15 Forgotten Child Stars From The 2000s: Where Are They Now?

If there is one thing that is clear about Hollywood it is this: studios are always looking for child stars that will pique the interest of regular young people. As a result, at any given time there are several young stars that have found their way into the spotlight.

While some child stars manage to remain famous once they reach the age of maturity, the majority of them wind up fading away over time. However, many of them still hold a place in the hearts of the young people who watched them from afar when they were at the height of their career. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 forgotten child stars of the 2000s and where they are today.

15 Jeremy Suarez – The Bernie Mac Show

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First introduced to viewers as the son of Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire, Jeremy Suarez is best remembered for playing The Bernie Mac Show’s Jordan. Since that sitcom ended, he has taken on a few roles in a show and some movies but he largely left Hollywood behind him and currently works a regular job for AT&T.

14 Georgie Henley - The Chronicles of Narnia

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Able to land a role in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at a very young age, Georgie Henley was lovable enough in that movie to appear in both of its sequels. Mostly toiling under the surface of the acting scene since her Narnia fame faded away, Henley could find the spotlight again as she has been cast in a Game of Thrones Prequel series.

13 Dakota Blue Richards - The Golden Compass

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Unfortunately for Dakota Blue Richards, when she landed the lead role in The Golden Compass it was meant to be the first film in a franchise but the follow-up films failed to come to fruition. However, since then she has been able to make a living as a regularly employed character actor and she currently stars in the series Beecham House.

12 Jonathan Lipnicki – Like Mike

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First able to become famous during the ‘90s when he appeared in Jerry Maguire, Jonathan Lipnicki’s career remained strong during the early 2000s when he starred in the movie Like Mike. Still an actor to this day, as an adult Lipnicki has transformed his life and body through intense workouts and he appeared in the competition show Battle of the Network Stars.

11 Bonnie Wright – Harry Potter Franchise

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One of a select few actors who appeared in every Harry Potter film, in the first movie Bonnie Wright’s character was extremely minor but in the end, she played a major role in the series. Still interested in telling stories through the art of filmmaking to this day, Wright rarely acts but she has become a director, screenwriter, and producer.

10 Isabelle Fuhrman – Orphan

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Tasked with playing the main antagonist in the 2009 psychological horror film Orphan, Isabelle Fuhrman’s performance in that movie turned out to be the best part of it by far. Able to land a role in The Hunger Games a few years after that, Fuhrman continues to act but as of late she has only appeared in movies that flew under the radar.

9 Malcolm David Kelley – Lost

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The main motivation of one of Lost’s main characters during the height of that show’s popularity, Malcolm David Kelley will always go down as a key part of that show’s most successful period. Able to blaze a trail in the entertainment business since then, not only did Kelley appear in Katherine Bigelow’s 2017 movie Detroit but he also performs as a part of the pop music duo MKTO.

8 Madylin Sweeten – Everybody Loves Raymond

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Cast as the daughter of Everybody Loves Raymond’s titular character, Madylin Sweeten played an important role in that series and her two onscreen siblings were played by her real-life brothers. Sadly, since then Sweeten has mourned the passing of one of her brothers and co-stars. On the bright side of things, she continues to act occasionally on top of writing and producing short films and she attended California's Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

7 Olivia Olson - Love Actually

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Even though Love Actually starred a long list of celebrated actors, Olivia Olson stole the spotlight during the scene in which her character sang spectacularly on stage. Still an actor and singer to this day, Olson has released two albums, she appeared in the short sequel Red Nose Day Actually, and her voice has appeared in several animated series.

6 Angus T. Jones – Two and A Half Men

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Unlike most actors who starred in a hit series for several years, Angus T. Jones publicly decried his show Two and A Half Men while it was still in production and he was a part of it. Since leaving that series behind him, Jones last acted in 2016, he attended college, and he appears to be leading a normal life away from the spotlight.

5 Alyson Stoner –Cheaper by the Dozen Movies

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Certainly able to make her mark, Alyson Stoner danced in several music videos on top of appearing in movies like the Cheaper by the Dozen series and Step Up. Often employed as a voice actor in recent years, she also recorded music that was released in 2018. When it comes to her personal life, Stoner chooses not to label her sexuality after revealing in an online essay that “she fell in love with a woman”.

4 Liliana Mumy - The Santa Clause 2

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From one entry about an actor from the Cheaper by the Dozen movies to another, Liliana Mumy is even better remembered for starring in The Santa Clause 2. While this former child star no longer can be seen on the screen with any regularity, her voice has taken on a career of its own as her filmography is now dominated by roles in animated projects.

3 Bobb'e J. Thompson – Role Models

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Incredibly enough, Bobb'e J. Thompson landed a recurring role in That’s So Raven but his part in that show is completely overshadowed by his hilarious performance in the movie Role Models. Last seen on the small screen’s Living Rooms TV show, Thompson continues to act in smaller roles in addition to trying to get a rapping career off the ground.

2 JoJo – Aquamarine

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First made famous as a pop singer when she released the hit song “Leave (Get Out)”, after that JoJo chose to star in the movie Aquamarine. In the years since then, she spent a decade fighting to free herself from a record label deal, she finally released a new album in 2016, and she continues to perform including headlining a tour in 2018.

1 Miranda Cosgrove - School of Rock

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In a lot of ways a movie that had no right to be as entertaining as it turned out to be, the reason School of Rock was so much fun was in part because Miranda Cosgrove was hilarious playing a stuffy kid in the film. Also able to land a lead role in the Despicable Me movies, Cosgrove lent her voice to 2016’s third film in that series and she has posted photos of herself attending classes at USC online.

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