16 Of The Funniest Tumblr Valentine's Day Posts

Valentine's Day is here. Store shelves are full of sappy and romantic greeting cards, pink balloons, roses and chocolates that are certain to make the love of your life adore you even more. And although it's literally a holiday created just to guilt you into buying stuff for your significant other that they don't need, it's still a lot of fun. Not to mention, there is nothing bad about eating chocolate, regardless of the meaning behind it. Valentine's Day is also really funny, too, though. If you don't believe us, check out these funny posts from Tumblr about the holiday. These will definitely make you laugh, whether you're in a relationship, single or somewhere in between.

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16 This could get dangerous

Via: tumblr.com

Restaurants and cafes love to cash in on Valentine's Day because they do big business on the holiday. Couples always go out to eat, and restaurants and cafes are almost impossible to get into for those who didn't plan ahead and/or make reservations. This one particular establishment (and we're not sure if it's a restaurant or bar or whatever) offers a nice little discount. But read on, because this sign is actually pretty funny. Anyone who can bring in their wife and girlfriend at the same time gets all their meals and drinks on the house, as well as a free ride to the hospital, because, well, that's dangerous. Although we don't condone cheating, we kind of still want to see the drama that goes down if someone actually takes them up on this offer.

15 Manage your expectations

Via: tumblr.com

Some people have this idealized version of Valentine's Day. It's the day you're supposed to spend with your soulmate, doing things that soulmates do: holding hands, going out to dinner, going to the beach or doing something else that falls into the "super romantic" category of stuff. That's a high expectation. That expectation is even higher for those who are single. And when you're single on Valentine's Day, you might as well take that expectation and throw it out the window, because the reality is that you're more likely just making plans on grabbing a sandwich at Subway from the cute girl behind the counter who doesn't want to have anything to do with you beyond selling you a 6" sub. But hey, at least it's something, right?

14 There's always vodka

Via: tumblr.com

For some people, Valentine's Day is about chocolates given to them with love from the person (or people) who adore them. Or maybe it's about getting roses and heartfelt cards with sappy poems that mark the occasion. Perhaps the "V" in Valentine's Day stands for something other than "very loved" or "very adored," though. Perhaps this flask has it down, at least for those people who are single on Valentine's Day. "V isn't for Valentine's" at all. It's for "vodka." And that's okay because this is a lot of us on the special day when Cupid's arrows only strike all our friends around us. We are not bitter, though. Because we have vodka. And because we won't remember Valentine's Day this year anyway. Drink up.

13 This is how you end up alone on Valentine's Day

Via: tumblr.com

This is one of the funnier posts we found on Tumblr. Yes, there are a lot of jokes out there about being married, but most are in pretty good humor (most, not all). This one is pretty funny and we wonder if it's something a husband didn't tell a wife (and if she has a good sense of humor, hopefully, she didn't get offended). So the wife suggested that they go on a date night for Valentine's Day. The husband couldn't find a date, so now he's at home alone watching Netflix. Funny, right? It's either that or maybe the wife found a date and is out having fun with that other person while this guy sits at home alone watching Stranger Things for the fourth time.

12 It's all about the chocolate

Via: tumblr.com

When it comes to Valentine's Day, singles have a priority. Sure, everyone can get chocolate in the months leading up to Valentine's Day right up to the day itself. And those chocolates are delicious. But single people wait their turn because Valentine's Day is not for them. Instead, it's the day after Valentine's Day that becomes important to single people. Because that's when all that candy gets marked down half-price and more. In fact, single people count down the days until the day after Valentine's Day, which should get a holiday all to itself: Single's Day. Because singles will go in and buy up all that discounted candy, take it home and dig in like there is no tomorrow. Being single doesn't always suck now, does it?

11 Priorities

Via: tumblr.com

Wise men say, only fools rush in. Or so goes the song that tells us that you can't really help falling in love with someone. Well, we're not just anyone. Falling in love sounds absolutely awful. There is so much pain and heartbreak that goes with it (and sure there's some happy moments, too), that it sounds really hard. It's definitely something that we don't really want to do. But you know what sounds really good? Falling asleep. Falling asleep is like the best thing ever. Falling asleep means that we get to go to dreamland where we can dream about happy things that make us smile. And then we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day. That's why falling asleep is the priority here. We totally get it.

10 An introvert's Valentine's Day

Via: tumblr.com

People who are introverts get anxiety over the whole going out and doing things with other people. That makes dating really hard, and relationships aren't really something introverts are good at. Getting out of the house is difficult, especially when it's warm and cozy. Outside is scary because it means that we have to put up our defenses and worse, put on pants. Yes, you can go outside without pants, but that could result in an arrest for public indecency. But if an introvert really cares about someone, as this Valentine's Day card indicates, they will not only walk away from Facebook and Twitter, but they will also put on pants. Yes, pants. And that means that there is a lot of love there. We're impressed.

