15 Most Horrible Fashion Choices We've Ever Come Across On The Internet

If there's one thing that all of these people (from all walks of life) have in common, it would have to be that they simply just do not care what anyone thinks about them in terms of what they're comfortable wearing while out in public. And really, what a place to be in your life! Where you can walk out of your house wearing an outfit that would only make sense in the most intense fever dream and still feel utterly confident, despite the weird side glances from strangers and furrowed brows.

So, here are 15 people whose horrible fashion shows how little they care about your opinions!

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15 This woman has lived too long to give a hoot what you think

Via: aplus.com

This woman's fashion sense is so out there and horrible that we're almost in total envy of her gumption and the wisdom of the age it obviously requires to get to this point. You would think that since she started with an all-black ensemble underneath that it couldn't really get out of hand, but that's exactly where she was looking to take it. First off, what is that around her neck? It looks like some kind of warped soda can that she stuck a random sad flower and attached it to a coaster. And that little overcoat that has the fluorescent flowers in some areas and swirly rainbows in another can't really decide what it wants to be. This woman is definitely not one to shy away from accessories that make a statement or could help ward off dangerous strangers. Also, those rings could poke an eye out!

14 The couple that dresses horribly together...

Via: quizai.com

This couple is seriously winning at the "we don't give a crap" game. Heck, they would probably take home the top prize. You have the woman wearing a shirt (if you can even technically call it a shirt) that is in desperate need of some better sleeves and a little more support in the breast area. And we can't forget those green tie-waist pants with everything you would need at an outdoor sports event hanging at her disposal.

Can we be so bold to say that even though her guy is wearing a tank top that says "FBI" on it, we're pretty sure that the Harley Davidson belt buckle and bandanna exist to tell the world that he is definitely not actually a part of that organization.

13 Model or not, you just don't put something like this on

Via: pinterest.com

This little ensemble (if you can actually call it that) proves that a drop dead gorgeous model walking the catwalk can't pull off every look. We're sure the designer thought she'd make this hideous piece look like a million bucks, but we're getting a bargain basement vibe from this look.

Something the world as a whole needs to make note of here is that there is no reason to take everyone's favorite nostalgic childhood friend—whether it be Kermit the Frog or Mickey Mouse—and turn it into some kind of weird vest/top thing with a very deep chest. And don't even get us started on that headband. Thinking about this fashion statement will probably give us night terrors going forward.

12 Troll doll meets weird Christmas tree

Via: oddstuffmagazine.com

The subway is always an interesting place to see people out and about. Some of them are the picture of normal, but there are always a select few who are totally out there. For example, you have this guy who appears to be having a little snooze between stops on the subway. As quiet as he may be at this moment, his outfit is making a lot of the noise. Let's start up top with the hair, shall we? Why someone would ever feel as though it's okay to bring out the troll style colored hair is completely beyond us. Then, he decided to accompany that bold hairstyle choice with a winter coat that is accented with tinsel that is only fit for a classic Christmas tree. To say this old dude just doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks about him would be a complete understatement.

11 This dude is not afraid of magenta

Via: 36ng.ng

We just have to offer up this little disclaimer before fully diving into this one—there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man who enjoys the color pink. They're also allowed to love it and a lot of guys look awesome in it, but in this case he just took it a little too far. There are some color lines no one should cross.

Maybe it's the bright magenta color of the pink this dude has chosen to show his love for or perhaps it's the fact that between the pants and the shirt, but there's so much pink going on and it just doesn't completely jive. Also, with a blazer that looks about two sizes too small and a belt buckle that appears to be a tiny man making a basket (which, no one needs a belt buckle like that), we're going to give this outfit an B+ for effort, but a big F for the overall look.

10 There are so many things to talk about here

Via: pinterest.com

Again, what is it with people who just can't seem to commit to a single look or theme when putting on their clothes in the morning? This girl looks like she had way too many shots during her pregame and ended up going out in an outfit only someone drunk would think looked good.

Let's start with what's happening above the shoulders. You have a hat that looks as though it was made for a 5-year-old who's ready to hit the beach and the clashing animal print or striped sunglasses that just look weird paired together. Then, you have a super sexy floral Asian inspired top that maybe would have looked okay accompanied with something a little more modest, but instead she went with a skirt that's barely there and a gross pair of printed tights and extremely loud sneakers. This is the epitome of no rhyme or reason.

9 We're pretty sure Mario shouldn't count as fashion inspo

Via: sarcasm.com

We would give this guy total props if it was Halloween and he stepped out in this outfit, but to dress up (completely on purpose) as a character from a classic Nintendo game on an average day? Well, that just wades a little too deep in the weird pool for our liking.

Again, on the right person and for a very specific occasion (ex. a 10-year-old at a themed birthday party), this outfit might make sense. But there's just something about seeing that hoodie with the tiny red beak and little "M" for Mario on a grown man with a mustache that just doesn't quit that's upsetting. By the looks on their faces, we're pretty sure all of the other adult males surrounding him are feeling our level of discomfort as well.

