15 Flattering Pics Of Cardi B (And 5 Where She Was Obviously Caught Off Guard)

Cardi B is one of the biggest female rappers of our generation and she seems to be releasing hit after hit. Today we decided to take a look at some paparazzi pics of the diva and one thing we immediately concluded is that Cardi is rarely caught off guard. The 27-year-old star is always ready to serve a cool pose for the cameras, which is why we decided to show you 15 very flattering pics of Cardi. However, every star does get caught off guard every now and then, and the last 5 pics on our list prove that Cardi is also no exception. So sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of amazing looks and unique fashion that only Cardi could pull off. Seriously, the girl plays the fashion game too well!

Here they are — 15 flattering pics of Cardi B and 5 where she was obviously caught off guard!

20 Let's Start Off With Cardi Serving Us Fun Times

Via: justjared.com

Honestly, just looking at these photos of Cardi puts us in a good mood! It's almost as we can hear her laugh — and if you ever heard Cardi's laugh you know she has a contagious one. But besides being in an obviously great mood, Cardi is also rocking a casual yet chic look!

19 And Here's The Diva Looking Flawless While Going To The NYC Courthouse

Via: hollywoodpipeline.com

Okay, let us tell you one thing — nobody ever appeared in court as stylish as Cardi did, and we've got the pics to prove it! To start it off, here she is, all innocently dressed in white — yet still looking like a true boss. This look may seem simple, but trust us, not everyone can pull it off!

18 Seriously, Has Anyone Ever Looked This Good While Leaving A Police Station?

Via: variety.com

Here's Cardi giving us ultimate Marilyn Monroe vibes, and it's not just us who are loving it. It seems as if all the policemen enjoyed Cardi's company, as the rapper came out of the station with a huge smile on her face. If we didn't know better we'd even think that these pics are from a video shoot!

17 Honestly, Cardi Turned Her Court Appearances Into A Fashion Show

Via: etonline.com

Every single time that Cardi showed up to court she rocked a whole different look — but every single one was utter perfection. Here she is in a navy pantsuit that perfectly matches the color of her hair. And since Cardi knows she's going to get photographed, she is serving us that side-eye smize she does so well!

16 And If Court Is On Wednesday, Cardi Wears Pink

Via: people.com

If you got that reference, here's a virtual high five! But seriously, isn't Cardi killing it in head-to-toe pink? It seems as if the star can pretty much pull off any color and fashion style which is pretty impressive. And as a quick side note — Cardi also makes sure to switch her hair up, serving the judge with a new hairstyle and color every single time!

15 Here She Is Pulling An Ariana Grande Better Than Ariana Herself

Via: us.hola.com

We're used to seeing Ariana Grande rock a super long ponytail, mini skirt, and some thigh-high boot, but honestly —Cardi may have stolen her look but Cardi definitely owns it! We love how much sass the diva is serving us while rocking this look, you can absolutely tell she's feeling herself!

14 And Even Makeup-Free, Airport Cardi Still Looks Better Than All Of Us

Via: lipstickalley.com

While most of us look like crap while traveling, Cardi manages to look pretty cool — even without makeup. The diva was spotted at an airport and while her clothing was comfy and cute — it's her rainbow hair that definitely stole the show! We love seeing celebs switch it up so often!

13 Here She Is All Dolled Up For Rihanna's NYFW Show

Via: whatsnew2day.com

The great thing about Cardi is that she doesn't only look amazing in her outfits — she also knows how to flaunt her look. So here she is, going to Rihanna's New York City Fashion Week show, and as you can tell — she's definitely striking a couple of poses on the way!

12 And How Gorgeous Is Rainbow Cardi At Revolve Festival?

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Honestly, we can't get enough of Cardi's hairstyles. Yes, we know — most of them are just wigs, but that doesn't make her look any less fun. Besides, it seems as if Cardi is always happy whenever she's rocking a cute look which is pretty much the whole point of funky fashion!