9 Splitting the cost

Via: tumblr.com

Valentine's Day isn't exactly a cheap holiday. Boyfriends and girlfriends, as well as husbands and wives, all expect gifts. It's probably the most commercial holiday of the year, and yet, people keep falling for it hook, line and sinker. It literally does nothing more than make people feel like they need to buy a present for someone that involves chocolate, flowers and cards. So we like this Tumblr post, because it's just making sure that the investment of a gift is worth it. This girl decided to ask around to make sure that her man is actually true to her and not cheating. Because if he's cheating, she can save some money this year by splitting the cost of the gift with whoever is also seeing him.

8 I love pizza

Via: tumblr.com

Some people have true loves and they will post that all over Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. When Valentine's Day rolls around, everyone is all about their bae, although we hardly even hear about them any other time of the year. But we'll get inundated with photos on February 14. But what if your true love isn't a person, but a thing? What if that thing is food? What if that food is pizza? We actually approve of people wanting to post photos of pizza on Valentine's Day because that's what most of us single folks plan on eating then while we binge-watch scary movies on Netflix. Forget the bae, we'll take a large stuffed crust pepperoni with extra cheese pie instead. Hook us up.

7 When even the milk isn't single

Via: tumblr.com

There is so much pressure for Valentine's Day to have a significant other. But even if you don't have a significant other, there is still a lot of pressure to at least have a date for the night, even if it's someone you met on Tinder the morning of the holiday. That pressure can make single people feel pretty bad. But here's something that can make them feel worse: check the date on this milk carton. This milk carton has a date for February 14. That's just wrong. Even the milk has a date for Valentine's Day and we don't. Now we're just going to quickly try to drink the rest of this before it expires and think about our life choices and loneliness, wishing it were vodka instead.

6 I wore it for you

Via: tumblr.com

Star Wars: The Last Jedi had many iconic scenes, but when it comes to those people who make memes, one scene stood out in particular. There was a shot of a shirtless Kylo Ren that didn't just make women fan themselves (because he really does have an eight-pack), but also made fans wonder what exactly was up with those high-waisted pants he wore in the scene. That got the meme makers going and soon, that screenshot of Kylo was all over the Internet. But this one is perfect for Valentine's Day, obviously, and we think this is what Kylo will send to Rey for the special occasion (and Rey will probably grimace in disgust and tell him to put a shirt on). But still, it's perfect.

5 Love is like the French Revolution

Via: tumblr.com

Tumblr is full of creative people. Those people are creatively disturbed mostly, but that also means that they're some of the funniest people on the Internet (but don't forget the disturbing part). Falling down the Tumblr rabbit hole will turn up some real gems, especially if you're looking for just the right card for the occasion of Valentine's Day. Someone created this card and posted it, and we think it's pretty funny. So here is Marie Antoinette. And here's a quick history lesson for those who don't get it: Marie Antoinette lost her head, literally, to the guillotine during the French Revolution. This might have happened because she said something along the lines of "let them eat cake" when referring to the poor of France.

4 That man does love his ice cream

Via: tumblr.com

Who doesn't miss Vice President Uncle Joe Biden in the White House? When he was there, we had the most amazing memes, including those wonderful Bromance memes of him and President Barack Obama. It seems like so long ago, right? One of the things that we learned about Uncle Joe was that he really loves his ice cream. There are so many photos of the previous vice president enjoying ice cream that one simply could not make it into a meme. But this time, Uncle Joe's love for ice cream is now a Valentine's Day card. And if you really love someone, you'll send this to them. Because if you love someone as much as Joe Biden loves ice cream, that's some seriously deep and wonderful love.

3 Valentine from a band teacher

Via: tumblr.com

Band teachers might seem nerdy, but they are also often really cool. Sure, kids in band are also seen as pretty nerdy, too, but we can all agree that band nerds rule (and you can't argue with us on that one). We love this post from a band kid, who got some lovely little Valentine's Day cards from their band teacher. This one is especially cute, although to people who don't read music, it will probably mean nothing. So here's the music symbol for "hold." This lets someone who is reading a musical piece know that they're supposed to hold a note. So the band teacher made a Valentine's Day card for his students saying "Hold me." Get it? We think band teacher humor is right up there with Dad humor.

2 Saving money

Via: tumblr.com

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that can break a person's budget. Because gifts are always expected, one must buy everything they can to show their love for someone because Hallmark tells us they have to. Expectations are generally high, which means that gifts can get into the pricey range: some women expect diamond jewelry. Diamonds are certainly not cheap. There are also a lot of engagement rings given out on Valentine's Day. Millions of dollars go into the holiday. So for those of us who are single on Valentine's Day, we're just going to roll around on the couch with all the money we are not spending on someone else. In fact, we might even spend that money on ourselves. And you know what? That's totally okay.

1 Our stomachs are grumbling already

Via: tumblr.com

Anytime anyone mentions the month of February, people automatically think about Valentine's Day. It's the most romantic day of the year, right? It's that day of the year meant to show your love for those special people in your life, particularly those you have romantic relationships with. Those people with significant others are only focused on February 14 in the month of February. But single people have different priorities. The only day that matters to single people in February is February 15, the day after Valentine's Day. That is the most special and magical day of the year. Because all of that over-priced candy and chocolate goes on sale, usually at around 50 percent off. Half off candy? That's the best non-holiday of the year!

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