15 Fights We Secretly Enjoyed Watching On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

Keeping Up With The Kardashians had been blessing us with great content since October 14th 2007. 10 years, 12 seasons later and a handful of spin-off shows, we are still entertained. Whether your favorite is Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, Kris, Caitlyn, Rob, or one of their reoccurring friends or lovers, we all know one thing about their squad: their fights are insane. Whether it’s over a paragraph long text or a college-tuition priced dress, this family will escalate things till they hit the ceiling. There’s been instances of bullying, ganging up, mental and physical fights. There is nothing this family really hasn’t gotten into a tussle over. We definitely wouldn’t want to get between these fights, but we love watching them go down.

15 When Kris Threw Kim’s Sidekick

We’re not totally certain if Kim’s cellphone is her beloved blackberry, but we’re hoping it was a sidekick. Sidekick phones, the pinnacle of the early 2000’s. All the trendy celebrities had them and all the awkward middle-class preteens envied them for it. When Kris threw that phone, we all screeched with Kim because we would die to have that. Kim, on trend with her messy bun and taupe juicy couture tracksuit, is literally shook when her mother tosses her phone away. We thought the iPhone generation was bad. The whole family chanting “Kim’s mature” is absolutely savage. We love how this ends with Kim getting revenge by snatching Kris’s phone and chucking it- “she deserved it.” Oh Kris, you get what you give

14 When Kylie Was Jealous Of Kendall’s Modeling Career

KUWTK - Kendall Wants To Model

See the moment that 14-year-old Kendall Jenner revealed to Kris Jenner that she wants to be a model on #KUWTK!

Posted by Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! on Monday, October 26, 2015

Watching young pre-surgery/pre-business queen/pre-tyga Kylie is entertainment in itself, but we love the moments she spent fighting with her older sis Kendall. Kylie and Kendall were much more of a duo back then, and we loved it. Currently, Kylie is just inseparable from Tyga and her collection of small dogs, so that doesn’t really give us much entertainment. This scene from the early seasons of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows a side of Kylie that we haven’t seen in awhile: jealousy. Kylie no longer experiences jealously because she’s at the top of the ever changing totem pole that is the Kardashian klan. In the clip, Kendall makes a book of modeling photos because it’s her dream career. Kylie, suddenly red with rage, says “oh my god, you’re right, you’re like the coolest in the family because you model, you’re 14!”

13 When Jonathan and Khloe Fought On A Relaxing Montana Vacation

On a relaxing ski getaway in Montana, even feuds can go down. This one doesn’t stick to just Kim and Khloe, but their bestie get involved. It’s Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban vs. Khloe Kardashian and Malika Haqq. Shots are fired during an innocent game of pool, when Khloe tells Jon about some tea was spilled in the Burton snowboard store earlier that day. The fight started due to who gets what bedroom on vacation. Jon takes a hit at Khloe saying he got the room because Kim’s more famous and Malika was jealous Jon has the more famous Kardashian BFF. Kim jumps in to aid Jon by telling Malika and Khloe they both have a “inferiority complex.” Then shots are fired when Kim brings up the touchy subject of when Malika tried to makeout with Khloe when she was drunk. What a serene night in Montana!

12 When Kim Beat Khloe With A Purse

Who says purses should just be restricted to being a cute, fashion accessory? When you spend as much money as the Kardashians do on their purses, they should be multifunctional. Kim Kardashian knows this, that’s why she used her purse to whack Khloe around after they got in a fight about Kim and a bentley. Rich people problems am I right? This is probably the mother of Kardashian fights, with the legendary line “don’t be fucking rude.” It gave us one of the first glimpses of ugly crying Kim. The best part is that Kim keeps leaving and entering the room. Along with Kim’s line, Khloe throws some great punches in there too like, “aw go cry, go by yourself because no one wants you” and “we don’t want your bentley!”

