15 Funny ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Memes That Even Thanos Would Find Hilarious

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15 Funny ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Memes That Even Thanos Would Find Hilarious

Since Robert Downey Jr. kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man in 2008, comic book fans and superhero lovers have been treated to over a dozen epic blockbusters that left us anxiously waiting for the next installment. Next year, a decade—or three phases, if you want to use Marvel lingo—worth of films will lead to Thanos finally launching his attempt to gather all of the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Infinity War.

The massive crossover event will bring together nearly every hero we’ve seen on the big screen in an attempt to stop the Mad Titan, and now that we’ve seen the action-packed official trailer, we’re confident that it’s going to be everything we’ve hoped for and more! Since Infinity War doesn’t come out for several more months, stay entertained by checking out these absolutely hilarious memes about the film—as Thanos says in the trailer, “This does put a smile on my face!”

15. Polar opposites

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Everyone who watched Parks & Recreation absolutely loved April and Andy (played by Chris Pratt before he got super buff and was cast as Star-Lord!), because they were polar opposites but complemented each other perfectly. April’s pessimistic, anti-social nature was balanced by Andy’s wide-eyed optimism and goofiness, and it made them so fun to watch. Like this meme points out, the contrast between these two characters is a lot like the difference between Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War—the God of Thunder’s third film was absolutely hilarious and lighthearted, but the tone in the third Avengers film will be much, much darker. We could totally see a personified Infinity War promising fans that “someone will die,” and Ragnarok adding “… of fun!” so younger viewers won’t get scared off by all of the inevitable the death and destruction.

14. My, how they’ve changed

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When we first met the members of the Avengers, they were just innocent men and women hoping to make a difference in the world. Steve Rogers was a scrawny loser who desperately wanted to serve his country, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were geniuses who wanted to use their brains to help people (and in Tony’s case, make some serious money) and Thor was a god in search of a higher purpose. Two Avengers films, a Civil War and several standalone movies later, they’re all looking pretty awful. The Infinity War trailer showed Captain America has ditched his iconic wholesome look for a darker and shaggier one. Bruce will be making his triumphant return to Earth by painfully crashing into the Sanctum Sanctorum naked. Thor is missing an eye and his gorgeous long locks. And we’ve seen clips of Iron Man getting absolutely pummeled by Thanos. This awful transition reminds us a lot of the differences between pictures of freshman year and senior year!

13. The new super teams

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Thanks to the feud between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark over the Superhuman Registration Act in Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers as we knew them have disbanded. With Thanos coming to Earth so he can obtain the Infinity Stones hidden here, we’re in desperate need of a new super team or two! In the comics, times like these led to the creation of the New Avengers and the Secret Avengers… and while we’re betting those will be the names of the teams led by Tony and Steve in Infinity War, a quick look of their rosters makes us think they should just call them “Team Brains” and “Team Gains!” One team has Tony, Bruce and Doctor Strange, three undeniable geniuses, while the other has Captain America (or rather, Nomad, now that he’s abandoned the red, white and blue), Black Panther and the Hulk, three of the strongest and most athletic Avengers. No matter what they call themselves, we can’t wait to see both teams in action!

12. Bring back Mr. Dikovitch!

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In Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man trilogy, Peter Parker was constantly bombarded with rent requests from his money-loving landord, Mr. Dikovitch. The character hasn’t ever appeared in the comics or any of the Spidey films that have come out since then, but fans got a serious kick out of him and couldn’t help themselves from adding him to some Avengers: Infinity Wars memes. This one is definitely the funniest! The trailer for next summer’s big blockbuster gives us the first real glimpse of Peter’s spider-sense in action—the hair on his arms is standing up, likely in warning of Thanos’ arrival to Earth. It’s possible, however, that this meme is right and his spider-sense is going off because Mr. Dikovitch is back and trying to get the rent money owed to him.

11. They couldn’t resist making a DCEU joke

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The second fans heard Black Panther order his subjects in Wakanda to give Captain America a new vibranium shield in the Infinity War trailer, fans created countless memes which feature the young King requesting things that other superheroes are in desperate need of as well. Rocket Raccoon needs “that guy’s leg” (since he hilariously and needlessly asked for it in Guardians of the Galaxy), Korg needs some more pamphlets to hand out to fellow revolutionaries and so on. Well, the maker of this meme took things a step further by taking a jab at the DC Extended Universe. Justice League earned a lot of criticism and jokes from fans for awkwardly editing Henry Cavill’s mustache off of Superman, so T’Challa is requesting his facial hair be returned to the Man of Steel ASAP!

10. It’s never the same

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When you order something online, it never really seems to be as good as what you were expecting, does it? Even though we know that to be a nearly universal truth, we keep ordering stuff from Amazon and eBay, and keep finding ourselves (unsurprisingly) disappointed. That’s sort of like what we got with the Thanos CGI in the Infinity War trailer. In several MCU films over the past decade, we’ve gotten glimpses of the Mad Titan, and he’s always been purple with menacing eyes and a regal, fairly intimidating outfit. Now, he’s practically pink, he’s lost his crown, his eyes aren’t as bright, and he looks more like an ugly man than one of the most powerful and dangerous beings in the entire galaxy. We need to look up Marvel’s return policy because ,even though we’re super excited to see Thanos on the big screen and we’re sure Infinity War is going to be amazing, this isn’t what we wanted.