8 What are the point of these?

Via: pinterest.com

This girl right here looks like she's pretty smug about being photographed for some avant-garde fashion blog or something. It's too bad we're pretty sure whoever stopped to get this chick's picture was doing it to poke fun at her later because that's the only thing that actually makes any sense.

These jeans never made any sense to us. It's as if someone was looking to make the transition to it being a skirt or shorts and then just forgot to cut off the bottom part of the pant. To think that she went to the length of getting a matching jacket with one darker denim arm. Well, if she wants to call that high fashion she can go right ahead, but we just call it one big disaster.

7 You are a princess in your own right, honey

Via: ruethedayblog.com

These two look as though they raided a party supply store and took all of the decorations for expectant moms. Surprise everyone, it's a boy (or girl)! Even though it looks as though these two ladies might have been at a prom, a wedding or some other kind of fancy event, we can't imagine a situation that would have warranted all of this matchy-ness to the 1000th degree.

One thing we do admire in this photo is the one girl's total and utter confidence in her need to be a princess for a day. She is confidently wearing that crown and dangling belly ring (and all those ruffles), along with her friend. They both showing the world that they believe they're here for only one reason—to be admired.

6 To say those pants are high would be an understatement

Via: siasat.pk

Again, this guy's stance just oozes nothing but confidence and pure conviction in his fashion choices, which tells us all that he couldn't care less what the world thinks of his pants. There's something to be said about a high-waisted pant, as it can be very comfortable and just feels like it's sitting where it's supposed to be, rather than it falling off your butt because it sits way too low; however, this is beyond any level of a normal high-waisted pant. To see that tie being worn normally, but looking so damn bizarre because of where his pants are, just throws everything off. All we can say is that we hope he had a nice cup of tea after this photo was taken because maybe it calmed everything down and helped clear his mind for when he was picking out his next outfit.

5 If it isn't Princess Rainbow Brite and her colorful prince

Via: izismile.com

We have to say that if this couple were going to some kind of Pride event, they might win first place for most enthusiastic and supportive attempt for the cause. But since it appears they are at black tie event where everyone else is appropriately dressed, they stand out like two very awkward and colorful sore thumbs.

We almost can't help but feel sorry for this couple because take away the horrible fashion choices, they actually have some really nice smiles and cute faces. If only they could have decided on a color palette that didn't just shock the senses, but takes them delicately in their hand and smashes them to smithereens with a jackhammer.

4 Smoking is out, dude. Haven't you heard?

Via: inhabitat.com

We are so confused by this look because in the year 2018 (heck, even if this was taken five years ago)—even in the name of fashion—who would go as far as making a vest out of cigarette butts? Even if this was an anti-smoking ad, as the glasses are the thing that tends to trip us up, we can't imagine putting someone through the utter horror of collecting those things and using your hands to glue or secure them on whatever it is they're attached to. We do have to say that we are a little impressed with the job this person did in making a little bow tie out of a box of Marlboros. If crafty and smoking go hand in hand, though, we would rather be an artistic failure our whole lives than have to live in that world!

3 Yup, that hat resembles a tacky yellow love-seat

Via: lolwot.com

So, we know they enjoy their hats at fancy events in England, but this one is just on another dimension of weird, ugly and large. You can see that this woman has to hold it with both hands in order to get around!

We're really not sure what kind of life choices might have led to wearing a hat like this, but maybe she was taking a small child or dog with her to whatever event she was attending and decided that they needed their own designated little seat whenever possible. The cut-eye she's giving in this photo to whoever was looking at her clearly tells us that she does not regret her decision whatsoever. We're sure whoever ended up sitting next to her table regretted their decision to come to the event.

2 Why would you ever want photographic evidence of this outfit?

Via: ghafla.com

The hideous fashion combined with the loving smiles in this photo just makes us sad. We know that when you get family or couples' photos taken it's scheduled ahead of time, so this woman's outfit came from a great deal of thought and careful selection. Whoever told her it was perfectly okay to put brown and orange leather together in order to make the perfect little leather jacket was simply not this woman's friend. In fact, she probably has no friends since someone allowed her to share this with others, which is obviously how it ended up on the internet. To top it all off, she thought it was a great idea to bring out the ugly orange leather head wrap, too. At least the dude is too busy staring into her eyes to fully make out just what her outfit is doing for this picture.

1 Seriously, Steve Buscemi leggings?

Via: twitter.com

This post is in no offense to Steve Buscemi because he is truly a great actor and actually someone that perfectly combines an easygoing sensibility with quirky boyish good looks. But if there's one thing we'll never need, it's a pair of leggings with his face plastered all over them.

To the girl who not only wore these but paid good money for them: you do not need to capitalize on your butt or on weird fashion choices in general in order to get attention. Just go about your business and maybe leave that extra bit of flair for the right time and place. We promise, the world would like and appreciate you more for doing that then whatever you think you're doing in this photo. One thing to keep in mind—you never hear people complaining about that quiet person on the subway just minding their own business because it's polite, modest and just plain pleasant!

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