15 Fast Food Chains That Threw Major Shade on Twitter

Whether we care to admit it or not, let's be real; we all love fast food, and given the choice between a gourmet meal or a McDonald's Happy Meal, there's a very good chance we go with the Happy Meal.

With Twitter taking over as a prime place for brands to share their new innovations, the fast food industry has joined the fray in that regard. Whether it be Dunkin' Donuts tweeting about a new donut, or Wendy's tweeting about the "4 for 4 deal," Twitter is a great place for any fast food brand to promote their foods and drinks. However, Twitter is also a wonderful place for fast food brands to get creative. And since Twitter is interactive, fast food brands can tweet at their customers, resulting in some gut-busting exchanges. Even better, sometimes they even tweet at each other, insulting each other in the process. Let's look at 15 times fast food chains that totally won over the Twitter-verse.

14 Wendy Is Ruthless

Mark January 22, 2016 down as the time Wendy's announced their social media presence in a major way. Though the original tweet has since been deleted, Wendy's amazing "edible food" response was to the question of how the fast food company planned on responding to Burger King's new value meal - including a tweet that took a mini shot at Wendy's. You can see the full exchange here. To that point, Wendy's and other fast food chains had gotten along more peacefully. Wendy's, especially, was not a powerhouse in the social media world, mainly tweeting about their burgers and a joke here and there. From that point forward, however, Wendy's became a force to be reckoned with. The simple, yet, ruthless takedown of Burger King through just two words still makes us laugh today. Edible Food. Savage.

13 White Castle's Got Game

Have you ever seen a fast food chain attempt to flirt with a married former "Sports Illustrated" cover model? No? Sounds like a future Tom Hanks movie though, doesn't it? Well now you can say you have seen it. Back in 2014, White Castle attempted to win the heart of Chrissy Teigen. (Get in line White Castle.) The burger chain watched as Teigen interacted with various other fast food chains, including their direct competition in the burger world. Rather than sitting back and letting it all unfold, White Castle tweeted a plea to Teigen. "It's a match made in heaven," the burger experts tweeted to the Sports Illustrated Model. We hope the pair found love, although Teigen and John Legend do make a tremendous couple. Burgers for everyone, maybe?

12 Pizza Hut Owns Kanye West

Kanye West went on a tweeting rampage leading up to the release of his latest album. West spoke of issues with his personal finances, the inability to create the art he wanted to due to unforeseen circumstances, and a lot of other random Kanye-esk tweets. Twitter ranged from appreciating his struggles to mocking them, but of course, for this list, let's focus on a tweet that mocked Mr. West.

Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom (of all places) saw Kanye's pleas and turned them into a marketing opportunity for themselves. Seeing Kanye was desperate for cash, they created a fake resume for the rapper. Among the highlights are misspellings, a redesigned cover of his album, listing God as a reference, and our favorite, listing Taylor Swift as a reference only to cross it out after. It was brilliant work by the social media team at Pizza Hut, though we would have liked to have seen Kanye get the job.

11 Man Owned So Badly By Wendy's, He Quits Twitter

Did you think Wendy's tweet vs. Burger King was bad? Well, this time Wendy's had a year of Twitter takedowns under their belt. They came out swinging once again, refusing to back down in an argument with an Internet troll. The troll wanted Wendy's to admit their beef was frozen, but Wendy's knows deep down their beef is not frozen, it's refrigerated.   So perhaps you can say the two sides had a.....beef (we're so sorry - we had to do it).

The back and forth went on in what felt like a boxing match. But of course the savage fast food chain came out on top. When Wendy's knew they had the @NHride on the ropes with their explanation (that they were refrigerating their beef), they drove home with the win! "You don't have to bring [McDonald's] into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there" is absolutely ruthless, and led to the user deleting their account. They deleted their account! Amazing. Wendy's is so good at this, that you may just find them on this list again... (Spoiler Alert.)

10 Burger King Needs Some Love

If we're going to include Burger King's competition, it's only fair to include them in the mix too. Burger King's 'Craigslist Missed Connections' style tweet somehow made us feel bad for their lost love-connection with a bag of golden french fries. Then again, whenever anyone loses the opportunity to eat french fries they get equally upset themselves. Know one wants to pass that up that kind of love. This tweet only makes Wendys' takedown of the burger chain even more ruthless - as it's now clear that Burger King was tweeting with a broken heart. You know what they say, do tweet after a breakup and don't tweet sober. I think BK missed that message. Hopefully Burger King was reunited with their lost love of golden, salty french fries. Because those babies are one of a kind.

9 Mountain Dew Gets Personal

Honestly, we're not sure how this Twitter user ended up in a deep conversation with Mountain Dew, but we're kinda glad it happened. How does anyone end up in a deep conversation with Mountain Dew? When I'm looking for life's answers, the last place (or brand) I would end up is on Mountain Dew's Twitter page. It seems more like a Fanta problem to me. But anyways, the Twitter user began by attempting to troll Mountain Dew before launching into a philosophical back-and-forth conversation that one would expect from two friends or two people trying to understand life's purpose together. Mountain Dew's brand never seemed to be deep thinking, but for one brief moment, it reached to the level of a Psychologist. Maybe they should change their Twitter handle to @DRMtnDew.

8 Dominoes And Pizza Hut Fight For Affection

Famous YouTuber Phil Lester decided to have Pizza Hut over Dominoes on a September night. Little did Phil know, both companies were keeping tabs on his eating habits. (Kinda creepy, huh?) Pizza Hut was unsurprisingly proud of his decision to choose them over Dominoes, but Dominoes, well, they were crushed by the decision. Especially since the break up was done in such a public way. C'mon Phil! In a sad twist, Dominoes kicked Phil out, saying "I want your stuff packed out by the morning." Even sadder, "I thought you were different." Ugh, that stings. The breakup must have been difficult for everyone involved, but at least Phil still has Pizza Hut to fall back on! Something tell us Pizza Hut won't mind the extra customer, either.

