15 Fresh New Memes Straight From The 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer

For most fandoms, when a new installment of the franchise hits theaters, the Internet floods with a batch of fresh new memes. But for Marvel, all it takes is a tiny two-minute-long trailer being released for the Internet to explode and pump out fresh new memes like a freaking factory. Only a few hours after the premiere of the latest Avengers: Infinity War trailer, the Internet was already home to hundreds of new memes straight from the clip. Normally, it would take two hours of solid film material to inspire such a reaction, but Marvel is no normal fandom.

Here are 15 fresh new memes straight from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

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15 Benedict Cumberbatch

Via: reddit.com

Oh, poor Benedict. But we really can't blame Peter. Benedict Cumberbatch sounds even more like a made-up name than Doctor Strange. Now that he's a global superstar, it doesn't sound quite so foreign to the ears, but try to remember the first time you heard someone say Benedict's full name.

You probably thought they were trying to spit out a tongue twister, or talking about some exciting new variation of eggs Benedict to try at brunch next weekend.

When you found out that they were actually talking about an actor's name, we wouldn't blame you if you assumed he'd be unlikely to make it into the big leagues with a name like that. But alas, here we are, with a man whose name sounds like a breakfast dish starring in the biggest movie of the century.

14 I have a moon

Via: facebook.com

Well, things have certainly escalated since the days of The Avengers. Simpler times, weren't they? Back then, the worst thing the Earth had to worry about was an army of Chitauri and an angry Norse demigod who had a weird fetish for antler-clad helmets. Sure, it seemed like a big deal at the time, but given all the horrible space octopi, living planets and big-eyebrowed beasts we've seen since then, suddenly, Loki's cute little invasion of Earth doesn't seem so scary. All Loki had was an army. Thanos has a freaking donut spaceship and, from the looks of the latest trailer, a moon. So, we sure hope the Avengers have stepped things up since 2012 because they're going to need a lot more than the Hulk if they're hoping to stop Thanos.

13 Cap blocked

Via: reddit.com

You can almost hear Thanos's thoughts through the screen. "How? What? Why?" When you're a giant purple alien with a gauntlet full of Infinity Stones, you're probably not used to having your punches stopped by puny little bearded humans wearing tights. But Captain America is no ordinary tight-toting human. He's a freaking supersoldier and he cares more about Earth and the people on it than almost any other human on the planet. So, if anyone is going to be able to take you on in battle, Thanos, we have no doubt it will be Cap. Well, we'd put our bets on the Hulk too, given that he, like you, is a brightly coloured monster with some serious anger management issues. But most of our money's on Cap.

12 Me versus shredded cheese

Via: reddit.com

As epic as it is to see Steve Rogers face off with Thanos and try to hold his wrath at bay, we all know that Thanos will likely be the winner in this face-off. As much as we love Steve and as powerful as he is, no one is a match for a giant purple alien with a collection of Infinity Stones.

So, Steve's fate is pretty much sealed.

Much like the fate of shredded cheese at 3 a.m. when you find yourself feeling peckish. That bag of cheese can attempt to resist your advances, but both it and you know that its fate is sealed, like the bag it was contained in was up until 2:59 am. Hungry humans at 3 am are just not a force that snack foods are equipped to fend off.

11 Time to cry

Via: reddit.com

As epic as this movie is going to be, it's also going to hurt. Many of the characters we love are going to suffer during the war against Thanos, and we're probably also going to lose a few of our heroes to the cause. Up until now, the franchise has largely sacrificed only a secondary character (*cough* Quicksilver *cough*), mostly because they needed the main characters for Avengers: Infinity War. So, now that the Infinity War is finally upon us, pretty much anyone is fair game. Well, except for Tony Stark. If they kill him off, they're going to have some serious fangirls to answer to. And fanboys. And pretty much anyone who's ever seen a Marvel movie. Because if there's one thing nerds can agree on, it's that Iron Man is the freaking best.

10 Wakanda Forever..?

Via: imgur.com

Well, Wakanda sure picked one heck of a time to come out from the shadows (or, more accurately, from behind the vibranium-fuelled force fields that kept them hidden in plain sight all those years). When they offered to share their resources and technology with the rest of world, they probably had things like foreign aid and humanitarian relief in mind— not fighting off an intergalactic maniac who wants to wipe out half the universe. But hey, even if they'd stayed hidden right up until Thanos invaded, we doubt they would have maintained their reclusive traditions much longer. Even if the petty squabbles of Earth were of little interest to the Wakandans, an invasion by an alien intent on destroying half the planet is a pretty good reason to join the international conversation.

9 Just let John Wick take care of it

Via: reddit.com/user/23-TRH-23

Thanos is the ultimate comic book enemy. Apparently, the Avengers aren't even a formidable enough force to stop him. Not only will it take more than one superhero to hold him off in battle, but it's going to take more than one team of superheroes.

From the looks of the trailers, we're not even sure having the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Wakandans on the battle field alongside the Avengers will be enough to stop Thanos's rampage.

But the Avengers seem to have forgotten about one of Earth's greatest assets: John Wick. If they can just find a way to trick Thanos into killing John Wick's dog, then there's no force in the universe that will save Thanos from the wrath of Earth's greatest assassin.

