15 Funniest Photobombs To Ever Grace The Internet

Even before we owned smartphones (yes, there really was a time before that), people often photobombed other folks' pictures. Sometimes, the photobombs were unintentional, but at other times, they were completely on purpose, much to the chagrin of the original photo taker. Fast forward to 2018 and the photobomb is almost a work of art now, something that people time so perfectly so that they can create a memory that will create laughter for generations to come. That isn't to say that all photobombs are intentional because sometimes circumstance creates the perfect photobomb that will keep us laughing, too. We scoured the Internet looking for some of the best so that we could share their humor with you. Sit back, enjoy and please laugh.

15 The time is meow

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

Animals don't care if you are in the middle of taking the perfect selfie for your Instagram. In fact, they wait until you're ready to take the perfect selfie for your Instagram to act up. And that means that animals are the best photobombers on the planet. But cats have photobombing down to an art because they make it look like they had no intention of photobombing your photo, but when you look at the picture, you can tell that was their plan the whole time. This cat created the perfect photobombed photo. And the expression on the feline's face is awesome: "Oh, are you taking a photo? Oh, hi there! Are you really going to wear that? Silly human."

14 Elsa is not impressed with hipster girls

Via: imgur.com

Oh, look, these hipster girls look like they're ready to braid each others' hair with flowers and sing peace songs from the 1960s that they don't even understand. They're even wearing feathers in their hair like that somehow makes them so hip. We can't even tell what kind of look they're going for. Regardless, they thought they were really cool, so they snapped a selfie. But there is a lot wrong with this selfie. First, the girl on the left has her eyes closed. But that's not what makes this selfie so funny. What we love about this photo is the little girl dressed like Elsa in the background. And she is definitely giving these two fakers the cold shoulder. We expect an ice storm in just a few seconds...

13 It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperCat!

Via: 50-best.com

The best time to take photos of cats are when they're sleeping. Because otherwise, you're going to end up with a lot of blurry photos that make your cats look like three-headed demons (because they always turn their head at the last second). That's what cats do. They're unpredictable. But if you have more than one cat, watch out. Sure, this is a lovely photo of Fluffy quietly snoozing on the back of the sofa. Isn't she adorable? But her sibling kitty decided that it was suddenly time for a massive dance party and jumped into the frame, complete with jazz hands ... err ... jazz paws. It ends up looking like there's a flying cat in the photo, creating one epic photobomb. And this is why we love cats.

12 When you accidentally walk in on a selfie

Via: kookmint.tumblr.com

Note to everyone who takes selfies: be careful when taking them in a public setting. Because the thing is, when you're taking a selfie in public, you cannot control what happens in the background. Sometimes, an animal steps into the frame and makes you look ridiculous. Sometimes, a random person just jumps in and you end up with a creepy photo of yourself with someone who looks like a stalker. Sometimes you're in the bathroom trying to capture the perfect post and someone inadvertently walks in and ruins the shot. This is a case of the latter, but it's funny because the person walking in actually realized that someone was taking a photo. Their facial expression of "oops" makes this so hilarious. "Oh, dude, sorry. I'm just going to tiptoe right back out."

11 Sneaky stingray -- we've been contacted by the photographer to not use this image :(

Via: dganchors.blogspot.com

We love animals. Animals do crazy things and we cannot control them. Animals are driven by instinct and some overriding thing that makes them completely unpredictable. And when you're around animals, you can count on them doing something funny at about the time you take a photo. That's the case here. Apparently, these girls were swimming with stingrays when one of the stingrays thought, "Hey, they need a photo of me." So, it snuck up on the girls while someone was taking their picture and kindly said "Cheese." These girls seem a little taken aback, though, because it's kind of scary when a stingray sneaks up on you like that. This photo captures that stingray's perfect photobomb so perfectly, doesn't it? Now smile!

10 Concert selfie

Via: reddit.com

It is really hard to take a good photo in a crowded situation. Concerts, in particular, are one of those places where capturing a photo of just you and your bae is nearly impossible. But you're going to try to snap that selfie anyway, right? You have to post that to Instagram to show everyone how cool the two of you are while seeing your favorite band. There is a lot going on in this concert selfie, but the best part of this picture is the girl in the background making the face. Was that intentional? We don't know, but she literally stole this photo from the two people in the foreground. Who are they again? We want to talk to that girl. She seems really cool.

9 Don't blink

Via: reddit.com

On Doctor Who, statues are dangerous things that come to life and hunt you down and send you back in time if you so much as take your eyes off of them or if you even blink. That's why we freak out every time we see an angel statue because we know the truth: they're alive and they're coming for us. This selfie reminds us of those weeping angels in Doctor Who because this statue literally photobombed this photo. Look at it! Someone took a photo of this girl, but the statue stepped into the frame at the last second. We know what happened next. The statue grabbed this girl's arm and took her far away. This photobomb is awesome, but also terrifies us, thanks to our favorite sci-fi show.

