15 Funny AF Harry Potter Memes That Are As Good As The Rictusempra Charm

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you love the books AND the movies? Well, guess what? The Internet has gifted you with so many hilarious Harry Potter memes that we actually had to narrow it down and pick the best ones, the funniest ones. We've scoured the Internet to find you the greatest and most chuckle-worthy Harry Potter content. We wanted to find the best stuff that would make you laugh so hard you'd snort out that butterbeer you're drinking. Get yourself some Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jellybeans (or some popcorn) and get your wands ready, because you'll need to cast a spell to remove this laughing charm. Rictusempra!!

Here are 15 of the funniest Harry Potter memes that you'll love if you're a huge HP fan.

15 Nargles

Here's the thing. We would definitely watch this. A thousand times yes to a History Channel show where Luna Lovegood tells us all about Nargles and other weird creatures in the Harry Potter universe. We all love her, right? She's a little weird and we can identify with that. She's also kind and loyal and we love that about her. AND she knows all about the weird and wacky side of the Wizarding world. Having coffee with Luna Lovegood would never be a boring affair. She's full of stories and tidbits that we're dying to hear more about. We kind of wish we could have more Luna in our lives. We wouldn't mind a spinoff novella that centers on her character.

14 Keep Reading HP

Do you have a bookshelf full of books you've been meaning to read? It's nearly impossible to walk into a bookstore or even browse books online and not want to buy a new book. Even if your bookshelf at home is overflowing with novels that look brand new. Just one more...except it's never just one. Books are like chips, you cannot just buy one. You can't just own one either. And then you admire your beautiful new books on your bookshelf. You finally settle on a book to read before bed. Obviously, you decide to read Harry Potter for the millionth time. You'll get to those other brand new books at some point in your life. Maybe, just maybe.

13 Snape's On A Plane

People come up with the greatest ideas ever. Snakes on a Plane was a glorious feat in film. If you didn't love that movie, we don't know who you are and what your problem is. It's a hilarious movie, full of action...and snakes. So we're super on board with this movie idea. Except, it's a pity that it's a single Snape. We'd go even crazier for "Snapes on a Plane". We bet you'd enjoy that too. Theaters would sell out in seconds. Unfortunately, Alan Rickman isn't around to gift us with another wonderful Snape performance and we're not interested in wonky CGI (a la Rogue One). So we'll just have to dream about it or write some great crossover fanfic.

12 Order Of The Phoenix

LOL. We kind of wish Fawkes was a talking Phoenix. We imagine him saying everything that we are all thinking while watching the Harry Potter movies. He'd point out the faults in Dumbledore's logic and tell Harry he's being a whiny bitch when necessary. He'd also apparently ask for fast food which is totally believable since birds are little gluttons with wings. He's constantly dying and coming back to life and that must take a heck of a lot of energy to do. Fawkes definitely needs sustenance in the form of hamburgers and fries. We picture Dumbledore feeding him mini sliders. So cute. He can probably eat whatever he wants and not have to worry about extra pounds since he'll be dying and coming back at any moment. The best kind of diet.

11 Got Your Nose!

It's true, though. Where the heck is Voldemort's nose? First off, the fact that he's noseless makes him hella creepy. He's like a human snake. Second, he might just be super angry because he's projected his insecurities onto the rest of the wizarding world. He's probably self-conscious about not having a nose. Are there no wizard plastic surgeons in the Harry Potter universe? It might just solve all the problems they're all having with the Dark Lord. Just make him a nose. Send him to the muggle world and get a real plastic surgeon to fix him one. Then he'll be grateful to the muggle and he'll stop all his prejudiced "pure blood" crap. He'll chill out a bit.

10 Too Real

Of course, we all understand these reactions intimately. And guess what? We all probably experienced these things twice, once while reading and the next time while watching the films. Double tragedy. When Dobby died in the book we all found ourselves sobbing while we read late at night. We went through the stages of grief and at one point even threw our book down in anger. Same thing when Fred died. When the books ended it felt like there was an empty void in our souls. But then the movies came along! We got to experience the Harry Potter universe all over again. We forgot that we'd also experience some terrible deaths again too. We cried like it was the first time we had gone through it. When the movies were over...well we're still mourning. But at least we have Fantastic Beasts now.

9 Baby Throwing

So true. With a wand, we'd live life completely differently. We'd probably be even lazier than we all are now. It's a wonder the Wizarding World isn't full of obese and unhealthy wizards. They use their wands for everything, there barely a need to lift a finger. That sounds quite nice. Clean the house? BAHAHA. Nope. There's a spell for that! Or just hire a non-magical dude to do all your dirty work (*ahem* Filch). So yeah, we get why Voldemort didn't just punt Harry like a football. We get why he didn't set the baby on fire or do anything more violent. A wand makes things much easier and makes murder way cleaner. No mess, that's the main advantage.