7 Burger King Gets Relatable

While Burger King may not have perfected the clap back game yet, they have formed a nice niche around content that everyone can relate to. Have you ever found it difficult to form even the simplest of sentences in the morning before you've had your coffee? Well, Burger King has, and whether you'd care to admit it or not, you probably have too. This mini-play in tweet form perfectly captures a guy driving through the drive through, completely forgetting what he wanted to order, and sitting there like a fool. We've been there before but it's usually because we simply cannot decide what looks better! Luckily, Burger King knows their customers, so when he stumbles, they're there to catch him before he hits the ground. He wants coffee, of course, like any tired guy in the morning does. Funny and easy to relate to!

6 Chipotle And Chill

While Burger King connected with anyone who drinks coffee in the morning, Chipotle targeted a more select group. After famous actress Elizabeth Banks tweeted about eating Chipotle while watching Netflix, Chipotle used the opportunity to pounce on the extra publicity. A popular saying among teenagers, "Netflix and chill" was easily changed to "Netflix and chi ... potle" by the healthy Mexican food chain. Not only did they turn Banks' already funny tweet into even funnier content, but they also reached an audience that loves Chipotle, loves Elizabeth Banks, and loves Netflix all at the same time. I mean, who doesn't love Chipotle and Elizabeth Banks? They owned that round of Twitter, and I'm sure more celebrities will tweet their support in the future. Netflix and Chipotle sounds wonderful, too.

5 IHOP Shows Who's Boss

McDonald's had just recently announced their latest entry into the fast food chain breakfast world, and IHOP was not having it. IHOP wondered aloud on Twitter why "everyone is jockin us" and flexed about how they served "breakfast all day since the day we were born." To be fair, IHOP has a point. McDonalds' entry into the all-day breakfast world was new, and IHOP had been at it since the dawn of time. I imagine dinosaurs would go for pit stops at IHOP if they ever wanted pancake dinners. Besides that, IHOP has the best pancakes known to man and I think they know it. The confidence is dripping out of this tweet like maple syrup off of their own fluffy pancakes - scoring a big win for the pancake house.

4 Denny's Dishes The Sass

After Chipotle reached the younger crowd and IHOP flexed their muscles, Denny's did a little bit of both. Earning exactly 1,000 retweets (nobody retweet it, it's too cool), Denny's acknowledged their, eh, let's say unique, Twitter presence in one tweet. Joining the young brigade of tweeters that use no capital letters, Denny's tweeted that they "can't help serving hash browns and hash burns 24/7." Honestly, hash browns and hash burns should win the social media team some kind of an award. Not only are hash browns delicious, but hash burns is a hilarious wordplay that also shows what they're all about. Denny's Twitter account is wonderful because they do not hold back and are willing to be silly, and this tweet was just one example of that.

3 Taco Bell And Old Spice Battle It Out

After Old Spice randomly decided to go after Taco Bell's "fire sauce," the Mexican fast food chain knew it was time to clap back. Similarly to Denny's, Taco Bell's Twitter is known for high sass levels and an ability to joke around about everything and anything. One time they tweeted a love affair with Drake Bell, trying to get him to name his child Taco Bell. Can you imagine!? Anyways, Old Spice wondered if "fire sauce" was fake advertising, so Taco Bell returned the favor asking if the deodorant company really uses "old spices." The question is both funny and raises a good point—one that earns Taco Bell a spot on our list. Some brands allow themselves to be owned, while others fight back. We like the ones that fight back, especially when they are creative, too.

2 Arby's Starts A Roast...Beef

After Pharrell Williams wore a giant hat at the 2014 Grammy's, Arby's took the opportunity to promote their own brand. The sandwich chain tweeted at the Grammy nominee asking if they could have their famous hat (pictured in the tweet above) back from him. The tweet combined current events with a joke at an artist's expense, one of our favorite combinations! Pharrell had an equally clever response, though.

Brands are not the only ones that can be clever! Pharrell asking Arby's if they wanted to start a "roast beef" is one of the greatest moments in Twitter history, so it rightfully gets a top two spot on our countdown. If Pharrell hadn't answered, Arby's comment would have already been hilarious enough. But Pharrell's response only furthered the laughter making it an all-timer.

1 Wendy's Roasts McDonald's

Forgive us if you can, we have a two-way tie here. We covered before how Wendy's upped their sass game tremendously, but even we did not expect how far things could go for the fast food chain. Wendy's had it in for Burger King as we previously mentioned, but any time McDonald's has recently tweeted, Wendy's broke out the gauntlets. Please see exhibit A above.

It was clever, insulting to the competition, and completely owning the Twitter game. Wendy's impressed us all with their ability to turn a generic Google image into a takedown of their competition. Yet that was not the last time Wendy's took down McDonald's. Let us present to you exhibit B:

OUCH! Wendy's deserves far more love on Twitter, as they regularly destroy McDonald's. Honestly, we don't know how McDonald's still serves up burgers after some of these roasts. Big Mac's have been a staple of society since they were founded, but after that tweet by Wendy's they may end up, well, where Wendy's said the nearest McDonald's was in the prior tweet. Wendy's owns Twitter, and we are all better off thanks to their presence on social media. I'm going to go get some Wendy's fries now to congratulate them.

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