15 Flattering Pics Of Blake Lively (5 When She Was Obviously Caught Off Guard)

Blake Lively is easily one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. The actress has been in the business since the late 1990s. However, her breakout role was in 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants', which first came out in 2005.

Since then, Lively has been battling sharks on mysterious islands, conquering the Upper East Side of New York City, starring in never-aging roles and acting as a mastermind criminal.

Despite her expansive repertoire of roles, she is notorious for her incredible beauty and marriage to actor, Ryan Reynolds. The two exhibit major #CoupleGoals and are praised amongst the public. With that being said, here are 15 flattering photos of the stunning actress and 5 that she wasn't expecting, but still managed to look incredible in.

20 Fitness Pose

When you look as good as Blake Lively does, it goes without saying that it takes a lot of work to get these types of results. The star looks absolutely stunning in her fitness wear posing beside her personal trainer. The black on black ensemble really show off the star's body, and does it more than justice!

19 Vision In Yellow

Blake Lively looks good in any colour, but we are absolutely obsessed with this yellow dress that the 'Gossip Girl' actress wore on a night out. The shot, which has Lively stepping out of a car, shows off the entire outfit. From the sparkly heels, gorgeous clutch and fuschia coat, the yellow dress is what truly ties this look together in all the right ways.

18 Animal Lover

Not only is Blake beautiful on the outside, but she has shown just how beautiful she is on the inside too. We love a great animal lover story, and this is one of them! Lively is a massive animal fan and can be seen giving a smooch to this stunning giraffe. Even though giraffe takes up most of the frame, Blake Lively still manages to attract the main focus.

17 Boss Lady

Blake Lively is quite active on social media, as is her husband, Ryan Reynolds. The actress loves to post shots of her looks onto her Instagram, and this is one of many! That star looks gorgeous in her animal print pants, paired with a soft pink sweater. Funny enough, Blake looks so good in this photo that we bet you didn't even notice she is sporting a cast on her right hand!

16 Enchanted Look

When you are one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, red carpet, press tours, and events come with the job, and that means dressing up for the part. If there is one person who can do it all, it's certainly Blake Lively. The actress looks absolutely divine in this dotted flowy dress, paired with just the right heels and a fabulous smokey makeup look.

15 Neon Realness

Neon green is a difficult colour to pull off, however, it appears Blake Lively can truly do it all! The actress, who is stepping out of her hotel towards a crowd of paparazzi, is wearing a stunning all neon green pantsuit and we are still picking our jaws off the ground. The actress paired the look with colourful heels, and jewelry to match!

14 Vacation Selfie

When you are working in the entertainment industry, it is hard to take time off and relax without being noticed by everyone left and right. Luckily for Blake Lively, she was able to visit the South of France completely hassle-free! The actress posted this pretty selfie on to her Instagram last year, and she is serving us Côte D'Azur realness!

13 Black & White

In addition to Blake Lively's bold choices of colour, she also looks incredible in a more tame look such as this black and white ensemble. The true look is hidden behind the black coat, but we can only imagine how gorgeous her striped dress truly is. The actress looks extremely happy, smiling from left to right, and we are totally digging it!

12 An LBD Moment

Everyone should have a little black dress in their closet. Not only does the look offer you a simple alternative to colour and patterns, but it makes you look incredibly chic and classic! In Blake Lively's case, her little black dress is working wonders on her. The actress, who is strutting a look-away pose, is truly proving just how much of a must a little black dress is.

11 Fierce In Floral

During the star's trip down to the South of France, she shared a series of shots from her vacation in Europe, and we couldn't avoid including a second one! Blake Lively looks as fresh as a daisy in this beautiful floral dress as she looks directly towards the beautiful beach view. With her brown heels, hand on hip and power pose, we couldn't think of a better photo of the actress.

10 Red Carpet Couple

Blake Lively loves her yellow! The star looked absolutely beautiful during the red carpet premiere of the film 'Pokemon', which starred husband, Ryan Reynolds. If the yellow dress isn't doing it for you, then perhaps the curled locks will do the trick! The actress sported a brand new hairdo and fans were obsessed with it, and we can definitely see why.

9 Baby Bump

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have two kids together, Inez and James Reynolds. The star has always looked beautiful while pregnant, and this shot is the perfect example to prove just that. The actress is glowing in this multicoloured dress that shows of Lively's baby bump. Not only is she looking her best while pregnant, but she is doing it all while wearing heels.

8 Couple Goals

As mentioned, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the epitome of #CoupleGoals. The two are about to celebrate their 8-year wedding anniversary in the coming new year and share two kids with one another. The two are always red carpet ready and look absolutely beautiful as a couple. If there is one Hollywood duo that is making us eat our hearts out, it is without a doubt these two.

7 Lip Bite

Although most of Blake Lively is hidden in this shot, her lip bite is really all we've needed, wanted and have been asking for. Lively's beauty is truly unparalleled, and if there is one thing that can totally drive us crazy is a sultry selfie like this one that really showcases Blake's beautiful features.

6 Retro Look

We couldn't help ourselves from adding in yet another yellow outfit that Blake Lively looked stunning in! This retro-style outfit is a bit of a change for the actress, who usually wears dresses and pantsuits, but we are definitely living for this shot. The actress also styled her hair in theme with the 60s and 70s themed look.

5 Caught Off Guard: Unexpected Selfie

A lot of the time, Blake Lively is ready for any shot, but it appears the actress was taken by surprise in this selfie with hubby Ryan Reynolds. The two, who appear to be on a red carpet, look great, especially Lively and her slicked-back hairdo and bold red lips. Leave it to Blake Lively to manage to take a great selfie even when she wasn't ready for it.

4 Caught Off Guard: Oops Glam Moment

It definitely takes a village to look this good in Hollywood! Most celebrities have entire glam teams of their own that execute each and every look from the hair, makeup, and outfit. In Blake's case, it appears she had an 'uh-oh' moment while getting some food down during her glam. If there is anyone who can make laughing while you eat a look, it's undoubtedly Blake Lively.

3 Caught Off Guard: Met Gala Moment

Blake Lively is hands down one of the biggest names to attend the annual Met Gala in New York City. Despite most celebs having an element of control over the shots taken on the red carpet, it appears this photo catches Lively off guard, but in the best way possible. The actress who is not even looking at the camera is laughing in her stunning red and gold gown that proves just how beautiful she truly is.

2 Caught Off Guard: Surfer Chick

Blake is widely known for many roles, however, one that she looked absolutely incredible in is 'The Shallows'. This suspenseful shark flick was one of Lively's best work, and this "secret" shot taken of the actress headed into the water is giving us major surfer chick vibes and we can't get enough of it.

1 Caught Off Guard: Kangaroo Photobomb

Last up on the list is this hilarious shot of Blake Lively and singer Taylor Swift in the background. Although these two blonde bombshells are some of the most popular women in the industry, it is the kangaroo that takes the cake in this photo. Lively and Swift visited this kangaroo spot while touring Australia, and got one of the best photobomb pics ever!

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