11 Paris Fashion Week Means Lots Of Boss-Lady Looks

Via: gettyimages.com

As you can tell — Cardi loves dressing up for Fashion Week, and in the pics above you can see her finding her inner Anna Wintour with this chic look. But of course, Cardi wouldn't be Cardi if she didn't spice things up, which is why her skirt is made out of puffer-jacket material.

10 And Here's Cardi Lookin Super Cute In A Floral Ensemble

Via: pinterest.com

To be honest, we can't name many celebrities who can pull off this many different looks without it seeming as if they don't have a personal signature style. Cardi just somehow manages to look great in every single one of them without it feeling as if they weren't her style.

9 But Don't Be Fooled, Cardi Can Pull Off Any Pattern

Via: bossip.com

Florals, stripes, colorful patterns, animal print — you name it and Cardi B has already rocked it. How cool does she look in this animal coat and boots combo? Of course, leave it up to Cardi to surprise us with a funky detail — in this case, the fluffy, animal print glasses!

8 She Truly Is A Versatile Fashion Queen

Via: popsugar.com

This might be our favorite Cardi look on the list — because it's simple and sophisticated, yet it still has that quirky Cardi style written all over it! We love that the star went for a black and white, all in one pattern look and the hat is honestly just the cherry on top!

7 And Nothing Proves That More Than Pulling Off A Head To Toe Denim Look 

Via: dailymail.co.uk

A head-to-toe denim look is pretty much one of the most difficult fashion looks to achieve — mainly because so many things can go wrong. We've seen it go bad plenty of times, which is why most of us try to stray away from all-denim combos. But not Cardi B, she shows everyone how it's properly done!

6 Or Making Sweatpants And A Hoddie Look Like A Million Dollars

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Sometimes wearing sweatpants and a hoodie can look like you're out in pj's, but sometimes — if done right — it can look really cool. And as you can tell from the photos above, Cardi knows how to make loungewear look fashionable by rocking a monochromatic look (except for the vibrant green stripe) with really cool shades.

5 Okay, But Now To The Days Cardi Wishes She Wasn't Photographed On

Via: vogue.com

Honestly, we're kind of low-key digging the blanket life — like, sure, it looks crap but we definitely relate to that feeling of just wanting to leave our home with a blanket wrapped around us. And Cardi B doesn't care what anyone else thinks so she actually does it! We certainly respect her for that.

4 We Know The Girl Can Do Better Than This

Via: pinterest.com

We've seen Cardi rock sweatpants and a hoodie and make it fashion — so we're a bit surprised to see her rock them just like this. But hey, everyone has a bad day and unfortunately for celebs, those bad days tend to be captured. And to be completely honest, even though the star seems to be caught off guard, she still looks better than us!

3 But Hey, Who Doesn't Occasionally Feel Like Rocking A Bath Robe The Whole Day

Via: pinterest.com

When Cardi isn't spotted around wearing a huge blanket — she's usually rocking a bathrobe, because Cardi is all about that comfort life. Just kidding, by now we all know that Cardi B loves serving us amazing looks, but hey — the girl has got to rest every now and then!

2 Here's Cardi Munching At A Nail Salon, Definitely Cluesess That We Are Watching Her

Via: dailymail.co.uk

In Cardi's defense, these pics were taken when she was very pregnant and as we know pregnant ladies have cravings. That's why Cardi ordered takeout to the nail salon she was getting her nails done at, but unfortunately, a paparazzi recognized her and snapped these pretty relatable pics of the star!

1 And Lastly, We're Not Sure What On Earth's Going On Here But We Are Certainly Caught Off Guard!

Via: harpersbazaar.com

To wrap our list up, here's Cardi rocking a very unusual look at last month's Paris Fashion Week and honestly, we're probably more caught off guard than she is. One thing is for sure though — Cardi has established her name as a fashion icon, and most photos on this list are proof of that!

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