15 Funniest Memes Featuring Melania Trump

The Internet exploded last week after a young freelance journalist realized that the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump's wife, Melania, plagarized Michelle Obama's speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

The meme makers had a field day poking fun at the entire situation, and Twitter even came up with a hashtag called "#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes."

To add fuel to the fire, Melania claimed that she'd written the speech herself with as little help as possible. Of course, it eventually that she indeed had some help with the now-infamous speech.

Whether you're a Republican, a Democrat, or skeptical of every single politician you've ever seen, if you're in need of a good chuckle, then you'll definitely get a good laugh while reading our list of the 15 funniest memes featuring Melania Trump.

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15 Melania Trump Versus Michelle Obama

Via: twitter.com/ReaIBeyonce

First Lady Michelle Obama is far, far too classy to start a catfight over the fact that Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump stole her speech word for word at the Republican National Convention. However, she would be well within her rights to raise hell and confront Melania over her plagiarism.

We won’t lie, it would be absolutely hilarious if Michelle and Melania had a showdown, Bring It On style. Watching the current First Lady and Trump’s wife have a cheer-off to see who the winner would be is comedy gold — and would be a hit with the ratings too. We’re pretty sure people would start taking bets to see who the winner would be too.

Until Michelle decides to reveal her thoughts on Melania’s blatant plagiarism, we’ll have to content ourselves with funny Bring It On memes if we want to imagine what kind of hilarity would ensure with a Trump versus Obama cheer-off.

Let's not forget how insanely accurate this meme is (for those of you who remember this classic film!).

14 Melania Loves Copying And Pasting

Via: makeameme.org

At first, we couldn’t believe our ears when we heard that Melania Trump had plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, but the proof was pretty hard to deny.

We can’t help but wonder what on Earth her speechwriters were thinking when they decided “Hmmm, speech is due tomorrow, might as well plagiarize from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. Guess it is time to hit Control+C and then Control+ V!” Were they asleep when their college professor told them, “Plagiarizing is bad, don’t do it or you’ll get in trouble?” Just…WHY. WHY would anyone think that’s a good idea? We’d hide our head in shame if we were in their shoes.

Next time, they’d be much better off grabbing some Red Bull or a Venti latte with espresso from Starbucks and burning the midnight oil in order to finish their assignment rather than rip off someone else’s words.

13 That Time Melania Rick Rolled The Audience

Via: onsizzle.com

Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between couldn’t help but get a good chuckle when they heard that Melania Trump might have accidentally rick rolled the viewers of the Republican National Convention.

At one point, she said that her husband, Donald Trump, "will never, ever give up. And most importantly, he will never, ever let you down.”

Just… OMG. Were the speechwriters trying to troll the Republicans by making Melania rick roll everyone in the audience? Melania doesn’t seem like the type to watch hilarious Rick Roll videos on YouTube, so the reference probably went over her head. Or maybe the speechwriters were so exhausted from pulling an all-nighter that they tried to perk themselves up by watching Rick Roll videos on YouTube and accidentally included it into their speech. Either way, we’d love to find out why they decided to include a famous Internet meme — c’mon guys, spill the beans on Twitter! Inquiring minds want to know!

12 Melania's Creeping On Michelle

Via: imgflip.com

Okay, we know it was really the speechwriters’ fault, but this meme is too funny because it sums up the entire situation. We’re pretty sure that as soon as writer’s block set in, Melania’s speechwriters decided to figuratively look over Michelle’s shoulder and copy her speech.

If you’ve ever been cheated on in school, you’ll know the distinct feeling of two pair of eyes leaning over your shoulder and the slacker student breathing down your neck as they try to copy your answers. If this was grade school or even high school, we could totally imagine Michelle getting huffy with Melania’s blatant attempts at trying to steal her writing and doing everything in her power to stop those constant prying eyes. Then again, given the fact that politics is rife with drama, we admit that we’re not shocked that people stoop to immature teenaged shenanigans. At least it brings the lulz!

11 Talk About Being A Walking, Talking Contradiction

Via: pinterest.com/sgd8700/aginst-trump

We won’t lie, we sat back with some popcorn and watched the mess unfold on the Internet after it was discovered that Melania and her speechwriters plagiarized because, who needs reality television when we’re kicking off election season? You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried, folks. Netflix’s House of Cards doesn't hold a candle to the lulz that real-life politicians bring during the presidential race. Personally, we’re still hoping for a Michelle versus Melania showdown because that would be hilarious.

