15 Foods That Will Make You Miss The '90s

Like any other '90s kid, I lived off a variety of foods, snacks, and drinks that would probably never pass a current FDA check. But who cares?! They were delish, am I right?! And did we die? NOPE!

The '90s were amazing. We had great music, movies, some questionable fashion, and amazing slang that has lasted through the years. In a way, the '90s are back. Well, except for these 15 foods that we desperately miss.

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15 Sprinkl'ins Yogurt

Via: pinterest.com

When I think of Sprinkl'ins, I am instantly transported to a time of recess breaks, swing sets, and playing red rover with my friends. As a kid, there was only one way to get me to eat yogurt. And that way was by adding sprinkles! Even now as an adult, I don't like yogurt. But you can bet your booty, if you handed me one of these, I would be addicted almost instantly. If only the powers that be would bring back Sprinkl'ins, then I could start eating it again. And let me tell you, I would eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

14 Oatmeal Swirlers

Via: pinterest.com

I don't know how many children actually enjoy eating oatmeal. I think for many people, especially children, oatmeal has been labeled as the breakfast you eat with your elders, or when you yourself are an elder. In the '90s, General Mills made eating oatmeal fun again. Well, actually it made it fun for the first time ever! Oatmeal Swirlers were around in the late '80s and early '90s and were solely responsible for getting a generation to eat breakfast with their grandparents. Now that I think about it, I think the last time I actually ate oatmeal was in the '90s, and it was with Oatmeal Swirlers. So, maybe it's time for a redo, you think? Or, I guess we could just add some nice tasting fruit jelly to our oatmeal and call it a day, right?!

13 Fruitopia

Via: pinterest.com

Coca-Cola created heaven in a bottle when they decided to create the new drink of a generation. Fruitopia used a form of subliminal advertising to hypnotize a generation into drinking its fruit-flavored drink and it worked! Fruitopia was discontinued in 2003 and my life, and I am guessing your life, has never been the same since. Like many, I remember digging up all the change I could find just to get my hands on one of these fruity delights. Luckily, it's still available in some form in Canada currently, though it is now labelled a juice more so than a soda.

12 Surge

Via: pinterest.com

Surge was first introduced in 1997 when I was in the midst of my middle school career and my life revolved around it. Although the product was first introduced to young men, in hopes of luring them away from Mountain Dew, it sure caught on quick with just about everyone. In fact, Surge was originally called MDK, for Mountain Dew Killer. And guess what?! It worked with the help of a 50 million dollar marketing budget. The secret ingredient?! Surge used a food additive called maltodextrin that is used to produce a blast of energy, or as we know it, a sugar high! Still addicted?! Lucky for you, there has been so much demand over the years that Surge is now back! Find it near you now!

11 Lunchable Pizza

Via: pinterest.com

You may not know it, but Lunchables are still around and still making children all over the world HAPPY! But in the '90s, this was the go-to meal. And do you know how we deciphered the cool kids from the not-so-cool kids in school?! By what they packed in their lunch! And if you were one of the lucky kids to have a Lunchable in your lunch bag, then you were the dopest kid at the lunch table, or cafeteria. And it also gave you bragging and bartering rights for just about anything you really wanted, from just about anyone. Although Lunchables were created in 1988, it wasn't until the '90s that they found their rhythm with the help of Oscar Mayer. So, thank you Oscar. Thank you very much.

10 Shark Bites

Via: pinterest.com

I need a second to remember how glorious these snacks really were (insert nom nom nom sounds)... sorry, I just started drooling all over my keyboard. You too?! Awesome! In the '90s, these were my go-to snacks. Just like the rest of you, I'm sure. Shark Bites were like many other fruit snacks, but they had this one amazing 'mystery' flavor that no other fruit snack at the time offered. I still don't know what flavor the white mystery shark was supposed to be, but it sure was tasty! Also, another great surprise: the yellow shark didn't taste like lemon as everyone would believe. It actually tasted like strawberries. Genius, right?! Come back soon sharkies, we miss you, so very much!

9 3D Doritos

Via: junkfoodguy.com

In the '90s, Doritos ruled the chip game. They ruled the game so much that they even tried to get their 3D brand to outsell their original brand. They literally created their competition, which doesn't happen very often. Doritos had high hopes for the 3D brand and although they were tasty, the product never really kicked off the way the company had anticipated. But if anything, I think the commercials were entertaining and very memorable, to say the least. Today, because of popular demand, you can actually buy the newest version of 3D Doritos, the Jacked edition. Check 'em out for yourself.