11 When Kris Humphries Assumed Jonathan Was Gay

Actually one of the most ridiculous episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that there is no way in hell it wasn’t scripted- but we still love it so it gets a spot. Kris Humphries, the 72-day spouse of Kim K, now irrelevant, was once a huge fight starter in the Kardashian households. Kris had no filter and no compassion usually, and was super aggressive in everything he did (literally thank god this era is over.) One day while shopping with Kim’s BFF Jon, he asks Jon if he’s gay. He continuously batters Jon and Kim about it, and it clearly pisses off both of them. Kim said she’s never really thought about it, saying on the episode “who really cares?” This is one of the cases where Kim’s approval is simply not enough for Jonathan, because the next day he invited Kris and Kim out to dinner on a date. Kim is shocked because she has never seen Jon romantically involved with anyone, and he suddenly has a gorgeous blonde model date. Jonathan is the king of clapbacks.

10 When Kourtney and Khloe Created Nancy

Kourtney and Khloe had had enough of their beloved sis Kim during this episode, but weren’t sure how to confront her about it. So, they didn’t. They just shit talked her in front of her face, but she had no clue. How could she not tell, you ask? Well, duh, they created a fake persona to embody Kim. Kim is concerned because she thought she knew all Khloe and Kourtney’s friends, Khloe tells her it’s just some “annoying judgmental hooker.” Khloe and Kourtney continue to bitch about Nancy, focusing on how much Nancy criticizes them- “all day err day.” Kim continues to mindlessly fold clothes in the background, while Khloe and Kourtney blab on about Nance. The shade was so real in Dash that day.

9 When Kendall Called Kylie A C***

Kendall and Kylie, once little sweethearts running around causing mischief, like sliding up and down their parents stripper pole when brother Brody is supposed to be responsibly babysitting them. How precious. Now they are all grown up, and look at the mouths on them- and we’re not talking about Kylie’s lip injections. These girls are rattling obscenities at each other left and right. In this particular instance though, Kylie does not seem phased, it’s Kendall who’s rattled by her little sis not letting her borrow any clothes. C’mon Kylie, don’t be like that! The stealing moment of this fight is when mother Kylie says a sweet goodbye to her pups (“bye children”) and Kendall goes over to the little dogs and says “I’m sorry your mom is such a cunt!” Kendall, there’s no need to drag Norman and Bambi into this!

8 When Rob Called Kim A Whore

We want to side with Kim on this one, because Rob’s being immature and slut-shaming Kim, but it literally pains us to be on the same side as Kris Humphries. Kris Humphries later asks the real Kris if he can “put hands” on her son. Literally, what the fuck, fake Kris? Who do you think you are. Stay out of Kim and Rob beef, this is NOT your fight! Momma Kris tells Kim that they “overreacting, like, to the millionth degree.” Kardashians overreacting? Pfft, that would never happen. Kourtney is spot on when in her interview clip she says fake Kris doesn’t really understand the family dynamic he’s trying to intervene in. Stay out of this, Kris! This is why you couldn’t even get to the 100 day stretch.

7 When Khloe Gets A Nasty Text From Kim

We look back at this scene and wonder if it happened in 2003 would Kim’s iconic email message to Khloe become a chain email? Send this to 20 of your closest friends or Kim K will show up in your living room at 2 am and turn you into a dumb evil little fucking troll. The best part of this was that Kim emailed the hate-packed message instead of texting it. What a true business woman. Kim is so angry at Khloe, because Khloe woke her up to say bye as she was leaving New York. Sorry Khlo Money, we have to side with Kim on this one. Beauty sleep is important, and if you’re waking us up before a certain time, then we’re lashing out on you too, troll!

6 When Kourtney Slaps Jon Cheban

Damn, both Khloe and Kourtney have had beef with Jon Cheban. The difference though, is that Kourtney deemed it necessary to get physical. Somebody call a ref, because Kim’s doing a horrible job. Jonathan and Kim excitedly walk in to meet up with Khloe and Kourtney, and suddenly things turn for the worst when Kourtney decides to not join in on the latest business venture. It becomes an attack on Kourtney spending too much time with her young children, and not on the business. Jonathan cannot keep his mouth shut during the debate, saying “hasn’t she been pregnant for like four years, I swear.” Kourtney’s eyes are daggers on him. Kourtney attacks Jon saying “you’re entire job is literally following Kim wherever she is.” Kim becomes uncomfortable af while her sister and BFF duke it out. Jon bites back with “without Kim you’d be nothing, all you’d be doing is chasing Scott at nightclubs.” Things escalate even farther as Jon spews hate at Kourtney, and when he tells her Scott will never marry her, she can no longer take it and slaps Jon. The most iconic part of this is when Jon stomps out and tells Kim “I’m gonna press charges against her cause that’s a sick bitch.”