However, Melania, we gotta tell you – there’s no shame in having speech writers. Just be honest about it. All that wavering back and forth is not a good look for ANYONE, whether they’re a politician, married to a real estate mogul, or just a plain ole’ Average Joe. It’s okay to admit that you REALLY, REALLY EFFED UP. Like many mothers have said to their children growing up: honesty is the best policy.

10 Everyone Knows She Ripped Off Michelle Obama

Via: imgflip.com

The Internet had an absolute field day when the news broke about the plagiarism, and for meme makers, it was like Christmas in July – sans an old bearded dude in a red suit and a team of nine reindeer. As usual, their efforts at making people laugh and pointing out the ridiculous nature of the situation was on point.

Given the fact that Melania didn’t appear to have any idea that her speechwriters had ripped off a certain First Lady’s speech from ’08, they could’ve included a line about her growing up as a poor child of an entirely different race and she probably wouldn’t have realized until it was too late. Now THAT would have been a fiasco of epic proportions, and all of the meme makers on the Internet would probably be on their knees singings hallelujah.

9 This Photoshop Makes Us Cackle

Via: twitter.com/agentbizzle

To whoever photoshopped this meme, all we have to say is YOU GO, GLEN COCO! FOUR FOR YOU, GLEN COCO!

Seriously though, this badly photoshopped meme is essentially what happened. Apparently, creativity was lacking when the now-notorious speech was being written and they essentially photoshopped Michelle’s words and life experiences onto the body of Donald Trump’s wife. Which is incredibly ironic, since the Donald is running as a Republican and disagrees with most, if not all, of what Democrats, such as President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, believe in. If he stumbled across this ‘shop, he’d probably be so angry that his alleged toupee would fly off. Then he’d turn to the speechwriters and screech, “YOU’RE FIRED” in an overdramatic fashion. Ahhh, to be a fly on the wall at the Trump household after the Internet went to town with the news — now that would be quality reality television!

8 Uhhh Melania, We Think You Have The Wrong Ethnicity

Via: imgflip.com

After the fiasco that was Melania Trump’s disastrous RNC speech, Twitter gave us the gift of lulz by creating the now infamous hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes, where the Internet went crazy putting famous or blatantly untrue quotes into the mouth of the Donald’s third wife. Trump and his wife went viral, but probably not in a way that the former reality star would have preferred, especially since they ripped off — GASP — a DEMOCRAT. What horror!

This meme is our personal favorite, because we all KNOW that if the speechwriters were Internet trolls in disguise and copied Michelle for a laugh, they would’ve included a statement like this JUST to see if a) anyone noticed and b) to play the biggest, meanest prank on the entire RNC on what should’ve been the best night of their lives. If they had done that, the Internet would have gone berserk and it would be raining Melania Trump memes from now until doomsday.

7 She's Definitely The Most Famous Plagiarizer

Via: imgflip.com

The Donald is notorious for being a reality television host on NBC’s The Apprentice, where he loved telling contestants, “You’re fired!” This was before he got a bug up his butt and decided, “Hmmmm… I’m bored. Maybe I should run for President of the United States of America!”

I doubt that Trump imagined his nomination ceremony to go this way (not that the rest of his presidential campaign has had a stellar record). Not even the most hard-living reality television starlets have had a scandal as wild as THIS before.

Unfortunately for Trump, even if he becomes President somehow, the Internet remembers and all anyone is going to see if Melania becomes the First Lady is the fact that she allowed her speechwriters to plagiarize an entire paragraph. For someone who tries to exude class, that’s VERY tacky behavior. She’s never, ever going to live this down and she’d be the laughingstock of the entire Internet as First Lady.

6 This Would Explain Trump's Obsession With Hillary's Emails

Via: imgflip.com

Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s Democratic challenger, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has a bit of a nasty history with emails. First, there was possibility of indictment when the FBI started looking into the emails she deleted when she was Secretary of State for President Obama, but she was cleared of wrong doing (much to Trump’s dismay). Next, WikiLeaks decided to wreak havoc on the Democrats by releasing dozens of emails and documents from the DNC, which has shown some Mean Girls-level nonsense.

Hilariously enough, while the Donald was ranting and raving about “Crooked Hillary,” his hired speechwriters made his wife look like a fool on live television with their copycat antics.

We give this meme maker two thumbs up by combining the two juiciest political scandals of 2016 into one hysterical image. Forget feeling the Bern — feel the irony of this meme. Let this flow through you, and laugh until your sides get sore.