8 Hollywood Sign Shenanigans

If this were real, it would make for the coolest Halloween scavenger hunt / amazing race ever. If you've ever experienced an Escape Room, you'll wonder why there aren't more Harry Potter themed ones around. We have yet to see any, probably for copyright reasons, and it's a damn shame. For die-hard fans, seeing this might actually freak you out. Sometimes you get so into a book that you really immerse yourself into it, you almost find yourself becoming the characters. You might think the sign was specifically for you and be terrified that a Basilisk was coming for you. There are snakes in California after all, right? And you're royally screwed because you definitely don't speak Parseltongue. Make sure you have a snake bite antidote on hand!

7 Sirius Black is Serious

Wordplay FTW. We don't actually remember what's being said here, but the screencaps are perfect. We miss Sirius. He was Harry's only true family and it was the first time he really felt connected to another wizard. His crappy aunt and uncle don't have any ties to the world of magic so he's never had anyone to be his mentor in that regard, except Dumbledore. When Sirius comes into the picture, he gets to have a crack at being part of a family. Sure he's got Hermione and Ron, but it's not quite the same as someone who was connected to your dead parents. It's a lovely moment that's way too short lived. If only we could have had more Sirius and Harry interactions.

6 Teenage Voldemort

This is so true. Voldemort is a basic teen girl who is obsessed with Harry Potter. Voldemort is more like Lavender Brown than he is anyone else. Lavender is obsessed with Ron in an almost sinister way. She's a little over the top, and isn't Voldemort doing the same thing with Harry? Like, chill dude. He's not interested. He loves his pet snake so much. He even talks to it in its own language. We wish we could talk to our pets...*sigh*. We think Voldemort and Lavender would probably bond if they were locked in a room together. They'd share tips about getting the two boys to notice them. They'd also probably complain about feeling rejected and both talk about what emo songs they listen to when feeling kinda down.

5 Noooooooooo!

This is too much. It's clever but so cruel. We hate seeing this scene in any way, shape or form. We never want to think about it again, it's too heartbreaking. Dobby was the most innocent character in the whole world. We miss him dearly. He was loyal AF and we wish we had a best bud who would go to the ends of the earth for us. But then we would never be able to handle that best bud getting killed by a Death Eater. No way. Take us instead!!!! TAKE US INSTEAD!!!! Don't hurt Dobby, he's done nothing wrong. He deserved none of what he got and he was free for only such a short time. It's not fair.

4 So True

Like...yeah. Definitely. Voldemort really isn't that bad in comparison. He's evil, yeah whatever. But he's really just fixated on Harry Potter. Yes, he also wants muggles and mud bloods to GTFO of the wizarding world. Pretty bad. But there's a tortured soul in there. He was good at some point, he became a twisted evil being and was not born one. But Dolores Umbridge? We're pretty sure she came out of the womb with devil horns. They probably got removed because no one wants their child to get made fun of. That was a bad judgment call, though. She's clearly the spawn of the devil. It's hard not to fantasize about her suffering. She's the worst. We want to rip that smug little grin off her face.

3 Regular Dobby vs. Party Dobby

We'd hit the town with Party Dobby any day. Party Dobby looks fabulous and ready for anything. Look at that dress! But yes, that is all of us, that has been all of us at some point or another. We've got to class in something close to rags because sitting and listening to a lecture is not the time and place to get dolled up. We want maximum comfort. The students who decide to put effort into their appearance are clearly aliens who don't understand the concept of being comfortable. That's fine, we're okay with ourselves and we don't feel bad about how we look at all. Hey, we took a shower at least. When the weekend comes, you probably wouldn't even recognize us.


We all knew, didn't we? It's always the "ugly duckling" that grows up to be the hottest person ever. Neville Longbottom is essentially the best character in the series. He's the underdog and we can all relate to an underdog. He has the worst luck and he's far from perfect so it seems like a victory when he grows into a super hunk. We think it's fair. He's also overshadowed by Harry Potter, so is everyone. So we like when the less popular folks get a crack at the limelight and Neville definitely steals the spotlight with his hotness. To be fair, he was a cute little kid. And now he's a very hot man. Maybe he found some kind of puberty spell.

1 Shades Of Voldemort

This is a thousand times better than 50 Shades of Grey. In so many ways. No one us want an erotica book that's poorly written and awkward in every way. We don't like when our female protagonist is weak and unlikable. The movie is even worse. The two actors have zero chemistry and the sex scenes are cringeworthy. Watching two people in intimate situations who clearly don't want to be in intimate situations is so awkward. And these are actors. Yikes. But yeah, we'll take some shades of Voldemort. We always knew he was a complex guy. Not this complex mind you, but we're all for exploring some deeper layers. We always knew there was a way to turn evil Voldie into something funny. Totally worth it.



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