5 When Kris Threw Kim’s Into The Ocean

First real Kris throws Kim’s phone over the couch, now fake Kris throws Kim into the ocean. In the famous words of Kourtney, “that is literally so rude.” Another vacation moment gone wrong with the Kardashians- we can barely keep up, no pun intended. Kris Humphries takes Kim and playfully throws her into the waters of Bora Bora, and the second her head pops above water, she is screaming about her diamond earring. Smooth, fake Kris. Kim’s tears are pouring out into the ocean over her $75,000 earrings. On the bright side, it looks like Kylie is still having a good time. Ah, young Kylie, who could function without an iPhone glued to her hand. Kourtney is over Kim not having her priorities in check, though, blurting out “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” Kourtney, back at it again with the savage remarks.

4 When Rob Regifted Kendall’s Gift

Kendall’s anger usually comes out when she feels her siblings are not appreciating her enough, she’s very sensitive about her family ties. That’s why of all the Blac Chyna induced fights, this one stood out to us. Kim calls Kylie and lets her know about the iPad that Rob gets Blac, and Kendall goes ballistic. Kendall got that for him for Christmas, and she finds out because of social media. Kylie is literally thriving on this drama. Kendall immediately calls out Rob with a phone call, stating she wants it all back- “bible.” Kylie has Kim on the phone listening to all of it, and she is smiling the biggest we’ve seen her do in years. She is LIVING for this! Kendall ends the phone call screaming “send me the link” at her older brother. On a side note, can’t Rob like afford to buy his own gifts?

3 When The Girls Gang On Kris For Coddling Rob

Poor Rob. It’s always the girls against him. I wonder if it would be different if Rob Sr. was still around. Mother Kris has to be the one to stick up for her son. She doesn't like when her children gang up on each other. Hmm, maybe that wouldn’t happen as much if you didn’t pick favorites Kris. Cough cough, Kimberly. In this clip, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim all gang up on Kris for buying Rob a house. We feel for Kris, because she is just trying to help out who son who is in a tough spot right now, between his health and mental issues. The girls are ruthless in this battle. Khloe tells her to “drop him. Cut the chord.” Kris has had enough, telling the girls to “fuck off” and go find something else to criticize. She even takes a hit below the belt at Kim for her 72 day marriage.

2 When Kim Accuses Jon Of Being A Sellout

Jonathan Cheban is really a relevant figure in Kardashian fights. Surprisingly enough, this time the fight was between with and his BFF Kim. Jon and Kim are on a fun BFF getaway at the Jersey Shore, and things take a turn for the worst. Jon comes in to bring Kim doughnuts wearing a “she’s my best friend” shirt, and Kim is giving him the cold shoulder. Jon learns that Kim thinks he is using her for paparazzi attention and selling her confidential stories to the media. Kim told him a story personally about Kourtney and her therapist, and suddenly it’s in the tabloids. Kim accuses Jon because he used to be a publicist and knows how to make money off these stories. This angers Jonathan immensely, and he tells her to go fuck herself and leaves. At least he left the doughnuts though!

1 When Caitlyn (then Bruce) Was Gone For Days And No One Noticed

Poor Caitlyn, she can never catch a break with the Kardashian girls. Back when she was Bruce, they treated her so much worse too. One particular episode, she realized that the girls and Kris were never paying any attention to her and always running around doing everything without her. She decided to retaliate against this by disappearing for a few days without telling anyone, hoping it would make a difference. Kris was too busy trying to find new ways to get a percentage off of Kim to notice, and simply greets Caitlyn next time she sees her. Seriously Kris?! Caitlyn has been at Khloe’s for days and you didn’t even notice. This is the definition of “shake my head.” If it was Kim who was missing, Kris would’ve administered a nationwide search after the first hour.

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