8 Get a room!

Via: imgur.com

We get it. The castle at Walt Disney World is beautiful and romantic. It's a place where princes and princesses live and that makes us think of beautiful and romantic things. That makes us want to be with our significant other. That makes us want to have a friend take a photo of us kissing with the castle all lit up in the background. Seriously, is there anything more romantic than that to a Disney fan? (The answer is no.) But someone in this photo just simply does not approve of princes and princesses kissing in front of the castle. And the expression on her face steals the photo. "Ew, disgusting! Why would you do that?" Her face says it all. And this beautifully romantic photo is forever ruined.

7 Captain America photobomb

Via: imgur.com

Who doesn't love a random photo just taken of people hanging out and enjoying life, just like they do every day? This is one of those photos that wasn't posed, but it shows a woman just enjoying a beautiful summer day outside, living the life. She's hydrating and getting some sun. It makes us wish for warmer weather right now so that we, too, can live this life. But wait ... what's that in the window? Why, it's Captain America peeking out. And now we can't see anything but Captain America photobombing this photo. And because it is Captain America, that makes the photobomb that much more epic. He's even got the shield and everything! Is there even anyone else in this photo? We don't see anything else.

6 TV photobomb

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

There is nothing like close friends and there is nothing like taking a photo with your close friends to prove to the world that you love them. These girls are, obviously, BFFs because they posed for a photo together with their arms around each other. Or maybe they're even more: maybe they're sisters, so close and happy because of that. Whatever the case, they posed for a photo for an unseen photographer. And we have to know if the photographer planned it this way because these girls literally got photobombed by the guy on their TV. And it's the expression on his face that makes this photobomb so funny. Because it seems that he is looking right at one of those girl's behinds. And he seems surprised at what he sees.

5 Getting ahead on the photobomb game

Via: imgur.com

Kids are a lot like animals in some ways. They are unpredictable and have minds of their own. They always screw up the plans of adults because they don't think in terms of things like schedules, plans or anything else. They just are. We love them for that, right? We also love taking photos of children because they are just so darn cute. Look at this adorable little girl. She looks so serious here and someone thought that was cute enough to take a picture of. But look right behind her and you'll see a head: the head of a little boy (we're guessing he's a brother because that is such a brother move). And then you can't see anything but that little boy's head.

4 Who wore it better?

Via: imgur.com

Who doesn't love the silly selfie? We've all posed with the duck lips and the peace signs and the tongues hanging out. It's just part of selfie life, right? What makes those selfies even funnier, though, is taking a funny selfie with no idea of what's going on behind you. And if there is an animal, say a dog, sitting behind you, you have no idea what that canine is going to do. In this case, the canine is literally sticking his tongue out while his human does the same. And the human, obviously, has no idea that the dog mocks her in this photo. That's what makes this so funny. Because the dog creates the perfect photobomb that makes us look at it over the girl. Well done, dog.

3 Granny doesn't approve

Via: imgur.com

Social events, such as proms, weddings and anniversaries, bring out the young and the old to the party. They also bring out couples who like to get their photos taken together while they're all dressed up being happy, drinking and celebrating some great event. This looks like it was taken at a wedding. This couple are not the bride and groom, but they do seem together and happy. Someone with a camera captured their happy moment while they looked their best so that they could document that part of their lives. But then you see a face between them: a face that you can't unsee. And it seems that Grandma back there does not approve of their romantic shenanigans. Get off my lawn, kids. I've got a dance floor to hit.

2 Squirrel!

Via: imgur.com

Beautiful photos of nature are all over Instagram and the Internet. People love sharing their photos of them communing with nature, as if that somehow makes them better people when other people know that they do such things. But nature isn't exactly easy to deal with. It's unpredictable and often crashes your photo when you least expect it. This couple set up their camera to take a shot of them in front of a beautiful lake. But then a squirrel wandered into the frame and created one of the most shared photobombs on the Internet. And because the camera uses auto-focus, when the squirrel wandered into the photo, the camera focused on it and not them. So the squirrel is clear and the couple is blurry: they don't even matter anymore.

1 What is going on here?

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

It was just a normal beautiful day at the beach. The sun shone brightly in the sky. The sand sparkled in its rays. The sky was a shade of blue that a photo can't really even capture. Maybe it was a little chilly, which is why this woman chose to wear a jacket in her photo (or maybe the water was just really cold). But she had someone capture the beauty of the day with a photo, which might have looked perfect, except that if you look to the left, there's a very strange sight. There's a guy in the water. Now that isn't really weird, but this guy looks like he's got some kind of weird mask on that makes him look like something from a horror movie. Eep!

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