Hunting was relevant, but at this point… they’re just two townies from Massachusetts who probably big spoon Ben Affleck.

If I were ever abducted by aliens and they made me do a lightning round of telling apart Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, where I got a laser gun to the head if I messed up (I'm not sure how this theoretical plot became such an elaborate game show), I would absolutely get a laser through my brain. Marky Mark and Matt Damon are at the heart of my self-diagnosed white guy face blindness, and if they had any consideration for the public, they wouldn’t have become famous in the same decade.

10 When It's In Nature

Billy Eichner’s style of interview, as you can tell from the setting and energy of this picture, is typically done while screaming, and it’s extremely disarming, so this response checks out.

If anyone was going to make a woman who was just going about her day incorrectly name a celebrity, it’s Billy Eichner armed with a microphone. Also, the guy that isn’t Chris Pratt is Billy Eichner and if you don’t know who that is, I’m sorry for what you’ve been deprived of. That’s a personal problem and you need to do the work there for yourself. Anyway, what Chris Pratt and Chris Evans lack in similar faces they definitely make up for in playing similar roles. She got half the name right. Just the unimportant part.

9 When It's A Sore Spot

Yeah, if Ed Sheeran ever wanted half a chance, he really should have been a child prodigy. You were a decade too late to be your own man, Ed. The age gap and Rupert Grint’s super early stardom probably made that impossible, but it’s understandable why this has followed him all his life. They are two violently red headed Brits. The only way to take yourself out of that competition involves being born a Royal so, sorry Ed. It’s a wash for you. Maybe Rupert Grint would be mistaken for Ed Sheeran but, you know Rupert came first and he’s not really doing anything now (that I know of). And he doesn’t even entirely look like the version of Rupert Grint the world knows, so it’s more likely he can just keep his head down and get by.

8 Just Nope

In a shocking twist, the man Pink is with in this picture is actually the man she’s also married to, and is not some random musician she doesn’t share children with. Yep, the guy that’s her date to whatever event this was taken at is also the guy she got married to. What a coincidence. The guy on the left is actually Carey Hart, and the over eager fan in this situation is the TV and “Ellen” overall. The good news is there isn’t one person who should be embarrassed about this screw up, but a whole office. If the faces aren’t enough to tell them apart—and that is an understandable mistake— just remember that one guy has a woman tattooed over his Adam’s Apple. And the other guy has neck tattoos but not those specific ones. And he’s married to Pink.

7 Not Even Close

It’s a fact that Lindsay Lohan has been known to forsake the sisterhood of red heads, which is one of the truly unforgivable things she’s spiraled into. That said, this still isn’t even close. Even when Lindsay was blonde, she never looked this healthy, so you see… it’s not a match. Maybe from the back you could mistake them, but once you see Amanda’s alert, clear eyes, and healthy glow, there’s just no mistaking her. It just doesn’t add up. Maybe if Amanda Seyfried had the flu at the time and hadn't slept in a few days, the mistake would be less egregious. Or if when she was at the airport, Amanda was red headed and also a boisterous child. But even then, their faces don’t actually look similar.

6 Oh, No

This one’s getting pretty sloppy. You’re really taking a wide swing here. Whatever company made this souvenir mug needs to chill out and re-examine their designs before making another million of these. The racists took their best swings at Obama and even over the course of eight years, I don’t think he was ever confused for being Brazilian. Maybe one lone crazy called him that, but I don’t think it made it on to Fox. The birther movement claimed all kind of nonsense, but that was one conspiracy theory that’s never even existed. This is just so hilariously innocuous and vaguely racist and obviously Photoshopped. And the two really don’t remotely look like one another. Plus, everyone knows Obama’s all about basketball so… Nope. This is false.

5 Not Even Close

Oh yeah, you didn't know that Russell Crowe became an older man from Hong Kong after Les Mis? The reception to that movie was so awkward, and his performance was so overblown, that he just scrapped the whole Caucasian thing and got a whole bunch of plastic surgery. I heard that interracial surgery didn’t even exist until Russell Crowe waltzed into some Beverly Hills clinic and asked for the “Jackie.” And everyone was like, "is that a haircut? What are you talking about?" And Russell brandished a copy of Rush Hour and the technicians knew they’d take all his money with the weirdest results. Or this is an especially dumb horoscope. Actually, with some research it turns out that Russell Crowe and Jackie Chan are both Aries. So there’s a fun fact you’ll forget in two minutes.

4 The Two Way Street

I love that the fan in Elijah’s story would still think he’s Harry Potter and not get what actually happened. And just think Daniel Radcliffe is weirdly fatalistic when you mention his most famous role. And obviously all the years before that Japanese fan finds out what their poster really says. These guys are both big eyed elves that had breakouts as children (where they did look super identical) and starred in magical movies but… Come on, everybody. If it's not a knee jerk reaction and you have the time to think it over, it’s a pretty clear difference. Also, for as much as they look like each other, Daniel and Elijah have impressively different styles of facial hair. So there’s no way Daniel would do the wispy goatee when he’s a full on scruffy beard guy.

3 When Reports Of Your Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Grief does cloud one’s vision. However, when you have to Google search for an image of the celebrity whose death you’re mourning to even post something like this… don’t you also have to type their name? And thus, get an image of them? Was this a picture of Oprah these people had saved on their desktop that they never labelled and then they just forgot who the picture was of? It’s just confusing how someone could mis-label a star’s picture online without straight up posting this while sleep walking. It’s sort of like reading the name of a color when the actual word is another color but… times a hundred. How does this happen? And how is every picture of Oprah online not clearly labelled to the extent that it’s idiot proof?

2 So Many Levels

It’s not nearly as over the top, but this person really doesn’t know how to commemorate their favorite children’s book author either. Yeah, check that handle. 'E' before 'U,' dude, and there’s two 'S's.' Maybe the correct spelling was taken (while also having the birth year attached, which I honestly doubt) but if that’s the case, think up another handle. This is too much of a reach to be worth it. Anyway, people grieving for celebrities while also mistaking their identities is the hilarious and inevitable next level of these kinds of things. It’s just so funny how earnest the feeling behind the sentiment is but how wrong they are. These people really care. Just not enough to double check their image source. It's crazy how they reanimated Paul Walker for the 2013 Tonys; just like Tupac.

1 The Farthest Off

Okay, no. Extra special shame on you Armani, for confusing not just a woman with a man but more importantly, a customer. This is like if a rocket ship aimed for Mars and rammed into Disney Land. How do you… Come on, Armani! If Idris Elba was looking gorgeous in a dress, which he totally would if he did, that would be its own news story. What kind of content control is going on over there? Who controls your social media presence? A blind Chihuahua who types out totally random messages by running over the keyboard? How can you recognize your own design while totally flubbing who wore it? If you were cross checking with a receipt or some kind of ledger, why not also check the name? Oy, this one’s just the worst.

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