9. Someone give Bucky a razor!

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When we first saw Sebastian Stan as Captain America’s most trusted friend and sidekick Bucky Barnes, he had a very clean-cut, boy-next-door look. In the next film, he was the (mind-controlled) villain Winter Soldier, so he had longer hair and a much darker, pained look in his eyes. A bit hairier, sure, but still undeniably attractive. Then came Civil War and the trailer for Infinity War, and we have to wonder if Bucky simply doesn’t know that razors or barber shops exist in the modern world. His facial hair keeps getting longer, the hair on his head is getting practically unmanageable, and we honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him looking like Chewbacca in Avengers 4. Here’s hoping Thanos uses the Reality Stone to give Bucky a much-needed trim.

8. We are all Baby Groot

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We all burst into tears whenever Baby Groot looked sad in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but now, we are all Baby Groot. The directors for Infinity War keep stating in interviews that several major characters might die in the massive crossover film, and the thought of losing some of our favorite heroes makes us tear up just like our favorite little alien tree. The third Avengers film is said to include a whopping 64 “main” characters, so it’s possible that most of the heroes we really care most about will be safe… but let’s be real, we’re going to be bawling our eyes out if Thanos kills anyone from the MCU, and with the Infinity Gauntlet granting him the power to wipe out half of Earth’s population with a snap of his fingers (no seriously, he does that in the comics!), he is definitely going to.

7. The new Salt Bae

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Just when you thought the Internet’s bizarre fascination with the Salt Bae was over, this hilarious fan art emerged to start things right back up again. We’ve all seen the viral picture of a handsome chef seductively dropping salt on a dish—here, Thanos has become the new Salt Bae and is dropping Infinity Stones into his Gauntlet so he can become the most powerful being in the Galaxy. The trailer already revealed that he’ll obtain the Power and Space Stones, so he’s only four away from being able to replicate this meme in the film. He probably won’t wear those hipster sunglasses when he assembles the complete Gauntlet, but with the way they keep changing his look… we’re not putting the possibility past Marvel.

6. Keep it together, Thor!

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We aren’t entirely sure what’s happening in this screenshot from the Infinity War trailer, but the God of Thunder is clearly expending a lot of strength and energy trying to hold onto those two handles. That reminds us of the internal struggle we’re going to be feeling in theaters on May 4, 2018! We of course want to watch the film Marvel has been building up to for the past decade, but we also want all of our beloved heroes to have the happy endings they deserve and know that the film is going to ruin that for several of them. So what do we do?! We’ll probably end up just closing our eyes and praying with all of our might that things will work out, just like Thor here.

5. The wait is finally over

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When Marvel put out a teaser trailer for Infinity War at San Diego Comic Con last July, the Internet absolutely exploded with fans desperately begging Marvel to release the highly anticipated content to the public. Sure, a poor quality version of the SDCC trailer was leaked online and the shaky camera footage calmed our Avengers fever down a bit, but we still wanted (no, needed) more ASAP! Well, out of nowhere, Marvel announced that they’d finally be releasing the official trailer for the film, and we started frantically running around like SpongeBob SquarePants in this meme. We made sure our friends, family members, enemies, mailman… you name it… all knew how excited we were about this news, and made sure they were all equally excited as well.

4. Avengers broke the Internet

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Everyone joked that Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine winter issue cover shoot “broke the Internet” in 2014, but the reality star’s iconic butt picture has nothing on the release of the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. The epic video was posted and went insanely viral all over Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and every other form of social media you can think of. Hit horror film It set the previous record for most views of a movie trailer in 24 hours last March with 197 million views, but Infinity War absolutely destroyed that record the same way the alien ship destroyed the White House in Independence Day—it earned over 230 million views the day it was released! We definitely don’t think that record will be broken any time soon.

3. The cameo we all wish was possible

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We know that the Avengers will have a really hard time taking down Thanos and his Black Order (a super-villain team comprised of Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian), so they could use all the help they can get. Certifiable geniuses Tony Stark and Bruce Banner will work with Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange in the film, so surely they can combine their mastery of magic and science to create a portal to Fox’s X-Men universe, right?! Wolverine would definitely tip the scales in the Avengers’ favor, because his adamantium skeleton and healing factor make him nearly indestructible. Disney and Fox are supposedly already working on a deal to combine their movie universes, can’t they just speed it along so Hugh Jackman (who has already said he’d be down to reprise the role if and only if it’s in a MCU film) can be in Infinity War?!

2. The new Pawn Star

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In the Infinity War trailer, we’re shown Loki seemingly handing the Tesseract (and the Space Stone it contains) over to an unknown figure that we have to assume is Thanos. The God of Mischief is known for backing whichever side he thinks will benefit him the most, and if the Mad Titan gives him the option to hand over the Tesseract or die, we’re sure Loki would relinquish the powerful object without question. At most, he’d ask for his life and another alien army in exchange for it. Well, this hilarious meme sets up that offer, but has Thanos stating that the best he can do for the Tesseract is $500. Why? Well, the Thanos in the trailer bares an oddly striking resemblance to Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison!

1. Infinity Donut War

via: tumblr.com

Rick Harrison isn’t the only person that comes to mind when we look at the CGI used to create Thanos for Infinity War. Now that he’s got a lighter skin tone and isn’t wearing his crown, we can’t help noticing that he looks a lot like Homer Simpson. Both men are bald, large, and when you paint Thanos yellow (but leave his mouth and chin untouched), the two of them could practically pass as twins. Some clever Photoshop whiz even edited a donut into the Mad Titan’s hand, so it looks like the film will no longer be about the’search for the Infinity Stones… it’s now about Thanos Simpson’s quest for the Infinity Donuts! D’oh! The Simpsons is known for making fun of pop culture, so we’re sure there’ll be an episode making fun of this soon.

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