8 Clearly Canadian

Via: pinterest.com

I loved Clearly Canadian in the '90s! It was one of those drinks that made me feel a little more elegant than normal as an awkward middle schooler. You could drink it from the bottle while at the park, or pour it into a glass with a little ice if you were feeling real fancy. Unfortunately, I have to say that I am very disappointed that I didn't get in on the recent comeback that was made possible due to a crowdfunding campaign. The website recently sold thousands of cases with hopes of more to come. If you're dying to have another Clearly Canadian, all you have to do is put your name on the list and wait to be notified on their availability. And if you were one of the lucky ones who received a case, help a girl out, would ya?

7 Dunkaroos

Via: pinterest.com

I knew many kids who would trade their pizza (yes, pizza!) for a pack of Dunkaroos. These tasty cookie and frosting snacks were a legend in the '90s, although Betty Crocker actually released this treat in the late '80s. Originally, the cookies were flavored in cinnamon, throughout the '90s, other flavors were introduced such as chocolate chip, graham cracker, and vanilla. And I think I speak for everyone when I say the best frosting (dunking treasure) was the rainbow sprinkled flavor. Yum! Unfortunately in 2012, Dunkaroos were discontinued in the U.S., but are still available in Canada and through some online retailers. Currently, there have been many requests for Dunkaroos to make their appearance once again in U.S. stores, but time will tell if we actually get that wish.

6 Ninja Turtle Ice Cream Bars

Via: thesewerden.com

Any '80s and '90s kid who can recall the sound of an ice cream truck, will also recall the taste of these delicious ice cream treats! The Ninja Turtles were HUGE in the late '80s and early '90s, HUGE! Blue Bunny decided to take advantage of our little, fan-obsessed hearts and thank goodness they did. Not only were these ice cream bars delicious, but each ninja turtle came with gumball eyes. Many of us saved those little gems for our very last bite. Or, if you were a bit of a masochist, your first bite. Today, you can still buy the bars from Blue Bunny, but I don't know what it is, but they just don't taste the same to me. Oh, the nostalgia though. Buy them online now, if you dare.

5 Berry Berry Kix

Via: pinterest.com

In 1992, General Mills decided to take their original Kix cereal up a notch to appeal to a larger demographic, and thank goodness they did! Many '90s kids will remember this cereal all too well because it was absolutely delicious! Do you miss it?! Wish you could have a bowl of those berries right about now?! Well, if you don't know already, then let me shake up your adult world! Berry Berry Kix is back! Yes, you read that right! Your favorite cereal as a kid has been resurrected by General Mills. Ready for your taste buds to go into a frenzy?! Ready to feel that instant childhood nostalgia?! Well, you now can, but it's limited to certain stores/areas, so your best bet is to buy it online now.

4 Bubble Beeper Gum

Via: dinosaurdracula.com

Children today will never know what a beeper is, or how cool you were if you actually owned one in the '90s. And for all the youngin's in the '90s, having a bubble gum beeper was almost as cool. Well, at least when you were off playing pretend. Sure, the gum wasn't great, but that's not what you were invested in. You wanted the beeper. You wanted the little tin case that the gum came in. Little did you know, while you were carrying around your beeper, so were many '90s drug dealers. Yep, you got that right! Beepers were culturally known to many as the primary way drug dealers were selling their product on the streets. Puts things in a whole new perspective, doesn't it?

3 Sprinkle Spangles

Via: pinterest.com

By now, you're probably picking up on my obsession with sprinkles. But I just consider that to be a part of my childlike enthusiasm and whimsical heart. And if I close my eyes hard enough, I can almost taste Sprinkle Spangles again. Introduced in the early '90s, this cereal appealed to children with the star-shaped bites covered in, you guessed it, sprinkles! This cereal was discontinued in 1998, but was every sprinkle lover's dream throughout the decade. Even if you don't quite remember what the cereal tasted like, you may remember kids reciting their slogan over and over again: "You wish it, I dish it." Now, if a guy hit me up with a pickup line like that today, I would be all his!

2 Squeezeit

Via: pinterest.com

If you were a true '90s kid, then I'm sure you opened your lunch bag at every lunch, wishing and praying that you would find a Squeezeit inside. Squeezeit's were introduced in the '80s by General Mills, but didn't find their success until the '90s. Much of the success of Squeezeit was attributed to the '90s branding. The bottles were modelled after cartoon-like characters that were silly and odd-looking. The kids loved the branding and enjoyed watching the faces of their character change as they squeezed the bottle to drink. Many people have been asking General Mills to bring these back, but so far, no luck. Looks like you'll just have to watch this old commercial and reminisce instead.

1 Tongue Splashers Gum

Via: bustle.com

I remember my friends and I saving all the change that we could find just so we could buy Tongue Splashers from our local corner store! I don't quite remember if they tasted very good, but we did it just for the gimmick of seeing your tongue turn different colors. For a kid, that had to be just about the coolest thing around. The gum is still for sale online today and there have since been several similar brands such as Dubble Bubble Painterz and Blue Bunny's Bomb Pop. Get your hands on it and let your kids experience some fun like you did at their age!

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