5 Melanie Wants YOU To Help Your Country

Via: imgflip.com

Ahh, #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes, you never fail to bring the lulz when we need a good, hearty belly laugh. After the fiasco that was Melania Trump’s speech, Internet users of every age, race, and political affiliation jumped at the chance to show off their meme making skills and proudly flaunted their work using the now-infamous Twitter hashtag.

Since the speechwriters blatantly stole an entire paragraph from Michelle’s 2008 DNC speech, the meme maker clearly thought, “Why not go the whole hog and have Melanie look like she’s copying John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural address?”

We won’t lie, it would’ve been funny if the speechwriters decided to copy Kennedy’s speech when they were writing Melania’s. We’re curious to see if people would’ve picked up on it right away, or if it would’ve taken them awhile. The memes that would’ve been produced would have been just as glorious!

4 Melanie Is Searching For Her Romeo

Via: imgflip.com

To be honest, we wouldn’t be shocked if Melania had gone on stage and recited Juliet Capulet’s famous monologue from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Sure, the Donald has a ton of money, but he’s not handsome like Leonardo DiCaprio was in Baz Lurhmann’s ’96 adaption of Romeo and Juliet. That scene when he first meets Juliet by the fish tank at the masquerade ball? Now THAT was totally swoon-worthy. Our hearts still beat a little faster at the mere thought of that iconic scene, even though the ‘90s have long since gone. What can we say? Leo still has that effect on us.

So yeah, Melania — we totally feel you. Trump may have the cash and can afford to buy his wife gorgeous jewelry, but he probably doesn’t send longing looks by a fish tank or recite poetry that makes your heart flutter when you listen to it the way Leo did in the movie.

3 Melania Didn't Have An Easy Childhood

Via: imgflip.com

While Melania may or may not have had an easy childhood, many meme makers poked fun at her plagiarism because they were irritated that her speechwriters stole from Michelle Obama, who definitely didn’t have an easy time growing up. The First Lady’s father suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS) and as a little girl, she was determined to do well in school in order to make him proud. Plus, as an African-American woman, she has also had to deal with both sexism AND racism.

So of course, #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes went to town and produced this meme. Given all the recent political shenanigans (Wikileaks, the plagiarism…), we wouldn’t be shocked if the speechwriters accidentally included a similar quote. If Trump and his wife thought the mess they found themselves in after the Internet did some sleuthing, it would be nothing to this. We don’t know why this election season is so bizarre, but it’s certainly entertaining to see the memes that it’s producing!

2 Who Knew Melania Could Time Travel?

Via: imgflip.com

31-year-old Jarrett Hill has become political meme makers' new favorite person, as he was the first to think to himself, “Huh. That paragraph sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before?” After a bit of digging, a lightbulb went off and Hill went, “WELP. They ripped off First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.”

Even though the Donald said he’s not going to fire the speechwriters and is blaming this all on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the rumor mill is churnin’ and some say that he is FURIOUS behind the scenes.

Personally, we’d love to get inside the head of the speechwriters and find out WHY they decided being a copycat was a good thing. Did they time travel to the 2008 Democratic National Convention for a laugh and accidentally copied Michlle’s words? Was it a deliberate attempt to make Melania look foolish? An honest mistake? WHAT? Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know unless they release a tell-all in the next 10 years or so.

1 Melania Is Afraid Of Nothing – Not Even Plagarisim

Via: imgflip.com

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes strikes again, this time with a hilarious mashup that combines Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address with a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first inaugural speech.

We can’t help but laugh at the mental image of someone getting such a bad case of writer’s block that they decide “eh, forget it, let’s just copy these two speeches, no one will notice” and choosing the two most famous speeches in American history.

Thankfully, the speechwriters the Donald hired may have goofed up and hoped that no one would notice the words sounded suspiciously like the ones delivered by our current First Lady, but even they wouldn’t dare copy and paste the worlds of Abraham Lincoln and FDR into the mouth of Melania Trump. If they thought the backlash was bad now, it’s nothing compared to the backlash (and memes) they would’ve seen if they decided, “Hey….FDR and Lincoln were pretty good writers. Let’s take some stuff they said and put it in this speech that we’re sick of writing!”

Sources: CNN, The Hollywood Reporter, CBS Atlanta, ImgFlip, Twitter, Make A Meme, OnSizzle, and Wired.

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