8 Just stop, Danny

Via: reddit.com/user/Crunchy_Crusader

There are so many things about Avengers: Infinity War that we're looking forward to, but not having to see Danny Rand anywhere near the action is definitely near the top. We couldn't avoid him and that Iron Fist he just cannot stop bragging about in The Defenders, but at least we won't have to see his bare feet taking up valuable screen space in the battle against Thanos. We get why he's a valuable ally given that he can punch through pretty much any material, but even if his presence were to lend the Avengers a considerable advantage against Thanos, we would still prefer for him to stick to the smaller screens. Or, if we had to see him teaming up with Tony and Cap, then the least they could do is take his voice away. If we have to hear him introduce himself as the Immortal blah blah blah one more time, we may just take a page out of his book and punch through our screens.

7 The cinematic hierarchy

Via: reddit.com

In pretty much every aspect of life, there are hierarchies, from the heartache of romance to the wonder of cinema. If all of the beautiful people you wanted to date were reimagined as movies, they would totally be films like Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War.

The cream of the crop of Marvel movies are the equivalent of the freaking Emily Blunts and Chris Hemsworths of the dating world.

But us regular Joes? Well, we're probably better represented by movies like Dumb and Dumber or You, Me and Dupree. Unfortunately, movies like that don't really have a great chance when they're pitted against a Marvel movie in the box office. But hey, it never hurts to give it a shot, so if you're pining after the female equivalent of Avengers: Infinity War, then you go and try your luck with her, Dupree.

6 Marvel v Sony

Via: reddit.com

Oh, this is too accurate. When Sony had the rights to Spider-Man, they kind of botched it. Not that the movies were terrible or anything. We loved Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield together, but we're just saying: The Amazing Spider-Man was no Spider-Man: Homecoming. So, in this case, Marvel is totally Star Lord talking down to Iron Man, taking back the rights to its characters from Sony and producing a movie that kicked freaking @$$. But, in reality, we all know that, if it's between Star Lord and Tony Stark, it's probably Tony who's going to have the "really good" plan. So, as accurate as this is, we just can't really wrap our minds around a world in which genius-billionaire Tony Stark is supposed to represent Sony while professional goofball Peter Quill symbolizes Marvel.

5 That IS my real name

Via: reddit.com/user/eldestmaxson

Oh, man. You'd think with two science geeks like these guys, they wouldn't have to explain the intricacies of Ph.D. and M.D. titles to one another. But maybe Peter's just kind of stressed given the whole Manhattan-getting-invaded-by-a-giant-space-donut thing and isn't thinking straight, because apparently, in this scene, he can't seem to remember that Doctor Strange is Stephen's real name.

Heck, it's his real name twice over given that he's not only an M.D., but a Ph.D. as well!

So, we totally wouldn't blame Stephen if he were to tear into Peter like this. When you work your @$$ off for 10 years straight studying, doing research and working night and day in hospitals, you're allowed to take pride in your title—and if that means adopting it as your superhero name, then good on you, Doctor Strange.

4 Punch it

Via: reddit.com

Ah, crossover memes between Marvel and Star Wars never get old. Plus, Tony Stark's new addition to the Iron Man suit almost looks like something out of a Star Wars film. With that new propulsion mechanism wrapped around his feet, he looks more like a freaking rocket than a man in a metal suit. We could totally see the Rebel Alliance dropping a bunch of Iron Man rockets on the ships of the Empire. Heck, if the Rebellion had just had Iron Man suits, they probably would've fared a lot better than they did in their war against the Sith. Although spaceships are handy, it would have been even handier to be able to jet around and pester the fleets of the Empire guerrilla warfare style with a bunch of individual space fighters.

3 He only wants one thing

Via: reddit.com/user/Gru682

We wish that Thanos was like most disgusting teenage boys. Then, maybe his ambitions would be satisfied with some less than classy Google searches or a Playboy magazine hidden under his mattress.

But unfortunately, Thanos's desires aren't quite the same as those of a horny adolescent, given that he is not a teenager, not a human and not even necessarily interested in girls (let's not be heteronormative—they've never commented on the sexuality of Thanos, so we really can't say which way he leans at this point).

But whichever team Thanos bats for, we can guarantee that nothing of that sort will satisfy his needs. Only the Infinity War and wiping out half of the universe can do that. Yeah, not the easiest guy to please.

2 Smiley super villains

Via: imgur.com

Although it seems counterintuitive, the worst super villains are the ones that smile. If they're pouty and angry all the time, then they just don't feel quite as evil. Maybe they had a rough upbringing, or maybe unfortunate circumstances forced them to a dark place, but as long as they're morose and sullen as they go about their evil plotting, then they just don't feel quite as scary. The second they start grinning and laughing, then you know you're dealing with someone who's truly evil. Not only are they choosing to inflict pain and horror, but they're taking joy from it. When that happens, it's best to run as fast as you can in the other direction. Well, unless there's horrifying space monsters in every direction like there are in Avengers: Infinity War. In that case... well, hope the Avengers are around.

1 One does not simply...

Via: reddit.com/user/Prometheus156

"But this does put a smile on my face," as Thanos terrifyingly finishes. Well, it's not that terrifying, until you realize that what he means by balancing the universe is wiping out half of life. Then, the fact that he's going to be grinning while doing it gets all the more disturbing. We've had truly evil super-villains in past Marvel movies, but Thanos seems to be the be-all and end-all of psychopathy and sadism. When we first met him, he was sending hordes of Chitauri to Earth in an attempt to force it into submission, then we saw him yet again in Guardians of the Galaxy as a torturer of women he adopted from families he massacred, and now, finally, we see him in his final form: the destroyer of half the universe. Well, hopefully not once the Avengers have something to say about it, but from the looks of the trailer, they aren't faring too well in the battle against him.

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